December 19, 2010

Saving Private Elton

So Congress has passed a bill which ends the so-called "Don't ask; Don't tell" policy on gays in the military which was one of the most brilliant things ever done by the Clinton administration. What is so typical about this legislation as is true with most liberal/socialist legislation is that it attempts to end discrimination against one group by discriminating against another larger group. Liberals simply cannot look past our differences and find ways for us all to get along. Instead they must demonize one group for the edification of another. And of course, this is not really done for the good of either group, rather for the good of the politicians who can once again claim the holier than thou personna they so dearly love to use to mask their evil nature. Ask yourself a question; 'What was really wrong with this policy?'. If a gay person wanted to serve their country, they could. If they wanted to fight terrorism, they could. All they had to agree to was not to be 'openly gay' while in uniform or on base. Granted, this may cramp their style a little but the same is true if we do away with the policy. Many straight individuals could claim that openly gay members on base would 'cramp their style'. So what we had with the "Don't ask; Don't tell" policy was a pretty good compromise on a basically insolvable problem. What are the possible drawbacks to ending this policy? Let's look at a few facts.

1. Many religions view homosexuality as an abomination. They are commanded by their religion to disassociate themselves from this lifestyle. Regardless of whether you agree or not, this is their faith and their teachings. The numbers of people who fall into this category are far greater than the number of gays who want to serve.

2. Many individuals in combat units are type 'A', aggressive and intense personalities. Say what you will, but when the stuff goes down on the front lines, these are the guys you want watching your six. Many of these individuals see homosexuality as a weakness, a sin and they worry about unwanted advances. You would probably call them homophobic. Fine, I don't think they care what you call them (just don't say it to their face!). Again, however, in the case of front line combat units especially, they are much more prevalent than the number of gays who wish to be there.

3. Members of the opposite sex are not allowed to sleep together or shower together for obvious reasons. If this policy is lifted and now we will have openly gay members of the military, will they be getting separate sleeping and bathing facilities? If not, are heterosexuals now going to be able to sleep and bath with the opposite sex for whom they hold an attraction? Well? It's hardly fair to let one group sleep and bath with the ones to whom they hold an attraction and not let another now is it? You see this being fair thing is not always as easy at is seems.

4. A very good argument can be made to anyone who cares to hear the truth, that the members of the first two groups mentioned above make up a large portion of the individuals that make the U. S. military a formidable fighting force. In many cases throughout military history our soldiers have prevailed in situations where the odds were overwhelmingly against them. It is the unknown factor; some call it the 'fighting spirit'. Using the military for some kind of social experiment or simply to push an agenda that may in and of itself be intended to weaken our military is to risk diminishing this fighting spirit. This will most certainly cost American lives in some cases such as mentioned above.

So what do we see here? We have a situation where the religious beliefs and feelings of the many are being subjected to the feelings and beliefs of a few. We have a situation where potentially, individuals in the majority are going to be forced to sleep and bath with the minority who openly find them sexually attractive. This same 'privelege' will not however be extended to the majority. We have a situation in which on line fighting units may question the tenacity and focus of all of their members causing unneccessary stress in an already life and death situation. We have a situation in which American soldiers may be put to a greater risk because of a possible loss of fighting spirit. And what is all of this for? Ostensibly to soothe the feelings of one small group of people who rightly or wrongly believe they are being discriminated against in the military, in which there is no obligation for them to serve. We have a situation where liberals once again are going to punish the many for the sake of the few. Many can't understand why. Fundamentally it is because liberals don't think straight. They believe there exists a Utopian society that is there for the taking if we will only listen to their politically correct solutions to every problem that can possibly arise in the life of a human being. They believe that they alone understand this and if we all just let them run our lives we will all be one step closer to that Nirvana. Sadly, the truth is that not only do they typically not really help the few since they always further marginalize them, but indeed they hurt the many in the process. This of course takes us exponentially further away from the supposed Utopia; which of course does not exist on Earth.

Finally, all of this can be thought out and expressed by an old curmudgeon living in the middle of Texas, biding his time till the good Lord sees fit to bring him home. And yet, the smartest minds in politics can't figure this out? Or, can they? And...if they can, and yet they do it anyway, then why? Is it possible that their real intent is to harm the cohesiveness of American fighting forces? I know that you find this hard to believe, but ask yourself why would one do this if they knew it was a bad idea? Surely some are just going along to get votes, but the ones behind the scenes, the ones who really push the issue to the forefront; do you believe that they have the U. S. military's best interest at heart? Really?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

December 16, 2010

It's So Easy....


...Even A Republican Can Do It!!

It really is a daily struggle anymore not to completely lose faith in humankind. We The People are constantly trying to send messages to our representatives. We call, we write, we email and insist that they quit the crazy spending, that they cut the bloated government, that they respect the Constitution etc. etc. etc. America is and always has been a conservative country. We want people to take care of themselves if possible. We want government to stay out of our family's lives. We want to protect Liberty for our children and grandchildren. Every politician outside of Nancy Lugosi's district has to run as a conservative to win elections. We can talk about the stupidity of the average voter later, but all politicians know that they can't say, "I'm going to raise taxes, I'm going to take more of your freedoms away, I'm going to spend until our economy completely collapses from the weight of a bloated tyrannical government enslaving the American people to the point that their production goes down and the economy tanks. Please vote for me!" You never hear that and you never will, and yet when a democrat stands up and pretends to be conservative and talks about cutting taxes, you believe them. I know I know, I'm slipping off the blog a bit.
Republicans, please listen closely! It's very easy. Yes, even you can do it. Just tell the truth. Simply point out that every time a liberal opens their mouths, they are lying. No they don't care about your health. No they don't care about your children. No they don't care about your grandmother. If they did, they wouldn't be running this country into the ground every chance they get. They wouldn't be going to union rally's and giving speeches sounding like Hugo Chavez. They wouldn't be impugning the very people who drive our economy, you know those filthy job creating business owning rich people. They wouldn't be holding back minorities with depressing and racist rants about how the Republicans are rich white folks who hate you. How can any sane person support these people? Well, one reason is that the other side, the GOP, doesn't stand up and fight for what is right. Fight for truth. Fight for conservative values. Call a liar a liar. Call a socialist a socialist. Look, if you want to redistribute wealth then you are a greedy socialist who wants to destroy this nation. Get your money the old fashioned way...EARN IT! Republicans; start praising this great land. Start lauding our founding fathers. Start defending the United States Constitution just like your oath pledges you to do! Quit pretending that the democrats really want to be nice to you this time. NO! Lucy will pull the ball away again. She hates you dipstick! It ain't rocket science. Protect our Liberty. Hell just read your own damn platform you embiciles!! Smaller government. Lower taxes. Less spending. More Liberty. Individual responsibility. And yes, Charity to the truly needy. And for the truly lazy? Get a job deadbeat! Quit sponging off of your neighbors. Since when did being a mooch become vogue? Since when did Americans start taking pride in stealing the hard earned gains of their fellow Americans? Yes, Republicans; we want you to speak out, speak up, speak truth and quit hoping that the propagandist wing of the democrat party known as the main stream media is going to like you some day. pssssst...I've got a big secret to tell you. They never will! They are socialist useful idiots. They will never like you. Just look how they treat Sarah Palin; for no valid reason they hate her guts! They hate you too and they always will. Get over it!
And for heavens sake; could you please quit slobber whining all over the international airwaves for all of our enemies to see. How pathetic are you? Man up!

Every conservative voter in this country, pay attention. I don't care how proud you are that your congressman has seniority. If they are not true conservatives, they are hurting your children, your grandchildren and mine too. Vote them out in the next primary. Never forget a single vote. It's not that hard. Yes, it's so easy; even a Republican can do it.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

December 7, 2010

You Lie Mr. President; and I mean that with the utmost respect...for the office.


