June 11, 2012

Push Them to the Right


Having Mitt Romney as our presidential nominee has been a bitter pill indeed for me to swallow. But this is our reality. We had our primary, we cast our votes and regardless of our concerns Mitt won. Fair and square? That will be for historians to discern, but ours is a fate of the reality of the moment. Regardless of how you feel about this portion of our 2012 election, we have other work at hand. With the nomination of Mitt Romney it becomes ever more vital that we elect the most conservative members of Congress that we possibly can. We must push this man to the right. He will not go there willingly.

Recently, Orin Hatch of Utah has found himself in a real fight for his Senate seat. Orin has revealed a disdain for those who would hold him accountable for his decades of service. However, on a recent cloture vote on a pork laden farm bill (S. 3240) Mr. Hatch was one of only 8 votes against it. This shows the importance of mounting a primary challenge of all of our leaders in every election. The only thing they understand is winning or losing elections. I care not whether they act conservative or are truly conservative at heart. As long as they vote conservative, We the People win!

This nation is on the brink of financial destruction brought on by the failure of our leaders to abide by the enumerated powers within the U.S. Constitution. We the People are responsible, not them. Man is inherently corruptible; this is the truth of our founding. The revolutionary spirit of our Founding documents reflects this clearly. It is up to us to hold them accountable every day, every week, every month and every year. We must let them know that we are watching…always! Yes, it is irritating. Yes it is inconvenient. Yes it is frustrating. But it is the plain truth.

Be active. Educate yourself and your children. Let our leaders know that you are watching. And above all else, vote your conscience not your emotions. The lesser of two evils is evil. Primaries are for cleaning out the party. The general election is for cleaning out communists.

by: Keith D. Rodebush