October 17, 2015

W's Military Genius

Everything you have been told about the war on Iraq is wrong or a lie.
Militarily speaking it was a stroke of genius. And then Barak Hussein Obama gave it to ISIS because, politically, he could never let George W. Bush have a military success. Yes, Obama was willing to let a terrorist group take over the area and kill thousands of Christians for politics. This is the truth you will NEVER hear from the propagandist media.

To those of us who study military history the strategy laid out after 9/11 made perfect sense. Once you understand that the enemy is indeed Islam, you know what countries are your enemy. None are more prevalent than Iran. Since the 'revolution' of 1979 Iran was the world leader in anti-Western rhetoric. They openly stomped on the American flag and do so to this very day. Otherwise, the Taliban in Afghanistan were obviously involved and actively aggressive to American interests. American Military commanders immediately if not previously laid out the military strategy. Take Afghanistan; take Iraq; then take Iran in a pincer move, a classic military strategy.

I could write volumes after this explaining what all went wrong. All would be pointless. The facts are that America lost their nerve, hired a neophyte and gave it all away. All of our boys DIED FOR NOTHING!!!

Such is the fate of the military man, he dies on a hill that a politician gives away.

The TRUTH is that if Obama was an American, he would have finished the job; completed the pincer move and overtaken Iran; the true sponsor of most terrorism worldwide. Instead; he made a treaty with them which will allow them to get a nuclear weapon VERY soon.

I know you don't want to hear it. But it is a fact. YOUR president gave away a military victory for political purposes. He allowed all of those brave sons and daughters to die for NOTHING! He gave Iraq and Syria to ISIS all so that George W. Bush would never be shown in history as having a military victory. Despite the fact that, militarily his plan was perfect! If only we had a MAN to implement it.

And 70+ million of you voted for this man...your shame is historical and incomprehensible. You LITERALLY have BLOOD on your hands. May God forgive you...for I am incapable.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 1, 2015

Hang On! Cervara

Stone upon stone,
precariously balanced on the peak all alone.
Through the mist lies the shepherd's home.
The winds of time are beginning to moan.
Precious vessel of life;
like the concha atop the head of the laboring wife.
Neither rock nor brow being stranger to strife.
Hang on, Cervara!
Secure your load with all your might!

Tending the flock,
the shepherds of old hold back the clock.
The blink of an eye, and your lambs are lost.
Hang on, Cervara!
Do not pretend your foundation is rock.
Painfully learned,
lesson of how false fortunes are earned.
Piercing the darkness piazza lights burn.
Hang on, Cervara!
Patiently awaiting the shepherds return.

by: Keith D. Rodebush - April 13, 2002 in Cervara, Italy