So finally, we get the President to admit that tax cuts stimulate the economy? For years the liberals have been completely spastic about the Bush tax cuts were only tax cuts for the rich. That they would cost us money. That they wouldn't stimulate the economy. Now, as the tax cuts are close to expiring, even democrats are loathe to allow it. Why? Because in this recession it would be too dangerous to raise taxes on the middle class. It could cause another dip. Huh? First of all, I didn't think there were any tax cuts for the middle class. And tax cuts for the rich hurt the economy not help it. Why on earth would someone agree to tax cuts if it was bad for the economy? The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. Your president and most of the spokesman of his party; are simply and clearly, bold faced liars! They have pounded their fist and threw fits of feigned rage and traveled around the political shows on the propagandist arm of the party, lampooning the Bush tax cuts for 10 dad gum years!! And now, when reality is about to hit, and a president, whose low poll numbers cannot sustain another hit two years before an election; only now are they honest and admit that raising taxes during a recession is bad economic policy. Why? Because low taxes spur economic development and they know it. They have simply and consistently been lying to you over and over again. What sane person could vote for this party any time soon with it's current philosophy? Divide America. Class warfare. Lie constantly. Act conservative during election time, then govern like socialists. These people are despicable vermin and deserve not even a modicum of respect or support. If you vote for a liberal from either party you are quite simply a useful fool. They will lie cheat and steal from you and then blame it on the 'rich'. Well the big lie is bared for all to see. Rich people create the jobs that help the poor make it to the middle class and beyond if their ambitions and dreams match their tenacity and effort. Obama and his minions have been lying through their teeth to us all. Now we get to sit back and watch the propagandist media bend over and create new yoga positions in order to try and defend him and prop him up one more time before the next election, because he is simply too big to fail. It is disgusting. Stop voting for liars. Stop purchasing goods from corporations who prop up propagandist media outlets. Write letters to congressman and papers and anyone else you can think of. These vermin must be weeded out of the American political discourse once and for all. For this republic to survive, bold faced liars must be held accountable. Do you have the guts to face the truth?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 26, 2010

Price of Naiveté Could Be Millions...of Lives


Americans have long been a very tolerant and altruistic people. No doubt this is in no small part because of the Christian foundation of this nations founding. I have long felt personally that Christians have too often misinterpreted the 'turn the other cheek' tale of the Bible. Perhaps that is another post someday but for now suffice it to say that it is my belief that God expects His children to stand up for what is right and good, and yes, even fight for it. Showing personal humility and suffering personally to show others the promise of God's love is wholly good. However, failing to stand up to evil and aggression which results in injury or death to others is wholly wicked.
How many times must history repeat itself before intellect will prevail over emotional naiveté? How many lives will be lost by future naiveté? There is of course no way to tell how many lives might have been saved had Chamberlain (England 1938) not been seduced by Hitler's false proclamations concerning Germany's expansionist dream. More recently, when Mohamar Qaddafi of Libya was engaging in terrorist activities and causing international strife, President Ronald Reagan launch attacks on him personally. His office, his house and even his tent were targeted. Some of his family was killed in these strikes. Qaddafi has been very quiet since those days. How many airplanes were saved from his terror? How many of his own people were saved from his extremist agenda possibly causing all out war against them? Yet this same president, when Marines were attacked in Lebanon, retreated forthwith, rubbing his bloody nose. This event was cited by Osama bin Laden as a reason that a war of terror on America would succeed. It showed, he inferred that America didn't have the stomach for a protracted war. How many lives did that cost us? All of the 9/11 lives lost, all of the embassy bombings, the war in Afghanistan; all lives lost because of naiveté when facing a threat. President Jimmy Carter was faced with a threat when Iran took Americans hostage after storming our embassy. We all know the history of his weak response and abject failure to adequately respond to naked aggression. We were afraid of the lives that may be lost in fighting Iran in 1979. Well, now Iran has nuclear ambitions and a fundamentalist, possibly insane, president who has promised to wipe Israel off the map. How many lives will be lost if nuclear weapons are used against Israel? All because of a weak response in the face of aggression.
Often times we assume that dealing with nations is different than dealing with individuals. However, the opposite is true. It is not hard to understand, after all nations are run by people, with all of the ego and fear and other flaws we all have.
This is even more so with dictatorships as they are run by one personality alone. So when the bully at school shows aggression and you do nothing what happens? Well, he continues to show more and more; until one day you've had enough and you lash out in anger and the fight is on. But what happens after that? The bully leaves you alone and moves on to the next weakling he can find. It is no different with nations. And if the weaklings all band together and threaten, and carry out the threat, to punish the bully for his behavior he will cease altogether.
We now live in a time when America is the biggest baddest toughest kid on the block; and yet we cower to small bullies who show aggression because of a very naive and ignorant belief that we are saving lives by not engaging them. The exact opposite is true. We are condemning future peoples to death by our own cowardice. Just as no greater love is shown by laying ones life down for another, so too no greater contempt is shown, than by forcing another to lay down their lives for your cowardice. America must stand against aggression in all possible cases, sooner rather than later. To do otherwise is to earn the contempt of future generations who must fight much larger and bloodier battles in our stead. May God have mercy on our souls, our grandchildren may not.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in Context


“Having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually, in the presence of God, and one of another, covenant and combine our selves together…” William Bradford at the signing of the Mayflower Compact

“It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason, peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.” Patrick Henry

“It has been the error of the schools to teach astronomy, and all the other sciences, and subjects of natural philosophy, as accomplishments only; whereas they should be taught theologically, or with reference to the Being who is the author of them: for all the principles of science are of divine origin. Man cannot make, or invent, or contrive principles: he can only discover them; and he ought to look through the discovery to the Author.”
“The evil that has resulted from the error of the schools, in teaching natural philosophy as an accomplishment only, has been that of generating in the pupils a species of atheism. Instead of looking through the works of creation to the Creator himself, they stop short, and employ the knowledge they acquire to create doubts of his existence. They labour with studied ingenuity to ascribe every thing they behold to innate properties of matter, and jump over all the rest by saying, that matter is eternal.” Thomas Paine

“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” George Washington

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." John Adams in a letter to Thomas Jefferson

“Let divines and philosophers, statesmen and patriots, unite their endeavors to renovate the age by impressing the minds of men with the importance of educating their little boys and girls, inculcating in the minds of youth the fear and love of the Deity… and leading them in the study and practice of the exalted virtues of the Christian system.” Samuel Adams

“Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” George Washington

“Why is it that, next to the birthday of the Savior of the world, your most joyous and most venerated festival returns on this day [the Fourth of July]?" “Is it not that, in the chain of human events, the birthday of the nation is indissolubly linked with the birthday of the Savior? That it forms a leading event in the progress of the Gospel dispensation? Is it not that the Declaration of Independence first organized the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer's mission upon earth? That it laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity"? John Quincy Adams

"It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favors." George Washington

"Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure...are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments." Charles Carroll - signer of the Declaration of Independence

“God governs in the affairs of man. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? We have been assured in the Sacred Writings that except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. I firmly believe this. I also believe that, without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel” Benjamin Franklin at the Constitutional Convention 1787

“God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift from God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson

"To the kindly influence of Christianity we owe that degree of civil freedom, and political and social happiness which mankind now enjoys. . . . Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican forms of government, and all blessings which flow from them, must fall with them." Jedediah Morse

"...No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.” Noah Webster

"Let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers just men who will rule in the fear of God [Exodus 18:21]. . . . If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted . . . If our government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the Divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws." Noah Webster The History of The United States

George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation

Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me to "recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:"
"Now, therefore, I do recommend and assign Thursday, the 26th day of November next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed; for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enable to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national one now lately instituted for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and, in general, for all the great and various favors which He has been pleased to confer upon us.
And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions; to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually; to render our National Government a blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such as have shown kindness to us), and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord; to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us; and, generally to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as He alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand, at the city of New York, the 3d day of October, A.D. 1789.

So...when the socialist professors try to teach your kids that Thanksgiving is just the result of the Pilgrims thanking the Indians for teaching us how to fish and grow corn; remind them of Providence and His hand in the founding of this nation, His protection of it's heirs and the responsibility of each and every American to Thank Him daily for His grace in providing us with the greatest government known to Man; and thereby teaching them the tremendous price that will be paid should we forget that indisputable Truth.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks to God Almighty for our nations founding.
Praise be to Him.
May He continue to bless this great nation as we continue to praise Him.

November 23, 2010

Workin' on a Chaingang!

