October 11, 2014

All That is Good, Decent & Wholesome...


In my lifetime of study there are many things that intrigue or mystify; but none such as how Marxism manages to attract followers despite it's obvious evil intent. The history of Marxist Ideology is the history of deceit, revisionist history and false claim to the crown of compassion. Marxists only want to help you. And how do they intend to do this? Only by stealing all vestige of individualism and freedom from you and forcing everyone into their little box of acceptable society. They are Fascists through and through. Totalitarians and Oligarchs with absolutely no compunction to stripping away God-given rights and property from individuals who may have worked their entire lives collecting their little treasure chest. The same holds true in every single crevice of human society. Regardless or whether it is economics, foreign policy, culture, religion or family and child-rearing; everything that is good, decent and wholesome, Marxists reject. All that is evil, deviant and primal; they embrace.

So why would a movement which pretends to be for the 'little guy' be against all of the cultural and economic traditions that actually allow the little guy to become bigger than they were born to be? The answer as usual is quite simple. One must simply not accept the premise. Marxists are not and never have been for the little guy. In their Utopian vision everyone but them are little. They rail against the current Bourgeoisie as they prepare to become the new. 'Here comes the new boss. Same as the old boss.' In fact, Marxists are no different than all of the political and/or fascist tyrants that pre-dated the American Revolution. The concept of protecting the masses from the evil around them is no different in the time of Marx or the time of medieval castles. Karl just wanted to be in the castle that's all. Yet generation after generation falls for this putrid tripe masquerading as progressive knowledge and natural transformative advancement. We are set upon by new generations of shallow intellects whose mindless belief in collectivism are ripping apart the world and allowing barbarism to replace virtue, wisdom and freedom.

Our latest cadre of sophomoric thinkers are busy destroying what's left of decent society on a global scale. Nations that once were our brothers in civilized society have been marginalized. A Holy and virtuous people such as the Jews are cast aside for the ravenous slaves to human darkness such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Leaders of nations who reject extremism and keep the barbarians from the gates are routinely betrayed in favor of mobs with no grounding principles to guide their natural rejection of authority. Natural allies such as the Kurds are dismissed with calculated cruelty in favor of a fellow Fascist such as Turkey's Erdogan. Good, hard-working God-fearing peoples are systematically ridiculed and impugned in favor of deviancy and vice. A suspected traitor, whose childish decision to join the enemy rather than protect his brothers in arms resulted in American soldiers dying, is traded for 5 of the most evil men on the planet while a decorated Marine rots in a Mexican jail without so much as a phone call to the Mexican President. A stupendously ignorant mass of spoiled youth who descend on the heart of free-market prosperity and defecate and rape their way through the streets in a drug induced semi-coma are lauded and praised by the highest authorities in the land, while a truly educated, virtuous and liberty-loving group of righteous Americans is consistently lied about, have their character besmirched and given the most desultory and sexually deviant monikers repeated by all manner of so-called journalists, celebrities and even the President of the United States of America. The sheer vileness is beyond comprehension without a deep understanding of it's roots.

The bedrock of American Exceptionalism is the faith, character and unity of the American citizen who builds a family, protects it's community, practices their faith and allows others to do the same. The family, the Church and the school have been the tool of Liberty since America was founded. Marxism is the polar opposite of all of these traditions. It's ideology is evil, fascist, deviant and based upon the worst of human nature; greed, sloth, envy and lust. Therefore it's natural enemy is all that the American spirit was meant to embody. Good solid faith-based families and communities have no need for an all-powerful oligarchy manipulating their daily activity. Therefore the institutions of freedom must and will be destroyed. Religion: infiltrated with Socialist and cultural rot dismissing the very Scriptures upon which they are based; bringing deviancy to the very altar of God! Family: redefined and broken until it no longer exists in any real sense; the teacher and the social worker replacing the parent as the giver of knowledge, and promoting murder as healthcare and salaciousness as human development. Community: isolated and dangerous where self-loathing is freely professed in the violent expression of crime and cruelty, then defended; victims as oppressors and thugs as saints on the altar of grievance. Politics: reduced to a den of thieves and liars perpetually stealing both the People's money and their Liberty while celebrating their lives as 'public service' when in fact they are private whores of greedy, evil cronies and despots.

