May 31, 2010

Primarily Speaking...

It appears that it is only when government gets completely out of control that we as a nation rise from our couches and act indignant. Apathy is the sincerest form of submissiveness. It is a good thing at least that we do eventually pay attention. However, it reveals another problem that many still fail to appreciate. That is the importance of Primaries in the electoral process. The 'throw the bums out' attitude may seem like the right tact when confronted with a grossly corrupt and over-reaching government. One must take care however when we live in a time when the two parties are so diametrically opposed. When one party leadership has as it's agenda the complete destruction of the American way of life as we have known for over 2 centuries then the stakes are too high to be flippant about our duty to vote. Our system of government was set up precisely to keep government from becoming this tyrannical. The only reason that it has gotten so, is that we have failed to properly implement the primary process.

When confronted with two choices one can often be disenchanted by the prospect of picking one of two evils. Evil is still evil after all. But this Hobson's choice is our fault. Did you participate in the primary? Did you vote for the incumbant? Did you actively encourage someone of character and conservative conviction to run against the incumbant? Did you support such a candidate? Did you participate in your party's local convention? Did you vote on the by-laws? Did you run for office?
You see, if you find yourself thinking, 'Oh, be serious, I was too busy for all of that.' Then you are the problem, not the politicians. You are too busy to protect your Liberty. You are too busy to pass on to your children the freedoms that you have enjoyed. We get exactly the government we deserve. It is our shame that it has gotten so corrupt. Our system is set up to where we can replace every politician in Washington D.C. every six years. Putting a party in charge who's mantra is that America is guilty and evil, is no way to go about it though. That is where the primary comes into play. We can replace within our own party, then vote for our own party every general election. We can replace our party leadership every two to six years regardless. As you can clearly see, there is simply no excuse for the leadership in the capital, state or nation, to continually seize power and run roughshod over the constituents. We put them there either directly or indirectly. Either way, it is we who are to blame.

Primaries...the protector of Life, Liberty and property.
Primaries...the last bastion of Hope for a world in crisis.
Primaries...the beginning and end of the Great Experiment. Will it end on your watch?
Primaries...where tyrants are punished, and heroes are born.
Primaries...the great leveler of the field, where all must atone for their sins.
Primaries...the only Hope of our progeny.
Primaries...the greatest gift ever given to Man by Man.
Primaries...the solemn responsibility for all who love this country, and all who hate what it has become.

Every politician should have a worthy opponent in every primary. Each politician should have to stand and defend their votes and their character to every primary voter. No politician is so perfect as to deserve to get a free pass from the voters of their district. We must get involved, personally and financially in every primary. Encourage the party to put forth candidates. Do not allow the party leadership to usurp their duty to constituents first and party second. If you cannot find a principled conservative to run for office then run yourself. It is irrelevant whether you 'have a chance' to win. At the very least you will make our representatives represent us. You will make them stand up for their votes and actions in office. You will deter corruption and unconstitutional governance. Educate yourself on the U.S. Constitution and then get out there every primary and grill your local representative or senator on whether they are fulfilling their oath of office. In the passion of changing government do not foist upon us an even greater evil. Work for change within your own party.

Ignorance breeds tyranny. I didn't make it up, but I enthusiastically embrace it's truth. We must educate ourselves, our friends, our family, our neighbors and most importantly our children. It is the primary process which protects our Liberty above all else. Participate. Educate. Fumigate. Rinse and Repeat.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 23, 2010

A Missed Opportunity to Define Government's Limited Role.

In the course of developing political thought, the occasion arises when one has to look deeper than their basic philosophical opposition to government interference into individual rights. It is the case that at times a quick reaction to what one sees as intrusive government interference will with deeper introspection develop into a viable argument for just the opposite conclusion. If in the early period of developing ones principles on such an occasion, one fails to reassess the true core issue at hand, they tend to ignore the underlying truth from that point on and thereby develop a flawed philosophy that completely diminishes an otherwise healthy distrust of government in all of it's oppressive forms. The damage to ones credibility in all other rightful criticisms might be fatal to the articulation of the meaning and importance of liberty for all citizens.