When are we going to get serious about our representatives? We have lobbyist for airport scanners getting paid millions after serving as the head of the department that orders the scanners! Where is the outrage? We have multiple politicians who have no problem writing complicated tax laws to trap small businesses into confiscatory tax rates, stifling the economy, putting Americans out of work and destroying peoples lives; yet they can't seem to figure out how to pay their own taxes! And when they get caught? Well, it's just a misunderstanding! They'll pay it, don't worry. They get a slap because it's not really against the rules for them you see. Oh did I mention they write the rules? This is egregious corruption at all levels of our government. We need to see some folks go to prison. And I mean some hard time 10-20 minimum. The havoc that they wreak upon the hard working people of this country while they live in the lap of luxury, break laws, lie, cheat and steal; all the while holding themselves up as some sort of ruling class that is above the simple taxpayer. It makes me sick. It makes me angry. It makes me want to vote every one of them out! How about you? How long are YOU going to bend over and take it? Kiss your chains. KISS YOUR CHAINS!
Nancy Pelosi gets reelected? Harry Reid? Mitch McConnell? Lamar Smith? Are you kidding me? These people have fed at the government trough for decades. Only when election time comes around do they even pretend to care what you think. If we don't clean out this den of snakes in the next few elections then we are not worthy of the honor bestowed upon us by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison and George Washington. That honor is to protect and pass on a constitutional republic to our children. Do YOU deserve it? Really? When's the last time you told a liberal just how destructive they are to America? Hmmmm? No guts....No Honor....No pride? Look your children or your siblings children in the eye and tell them you are doing all that is possible to save their Liberty. If you can't do that then someday you will be an embarassment to them. Do you doubt me?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 16, 2010

Get Off Of My Cloud!


A sleeping giant is being awakened in this country. It is not a quick startled type of awakening for sure. It is a slow monotonous irritation that beckons the attention of the slumbering polypheme. The haze of sweet repose blurs the initial vision of the behemoth rendering it slow to react to the surrounding threat. Recognition of the danger turns indifference to alacrity.

Of course this giant is the traditional, hard working, God fearing American. And now, this is one ticked off Colossus!

We are sick and tired of you telling us that flying the American flag is offensive to some people! Really? Then get the hell out of our country! If you don't approve of our flag then you don't approve of our country. Go to a country which rates your approval.

We've had it with socialist professors who have never accomplished a damn thing in their entire lives except waxing eloquently about the evils of the capitalism that allows them to be paid idiots, sponging off of the workers who actually produce something for this country. Get a real job Commie punk!

NO! We don't want to push 1 for English. Why don't you push 2 for go the hell away to wherever your language of choice is spoken.

We're through with your mamby pamby political correctness you Jackwagon!

We see completely through your imbecilic attempts to divide this nation along financial and racial lines! All Americans deserve freedom! All Americans deserve the fruits of their labors. All Americans deserve EQUAL access to the free market system! All Americans deserve the right to fail or succeed without the federal government punishing them for either! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF OUR MONEY YOU CORRUPT BASTARDS!

We're sick and tired of government acting like they are doing us a favor by allowing us to keep some of our hard earned dollars. IT AIN'T YOUR MONEY!!

We're disgusted with your disregard for our blessed Constitution!! You have NO POWER but what "We The People" lend you!

We're ashamed by the blatant disregard for the decency to simply tell the truth! What are you 12? Stand up for yourself, have a little honor and simply tell the truth you lying sacks of dung!!

We're exasperated with your America hating apologetic disgust for this the greatest nation conceived by Man!! Americans have supplied more food, more freedom, more blood, more treasure, more technology, more prosperity and more peace to the people of the world than any nation in the history of Mankind. If you're too ignorant to see that, at least have the discretion to shut your pie hole!

We're astounded and appalled by your childish attempts to demean Christianity, a religion of love and hope, while you foolishly praise the people who would cut your head off while screaming, "God is Great!" A fool and his head will soon part!

You have to feel up my 10 year old daughter to board a plane, but the 25 year old Muslim man who is known to attend a Mosque with a radical Imam and who has recently visited Pakistan or Yemen boards freely? Are you insane or a traitor?

We're infuriated by your ignorant attempts to impugn the honor of a people who simply want assistance for the poor to be handled locally where we can keep an eye on our money and on the recipients of our money. We neither trust them or you to make good use of it and we'd like to have it close to home so we can keep it honest!

We're completely aware that your charity only comes from other peoples wallets! Shame on you!

We're incensed by your inane protestations that a raise of less than you deem worthy is a cut in spending! If it goes up one cent, it ain't a damn cut you imbecile! What? Are you publicly schooled?

We're enraged by your lack of respect for our military men and women and their families and the sacrifices they make for this great nation. Their blood allows you to spew your hatred of your own country. You call them Nazis and murderers and suspected home grown terrorists while you refuse to call TERRORISTS, terrorists you insane little dweebs! Have a little respect you spineless vermin!

We're stupefied by your impossibly moronic insistence that global temperatures are affected more by cow flatulation than by the Sun's temperature, or volcanic activity, or orbital anomaly or any other of a plethora of natural phenomena that have fluctuated the earths temperature since it's creation! What a complete dufus! How do you get up in the morning?

We're universally aware that the only reason you don't want to show a picture ID when you vote is so you can can sucker a whole new sector of society to continue voting for corrupt, lying anti-American Communist! Lord knows you can't earn their vote with a legitimate thought!

And we're steadfastly offended by your capricious attempts to cast aspersions on the honor and integrity of our Founding Fathers, who we all know were fallible human beings, but were infinitely knowledgeable, Divinely inspired, historically keen, extremely cogent, ultimately honorable and had something you socialists will never have; courage of their convictions. They pledged their lives their fortunes and their honor while you pledge our lives and our fortunes and our nations honor for your petty little communist experiment.

Get off of my cloud you pitiful excuse for human beings! You will NOT take my country down! You will NOT undermine our republic. You will NOT steal our LIBERTY!! We will beat you down with the tools those Founding Fathers gave us; the vote, freedom, virtue, courage, honor, integrity, decency, knowledge, faith, charity and REAL hope; hope based on faith in God and Country. Something of which, much to your shame, you have no awareness. Get off of my cloud!!

You may have noticed that I'm a bit testy. Indeed. These ingrates want to steal our heritage. I will not go down without a fight! This aggression will not stand! I'm mad as HELL and I'm not going to take anymore! If you agree, please forward, retweet, share or otherwise disseminate this message to all those who LOVE AMERICA!

by: Keith D. Rodebush; one pissed off Marine!

November 10, 2010

First, my apologies as this blog post is in some ways repetitive. But I believe it is important. And in fact the circumstances in which we find ourselves, a new congress coming in after a historical election, make it even more so. The subject is simply honesty. I remember a time when we took this for granted. I'm not ancient, nor am I young. But I remember a time when a Man's word was his bond. We were taught as children that your honor was the one thing that could not be taken from you. We now live in a time when some in the media actually admired the way in which a former president could lie. They were impressed with his ability to lie without flinching. It was actually seen as an admirable trait for a politician. I guess it was only a matter of time, but seriously, we all get to decide what kind of a world in which we want to live. More importantly, we decide what kind of a world we will pass on. Lying? Really? That's the trait that you want to pass to your kids?

Please join me in reinstating the honor, dignity and common decency of simply being honest. The thing about lying is that once you do it, we know who and what you are. It takes a long time to gain our trust again. Let us dispense with this childish attitude that we all lie and therefore we need not hold people accountable. You lie to me, you separate yourself from me. I don't care who you are.

We have elected a new crowd into Congress. We have high expectations of them. I know that no one is perfect, but I am watching you. If you lie to me, you are forever out of my favor. Next!

Please join me in holding people at their word, in all walks of life. And while we're at it, perhaps we should consider telling the truth ourselves. It really isn't that hard. will lose a few friends. Seems some folks don't cotton to the truth right off.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 7, 2010

Voters Unite to Save Republic

The midterm elections are almost completed save for the oft ignored races that are too close to call, or in which out and out fraud was commited upon the American people. I must admit an instinctive wish to scream, "We won!" at the democrats and President Obama, but I am much too concerned about our country to match the socialists divisionary technique. While I am very proud of the American voter and the Tea Party patriots who sent a resounding message to Washington D.C., I am also lucidly aware that much more work is ahead of us than is behind us. Many of those who voted may have simply been picking the lesser of two evils and are content to continue that trend. I believe that there is too much at stake to be so flippant about the direction of this country. The choice is clear in historical terms even as it is muddled by propagandist media, revisionist history and indoctrination of generations of Americans. We are truly at a crossroads in this country as to what kind of a nation will we leave to posterity. Will we continue the republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, or shall we morph into a socialist democratic placeholder for the tyranny to come? I propose that the Independents and Democrats, who voted Republican in this cycle in order to send a clear message to the federal government that results are all that matters, should join with the Tea Party movement in a perpetual push to rid this country once and for all of the failed socialists policies of the democratic leadership in modern America.

