July 31, 2010

Democrat? Never Again!

Consider the following:

  • During the Iraq war, while our young men and women were in harms way, Democrats in Congress called the war lost, called our soldiers murderers and in many other ways gave comfort and aide to our enemies. More American soldiers died because of Democrats in Congress
  • When a surge of troops was suggested as a way to quell the insurgency, Democrats in Congress, including a future president, called it a failed strategy with no chance of success. If Democrats in Congress had their way, Iraq would likely be a haven for Islamic terrorists today, having been lost to liberal fatalism.
  • Recently under Democrat control, Congress and the Administration have run up unprecedented debt, while doing little to spur our failing economy. Republicans under the previous administration spent too much as well, but the numbers under the Democrats is staggering. More debt in the first two years of this administration than in all of history before. Check it out.
  • Even though the American people stood up solidly against the recent health care tax bill, the Democrat Congress bribed, deceived, used under handed tactics and broke congressional rules to pass the bill anyway, against the will of the people. All politics is corrupt, which is why they should never be given more power than the Constitution allows, but never has tyranny in America been wrought on such a large scale. So called conservative Democrats (blue dogs) were exposed as nothing more than party lackies when votes against the people were needed.
  • Recently it has been exposed that Democrat operatives disguised as journalists conspired to hide critical information about a presidential candidate from the American people in order to further their agenda. A man was foisted upon the people under false pretenses for the express purpose of tearing down this republic and changing it forever into a european style socialist country, which by the way are failing themselves and having to turn to more conservative strategies to try to save their own countries.
  • United States Supreme Court justices in league with Democrats have consistently over the past decades made decisions in conflict with the U.S. Constitution. When among their own intellectual class they will speak of the Constitution as a 'living' document free for them to massage in any way they see fit. If the Constitution was meant to be constantly redefined then there would be no need for a constitution. The Founding Fathers were clear that the fundamental principle that the power belongs to the people and not to a central government was critical for the country to survive as a free republic. While there are bad decisions in both camps, the overwhelming number of decisions that give greater power to a centralized government, stealing the peoples Liberty, falls directly in the lap of Democratic appointees or intellectual traitors who have sided with Democrats post appointment.
  • Fundamental Constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms and even the right to life itself are summarily dismissed by one party; Democrats.
  • The ability for our police to enforce the law and protect the people is constantly being assaulted, making it more dangerous for Americans every day, by one party; Democrats.
  • While the protection of our borders has been a total failure for both parties; when a state attempts to protect their citizens from an onslaught of illegal aliens, many of which are engaging in criminal activity including drugs, kidnapping and murder, one party stands forth and blocks that state from protecting it's people; Democrats. A federal judge appointed by a Democrat makes a completely specious judicial argument while blocking the state from implementing crucial portions of the law. If and when it goes before the Supreme Court you will see the Democrat sympathizers on the court go against the right of the state to protect it's people. All the while the federal government shows itself as completely incapable of doing it's Constitutional duty. All the while the courts ignore the fact that the Constitution gives the states all powers not specifically given to the federal government (10th amendment); and the fact that the Constitution requires the federal government to protect the people of any state from invasion (Article IV section 4). One party sides with ILLEGAL immigrants over American citizens; Democrats.
  • One party, for the last century has maintained a constant policy that the federal government should constantly grow, raise taxes higher and higher stifling the economic growth of the people, control more and more aspects of banking and commerce, control the very lives of the people on a daily basis; Democrats. Some Republicans have fallen into this Liberty stealing philosophy, but typically are scorned by the party. The Democrat party is almost in lock step with this philosophy. One party preaches freedom and liberty; Republicans. One party preaches government control; Democrats.