Sadly, I believe that such is the case with Rand Paul's recent attempt to create a dialogue about the role of government in our lives by pointing to provisions in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prevents businesses from discriminating against American citizens because of race or religion. Now this is not a discussion of that bill. I have not recently read the bill, though I have many times before. The intent of this writing is to argue the point that failure to properly articulate the true message and promise of liberty for all citizens, is to create a political environment in which the opponents of liberty can successfully frame the debate against it. Neither will I here debate the obvious bias of the media, that is well established. Our enemies will always engage in that quest regardless. However, when evil is attempting to pierce your heart, one should not provide the arrows.

I do not believe that Mr. Paul is a racist. In fact I believe he would staunchly defend a black mans right to disallow whites in his store. I simply believe his formation of political thought has allowed a key aspect to be missed, that government intrusion can and should be limited and clearly defined. Ironically, this indeed could have been an opportunity for Mr. Paul to propel the cause of liberty had he chosen to make the following point instead:

The government has limited enumerated powers. These powers are rightful and necessary for a civilization to excel and prosper to the extent of their abilities. These rights are limited and cannot be usurped without damaging the republic. What is important is to ensure that government fervently exercises these powers while clearly defining where they end. This civil rights act is a perfect example of government correctly taking on the role of protecting citizens rights to life, liberty and property. This is why it was a Republican block of senators that actually allowed it to pass. This act is also an opportunity to teach how this power is limited in this case because it's intent is to protect the liberty of citizens to engage in commerce without regards to race, creed or color. To allow discrimination in the area of commerce is to allow the liberty of certain citizens to be diminished in order to protect the freedom of speech and association of others. Liberty is not anarchy or chaos and it was not the intent of the founding fathers for it to be so. One's liberty ends at an other's. No man has the right to diminish the liberty of one man in order to protect his own. This prevents the opposite from happening thereby protecting both. Therefore, in this case Mr. Paul has allowed his fervent defense of liberty early on in the development of political thought to in reality diminish his cause.

While some may argue that this would however allow more intrusion by government to for instance prevent smoking in a business establishment, the opposite is true. It is a perfect example to prove the point that while government has a role it is limited. That role is to protect the citizens right to engage in commerce. It specifically does not allow that intrusion to extend to providing comfort or health or relaxation in this pursuit, especially when such intrusion in turn limits the rights of others to be comfortable and relaxed. Again, your liberty ends at an other's.

I find it very unfortunate that once again a leader on the side of liberty and limited government has forever lost a wonderfully teachable moment to show the clear line of division between governments limited enumerated powers and government meddling in the trivial pursuit of managing behavior. I do not agree with all of Mr. Paul's stands on issues but I enthusiastically endorse his encouraging dialogue on the role of government. I believe we need more representatives and senators just like him. Sadly, this moment cannot be relived. No matter how much he tries to frame the debate, the discriminatory cat is out of the bag. Certain citizens will feel that liberty for all, in fact means oppression for them. That is not only tragic, it is completely opposite of what liberty should mean in the Constitutionally United States of America.

By: Keith D. Rodebush

May 19, 2010

The Call...

When a people are found to be so prosperous & blessed, that they are reticent to defend so basic a right as their own liberty; it is the duty of a few patriots amongst them to seize the banner of freedom and lead a renewed charge against the tyranny of vermin who hold power over the people under the pretense of provision.
That such tyranny eventually bankrupts a nation both morally and economically is a historical certainty. The evil of this tyranny is visited not only on the contemporary masses, but on untold millions of future victims that may never taste the sweet nectar of liberty.
Apathy at the cost of the Republic is poison to a free thinking society and fertile ground for despotism. Therefore, solemn honor and duty compel all liberty loving people to use all means necessary in returning power to the people and restoring governments limited role of protecting the peoples lives, liberty and property...exclusively.
Failure to do so is an afront to all that is worthy and Righteous in the soul of Man.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 16, 2010

President Obama's Grecian Formula

Guest Blogger Jon Thomas warns against the real dangers of Obamanomics.