One thing that all clear thinking Americans should be able to agree on henceforth is that socialists policies, whether implemented by a good intentioned political hack, or an ill-intentioned idealogue; are disastrous for this nation, it's prosperity and its Liberty! Now is the time for all voters to proceed in holding the new group in Washington accountable for each and every vote they make. One strike and you're out! One unconstitutional vote and you no longer deserve to represent the American people. Be gone! No social program can replace a good job. No idealistic panacea can replace the spirit of freedom and ingenuity inherent in the American soul. No apologetic revivication of the American image can replace the charity and blessed freedom bestowed upon the world by an unapologetically successful nation steeped in the core values of God given rights of Man and the limited powers of government. No amount of misanthropy can replace the true love of thy neighbor, manifesting itself in the recognition of the potential of free peoples to achieve greatness for us all.

The failures of socialism are there for all to see. Redistribution of wealth is socialism plain and simple. The mistake is to believe that the failure of a party is a failure of it's platform. Republicans haven't followed their platform for decades. The time is now to return this country to it's founding principles. We will do it with the establishment or without. We will fight socialism and big government tyranny wherever it appears. And if we join together, a coalition of groups, bound by one guiding principle we can defeat socialism once and for all in this country. That principle is Liberty. It was expounded upon by our Founding Fathers meticulously in numerous documents leading up to and following the founding of this republic. It is upon this foundation that we will rebuild this once proud nation into the beacon of hope that it has so recently been for millions of people around the world who still long to be a part of it. The choice is clear. Socialism or Liberty. Let us join in defending the latter and eradicating the former forever.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 1, 2010


My final argument is quite simple. If you believe that the federal government is there to take care of you and help you to succeed, then you are hopelessly naive, and completely ignorant of the founding of this country. Vote if you wish, but you will be disappointed all your days, because Liberalism Kills. It never gives to the worker what is promised. In the end the workers always hang their own, because they never get what they are promised. Just read history.

If you believe in personal freedom, personal responsibility, states rights, individual rights, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; then you must vote Republican in this cycle. This must be an overwhelming referendum against socialism once and for all. The left and their lap dogs in the press will try to paint it as just a tantrum, but history will judge it as a complete repudiation of leftist policies. Please vote responsibly.

Finally, if you don't believe in Liberty and individual rights and freedoms...what the hell are you doing here? That is what this country was founded on. There are other countries where that is not true. Please travel there. Perhaps you'll like it. Maybe you could open a little coffee bar and hand out socialist pamphlets and such. I'm sure they would welcome you and your money with open arms. Godspeed!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 29, 2010

"Extreme" Failure


In this most recent election cycle we are often told that a candidate is just too 'extreme' to be allowed to serve in the United States Congress. Much is made about qualifications as if it is some really hard job to be a politician. As with many things associated with the statist propaganda arm pretending to be journalists, we have to look for ourselves to find the truth. Several Tea Party candidates have been accused of being just too extreme for our nation. What qualifies one for such a distinction? Well, just to name two cases; that of Sharron Angle from Nevada and Christine O'Donnell from Delaware, what makes them extreme in the eye of the liberal lap dog press, is that they favor abolishing the Department of Education. Ironically, the media's complete ignorance of the fact that the DoED is completely ineffective is a testament to the futility of the government running schools. It is now manifesting itself in the stupidity of those 'educated' in said schools, and are blindly trying to protect the failed system. Of course many believe that is the point, they want us dumbed down, we're easier to control that way. Pardon me for wandering off the point, however. The people calling Ms. Angle and Ms. O'Donnell extreme never call government extreme. Supporting a department that has failed miserably while spending Billions and Billions of taxpayer's hard earned money is not extreme. Putting thousands of people in offices all over the country, giving them above average salaries, union perks and golden retirement deals, while they lord over a system that is steadily failing to achieve the intended goal of educating our children; that's not extreme to these publicly educated media dolts. When is the last time you saw a so-called journalist give you even a few facts on the Department of Education? Well, I'm no journalist, and though I attended public school most of my education is self imposed or learned in the school of hard knocks. But I will give you some facts:

  • Department of Education was spun off of the Health Education and Welfare department by Jimmie Carter in 1980
  • The proposed budget for 2011 for the DoED is ~ 76 Billion dollars
  • The average salary of the Departments 5000+ employees is ~ $79,000
  • The graduation rate is declining. (we are told that the minority needs the government more than any of us) Minority graduation rates are abysmal. Don't let them fool you. They have taken to including GED's as graduation to skew the graduation rates and make it look like they are doing a good job. But studies show that GED "graduate's" have the same unemployment percentages almost as other drop-outs. This is government; they have to lie because the facts make them look like idiots.
  • Laws are passed every year almost to 'invest' in our children through education, below is a list of those laws

    •1965: Elementary and Secondary Education Act
    •1965: Higher Education Act (HEA) (Pub. L. No. 89-329)
    •1974: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    •1974: Equal Educational Opportunities Act (EEOA)
    •1975: Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EHA) (Pub. L. No. 94-142)
    •1978: Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
    •1980: Department of Education Organization Act (Pub. L. No. 96-88)
    •1984: Equal Access Act
    •1990: The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act)
    •1994: Improving America's Schools Act
    •2001: No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)
    •2004: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
    •2005: Higher Education Reconciliation Act of 2005 (HERA) (Pub. L. No. 109-171)
    •2006: Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act
    •2007: America COMPETES Act
    •2008: Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) (Pub. L. No. 110-315)
    •2009: Race to the Top
    •2009: Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act
    •2010: Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010

All of this government law-making and expenditure and propaganda about educating our children and the United States performance against other nations is completely embarrassing. 25th in Math, 12th in Reading, 20th in Science. We rank behind the likes of Latvia, no disrespect intended but does anyone believe that we shouldn't be near the top?

This government intervention into education is a complete and abject failure, having zero positive impact whatsoever on education in America. Yet, we are told that those who would like to turn back the responsibility for educating our kids to local officials, closer to home where we have control, not some bureaucrat in Washington D.C. are extremist! Spending billions and billions of dollars and creating a mountain of red tape for our educators while completely failing our children, THAT is not extreme to these government apologist and propagandist!

The next time someone tells you that getting rid of the Department of Education is extreme, you look them square in the eye and say, "You lie! Keeping our children ignorant and unprepared for self reliance is extreme and despicable."

While we're at it, would you like to talk about the Department of Energy, which was created in 1977 with the expressed purpose to make America less dependent on foreign oil? It's FY2010 budget request was 26.4 Billion of your dollars, but this is coupled with the 38.7 Billion of your dollars from the 'stimulus' bill. That's a total of 65.1 Billion dollars of our hard earned money. I ask you my friends, are we less dependent on foreign oil? Have we adequately accessed our resources here in America? Once again, a complete and total failure for a government agency to carry out it's mandate. Yet, if one proposes to get rid of such wasteful incompetence, they are called extreme by the democrats and their propagandist arm, so called journalist. What a joke!

The Founding Fathers spoke with great clarity about the incompetence, corruption and tyranny that always accompanies a strong central government. They knew that no matter how society changed, one thing that never changed was the utter failure of large government organizations to deal with day to day problems of the American people. That is why they set this government up to leave those powers to the states and the people. You have a choice this coming Tuesday. You can vote for a Republican, and help attempt to restore this nation to it's previous greatness and Constitutional government. This will be a long battle as we must clean out the socialist within the Republican party as well while we move along to dismantle this government. OR; you can vote for anyone else, basically allowing democrats to continue to spend Billions and yes, now even Trillions of your hard earned dollars on historically proven failures of socialistic frivolity. What a pathetic bunch of inept characters we have allowed to infect our government. In any business in the world they would be the laughing stock, unceremoniously shown the door for their intellectual delinquency.

