September 28, 2010

JT's Opening Statement; Dining With The Candidates


"These are momentous times in which we live. Our Founding Fathers set up this Grand Experiment with the full knowledge that it would be difficult to hold. Any cursory review of their letters and other writings reveals their knowledge that only a virtuous and educated public could preserve this delicate balance between Liberty and government. It is the nature of Man his self that requires government; but so it is the nature of Man his self that causes government to trend toward tyranny. Thomas Jefferson once wrote “…in questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution…” Clearly, it is the purpose of the United States Constitution to be the chains that control government and preserve the Liberty of the American people. We tend to forget that the people we elect to power are, in the end just human, and are subject to the same temptations of power and foibles of ambition as every other human being now or since. Because of that we now find ourselves at the end of a hundred year campaign to assail the pillars of Constitutional restraint. Much as some people naively believe that they are too smart for God himself, we live amongst a coterie of so-called intellectuals who believe that they are too smart for the Founding Fathers. You’ll pardon me if I disagree. One argument frequently heard, is that The Founders could not have foreseen the complexities of modern life. Well, to paraphrase John Adams, he said, '....this nation is large and will change in ways that we cannot possibly understand...' They knew the challenge before us very well. What they also knew was that tyranny always ended badly throughout history. They knew that individual Liberty, coupled with free markets would release the potential of the American people and create the greatest, most prosperous country known to Mankind. They were right.

Before us tonight we have a fine collection of patriots who are willing to take our fight to preserve this republic to the halls of government, local, state and federal. We are here tonight to look them in the eye and tell them what we expect from them. We are not here tonight to tell them to write more laws. We are here to tell them to repeal laws. And to that end let us not forget that Liberty is not free. This forum is also meant to assist them in their efforts. So I ask you, if, after hearing their promise to you the citizen, you feel that they are sincere and worthy, please do all that you can, physically and monetarily to help them take the fight to those who would enslave us with empty promises and fear.

So let us all resolve to revitalize the Republican Party. Let us raise the banner of bold colors not pale pastels. Let us make it unmistakably clear where the Republican Party stands on all of the issues and give the American people a clear choice in the political arena."

I couldn't agree more. Thanks Jon. Great job! Keith D. Rodebush

September 24, 2010

Pledge FROM America


America was witness to a nice little piece of political theatre recently as the Republicans rolled out their "Pledge to America" outlining the policies they will pursue should we be so kind as to return them to the halls of power in Washington D. C. I will not go through the whole pledge pointing out the good points and the areas of omission. I'll leave that to you the good people of this nation. What I intend to do is to respond to the government in general regardless of their party affiliation as that seems to have little to do with whether they believe in constitutional government. The following is my proposed "Pledge From America". I represent only myself in this text. It is up to others to decide whether they agree or disagree.

PLEDGE FROM AMERICA, the year of our Lord 2010


Resolved that we have reached a moment in history when the chains that were placed on this government by the Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution, have effectively been loosed to the point of rendering them precariously close to irrelevancy.
Political and ideological judges at all levels of the bench including the Supreme Court of the United States of America have usurped their authority, broken their sacred oaths, viewed the citizenry with petulance and disdain, rendered judgements on erroneous legal grounds - personal opinion - irrelevant case law - and pure political ideology with blatant disregard to the rights, liberties and wishes of the American public.
Representatives of the people have gained public office through corrupt and deceitful means, promising the public to serve in their best interest; only to proceed on a lifelong career of despicable acts of usurping the powers of the federal government under the Constitution for the express purpose of pleasing political allies in exchange for financial and political gains. The culmination of this political prostitution was revealed in all it's naked vileness by the process that resulted in the passing of the American Health Care Act against the obvious protest of the people they claim to serve. The utter contempt for the Constitutional restraints upon these thieves was glaring. The vast majority of politicians no longer run for office to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States; rather they use it for toilet paper as they engage in moral and ethical corruption for personal gain, even voting themselves raises and Cadillac benefits while the rest of the country suffers under the very tyranny for which they claim to deserve all of this largess. Party structure, campaign finance laws, political coercion and partnership with the national media all make it inherently difficult for good people to attempt to rid ourselves of this verminous plague.
The leadership of the two parties have long engaged in a 'good ole boy' network by which establishment politicians make back room deals and undermine their own constituency to honor political deals for the purpose of maintaining control over the public; thereby ensuring more power and money to be concentrated which can then be leveraged for even more ill gotten gains for all of the players involved. While there are surface differences between the parties, recently it only amounts to whether they commit larceny or grand larceny.
This being the state of the nation that is still loved and honored by true patriotic citizens; the hard working, honest and dependable people whose talent, virtue and efforts have built this nation into the envy of the world, do hereby make the following pledge to the political class in America:

"In order to prevent the further commitment of blood and treasure required to found and defend this nation thus far, We The People of the United States of America do hereby pledge..."