It is no secret that Democrats, liberals, progressives, or whatever they are calling themselves now, have long looked to Europe as the ideal to which America should aspire. They are so sophisticated and refined, we are told. Throughout the Bush administration, the smartest people in the room were wringing their collective hands lamenting that we should seek Europe's enlightened nod of approval. But as with so much of what the Illuminati claims to know, it requires the suspension of reality.

One of the primary reasons Europe is so endearing to libs is that European countries, to varying degrees, are all welfare states with cradle to grave entitlement programs that are so coveted by the left. During the health care debate, we were browbeat by the complaint that the United States "is the only industrialized nation" that doesn't guarantee the right to health care. You might also recall most European nation's superior ranking from the World Health Organization. What gets left out of this statistic is the incongruent nature of the source data. But I digress.

They pound the drumbeat that America has everything wrong with her and needs to be more like Europe. And we seem to be moving rapidly in that direction. We are becoming a burgeoning welfare state. Our annual deficits have surpassed 10% of GDP and our debt (excluding unfunded liabilities: read-Social Security, Medicare, etc.) is approaching 100% of GDP. (Encumbered with entitlement liabilities, Greece' deficit is about 13.6% of GDP and debt is 115% of GDP.) Add the cherry of Obamacare to the top of the statist pie and you have Obama's Grecian Formula.

The word unsustainable has been overused and misused by the greenies to describe the dubious notion that the environment is too feeble to handle humans. A more appropriate and meaningful use of the word would be to describe our current debt trajectory that, if continued, will result in economic collapse, and with far more damage and suffering to humans as well as the environment. The difference is that unlike Greece, there will be no one to bail us out. America will be one of the last if not the last domino to fall and make no mistake chaos and tyranny will fill the vacuum.

So the largest economies in the world appear to be at a crossroad. Realizing the unsustainable nature of unbridled entitlements, the smart ones are moving in a more fiscally sane direction. The European Parliament continues its rightward shift, England just elected a conservative Prime Minister, and Germany- the largest stakeholder in the Greek bailout- sees the writing on the wall and gobbled up gold, sending it up sharply last week.

Suddenly Europe's bloom is off the rose. Instead of looking across the pond for guidance the left claims we must "spend our way out of recession." To borrow an often used Obama analogy, the Democrats have the keys and are driving the car toward the debt cliff and instead of trying to stop the car, they're flooring it. Makes you wonder if driving the economy off the cliff is their intent.

By: Jon Thomas

May 13, 2010

Are Liberals Blind?

Why do you never hear a liberal complain about a dictator? Oh they'll rant all night long about a conservative American like Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin, but can you recall the time that a liberal ranted about how Kim Jong Il is a liar? When was the last time a liberal was beside himself because Hugo Chavez took over the national press in his country? And of course there are many examples of liberals impugning the character of Ahmadenijad right? Surely. Of course there must be....hang on, I'm looking, it has to be in here somewhere.
No, my friends, I'm sorry. You won't find it. You see they are simply too busy degrading the American soldier, without whom they would be the first to be strung up from the lamp post. And of course there are those pesky capitalist who actually gave them their jobs, provided their house and supplied the vehicle they drive to get to the job so that they could turn around and excoriate the capitalist who made this all possible. It's confusing isn't it? Well not really, not if you realize what liberals are.
Liberals are intellectually lazy. They have little self esteem. They have no sense of worth. They are begging to be loved. They are emotional to the exclusion of all reason. So what makes them accept all of this stupidity? Each other. That's it. I know it sounds over simplified but that is it my friends. They exist to support each other. To love each other. To prop each other up and confirm their emotional connection to a dream of a utopia that does not and will not exist. Because of their total lack of confidence in their own importance in this world based on their own abilities and character, they must find importance elsewhere, amongst themselves, in an ideology that legitimizes their fear of failure. It's not their fault. It's the evil successful people that are to blame. And I don't mean successful in monetary form, there are plenty of rich liberals. I mean successfull in life's most important aspect, satisfaction with oneself, peacefulness of soul. Something they never achieve, because ultimately it is a lack of faith.
Desperation is what can make an otherwise intelligent being accept lunacy as fact. For most there is no hope. It is indeed a mental disorder. A lucky few will have an epiphany and snap out of it, but most are doomed to the mediocrity of self doubt. That is why they hate us so much as well. Jealously is the purest form of hatred.

