March 24, 2013

Fight or Flight or Cowardice?


We are all familiar with the instinctual protective measure known as 'Fight or Flight'. The concept is that when danger presents itself, we make an instantaneous decision to either fight off the danger, or escape the danger. This 50/50 proposition might mean the difference between life and death. As with most things in life, this concept can be applied to politics as well. Party's and politicians are always surveying the battlefield for support or threat. The modern Republican Party has surveyed that field and found threat. Their instantaneous instinct appears to be flight. Is this a life saving strategy; or simple cowardice?

Since elections are often described as battle, we will analyze this situation from a military perspective. There are three reasons to choose flight as a protective measure in battle.

1. Being overwhelmed in the moment, one escapes the immediate threat to re-group and return with renewed energy and resources to achieve victory. This only works if a viable escape route is assured.

2. Having a larger goal or specific strategy one allows a small battle to be won by the enemy; preserving energy and resources to pursue the greater victory.

3. Having planned a strategy of entrapment, one retreats in the heat of battle to lure the enemy into a vulnerable position, then attacks with overwhelming ferocity. This strategy in fact, triggers the enemies flight response often leading to annihilation.

There are of course other reasons to run. The most apparent is simple loss of nerve. Cowardice. When heavily engaged one might feel impending defeat, causing either a renewed spate of energy for the fight, or a sense of inevitability and acceptance. Individually, this often spells death. Collectively, this spells capitulation. In other words, when an army as a whole, or the people supporting said army, lose the will to fight; they are in fact conceding that what they are fighting for is not worth the price of fighting. It is for this reason that all moral & prudent military strategists have always warned that war is the last resort, should be entered into rarely and only if willing to pursue it to victory or death.

Now of course we are speaking rhetorically. This is politics not war. But the stakes are just as high. The morals, traditions and respect for individual liberty that made this nation the greatest nation on earth are at stake. As it stands there are only two viable Parties; but for the purpose of saving this nation there is in fact only one. The modern Democrat Party is nothing more than a front group for the Marxists who are determined to take over this nation and change it drastically from it's founding. In many ways, they are winning this war decisively. As we are being defeated, we must make that instinctual choice of 'Fight or Flight'. The GOP has chosen flight.

Has the GOP leadership chosen flight for one of the three strategic reasons above? Or; are they simply cowards who are capitulating? In the end each person will have to decide for themselves. For me, I make the following observations:

  • When the GOP votes to allow higher taxes in the face of overwhelmingly unconstitutional government, bordering on tyrannical; they have given up fighting for a constitutionally limited federal government
  • When the GOP funds ObamaCare; they have given up fighting for limited government, religious liberty, free commerce and individual rights. These things are no longer important enough for them to fight for.
  • The GOP by engaging in political moves intended to weaken opposition to Marxism; they not only have given up on tradition and morality, but they have completely forgotten how these things are preserved; through individual liberty. Government has no right or role in determining who can marry. That is a religious issue. Religions must be free to exercise their belief that marriage is a sacred vow between a man and a woman. By engaging in a public fight that ultimately has the GOP siding with one group pitted against another, they are giving up on fighting the real battle; rights of the People and the Several States to determine how their communities will practice their religion. In the end they will lose, for by granting government the right to define marriage, they set the stage for it to be defined in opposition to the Scriptures. This not only allows for government intervention into the home, but into businesses and churches as well.
  • If one cannot defend Life itself, then they cannot defend any right of the individual. Without the right to life, there are no other rights to defend. By allowing the slaughter of the most innocent amongst us, the GOP has given up on fighting for any individual rights at all. Any and all stated attempts to protect rights is simply an avenue to election whereby the politician gains and the People lose. No one can pretend to fight for rights while allowing wholesale murder of innocents. Compromising on life is death. No bill should ever pass nor receive one vote from a GOP member that does not call for the abolition of the murder of innocent babies. The GOP has long ago determined that this is not worth fighting for.
I could go on but the point is made. The modern Republican Party has determined that many of the values, traditions and ideals that make America a great nation are not worth dying for. They have not retreated strategically to re-group and fight for these things with more fervor. No, they have capitulated to the enemy. They have turned over many of their own to be slaughtered in order to save themselves. They have sold their souls for temporary respite. Which is worse; the man who fights for tyranny because he ignorantly believes in it? Or the man who pretends to fight against it but turns his friends over to the enemy to be shot?

The current Republican Party leadership are cowards and their troops will not long fight for them. Temporarily this will lead to more pain for America. However, with the Grace of God it may lead to a new and revived Party that will unabashedly fight for Life, Liberty and Property. Win or lose, fair and square, never fight but for right. And then fight to victory or death.

by: Keith D. Rodebush