That we will educate ourselves and our children on the true meaning of the Founding Documents; their authors and the plethora of writings they produced to clearly relay the meaning of those documents.
That we will participate in the political process, especially at the primary level to expel any and all pretenders to power who would use their office for personal gain or disregard the separation of powers delineated in the U.S. Constitution which they swear to protect.
That we will consolidate and distribute our resources both monetary and physical, not according to party but to individual representatives of the people who purport to honor the republican form of government this nation was intended to be.
That we will also use all means available to the people in mass to consistently shine the light of truth on all politicians who would corrupt themselves and steal the liberty of our children for their own personal gain. May the shame of the people never leave their side once their sins are revealed. May all good people refuse to consort or engage in any business with an enemy of the Constitution. No more contempt should be had for a murderer of Man, than a murderer of Liberty!
That we will punish the Democrat party in the midterm election of November, 2010 for their blatant disregard for the freedom and free market capitalism that has been responsible for all of the truly great advances of humankind for more than two centuries.
That we shall then celebrate; one day. Then, we will immediately begin to monitor and reveal to the world every single political act of every representative of the people with whom we have entrusted our most treasured possession; our Liberty.
That we will subsequently amass all of our spirit and resources to defeat any representative who fails even once to follow the Constitution of this great nation!
That we will methodically dismantle the Republican party as a viable political entity should it fail to substantially reverse the trend of the last few decades which has seen the party completely blur the lines between liberals and conservatives. The people of this country deserve a clear choice.
That we will reserve the right to bear arms for the true purpose for which it was given to us by our Founders, namely to protect the citizens of this great nation from an oppressive and tyrannical government! May God give us the strength and wisdom to bear upon our leaders with sufficient forcefullness to make it unnecessary to respond in such a barbaric manner.
"This is the pledge from the people of this country to all of the political class who claim to represent us. Take heed or suffer the whirlwind! May Providence continue to Bless the United States of America, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All."
by: Keith D. Rodebush
for: Love of country...

September 19, 2010

The Vermin Are Scared!


When Rick Santelli went on a small rant on the floor of the Chicago Commodities Market expressing frustration at the amount of spending the federal government was continuing including bailing out companies who made terrible business decisions, no one could have foreseen the coming wave of the Tea Party movement. Many pundits today still don't understand that Rick more or less nailed it.

The core of the hard working, God fearing, freedom loving people of this country are sick and tired of this spurious liberal argument that big government can solve our problems. First, they don't believe it is possible. Second, they don't believe that politicians are sincere; believing instead that politicians simply want more power and money. People in the government establishment, both Democrat and Republican, both politicians and media, still underestimate the Tea Party movement. They pretend that they don't understand it but they know full well what it's about. And THAT is what scares the hell out of them.

In recent weeks we have seen huge gatherings of salt of the earth citizens, who gather peacefully, respectfully and passionately being dismissed as just a bunch of the racist, radical and extreme fringe of America. Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Van Jones, Cass Sustein et al are not extreme or fringe or radical in the eyes of the state run media; but hard working, tax paying, play by the rules good citizens are. We have also seen a variety of personalities who have defeated establishment Republicans in various primaries. They have their faults as we all do but they speak with one voice; stop this over reaching government. They too are called extreme and radical for this view. Sadly, even some of the Republican establishment, instead of just being politically expedient and going along with the movement, have sided with the liberals in trying to paint the Tea Party as extreme. It is now extreme to want smaller government, it is now extreme to want local control of schools, it is now extreme to want constitutional government. How ridiculous! And their pathetic clinging to a failed model of big central government is increasingly obvious for what it is; simply an attempt to keep power and control. More and more the Karl Roves and Lisa Murkowski's and Mike Castles are looking like spoiled children whose toys have taken away for bad behavior. "But I want it back! Waaaahhhhh!"

What the American people are finally coming to realize, after a century of sliding away from the U.S. Constitution, is that establishment politicians are not much different and all have the same goal; keep power and control for the purpose of self advancement. Many Republicans are perfectly willing to vote for an unconstitutional bill as long as it's 'their' bill, or as long as it will benefit them personally through campaign contributions or outright bribes and corruption. The leadership of the GOP has seen the writing on the wall and they are running scared as are the Democrats and the state run media. They all see that We the People will not allow this cabal to exist any longer. They know full well that if the Tea Party is successful, they will all have to go out and earn an honest living, something most of them have never done.

