January 19, 2016

Liberals Are Stupid...sorry, truth hurts.


My wife said an interesting thing to me the other day. She had been cursing the tube as usual and when I came home she pulled me to the side and as serious as could be she stated, "I'm not that smart."
Now, I'm not going to agree with that here in front of God and everybody but I understood exactly what she was inferring. We live in a time when the most obvious idiocy is passed off as just normal disagreement. Social media magnifies this intellectual abomination or does it simply expose it? It has gotten to the point that many good people simply shut up about politics because the grief imposed by otherwise loved ones is just so disheartening it just doesn't seem worth the trouble. But it is. Fight on good Patriots! Fight On!
In Liberalville, Hillary Clinton can call the loved ones of dead patriots liars and the media doesn't blink. It's a 'vast right wing conspiracy' after all much like the one that accused her poor innocent husband of sexually assaulting a dreamy eyed girl young enough to be his daughter. But for his semen stain on her infamous Blue Dress, she would be just another Bimbo for Hillary to destroy. But, wait. Bill Clinton is a hero to this very day for Leftists the world over while they fight against the 'War on Women'.
In Liberalville, Barak Hussein Obama can destroy all sense of stability in the Middle East, cause 100's of THOUSANDS of Christians to be abused, displaced and murdered and the 'Progressive' world yawns! And then, just to really rub a little salt into the wound he announces that he will be bringing the oppressors here to our very shores while his intelligence chiefs admit they have no way of vetting ANY of them. Not to worry, it's just the JV team whom we have contained. In any sane world he would not only be impeached; he would be tried for treason. But it is not a sane world is it?
In Liberalville, thugs are celebrated. White House luminaries attend their funerals, while police are targeted and attacked openly by a domestic terrorist group and the media simply 'feel their pain'. Good is bad and bad is good in Obama's America and every day we hear another unbelievable affront to our tradition of the rule of law. These actions are not only accepted but trumpeted across the land by mind-numbed robots.
In Liberalville, a rogue president can simply ignore the immigration laws and demand the country's enforcement arm stand down (sound familiar?). Millions of ILLEGAL immigrants flood the nation saturating the work force and driving down wages for the very people Obama claims to represent. Black unemployment soars. They vote for him in the 90 percentile range.
In Liberalville, Iran is not our enemy they are our partner. We give them everything they could hope for and they respond by humiliating our troops when they aren't killing them. Obama and Kerry smile and say their engagement with Iran is working and all is well. Meanwhile, 100+ BILLIONS of dollars are given to Iran...with interest...that YOU pay...while even this administration's officials admit that 'some' of that money will go towards investing in terrorism against the United States.
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton uses her own PERSONAL server for all of her emails, sends thousands of classified emails with it completely unprotected; PERSONALLY decides what is relevant and what is not and DELETES all the rest; and the FBI simply thinks about investigating it all. ANYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET WOULD ALREADY BE UNDER THE JAIL. Liberals yawn. Another right wing conspiracy to bring down our girl. War on Woman.
In an insane world, speaking truth is a revolutionary act.
I could go on all...day...long. The usurpation of authority, destruction of tradition, diminution of influence and destruction of America continues daily without a feint of pushback from the feckless GOP.
My Ol' Lady may not be smart...like liberal professors; but she has the common sense to know that ALL of the above is WRONG. It is evil and destructive to our beloved nation. And it is patently
S T U P I D!!!!
I'll take Southern common sense over Ivy League smart ANY DAY ANY WHERE ANY TIME. May God Bless America. Lord knows we're going to need it.

BTW, Tania has more knowledge in her little crooked toe than Barak Hussein Obama has in his entire cranium! You go Girl!! Mwah!

by: Keith D. Rodebush