The choice is yours. The money is yours. The arrogance is theirs. The inexplicable stupidity is theirs. Research; Decide; Vote; Watch.

Vote, rinse, repeat!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 26, 2010

Worse Than Murder!


What could be worse than murder? Stealing someone's vote, that's what. 'Come on' you say, be serious, Keith. Murder is taking a life, stealing a vote doesn't come near that. You are wrong, my friend. Having murdered someone you have their blood on your hands. Having stolen someone's vote, you have the blood of hundreds of thousands of patriots on your hands. Hundreds of thousands of men and women have laid down their lives for the right of each of us to vote for our future. What kind of vile piece of human debris could steal that from you and sleep at night?

Recently, in several states, it has come to light that after two years of preparation the election officials in those states have found it impossible to get our military veterans their ballots in a timely manner. Late reports have state officials acknowledging that many veterans votes will not be counted this year because of these failures. Our brave men and women, laying down their hearts, their legs, their arms, their skulls and their lives for this nation, will not have a say in who leads them in that endeavor. I'm sure that it is purely coincidental that the most egregious are heavily Democrat states like Illinois and New York. This is beyond unacceptable. This is treason! You must forgive me, my fellow Americans but there is no punishment adequate to alleviate this dispicable behavior! Hanging in front of the poll place with a sign that says, "THIS is what we do to treacherous vote stealers!" is the closest thing I can think of that would suffice to heal this wound. I'm sorry, but I have no pity for these traitorous people. Oh PLEASE!! DO NOT tell me that this is a simple clerical error. They have had 2 years! 730 (seven hundred and thirty days) to prepare to get this system in order to make sure that our finest citizens can exercise their most precious privelege and right; to vote for the representative of their choice who may send them into harms way. There is absolutely zero excuse for this!

As of this writing, the news is filled with stories of voting machines 'malfunctioning' and having democrat candidates already checked. In some cases when one checks the 'straight republican' box, one finds that all of the democrat candidates get the vote. These machines are programmed people! It doesn't just 'accidently' vote for you! There is a special place in hell for someone who could steal a persons vote. I am at a loss for words and that doesn't happen...what do you say about someone like that?

Just today, Sandra Day O'Connor was brought in as a pinch hitter for another judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and an Arizona law requiring ID to vote was shot down, one week before election day! Google it, you'll see. This law has been on the books since 2004 and BAM! just like that, nope, you can be tootie fruitie and vote in Arizona this year. Is there any doubt in your mind that this is so illegal aliens can vote? Or, that voter fraud can take place? All of this, ALL OF THIS, is liberal fraud. Democrats, almost exclusively are stealing Americans votes, including American soldiers. How can any decent citizen of this fine country give any quarter to a democrat this year?

If you don't vote; you give comfort to the enemy within.
If you vote third party, you give comfort to the enemy within.
If you don't impress upon your friends the importance of voting out the democrats this term; you give comfort to the enemy within.
If you vote for anyone other than a Republican this cycle; you affirm that stealing votes works; you affirm that veterans do NOT deserve to vote!

Now I know that some of you will say, "Keith you're going too far. We should vote third party!"
Let me make an analogy my fellow patriots. It is like you have two large armies battling on the field of honor. They are somewhat evenly matched. One army represents unspeakable evil and terror. The other, maybe not Nirvana, but at least some freedom and liberty. Off to the side you have a small militia. They fight against both armies. True patriots all, representing only faith, hope and love; but completely outnumbered to the extent that they will be annihilated. I come over the hill and see the coming battle before my eyes. To who do I lend my life? True, it would be honorable to die for the good militia. But would that be the best utilization of my life? Is that worth the end of my talents which could be lent to change the good army in the future? Do I fight for the evil army? Surely not. Or; do I fight for the good army, with perhaps an unpopular general, not perfect, but at least fighting for freedom? What is your life worth? What is your vote worth? Do you die on this hill? Do you live to fight another day? It is your choice, and I and the good army, are willing to let you make it. The others are not, they steal your choice from you. You see, they are smarter than you. They know better than you what is good for you. Maybe you should just roll over and show your belly...

by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 21, 2010

Vote In Blood!


As we come upon this monumental election, the emotions throughout the country are on high alert. People are frustrated beyond belief for a variety of reasons. Some are frustrated that the government is too powerful. Some are frustrated because they want the government to work for them and it doesn't. Some are just frustrated because they want the government to leave them the hell alone and let them work and raise their families as they see fit. Regardless of where you fall among the political spectrum, you should absolutely vote this year. Despite your political stripe, unless you are a full blown Marxist or Socialist, you should vote Republican this year.

Now I know that a number of Americans will say, "Well, they're all the same and the Republicans screwed up too." That is true but it is apples and oranges. More importantly, it was Socialist Republicans that screwed up. This is not about R and D. It's about L and C. It's not Republican and Democrat; it's Liberty or Communist. This administration and this Democrat congress have shown beyond any shadow of doubt what the contemporary Democrat party is. It is nothing more than a thinly disguised communist/socialist cabal intent on redefining this nation into something that would cause our Founding Fathers to rise up and rebel once again. Even more what they have proven rather brazenly in fact, is that they are really just a den of thieves siphoning off Billions and even Trillions of hard-working Americans tax dollars to line the pockets of them and their lobbyist friends. It is despicable how much corruption has been ingrained into our political system.

So, Keith, why should I vote for a Republican when I am not confident that they have learned their lesson? Good question. The simple fact is that for now we are a two party system. The Tea Party for the time being has decided to attempt one last time to revive the Republican party into the party of freedom that it is supposed to be. But this is their last chance. For now, it is clear we simply cannot risk letting Democrats continue destroying this great nation. This cycle, we can give no quarter to Democrats. Any vote for anyone other than a Republican is a vote for Democrats. You will never hear me say this again. Either the Republican party will return to it's conservative roots or it will immediately be turned into a third party wannabe. However, Obama, Pelosi and Reid have shown exactly who they are and what they will do to America.

Do Not Forget how they passed the stimulus despite Americans begging them not to.

Do Not Forget how they passed bailouts after we begged them no to.

Do Not Forget how they lied, cheated and ignored the Constitution and the congressional rules to pass Obamacare even though we begged them not to.

Do Not Forget that Cap and Tax is just sitting there waiting for a Senate vote. The most oppressive tax on prosperity in the history of mankind. A knife in the heart of our economic system. All based on proven falsified science, meant only to put more money in their hands through the trading of carbon credits. They take you for fools you know.

My fellow Americans. We cannot let this moment pass without a resounding effort. This election cannot be simply a midterm turnaround. This must be a referendum on Socialism once and for all! If you have any decency and respect for this country at all, you can do nothing but vote for a Republican. If you just can't bring yourself to do so then for the sake of your grandchildren, who Obama has already put into debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, stay home. Retain some small sense of decency in your life. This country was founded on the principle of freedom and individual responsibility. This is not a socialist nation and will never be. We will fight to keep it so. Many a man and woman have died so that you have the right to vote. Blood is on that ballot. Do you seriously think that they died so that you can vote for Socialism! You simply cannot believe that and be an American. They died for your freedom and nothing else. If you believe otherwise, go from us now in peace. Leave this land of the free and home of the brave. Go to one of your socialist enclaves and tell them not that you were once our countryman. Kiss your chains and leave us be. THIS country is for freedom and liberty. May God Bless these United States of America. May God smite her enemies abroad and within. Vote, my friends. But vote with blood on that ballot! Our servicemen and women have already spilled their blood upon it. Respect it!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 12, 2010

We Die Apart, or Live Together


It occurred to me tonight, that while we fight each other over whether we should have our Liberty or not; there are forces around the world who would use it to slit our throats. Does that mean we should give it up in hopes that they will leave us be? Or; should we embrace our heritage and rise together to defeat the greatest threat to Western civilization? You know what? Our enemy has already answered this question for themselves. Can we?

Unfortunately, we must first defeat our own misguided fools before we can fully fight the world's battle adequately (Marx's useful idiots are not only useful to Communists). The current leadership in both parties is way too concerned with their own image and comfort to seriously engage the American public on the threat at hand. Make no mistake, only America can fight this fight. Not alone, with many friends. But only America can lead this fight. We must defeat the enemy within forthwith, eradicate the virus among us, revive the healthy tissue of freedom. Only then can we unleash the dogs of war. No less than the fate of the free world depends on it. Do you doubt me? If so, you are History's fool.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 8, 2010

American Soldiers; One More Mission...


