September 19, 2010

The Vermin Are Scared!


When Rick Santelli went on a small rant on the floor of the Chicago Commodities Market expressing frustration at the amount of spending the federal government was continuing including bailing out companies who made terrible business decisions, no one could have foreseen the coming wave of the Tea Party movement. Many pundits today still don't understand that Rick more or less nailed it.

The core of the hard working, God fearing, freedom loving people of this country are sick and tired of this spurious liberal argument that big government can solve our problems. First, they don't believe it is possible. Second, they don't believe that politicians are sincere; believing instead that politicians simply want more power and money. People in the government establishment, both Democrat and Republican, both politicians and media, still underestimate the Tea Party movement. They pretend that they don't understand it but they know full well what it's about. And THAT is what scares the hell out of them.

In recent weeks we have seen huge gatherings of salt of the earth citizens, who gather peacefully, respectfully and passionately being dismissed as just a bunch of the racist, radical and extreme fringe of America. Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Van Jones, Cass Sustein et al are not extreme or fringe or radical in the eyes of the state run media; but hard working, tax paying, play by the rules good citizens are. We have also seen a variety of personalities who have defeated establishment Republicans in various primaries. They have their faults as we all do but they speak with one voice; stop this over reaching government. They too are called extreme and radical for this view. Sadly, even some of the Republican establishment, instead of just being politically expedient and going along with the movement, have sided with the liberals in trying to paint the Tea Party as extreme. It is now extreme to want smaller government, it is now extreme to want local control of schools, it is now extreme to want constitutional government. How ridiculous! And their pathetic clinging to a failed model of big central government is increasingly obvious for what it is; simply an attempt to keep power and control. More and more the Karl Roves and Lisa Murkowski's and Mike Castles are looking like spoiled children whose toys have taken away for bad behavior. "But I want it back! Waaaahhhhh!"

What the American people are finally coming to realize, after a century of sliding away from the U.S. Constitution, is that establishment politicians are not much different and all have the same goal; keep power and control for the purpose of self advancement. Many Republicans are perfectly willing to vote for an unconstitutional bill as long as it's 'their' bill, or as long as it will benefit them personally through campaign contributions or outright bribes and corruption. The leadership of the GOP has seen the writing on the wall and they are running scared as are the Democrats and the state run media. They all see that We the People will not allow this cabal to exist any longer. They know full well that if the Tea Party is successful, they will all have to go out and earn an honest living, something most of them have never done.

Keep it up America! The vermin are scurrying across the deck. The cockroaches are seeking the shadows. The treacherous tyrants who would steal the liberty of their own grandchildren as well as ours for personal agrandizement and enrichment are seething with petulance. These establishment thieves should be shown the exits as soon as possible. We have won great strides in wresting this government away from the career politicians, but we have a very long way to go. Even after this move in the next election, we must continue to clean the Republican party out. The only hope of this nation is for the people to have a clear choice. If you believe in government power and control, then have the courage of your convictions and become a Democrat. If you believe in constitutional government with only enumerated powers and the balance retained by the people and the states, become a Republican, stand up and express it proudly, and let We the People decide on the merits of the two arguments. And if you're Karl Rove, just shut up and go away!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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