Keep it up America! The vermin are scurrying across the deck. The cockroaches are seeking the shadows. The treacherous tyrants who would steal the liberty of their own grandchildren as well as ours for personal agrandizement and enrichment are seething with petulance. These establishment thieves should be shown the exits as soon as possible. We have won great strides in wresting this government away from the career politicians, but we have a very long way to go. Even after this move in the next election, we must continue to clean the Republican party out. The only hope of this nation is for the people to have a clear choice. If you believe in government power and control, then have the courage of your convictions and become a Democrat. If you believe in constitutional government with only enumerated powers and the balance retained by the people and the states, become a Republican, stand up and express it proudly, and let We the People decide on the merits of the two arguments. And if you're Karl Rove, just shut up and go away!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 15, 2010

Sword of Liberty!


Dreams of the Fathers, whisper softly in my mind.
While modern Pretenders, only seek to redefine.

'Tis exactly as they feared, as we depend upon the State.
Our Liberty is lost, Tyranny our fate.

Among the kindest souls, exists the fertile ground.
From which the socialistic seeds of slavery abound.

Success, excess, apathy much like a locust swarm.
Consume the once proud nations soul, portends the coming storm.

The peak of all the self made crisis, excites the Ruling Class.
The over zealous Tyrant sees, the world within his grasp.

One last time the people try the government solution.
Yet corruption and incompetence ensures the revolution.

The unlikely band of Patriots, dare bite the Masters hand.
The New Sons of Liberty arise across the land.

History for those who know, has always been replete,
With stories of a nations fall, as blood runs through the streets.

America has found a better way, to change Her institutions.
The sword with which we smite our foe, is the U.S. Constitution!

Our Founding Fathers gave us armor, Our children need not fear.
We can vote the bastards out, every other year.

May Providence bless future Man, with overwhelming clarity,
The greatest way to live our lives, is with freedom and prosperity.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 14, 2010

Think It Through

Almost every day there is a glaring example of the destructive nature of Liberalism.

Point 1:

Liberals are currently trying to make the point that if we let them take away a tax cut, raising taxes 'on the rich', then that will not be a tax hike...while at the same time arguing that if they leave taxes the same as they are on the 'middle class' then that will be a tax cut. Only in the demented mind of a corrupt career politician, who has spent their life sponging off of the peoples hard earned money, could this scam even be attempted. And this, at a time when the economy is already reeling from government interference in everything from housing loans to building cars. The simple fact is they think that you are stupid. Well, the question is before you. Are you stupid? If you EVER vote for a liberal again, whether a Republican liberal or a Democrat liberal, then indeed you have answered the question to all logical observers.

Point 2:

Federal courts on several levels are going to be choosing whether the Obama Health Care debacle is constitutional. Now the issue is not whether it is constitutional or not. That issue is already decided. Any fifth grader after only semi-intensive study of the founding documents can tell you that it is not. All powers not specifically enumerated to the federal government is reserved to the States and the People themselves. The issue is only whether the courts will RULE that way. Why then, is it even up for debate? Because of liberal judges appointed by liberal politicians who determine cases not on the founding documents but on their own political viewpoints.
Now the next time that a liberal is running for an office that includes the power to appoint judges, will you vote for them? If so, then you are....well we know what you are whether you do or not.

Point 3:

Liberals have recently chastised good Americans who rightly have been suspicious of the Imam who wants to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. Their argument has been that regardless of how we feel, they have a constitutional right to build it there. If we are against it then we are fostering hatred and may create violence among Islamic countries. Then out of the other side of their mouths, when a pastor of a small church wants to exercise his constitutional right to burn a Qur'an in protest, these same liberals again chastise Americans that even though he has the right to do so, we should stop him because it will cause violence among Islamic countries! Damned if we do. Damned if we don't. Every good American knows who the violent hateful people are. Ground Zero is testament to them. And yet liberals chastise us as if we are the mean and intolerant.

Again, are you stupid? They think you are. If you EVER vote for a liberal again, then the case is made. The time has come for all good Americans to consistently call out liberals of both parties as the ignorant, insensitive, vile, despicable characters that they are. No longer should they be able to assume that the stupid voters will ignore their hateful, divisive un-American rhetoric. On the graves of those brave Americans who died on 9/11 we stand and say, "NO MORE!!!"