"No more love hath any Man than to lay down his life for another." That quote, while likely not exact, holds more truth than anything you will read short of God's love being expressed in biblical passages. In fact it's roots are in that very text. This is the quote that encompasses the deep and abiding respect that me and mine have always had for the American Soldier. It is with some trepidation therefore, that I here ask one more measure of allegiance be paid by those who wear the uniform (and of course some who don't out of necessity).

Please remember the following, especially page 2 near the bottom:

This is what the current administration thinks of you, the soldier returning from battle. You are a potential terrorist to them. Now I know this is old news, but you see we tend to forget. I don't want you to forget. So I humbly come before you and ask that you read again what your president thinks of you. And while his cohorts were saying this about you, he was genuflecting to the worlds dictators.

We have a very important election coming up. By all accounts, it will be a good night for Republicans. What I am here to ask you is this; what's the difference between a midterm spanking and a fundamental shift in the course of a country? My friends, I think the difference is you, the U.S. soldier active and retired. It is in that vane that I ask you, I implore you. Talk to all of your fellow soldiers and their families. Let us never forget what this administration said of you. Let us speak with one voice that this type of besmirching of our valiant volunteers is not only unacceptable but is contemptible. Please pass this on to all of your friends whether they be active, retired or family of such. Let our military make a resounding cry in support of fundamental change in America away from this foolish socialist experiment which demeans our Defenders and ridicules our Founding Fathers. Let no military man or woman of good conscience cast a vote for a Democrat in this election. To do so, is borderline treason. As to Republicans, they are not perfect, and mark my words, there are masses of people who will be right there with you in the next primary to hold them accountable as well. As for now we have but one real choice. For God's sake vote R!! Never forget the words of Harry Reid, democrat and Senate majority leader, "This war is lost!". These people have comforted the enemy for political gain. Let them no longer profit from that treasonous behavior. I leave it to your good judgement to decide the merit of my words this day. But a higher power will decide the merit of America's judgement. Choose well my fellow Patriots!

October 5, 2010

The Bank Job


Everyone loves a good bank heist movie. Whether it's Peter Falk in The Great Brinks Robbery in the '70s or Clive Owen in Inside Man in '06; you just gotta love a good bank job. Of course that's just the movies. We aren't so thrilled if our bank gets robbed. We really aren't very happy if our money is not insured and we don't get it back.
Recently, I have changed my mind about some of the current events. I began, like many, thinking that Barack Obama was a brilliant man, ambitious for sure, but smooth and intelligent. Then I began thinking that he was an idealogue, with powerful forces behind him to achieve an agenda long desired by the progressives in America; fundamental change of our country to a Socialist nation. Finally, I have come to conclude that he is really no more than a common thief. Now before we go any further let me make this very clear; I have no proof whatsoever for what I have to say here today. You should take it with a grain of salt. It is no more or no less than the ramblings of an old man based on his observations of the events that have transpired recently. Astute observations. Let's call it educated ramblings.

Let's just simply go over what we know. The financial industry was in dire straights for many years before the 'collapse' of September 2008. Any search of public records will find concerns being raised as far back as 2003. Probably even before that. The final 'collapse' happened less than two months before the election. The people who were crying wolf the loudest, threatening economic collapse, all had ties to the largest banking interests in the world. These people had connections with both parties. In other words no matter who won the election, they would get what they wanted. Next, Barack Obama was relatively unknown before the election, and though he is well known now at least to anyone who cares to see him; his history is still an enigma, as almost none of his papers or letters or writings of any sort have been released, except by himself, and then only to buttress his image that he is trying to convey. An image by the way, that is patently false by any reasonable examination of the facts at hand. Since the election, Obama has relentlessly pushed massive legislative bills, spending trillions of dollars. These bills typically are very large, 2000 pages plus. No one; seriously, no one really knows what all is contained in them in terms of what they are supposed to actually achieve and how. Public opinion has played zero interest in his decisions to date. What politician do you know who completely ignores public opinion? Even after it became obvious that pushing these bills may cost his party severe losses in the midterm elections he persisted, calmly and apparently unconcerned about the results of his agenda. Trillions more dollars have been spent by the Secretary of the Treasury who apparently cannot operate online tax software according to the instructions. The Federal Reserve has spent Trillions more behind the scenes in ways we may never know because, they refuse to be audited. That's right, they refuse. So much for that transparency thing. The people in charge? Bankers from the biggest banks in the world.

Now, I ask you. If you had colluded with the government for decades, loaning Trillions of dollars to people who obviously could never pay back the loans; and the time had come to get these toxic assets off the books or at least funded; what better way to do so than to rob yourselves (their bank and the governments bank)? You rob your bank by overstating the assets value, then claim the loss. You rob the government bank by creating a crisis for which the only solution is for the American taxpayer to give you Trillions without accounting to show where it goes. Brilliant!!

Barack Obama is nothing more than a common thief; sculking in the vault, shoveling money out the hole in the wall to the sewer escape below. Occasionally picking up the phone to assure the police and the public that he will give himself up soon, if a few more demands are met. Meanwhile the real scum is in the sewer where they belong, but alas, they are making off with the largest heist in the history of the world! The numbered bank accounts in Switzerland are thanking the heavens that finances are digital these days as there is no where near enough room for the cash being stolen from the American people.

As I stated before, this is simply the musing of an overactive mind (pre-ADHD generation). I have no proof that this is what has happened. But I ask you, my fellow travelers in this moment of human history; do YOU know where the 10 Trillion dollars went? Is it just 10 Trillion dollars? Has anything been fixed? Does Barack Obama seem remotely concerned about it? Do you believe that congressmen were paid off for their votes? Do you trust Wall Street Bankers? Other than perhaps the health care bill, would things be much different if John McCain had won the election? Why did Obama keep some of Bush's Treasury and Federal Reserve people? Do you believe that we will ever know where all that money ended up? 10 Trillion is 10 Thousand Billion. If 500 Billion of 10 Thousand Trillion was unaccounted for forever; would you be surprised? What would you do for 500 Billion dollars?

I rest my case. Let history judge my suspicious mind...

by: Keith Rodebush

Special thanks to Tania Rodebush who calls me her "Most Awesome Dude!" for her naturally suspicious nature which seeded this train of thought.

September 28, 2010

JT's Opening Statement; Dining With The Candidates


"These are momentous times in which we live. Our Founding Fathers set up this Grand Experiment with the full knowledge that it would be difficult to hold. Any cursory review of their letters and other writings reveals their knowledge that only a virtuous and educated public could preserve this delicate balance between Liberty and government. It is the nature of Man his self that requires government; but so it is the nature of Man his self that causes government to trend toward tyranny. Thomas Jefferson once wrote “…in questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution…” Clearly, it is the purpose of the United States Constitution to be the chains that control government and preserve the Liberty of the American people. We tend to forget that the people we elect to power are, in the end just human, and are subject to the same temptations of power and foibles of ambition as every other human being now or since. Because of that we now find ourselves at the end of a hundred year campaign to assail the pillars of Constitutional restraint. Much as some people naively believe that they are too smart for God himself, we live amongst a coterie of so-called intellectuals who believe that they are too smart for the Founding Fathers. You’ll pardon me if I disagree. One argument frequently heard, is that The Founders could not have foreseen the complexities of modern life. Well, to paraphrase John Adams, he said, '....this nation is large and will change in ways that we cannot possibly understand...' They knew the challenge before us very well. What they also knew was that tyranny always ended badly throughout history. They knew that individual Liberty, coupled with free markets would release the potential of the American people and create the greatest, most prosperous country known to Mankind. They were right.

Before us tonight we have a fine collection of patriots who are willing to take our fight to preserve this republic to the halls of government, local, state and federal. We are here tonight to look them in the eye and tell them what we expect from them. We are not here tonight to tell them to write more laws. We are here to tell them to repeal laws. And to that end let us not forget that Liberty is not free. This forum is also meant to assist them in their efforts. So I ask you, if, after hearing their promise to you the citizen, you feel that they are sincere and worthy, please do all that you can, physically and monetarily to help them take the fight to those who would enslave us with empty promises and fear.