Both parties have a lot to answer for. In my opinion the Republicans have one chance to show they are serious about returning this country to the republic it was intended to be. They must dismantle the federal government, not just stop the growth of it, or they too will reap the whirlwind. However, as the above facts show irrefutably, we can never vote for Democrats again. The Democrat party should be scorned and avoided from this day forward. The only person who should support any Democrat is a person who does not want freedom, who does not believe in the U.S. Constitution, who does not believe in the American Dream, who does not believe in enforcement of laws, who does not believe that our military should fight to win, who does not believe that our children deserve to live, who does not believe that immigrants to this country should enter our nation under the law and respect the law, who does not believe that the states should have more power than the central government, who does not believe that we have God given rights to life, liberty and property. Is that you? If so, then why are you living in the United States of America? We live here because we have fought and died for those rights and beliefs. There are many countries around the world who believe otherwise. If you do not believe in our Constitution, move to a country that has none. Go from us in peace as you bend down to kiss your chains, and let no one know that we once knew you as our countryman. Let not your pathetic compromise of Liberty besmurch the reputation of this Great Nation founded upon that very principle.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

July 19, 2010

Perchance Violence Would Suffice...

One of the little talked about reasons for having government in the first place is the 'modern' Man's propensity to believe that violence is unnecessary and that by having a strong government we the people can resolve our differences peacefully. On a small scale this is indeed a workable solution to our innate evil nature. If someone steals a loaf of bread, instead of cutting off his hand we can simply turn him over to the State and they will dispense of him for a period of time until he has learned the virtues of work and ethics and he will no longer pose a threat to society at which time he is returned a righteous citizen. Okay, maybe that was a bad example, but I'm sure I could think of one. This illogical and Utopian ideal is the key that unlocks the public treasury and forges the chains of despotism and tyranny we now affectionately call "government".

A great example of the futility of this form of diversion of responsibility would be the financial scandals of the past decade. From Enron and WorldCom to Bernie Madoff to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to Congress itself, we are inundated with unscrupulous, deceitful, selfish and despicable characters with little or no conscious who prey on the public for personal gain. In the process they leave in their wake multitudes of honest hard-working salt of the earth people who are simply trying to carve out a living and hopefully have a little left over to die in peace; who instead are left broke and bewildered and doomed to start over and work even harder in their waning years when time and physics makes it even harder to do so. This is violence of another sort and on a scale that our myopic vision fails to discern. And then come the sharks in the media who can't wait to file report after report which always ignores the true causes of each scandal, namely flawed character and government corruption, instead fanning the fire and ultimately calling for more of what typically causes the problems in the first place; government. The resulting crescendo inevitably is more government involvement which leads to more incompetent oversight and more corruption which again leads to the next financial scandal. This has been repeated in our history since the early 1800's.

How you may ask is the government responsible for Enron? Well, government is the one who gave corporations the power that they have. Early corporations were held accountable for behavior and individuals within were liable for debts and actions of the corporation. A corporations charter could be pulled by states. Corporations have fought for almost two hundred years to undermine this responsibility and who was a willing partner? Government. As long as the contributions flowed. When is the last time you heard of a corporations charter being pulled? (I mean before the collapse) Government has constantly held itself up as the only avenue by which large firms could be regulated and kept honest yet there is zero history to government being efficient at anything, much less controlling greed and dishonesty. Government controlling greed and dishonesty. Say it out loud and tell me you don't laugh. I've read alot about all of the above scandals. In each case at some point the government was either passively or blatantly involved either through corruption and cronyism or through incompetence and apathy. Then after causing the failure, it is they who step forth with the virtuous flare of Sir Lancelot to save us from the evil dragon. And we, unfortunately, consistently go along with it and believe them. But alas, Lucy will pull the ball away again Charley Brown. Why? Because she knows she can and he will always come back and try again.

How can a vision for freedom and liberty fall into such a dismal and disappointing morass of collective battered constituent syndrome? Perhaps it is the Christian nature of our country that turns us into the pitiful friend, always willing to believe in the good of those who demean and take advantage of us. Perhaps it is time to raise the jawbone of the ass and smite the money changers in lieu of turning the other cheek.

