May 26, 2012

The Lie of 'Equality'

The Founding Fathers were businessmen. They came from many walks of life, in fact several were clergy; but they were particularly focused on freedom for three primary reasons. Freedom to worship as one chooses, freedom to raise your family as you see fit and freedom to engage in commerce for your own personal gain. That's right, those greedy bastards actually wanted to keep the fruits of their labor for their own family. However, they understood that in doing so they would create a society that would be healthy, happy and prosperous. Such a society would be much more capable and willing of helping those who were truly in need within their communities. They were brilliant in their simplicity. Our system of government, as the nation was founded, is the most successful in the history of mankind. It's not even close.

One may wish to point out our relatively young age, and that only time will tell. After all the Romans and Chinese managed to rule for hundreds or even thousands of years, so might not one call them more successful? Not at all. As always it depends on your definition of success. If only continuity of society is the goal, then the Chinese win hands down. If conquering of peoples and acquisition of land is the goal, then hat tip to Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. But ours is a higher calling. Ours is a society of freedom for the common individual to have the opportunity to advance beyond the circumstances of their birth. No other nation in the history of Mankind has allowed it's citizens, yes even slaves, to rise out of their despairing situation and rise to unlimited heights.

What, you may ask, is the key to this success? What is the singular thing that is most responsible for our prosperity? All things life are complicated, but sometimes it is useful to focus in closely and isolate just one thing that may be merited for overall success. In our society that one thing is private property. It is so important that the Founders felt obliged to include the protection of intellectual property within the Constitution itself; Article I, Section 8, paragraph 8. Protection of private property was again buttressed in Amendment XIV, paragraph 1. The ability to labor, invent, write or otherwise produce something of value; then trade, barter or sale this product and keep the earnings for oneself; accumulate such earnings through thrift and saving and thereby achieve a level of success in proportion to ones effort and talent is the engine of prosperity and the avenue of liberation for all the Peoples of America.

Now, what one thing above all else do you suppose that Marxist/Socialists work tirelessly to destroy? That's correct, the right of private property. Indeed the very right to individuality.

The greatest crime of the last century has been the cloaking of the communist goal of destroying individual wealth, the very mechanism for Man to rise out of poverty and excel, in the emotional and spurious shroud of compassion for the lower classes or non-white races. In fact it is the communists who continually remind us of classes and race. It is the American Patriot who truly wants equality for all. Equality of opportunity. In fact if not for communists, racial and class division would be almost non-existent in modern America. Not one conservative cared about Clarence Thomas' race. But the Marxist cared deeply. A Black conservative could not be allowed to supersede the false mantra of class and racial inequality. No Black could be allowed to be seen as successful on his own merits, free of government. So they attacked him viciously.

If you believe in a progressive tax rate then you believe in communism. You agree with the confiscation of private property for the benefit of the collective above the individual. If you believe in Affirmative action you believe in communism. You believe in class warfare and racial division. If you believe in government entitlements then you believe in social engineering, slavery, redistribution of capital and control of the people by the powerful in government. If you believe in crony capitalism then you arm the communists with the impetus for Marxist destruction of private property and individual achievement, yeah even prosperity itself. Corporations are evil only when protected by the government. Unions are evil only when corrupted by government mandates for 'closed shops' or government regulations stifling business owners choice and freedom of association. The rich can only continue to be evil if protected from the protestations of the public by government power and force. In all cases the so-called evils of free-market capitalism are in fact evils of government interference and unholy alliance with worker or business.

The solution to all modern problems in America today are simple. That's right simple. Return to a government of enumerated powers. Strip government of the power to protect large business from bankruptcy or suffering the anger of the public it serves. Stop government from colluding with unions to diminish the individual rights of business owners. Cease all government regulation of business beyond that required to ensure free commerce between the Several States. Enforce law, long existing that prevents fraud, deception and embezzlement in banking and business. Return to the Constitutional intent and protect the private property of all citizens. Treat all people equal, even in taxation by instituting a flat tax with zero deductions for anyone ever. That is the definition of fair. Every dollar earned in America gets taxed at one rate without exception. Protect the intellectual property of all citizens for a period of time to allow them to benefit from their talent. Stop all mention of race, class or religion except in such case where medical necessity or pursuit of law enforcement requires it. Get the federal government out of education altogether. The federal courts must ensure equal access to education by all, but that is the only area that the federal government has the power to intervene. The federal government should protect our nation's border and international interests, facilitate the building and maintenance of infrastructure, keep commerce between the States free of tariffs or boycott, engage friendly nations in commerce and treaty and protect the inalienable rights of the People. Period. That's it, no more. Prison for treason for anyone who attempts otherwise!

Do this, and this nation will again rise to heights unimagined. Future generations will be free to pursue their own wealth and comfort unencumbered by the stifling yoke of government interference. Do this, and Marxist ideology will be destined for the trash heap of history to which it belongs, naught more than an educational tool to teach children the evil of good intentions based upon erroneous emotional desires for Utopian 'heaven' on earth.

Look around you. Look within. Marxist ideology is a virus that has infected the Liberty of the American way of life. It is high time to isolate and destroy it. We must then inoculate our youth with the truth of freedom and inculcate them with the lie of communism, constantly for eternity. They will not go away of free will. The lie of 'equality' as opposed to equal opportunity will always be the nectar for the swarm of disillusioned and ill-informed, depressed by their own inadequate pursuit of excellence.

by: Keith D. Rodebush