So let us all resolve to revitalize the Republican Party. Let us raise the banner of bold colors not pale pastels. Let us make it unmistakably clear where the Republican Party stands on all of the issues and give the American people a clear choice in the political arena."

I couldn't agree more. Thanks Jon. Great job! Keith D. Rodebush

September 24, 2010

Pledge FROM America


America was witness to a nice little piece of political theatre recently as the Republicans rolled out their "Pledge to America" outlining the policies they will pursue should we be so kind as to return them to the halls of power in Washington D. C. I will not go through the whole pledge pointing out the good points and the areas of omission. I'll leave that to you the good people of this nation. What I intend to do is to respond to the government in general regardless of their party affiliation as that seems to have little to do with whether they believe in constitutional government. The following is my proposed "Pledge From America". I represent only myself in this text. It is up to others to decide whether they agree or disagree.

PLEDGE FROM AMERICA, the year of our Lord 2010


Resolved that we have reached a moment in history when the chains that were placed on this government by the Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution, have effectively been loosed to the point of rendering them precariously close to irrelevancy.
Political and ideological judges at all levels of the bench including the Supreme Court of the United States of America have usurped their authority, broken their sacred oaths, viewed the citizenry with petulance and disdain, rendered judgements on erroneous legal grounds - personal opinion - irrelevant case law - and pure political ideology with blatant disregard to the rights, liberties and wishes of the American public.
Representatives of the people have gained public office through corrupt and deceitful means, promising the public to serve in their best interest; only to proceed on a lifelong career of despicable acts of usurping the powers of the federal government under the Constitution for the express purpose of pleasing political allies in exchange for financial and political gains. The culmination of this political prostitution was revealed in all it's naked vileness by the process that resulted in the passing of the American Health Care Act against the obvious protest of the people they claim to serve. The utter contempt for the Constitutional restraints upon these thieves was glaring. The vast majority of politicians no longer run for office to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States; rather they use it for toilet paper as they engage in moral and ethical corruption for personal gain, even voting themselves raises and Cadillac benefits while the rest of the country suffers under the very tyranny for which they claim to deserve all of this largess. Party structure, campaign finance laws, political coercion and partnership with the national media all make it inherently difficult for good people to attempt to rid ourselves of this verminous plague.
The leadership of the two parties have long engaged in a 'good ole boy' network by which establishment politicians make back room deals and undermine their own constituency to honor political deals for the purpose of maintaining control over the public; thereby ensuring more power and money to be concentrated which can then be leveraged for even more ill gotten gains for all of the players involved. While there are surface differences between the parties, recently it only amounts to whether they commit larceny or grand larceny.
This being the state of the nation that is still loved and honored by true patriotic citizens; the hard working, honest and dependable people whose talent, virtue and efforts have built this nation into the envy of the world, do hereby make the following pledge to the political class in America:

"In order to prevent the further commitment of blood and treasure required to found and defend this nation thus far, We The People of the United States of America do hereby pledge..."

That we will educate ourselves and our children on the true meaning of the Founding Documents; their authors and the plethora of writings they produced to clearly relay the meaning of those documents.
That we will participate in the political process, especially at the primary level to expel any and all pretenders to power who would use their office for personal gain or disregard the separation of powers delineated in the U.S. Constitution which they swear to protect.
That we will consolidate and distribute our resources both monetary and physical, not according to party but to individual representatives of the people who purport to honor the republican form of government this nation was intended to be.
That we will also use all means available to the people in mass to consistently shine the light of truth on all politicians who would corrupt themselves and steal the liberty of our children for their own personal gain. May the shame of the people never leave their side once their sins are revealed. May all good people refuse to consort or engage in any business with an enemy of the Constitution. No more contempt should be had for a murderer of Man, than a murderer of Liberty!
That we will punish the Democrat party in the midterm election of November, 2010 for their blatant disregard for the freedom and free market capitalism that has been responsible for all of the truly great advances of humankind for more than two centuries.
That we shall then celebrate; one day. Then, we will immediately begin to monitor and reveal to the world every single political act of every representative of the people with whom we have entrusted our most treasured possession; our Liberty.
That we will subsequently amass all of our spirit and resources to defeat any representative who fails even once to follow the Constitution of this great nation!
That we will methodically dismantle the Republican party as a viable political entity should it fail to substantially reverse the trend of the last few decades which has seen the party completely blur the lines between liberals and conservatives. The people of this country deserve a clear choice.
That we will reserve the right to bear arms for the true purpose for which it was given to us by our Founders, namely to protect the citizens of this great nation from an oppressive and tyrannical government! May God give us the strength and wisdom to bear upon our leaders with sufficient forcefullness to make it unnecessary to respond in such a barbaric manner.
"This is the pledge from the people of this country to all of the political class who claim to represent us. Take heed or suffer the whirlwind! May Providence continue to Bless the United States of America, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All."
by: Keith D. Rodebush
for: Love of country...

September 19, 2010

The Vermin Are Scared!


When Rick Santelli went on a small rant on the floor of the Chicago Commodities Market expressing frustration at the amount of spending the federal government was continuing including bailing out companies who made terrible business decisions, no one could have foreseen the coming wave of the Tea Party movement. Many pundits today still don't understand that Rick more or less nailed it.

The core of the hard working, God fearing, freedom loving people of this country are sick and tired of this spurious liberal argument that big government can solve our problems. First, they don't believe it is possible. Second, they don't believe that politicians are sincere; believing instead that politicians simply want more power and money. People in the government establishment, both Democrat and Republican, both politicians and media, still underestimate the Tea Party movement. They pretend that they don't understand it but they know full well what it's about. And THAT is what scares the hell out of them.

In recent weeks we have seen huge gatherings of salt of the earth citizens, who gather peacefully, respectfully and passionately being dismissed as just a bunch of the racist, radical and extreme fringe of America. Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Van Jones, Cass Sustein et al are not extreme or fringe or radical in the eyes of the state run media; but hard working, tax paying, play by the rules good citizens are. We have also seen a variety of personalities who have defeated establishment Republicans in various primaries. They have their faults as we all do but they speak with one voice; stop this over reaching government. They too are called extreme and radical for this view. Sadly, even some of the Republican establishment, instead of just being politically expedient and going along with the movement, have sided with the liberals in trying to paint the Tea Party as extreme. It is now extreme to want smaller government, it is now extreme to want local control of schools, it is now extreme to want constitutional government. How ridiculous! And their pathetic clinging to a failed model of big central government is increasingly obvious for what it is; simply an attempt to keep power and control. More and more the Karl Roves and Lisa Murkowski's and Mike Castles are looking like spoiled children whose toys have taken away for bad behavior. "But I want it back! Waaaahhhhh!"

What the American people are finally coming to realize, after a century of sliding away from the U.S. Constitution, is that establishment politicians are not much different and all have the same goal; keep power and control for the purpose of self advancement. Many Republicans are perfectly willing to vote for an unconstitutional bill as long as it's 'their' bill, or as long as it will benefit them personally through campaign contributions or outright bribes and corruption. The leadership of the GOP has seen the writing on the wall and they are running scared as are the Democrats and the state run media. They all see that We the People will not allow this cabal to exist any longer. They know full well that if the Tea Party is successful, they will all have to go out and earn an honest living, something most of them have never done.

Keep it up America! The vermin are scurrying across the deck. The cockroaches are seeking the shadows. The treacherous tyrants who would steal the liberty of their own grandchildren as well as ours for personal agrandizement and enrichment are seething with petulance. These establishment thieves should be shown the exits as soon as possible. We have won great strides in wresting this government away from the career politicians, but we have a very long way to go. Even after this move in the next election, we must continue to clean the Republican party out. The only hope of this nation is for the people to have a clear choice. If you believe in government power and control, then have the courage of your convictions and become a Democrat. If you believe in constitutional government with only enumerated powers and the balance retained by the people and the states, become a Republican, stand up and express it proudly, and let We the People decide on the merits of the two arguments. And if you're Karl Rove, just shut up and go away!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 15, 2010

Sword of Liberty!


Dreams of the Fathers, whisper softly in my mind.
While modern Pretenders, only seek to redefine.

'Tis exactly as they feared, as we depend upon the State.
Our Liberty is lost, Tyranny our fate.

Among the kindest souls, exists the fertile ground.
From which the socialistic seeds of slavery abound.

