March 16, 2017

Perhaps I Could Stand a Lil' Bit of Peril?


Where else to look for the Pearls of intergalactic wisdom than Monty Python?

While obviously sophomoric in nature, as with so many Monty Python skits there is always a very intelligent underlying message. Sir Galahad is being 'rescued' from extreme peril. Yet he is reluctant, for the peril also involves great temporary pleasure; ' must spank all of us.' As they retreat he asks, 'Perhaps I could stand a lil' bit of peril?' This otherwise dismissible comedy scene is a microcosm of modern American dalliance with Marxism. As a Christian nation we are susceptible to the siren's song of compassion. As the corrupt and deceitful politician plays our heart strings claiming to 'help the poor' with the latest rendition of government 'charity' we instinctively know that they are charlatans and the peril of tyranny awaits us. But we would be such good people if we could just help a few of our neighbors. Perhaps we could stand a lil' bit of peril?

As with the blatant evil of Castle Anthrax, Marxism wears it's evil on it's sleeve as well. The very fact that Socialism, Progressivism etc. are all inextricably tied to communist ideology should be enough to repel any reasonable visitor. Yet even the evil expressed in the name is not enough to dissuade the average American. They talk so eloquently about helping people and loving each other should we really judge them on their record of devastation? Perhaps they are evil, but they seem so sincere to help people; maybe we could stand a lil' bit of peril?

But of course a lil' bit of peril is nevertheless peril. Can one enter the Castle of Anthrax and expect to exit unscathed? Of course the evil always comes with a gift doesn't it? Like the 'crossroads' the Devil is always willing to supply a little sin of the flesh for a soul. What suckers we are. Infantile weakness in the face of evil will destroy nations and ultimately kill millions of human beings. This fact is well documented in History. But we don't study History anymore do we? Socialism provides the promise of Utopia for a little bit of peril, a small loss of Liberty. Just give us a little bit of your soul and we will provide the solace of charity. You will feel so good during the spanking; nevermind the peril.

We laugh at Sir Galahad because we all know that it's easier to see the truth from above. He didn't notice the peril and even when his friends tried to rescue him he insisted he could handle it. We've all known friends in situations very similar. They believe they are in control but we all see they are spiraling down. America is spiraling down. Primarily because a good number of God-fearing Christians honestly believe that they can stand a lil' bit of peril, if only it means their peers will know that they CARE.

Question: Is visiting even just a lil' bit of peril on your fellow Man, just so your ego is satisfied, a caring action or a selfish one? Hmmm. Kinda answers itself does it not? Don't be Sir Galahad when it comes to Liberals destroying the greatest nation ever conceived on God's Earth.

Keith D. Rodebush