By: Keith D. Rodebush

May 9, 2010

It's Bizzaro World!

Do you ever just stare at the television or the radio and think, "What planet is this?!?" It is just amazing at how insane our world is becoming. And what is more frustrating than ever is the fact that so large a percentage of the population seem to take it in stride and simply lament, 'That's just the way it is these days.' No, that's not just the way it is. That's the way you make it. Either with your actions or inaction, our world is what you have made it.
This week in CA teens were told that wearing an American flag was unacceptable and reason for suspension. This was during Cinco de Mayo, an obscure Mexican holiday that has been turned into a rallying cry for illegal immigration in this country. The boys were told that the flags would be insensitive to their Mexican brethren. Of course being insensitive to American citizens was perfectly okay with these school officials.
In my home state this week a 3rd grader was suspended for having a jolly rancher. Yes, a jolly rancher candy. 5 days suspension. I can't even comment on this stupidity.
A terrorist parks his truck in Times Square and tries to set off the bomb he's made and fortunately it fails to explode. Government officials trip all over themselves to get on the air waves and tell us that this was a huge law enforcement success! Success? You have got to be kidding me. Only the cruel prankster happenstance avoided a terrible disaster with possible loss of life. And yet, straight faced they stand there and praise themselves for a job well done. Who can do this? The answer may surprise you.
The temperature is rising, well it was and now it's going down, but it WAS! And it's not because of the sun, no, no. It's because of cow flatulation! And you breathing that evil gas CO2 which of course plants use to grow and produce oxygen, but we digress. Stick to the point. We're all gonna die if we don't let an elite few tell us how to live while they live high on the hog.
These are just a few examples. I could list them all day actually. You know them, you see them come across your screen every night or your radio every day. How can this continue without these people being laughed off of the stage and banished to handing out conspiracy fliers on the street corner? It is all they are qualified for. And yet, they hold positions of great authority and power all over this once great nation.
As with all human interaction the answers are complicated. However, there seems to be the capacity in the human psyche to completely ignore empirical evidence and common sense not to mention cold hard facts, when confronted with someone who...cares. This phenomenon can take on many faces. Adolph Hitler wreaked havoc worldwide while telling the German people that he only wanted to help them to take their rightful place in history. His initial forays into the public sphere was merely to help the economy, help everyday Germans to get a job, because he cared for his people. They ignored what he was doing, and listened to what he said. Numerous cult leaders have led a group of people to their ultimate demise all the while telling them that they only wanted to protect them, because they loved them.
The entire American political system has become an emotional food fight vying for the title of who cares the most for you the voter. All the while every single reasonable person knows deep inside that there is not a single one of them that cares for you more than they care for their own career and paycheck. And yet, we vote them back in again and again. As of this writing only one incumbent has been defeated in a primary and the talking heads are already calling it 'toxic' politics. You see how they work. You exercise your right to vote for who you see fit and they use emotion to tear you down and make you feel bad, because facts cannot get in the way of power and control.
Wake up my friends. Recognize plays on emotion when you see them. Reject defenders of the status quo. Consistently take away power from those who seek it. Never, Ever believe what they say, only believe what they do. Chastise, ridicule and banish all who abandon common sense. The founders of this country told us many years ago that human nature is flawed and no one is to be trusted. History tells us daily that we ignore this fact to our own peril and the peril of millions of innocent bystanders. The stakes are high. Charismatic charlatans have long taken advantage of this flaw in our character. Recognize; or kiss the boot on your throat.

Update: The Islamic Republic of Iran, where stoning of 'immodest' women is codified, has been named to the Commission on the Status of Women by the United Nations. Insanity or stupidity?! You decide.

by: Keith D. Rodebush