Success, excess, apathy much like a locust swarm.
Consume the once proud nations soul, portends the coming storm.

The peak of all the self made crisis, excites the Ruling Class.
The over zealous Tyrant sees, the world within his grasp.

One last time the people try the government solution.
Yet corruption and incompetence ensures the revolution.

The unlikely band of Patriots, dare bite the Masters hand.
The New Sons of Liberty arise across the land.

History for those who know, has always been replete,
With stories of a nations fall, as blood runs through the streets.

America has found a better way, to change Her institutions.
The sword with which we smite our foe, is the U.S. Constitution!

Our Founding Fathers gave us armor, Our children need not fear.
We can vote the bastards out, every other year.

May Providence bless future Man, with overwhelming clarity,
The greatest way to live our lives, is with freedom and prosperity.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 14, 2010

Think It Through

Almost every day there is a glaring example of the destructive nature of Liberalism.

Point 1:

Liberals are currently trying to make the point that if we let them take away a tax cut, raising taxes 'on the rich', then that will not be a tax hike...while at the same time arguing that if they leave taxes the same as they are on the 'middle class' then that will be a tax cut. Only in the demented mind of a corrupt career politician, who has spent their life sponging off of the peoples hard earned money, could this scam even be attempted. And this, at a time when the economy is already reeling from government interference in everything from housing loans to building cars. The simple fact is they think that you are stupid. Well, the question is before you. Are you stupid? If you EVER vote for a liberal again, whether a Republican liberal or a Democrat liberal, then indeed you have answered the question to all logical observers.

Point 2:

Federal courts on several levels are going to be choosing whether the Obama Health Care debacle is constitutional. Now the issue is not whether it is constitutional or not. That issue is already decided. Any fifth grader after only semi-intensive study of the founding documents can tell you that it is not. All powers not specifically enumerated to the federal government is reserved to the States and the People themselves. The issue is only whether the courts will RULE that way. Why then, is it even up for debate? Because of liberal judges appointed by liberal politicians who determine cases not on the founding documents but on their own political viewpoints.
Now the next time that a liberal is running for an office that includes the power to appoint judges, will you vote for them? If so, then you are....well we know what you are whether you do or not.

Point 3:

Liberals have recently chastised good Americans who rightly have been suspicious of the Imam who wants to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. Their argument has been that regardless of how we feel, they have a constitutional right to build it there. If we are against it then we are fostering hatred and may create violence among Islamic countries. Then out of the other side of their mouths, when a pastor of a small church wants to exercise his constitutional right to burn a Qur'an in protest, these same liberals again chastise Americans that even though he has the right to do so, we should stop him because it will cause violence among Islamic countries! Damned if we do. Damned if we don't. Every good American knows who the violent hateful people are. Ground Zero is testament to them. And yet liberals chastise us as if we are the mean and intolerant.

Again, are you stupid? They think you are. If you EVER vote for a liberal again, then the case is made. The time has come for all good Americans to consistently call out liberals of both parties as the ignorant, insensitive, vile, despicable characters that they are. No longer should they be able to assume that the stupid voters will ignore their hateful, divisive un-American rhetoric. On the graves of those brave Americans who died on 9/11 we stand and say, "NO MORE!!!"

Let us all pledge once and for all to fight all enemies of the republic; both foreign and domestic. God Bless this greatest of all nations.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 10, 2010

Predictable Spin

Many times contemporary political pundits will deride the division that exists in America and bemoan it as a destructive force that is crippling America. The truth is that we have always been divided. Any cursory review of history will tell you so. Even during the Revolutionary War there were substantial numbers of Americans who believed that we owed our allegience to King George. I don't have to even bring up the Civil War do I? How about the appeasement crowd as opposed to the hawks of World Wars I and II? About the only difference that I can find is the level of journalism today is as skewed as it's ever been, and that's saying something because that too has always been the case. Newspapers were sometimes started simply to trash a political opponent. However, there were typically other papers which responded in kind. It was up to the public to decide. Such is the case today, though the so called Mainstream press, that which occupies the three standard networks and the vast majority of print media today, has long ago turned into nothing more than political propagandists for the liberal agenda. Talk radio, the internet and cable news has allowed a balance to again be struck and there simply is no excuse for not getting the facts by some means today, but I digress. The point of this article is to point out that even though there are stark differences from how Democrats disagree with Republicans and vice versa, the press typically attempts to treat each as equally despicable acts of partisanship. The simple truth is that Conservatives typically attack policy for principled reasons while Liberals attack individuals for political reasons. This has been so since I have been watching our leaders; over 40 years. Generalizations are never clean and one can surely find incidents on both sides that defy the norm; but the preponderance of the evidence is overwhelming to anyone who cares to see.

After the Reagan years, when liberals in the political arena as well as the press trashed Ronald Reagan incessantly, many in the country began to question the notions of free markets and small government. Congress had already changed hands and the liberals scored a big win with Bill Clinton winning the White House. Of course, no one was speaking truthfully about the economy or most other accomplishments of Reagan. History certainly shows that the Reagan years were both prosperous and successful. At the time however, Clinton and the liberals called it the worst economy since the Great Depression. Sound familiar? Why did this lie stick? Because the liberals had spent 12 years attacking Ronald Reagan personally. They portrayed him as a dunce, a simpleton, out of touch, and mean spirited. Again, history shows that none of that is true but the image allowed the lie to be told to the voting public. After the initial failure of Clintons liberal attempts to control the economy, Republicans ran against the liberals in general on a national stage by putting forth a set of policies in which they were diametrically opposed to the liberals. The Contract With America swept a republican wave into the congress who set about making policies that shrunk the government, lowered taxes and brought about more prosperity. Clintons real legacy is that he was smart enough politically to go along and take the credit. Enough Americans were aware that the Republican Congress had more to do with our success than Clinton did, to deny Al Gore a chance to carry the Democrats into another White House stint. George W. Bush became president and immediately the attacks began. He was not attacked on policy once again. He was attacked for the way he spoke. He was attacked for being dumb, again sound familiar? He was attacked for allowing Rove and Cheney, the obvious true 'brains' behind the man to run things. The terrorist attacks on 9/11 gave us a wonderful break from the typical personal attacks. Unfortunately this didn't last long and soon the liberals were once again attacking Bush as a hate filled lying war monger. Long before the crash of September 2008, liberals were already calling our economy the worst since the Great Depression. Once again, liberals didn't provide specific policies that would make America grow and prosper, they simply attacked and attacked and attacked. Senators on the floor of the Senate called the War in Iraq lost. Our troops were called Nazi's and accused of vile acts of random murder and mayhem. Journalist were more than happy to pick up the torch of personal attacks and vilified Bush for years. Instinctively the American people were beginning to tire of this rampant disregard for respectful debate. Ironically, this was one of the reasons that Barack Obama's campaign pledge of a new way to run Washington gained traction. Of course, the crash of '08 sealed the deal and he was swept into office on an anti Washington wave. Now we have seen that when it comes to policies, the liberals are simply clueless as to how this country is intended to be run. Rugged individualism and free market capitalism is still the way to prosper in America. The coming bloodbath in the November 2010 elections will resoundingly attest to the wisdom of that statement. And what do the liberals do when their policies are abject failures? Why attack George Bush of course, or Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich or whatever strawman victim they can summon. And after the historical spanking that the Democrats will no doubt take in November, I guarantee you that there will be a plethora of stories about how Obama was never given a chance and how the political rancor today makes it impossible to govern. Little attention will be paid to the specific differences in policy. Instead, talk radio, conservative bloggers, the Tea Party and whoever else they can find will be attacked as the mean spirited partisan sword that was used to slash the potential of a promising president. Only those who pay close attention to history will know, it's the policy stupid. Whether it be George Bush's overspending and overreaching government or Barack Obama's insane spending and idealogical attempts to control all aspects of life; the simple fact is that more government intervention means less prosperity for the American citizens.
So get ready. You've been warned. Just laugh at the media's attempts to blame this presidents demise on anyone other than himself. And most importantly, never again forget that Liberalism Kills (Jon Thomas states so eloquently). Liberalism whether pushed by the D or the R kills the soul of America. Freedom and capitalism nurture and exalt the soul of America. Never again allow the lies of the left to diminish that truth in your mind.

by: Keith D. Rodebush