December 19, 2009

It is Time for Republican Leaders to Step Down; on Principle

It is the nature of man to change over time. Thus it is with the organizations that man creates. However, organizations with specific intent typically are created on a foundation of core values that persist and resist the sands of time. Even though it is inevitable that with the passing of a sufficient amount of time even core values can change; in the case of political parties the tendency and history is that the people don't change as much. They tend to allow so much until there comes the time to rise up and wrestle the party back from the interlopers who purport to represent a new vision but typically represent self interest instead. In the case of the Republican party the time has come to return to the core values which have made this the party of Lincoln and Reagan. Perhaps we could have a new revolution that is actually based on those core values. It is time for the leadership of the Republican party to voluntarily step aside and allow new leadership to return the Grand Ol' Party to it's roots of personal freedom, liberty and responsibility. Throughout the Bush years and through the last two elections the leadership has shown utter incompetence to deliver the conservative message to the American people. They have steadfastly ignored the core values of the party and adopted the values of their opponents in a vain attempt to curry favor among the so-called 'Moderates' who are nothing more than hard-working people who are busy and disgusted with government. They turn with the wind in successive elections desperately trying to find a representative who is not afraid to reflect the cultural values that made this country great. While no group can be described with one phrase the vast majority of moderates in this nation respect the cultural history of this nation as well as the core values of the Republican party; personal freedom, personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, a strong work ethic, service to God, country and family and finally; protection of the principles of the founding fathers devoted to keeping this a free republic without the tyranny of oppressive government control. Currently the entire leadership of the Republican party is responsible for bringing the party to the brink of extinction or worse irrelevance. In keeping with the principles of the party which they all purported to respect when they ran their successive campaigns, specifically personal responsibility; the entire seniority of the party should immediately set about relinquishing power and control of the party on principle alone. Every senator or representative that has been in the seniority during the Bush years or the last two elections should step aside and allow the party to rebuild it's heirarchy dependent on conservative principles and voting records. Any Republican who has sponsored an earmark, voted for an unconstitutional government program, accepted deals with deceptive democrat opponents, voted for tax increases, voted for any bill that takes control of business or seizes control of regulation that should be reserved for state governments, should immediately announce that they will no longer accept a leadership role within the party. Furthermore, they should announce that as soon as a primary opponent is available to run for their seat that they will refuse to run for another term.
This is what they would do if they were real Republicans. This is what they would do if they truly had the values that this party is meant to protect. This is what they would do if they had any decency at all within their spirit. This is what a principled conservative would do after their dismal record. But...they will not will they? Because the sad truth is that they are what they ran against. They are career politicians with no regard for the country or the people, only their own personal power and aggrandizement.
This is why the problem with this country is not the Democrats. We know who they are. We know what they do with power. The current Obama administration makes this point tremendously. The problem is the Republican party and it's incompetent leadership. It has become a den of snakes who deceive and betray the very people who put them where they are. That is why the party must be cleaned out top to bottom. Every single member of the current congress with very few exceptions, does not deserve the prestigious position with which they have been blessed. In the upcoming primary elections the people should vote against the incumbent Republican and vote for a principled conservative to replace them. If one is not available then citizens must rise to the call of history and file for that seat. If no one files, then a third party candidate should be voted for in their place. In the case of the House of Representatives our founding fathers allowed only a two year term for precisely this reason. We can elect the dog catcher and he could do no more harm than the current holder of the seat. In two years a principled conservative can be found to replace the dog catcher. Leaving a current member in office is no longer an option.

We are all charged to protect this republican form of government and pass it on to future generations. If we fail in this charge, then nothing we do in our entire life can make reparations for the damage we inflict on our fellow man for decades if not centuries to come. We will have participated in the destruction of the most precious endeavor that mankind has embarked upon; the spread of liberty and free market capitalism which is responsible for all of the great achievements of mankind. To destroy this would truly be a sin which God himself must find monumentally disappointing, and excruciatingly difficult to forgive.

By: Keith D. Rodebush