There was a time, if someone robbed a large portion of the community and ruined their future, the people would assemble at night and fall upon the wretched thief and at least tar and feather him and run him out of town and at worst hang him from the nearest tree as an example to all others of what becomes of those who prey on the innocent. There was a time even more recently when taking advantage of someone might get you a good country whuppin' right in front of God and everyone with little intervention of the local law, who typically knew the crook for what he was. Sadly, we are beyond a time when that would suffice I'm afraid. As populations grow and the cities become larger and more diverse it is impossible to think of what would become of society if left to their own devices. However, one thing is perfectly clear. Government does not solve these problems either. It only disguises it, harnesses it's power, uses it for personal gain, influence and money, and then hides it temporarily until it is unleashed on the public again and again at ever more devastating scales.

Someday, we will return to violence to solve our problems. It will not be the Bernie Madoff's or the Kenneth Lay's that we hang from the tree either. It will be those who promised us they could fix it, only to propel us deeper into a more desperate fate. It will be the politicians who hang, along with their families. It will be their willing accomplices in the media who hang. That is the history of Man. Again and again it is repeated. People depend on government. Government fails. Government gets bigger while it promises to fix what it ruined in the first place. The failures get bigger and bigger. The people finally reach a tipping point, and violence returns as the only real solution.

My hope is that we can avoid that. My hope is that we can learn from history. More importantly, that we can learn for our Founding Fathers who knew very well this history. Our only hope is to consistently kick politicians out of office who refuse to dismantle government and return power to the people to whom it belongs under the United States Constitution. We must deride, protest, boycott and use whatever means necessary to rid ourselves of the media outlets who perpetuate the failed policies of so-called progressives who believe in government solutions to everything. We must educate our children into understanding that government is inherently evil and corrupt. We must continue this struggle in perpetuity as it is a never ending battle. If we fail to do so, then violence is the only means in which we will regain our liberty and freedom and protect ourselves from greedy, dishonest, evil people who will rob you either by gun or pen.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

July 4, 2010

"We Hold These Truths..."

Happy Fourth of July to all Americans everywhere, but especially to those soldiers and their families who are currently sacrificing for this great nation.

This has been a special 4th of July celebration for me. My love of this country has only grown in the last decade though during that same period my country has fallen into a political abyss. Whether we as a nation of free peoples have the guts, stamina and determination to arise from that abyss, is history yet to be written. We truly live in historical times. The culmination of a hundred years of assault on the ideals and truths of The Declaration of Independence is upon us. Thomas Jefferson stated that the declaration was intended to "speak the American mind." It was meant to clearly state that the people of this country do not consider rights to be given by governments, only taken away by it. It meant that we as a people believe that any form of government that infringed on these rights was tyrannical. It meant that it was our solemn duty to shrug off such government by all means necessary and to re-establish these rights given not by Man but by our Creator.

"We hold these truths to be self evident (obvious), that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator (God given) with certain unalienable rights (rights that cannot be separated from us); that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Just words. Just speeches.

The U.S. Constitution went on to add to this document our commitment to preserve the rights of the people to be free in their person and effects and that the role of the government was very limited and that all other rights were deferred to the states and to the people themselves.
And recently 4 Supreme Court justices voted to deny you one of those rights. McDonald vs. Chicago
Justices Stevens, Breyer, Ginsburg and Sotomayor do not believe the Bill of Rights are 'fundamental' rights. They do not believe that, the Founders not only gave us the second amendment to protect ourselves, they specifically gave it to us to protect us 'from the government'! The Founders gave us the second amendment to protect us from Justices Stevens, Breyer, Ginsburg and Sotomayor and from the politicians who would put such judges on the highest bench in the land. All of these justices are liberals.

John Adams stated that Independence should be celebrated across the land with, among other things, 'rifle shot and illuminations'. Four justices on the Supreme Court would deny you from that celebration. Make no mistake, these justices, however well-intentioned are Tyrants!

Therefore, we must celebrate this holiday with reverence and reflection, but most importantly with the knowledge that there is only one political faction that steals your rights under the Declaration and the Constitution. That faction is called many things; progressives, liberals, socialist, Marxist etc. But more often than not, the one thing they are all called; Democrats.

by: Keith D. Rodebush