Let us all pledge once and for all to fight all enemies of the republic; both foreign and domestic. God Bless this greatest of all nations.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 10, 2010

Predictable Spin

Many times contemporary political pundits will deride the division that exists in America and bemoan it as a destructive force that is crippling America. The truth is that we have always been divided. Any cursory review of history will tell you so. Even during the Revolutionary War there were substantial numbers of Americans who believed that we owed our allegience to King George. I don't have to even bring up the Civil War do I? How about the appeasement crowd as opposed to the hawks of World Wars I and II? About the only difference that I can find is the level of journalism today is as skewed as it's ever been, and that's saying something because that too has always been the case. Newspapers were sometimes started simply to trash a political opponent. However, there were typically other papers which responded in kind. It was up to the public to decide. Such is the case today, though the so called Mainstream press, that which occupies the three standard networks and the vast majority of print media today, has long ago turned into nothing more than political propagandists for the liberal agenda. Talk radio, the internet and cable news has allowed a balance to again be struck and there simply is no excuse for not getting the facts by some means today, but I digress. The point of this article is to point out that even though there are stark differences from how Democrats disagree with Republicans and vice versa, the press typically attempts to treat each as equally despicable acts of partisanship. The simple truth is that Conservatives typically attack policy for principled reasons while Liberals attack individuals for political reasons. This has been so since I have been watching our leaders; over 40 years. Generalizations are never clean and one can surely find incidents on both sides that defy the norm; but the preponderance of the evidence is overwhelming to anyone who cares to see.

After the Reagan years, when liberals in the political arena as well as the press trashed Ronald Reagan incessantly, many in the country began to question the notions of free markets and small government. Congress had already changed hands and the liberals scored a big win with Bill Clinton winning the White House. Of course, no one was speaking truthfully about the economy or most other accomplishments of Reagan. History certainly shows that the Reagan years were both prosperous and successful. At the time however, Clinton and the liberals called it the worst economy since the Great Depression. Sound familiar? Why did this lie stick? Because the liberals had spent 12 years attacking Ronald Reagan personally. They portrayed him as a dunce, a simpleton, out of touch, and mean spirited. Again, history shows that none of that is true but the image allowed the lie to be told to the voting public. After the initial failure of Clintons liberal attempts to control the economy, Republicans ran against the liberals in general on a national stage by putting forth a set of policies in which they were diametrically opposed to the liberals. The Contract With America swept a republican wave into the congress who set about making policies that shrunk the government, lowered taxes and brought about more prosperity. Clintons real legacy is that he was smart enough politically to go along and take the credit. Enough Americans were aware that the Republican Congress had more to do with our success than Clinton did, to deny Al Gore a chance to carry the Democrats into another White House stint. George W. Bush became president and immediately the attacks began. He was not attacked on policy once again. He was attacked for the way he spoke. He was attacked for being dumb, again sound familiar? He was attacked for allowing Rove and Cheney, the obvious true 'brains' behind the man to run things. The terrorist attacks on 9/11 gave us a wonderful break from the typical personal attacks. Unfortunately this didn't last long and soon the liberals were once again attacking Bush as a hate filled lying war monger. Long before the crash of September 2008, liberals were already calling our economy the worst since the Great Depression. Once again, liberals didn't provide specific policies that would make America grow and prosper, they simply attacked and attacked and attacked. Senators on the floor of the Senate called the War in Iraq lost. Our troops were called Nazi's and accused of vile acts of random murder and mayhem. Journalist were more than happy to pick up the torch of personal attacks and vilified Bush for years. Instinctively the American people were beginning to tire of this rampant disregard for respectful debate. Ironically, this was one of the reasons that Barack Obama's campaign pledge of a new way to run Washington gained traction. Of course, the crash of '08 sealed the deal and he was swept into office on an anti Washington wave. Now we have seen that when it comes to policies, the liberals are simply clueless as to how this country is intended to be run. Rugged individualism and free market capitalism is still the way to prosper in America. The coming bloodbath in the November 2010 elections will resoundingly attest to the wisdom of that statement. And what do the liberals do when their policies are abject failures? Why attack George Bush of course, or Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich or whatever strawman victim they can summon. And after the historical spanking that the Democrats will no doubt take in November, I guarantee you that there will be a plethora of stories about how Obama was never given a chance and how the political rancor today makes it impossible to govern. Little attention will be paid to the specific differences in policy. Instead, talk radio, conservative bloggers, the Tea Party and whoever else they can find will be attacked as the mean spirited partisan sword that was used to slash the potential of a promising president. Only those who pay close attention to history will know, it's the policy stupid. Whether it be George Bush's overspending and overreaching government or Barack Obama's insane spending and idealogical attempts to control all aspects of life; the simple fact is that more government intervention means less prosperity for the American citizens.
So get ready. You've been warned. Just laugh at the media's attempts to blame this presidents demise on anyone other than himself. And most importantly, never again forget that Liberalism Kills (Jon Thomas states so eloquently). Liberalism whether pushed by the D or the R kills the soul of America. Freedom and capitalism nurture and exalt the soul of America. Never again allow the lies of the left to diminish that truth in your mind.

by: Keith D. Rodebush