May 31, 2010

Primarily Speaking...

It appears that it is only when government gets completely out of control that we as a nation rise from our couches and act indignant. Apathy is the sincerest form of submissiveness. It is a good thing at least that we do eventually pay attention. However, it reveals another problem that many still fail to appreciate. That is the importance of Primaries in the electoral process. The 'throw the bums out' attitude may seem like the right tact when confronted with a grossly corrupt and over-reaching government. One must take care however when we live in a time when the two parties are so diametrically opposed. When one party leadership has as it's agenda the complete destruction of the American way of life as we have known for over 2 centuries then the stakes are too high to be flippant about our duty to vote. Our system of government was set up precisely to keep government from becoming this tyrannical. The only reason that it has gotten so, is that we have failed to properly implement the primary process.

When confronted with two choices one can often be disenchanted by the prospect of picking one of two evils. Evil is still evil after all. But this Hobson's choice is our fault. Did you participate in the primary? Did you vote for the incumbant? Did you actively encourage someone of character and conservative conviction to run against the incumbant? Did you support such a candidate? Did you participate in your party's local convention? Did you vote on the by-laws? Did you run for office?
You see, if you find yourself thinking, 'Oh, be serious, I was too busy for all of that.' Then you are the problem, not the politicians. You are too busy to protect your Liberty. You are too busy to pass on to your children the freedoms that you have enjoyed. We get exactly the government we deserve. It is our shame that it has gotten so corrupt. Our system is set up to where we can replace every politician in Washington D.C. every six years. Putting a party in charge who's mantra is that America is guilty and evil, is no way to go about it though. That is where the primary comes into play. We can replace within our own party, then vote for our own party every general election. We can replace our party leadership every two to six years regardless. As you can clearly see, there is simply no excuse for the leadership in the capital, state or nation, to continually seize power and run roughshod over the constituents. We put them there either directly or indirectly. Either way, it is we who are to blame.

Primaries...the protector of Life, Liberty and property.
Primaries...the last bastion of Hope for a world in crisis.
Primaries...the beginning and end of the Great Experiment. Will it end on your watch?
Primaries...where tyrants are punished, and heroes are born.
Primaries...the great leveler of the field, where all must atone for their sins.
Primaries...the only Hope of our progeny.
Primaries...the greatest gift ever given to Man by Man.
Primaries...the solemn responsibility for all who love this country, and all who hate what it has become.

Every politician should have a worthy opponent in every primary. Each politician should have to stand and defend their votes and their character to every primary voter. No politician is so perfect as to deserve to get a free pass from the voters of their district. We must get involved, personally and financially in every primary. Encourage the party to put forth candidates. Do not allow the party leadership to usurp their duty to constituents first and party second. If you cannot find a principled conservative to run for office then run yourself. It is irrelevant whether you 'have a chance' to win. At the very least you will make our representatives represent us. You will make them stand up for their votes and actions in office. You will deter corruption and unconstitutional governance. Educate yourself on the U.S. Constitution and then get out there every primary and grill your local representative or senator on whether they are fulfilling their oath of office. In the passion of changing government do not foist upon us an even greater evil. Work for change within your own party.

Ignorance breeds tyranny. I didn't make it up, but I enthusiastically embrace it's truth. We must educate ourselves, our friends, our family, our neighbors and most importantly our children. It is the primary process which protects our Liberty above all else. Participate. Educate. Fumigate. Rinse and Repeat.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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