Such is the state of modern American society. Only an enlightenment which restores the average citizen's faith in God, belief in Liberty, quest for honor & dignity and comprehension of Marxist Ideology as the scourge of the earth and the enemy of all which is Good....Decent ....Honorable....Wholesome....and Virtuous will save this nation from certain chaos, fear, hatred and enslavement. Each individual American must wake every day with the mission in mind and the pursuit afoot! May God Bless you all in this most urgent quest!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 29, 2014

Seppuku by Marx


One can scarcely get through a day without at least a subliminal message from a nugatory scholar whose bookshelf altar is adorned with the intellectual garbage of Crowley, Keynes, Darwin, Nietzsche and Marx. And Nietzsche is always cherry-picked for his fatalism and insufficient grip on individualism. Every day is another installment on the Marxist plan for unattainable Utopia, suffered by the ever-present class struggle pitting neighbor against neighbor for the all righteous equality that denies the very existence of Man as a unique and special being. We are inundated with clichéd phrases such as ‘Social Justice’, ‘Livable Wage’, ‘War on (insert victim here)’, ‘Racial Tolerance’, ‘Civil Right to (insert personal failure here)’, ‘Multi-Culturalism’ or any other Progressive grievance du jour. This daily bombardment of victimology exists exclusively for the purpose of destroying individual Liberty. A truly educated, virtuous and reasonable individual will never relinquish Liberty freely. Thus it must be inculcated into the sponge that is the unsophisticated mind. America has allowed the virus of Marxism to infect the very foundation of Liberty; academia.

So, Keith; Why do you always revert to destruction of Marxist Ideology as the linchpin of Liberty? Simple. Marxism has driven the destruction of individual rights, property and free-market economics for the last 100+ years. If one believes in a progressive tax code then one believes in Marxism (it is a bedrock Marxist Ideal). If one allows the destruction of private property rights, one agrees with Karl Marx that wealth must be distributed according to need not according to merit. If one believes that a central, powerful government should alleviate the pain of poor life choices one ignores the power of consequence to change behavior. This is the crux of Marxist Ideology; by attempting to assist the incapable we destroy the only avenue for their redemption. Liberty, coupled with a free-market economy is the most efficient means for one to excel beyond their class at birth. Marxism destroys the very opportunity to rise above one's societal inception.

We now live in an American society that is committing Seppuku by Marx; devilishly manipulated by the very people who prosper by same; it’s vocal proponents. You see the true vileness of Marxism is that its tenets allow only the Bourgeoisie to prosper. Documentarians create a plethora of films decrying capitalism as they reap huge profits from these very cheaply produced films. Politicians attend seminars for minimum wage in their Leer jets and limousines. Climate change advocates relax in their castles spewing insultingly unscientific dogma while sipping Cognac and smoking fine cigars. All unnoticed by the Twitter-protest generation texting on their iPhones about corporate greed and worshipping Gaia while they defecate and urinate in the street and throw down their plastic water bottles. And the irony is lost on each and every one. Why? Because they have never been taught how to think; they have only been told what to think.

The insidious nature of Marxism comes from its use of emotion to overcome intellect. When one fails to support an argument with fact or reason they often rely on frivolous emotional attack to dissuade intellectual inquiry. In fact to the Man with common sense this is a very useful red flag. Certainly, some truth is emotional, i.e. the Love of God, however it is the anomaly not the rule. Marxism plays on the oldest of emotional defects, the 7 Deadly Sins; Greed, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Anger and Vanity. Every one of these sins is a tool used by Marxists to further their destruction of the Individual. Of course, these are described in the Bible which accounts for the foremost of Marxism’s goals; the destruction of religious virtue. Thus is the hideous nature of churches adopting the mores of Social Justice and Collectivism in the name of the Christ who died a horrible death for individual salvation.

What pray tell, is the hope of a nation so thoroughly indoctrinated into the Ideology of Hate and Jealousy? First and foremost is self-education. Have you studied John Locke? Have you studied Edmund Burke? Have you studied Adam Smith? Have you studied Alexis de Tocqueville? Have you studied the Federalist Papers? Have you studied the anti-Federalist Papers? Have you studied your Bible? Yes, I said studied, not read. This Liberty $&!# is hard, Keith! Yes it is and it always will be. Supplication is always the easy route, but the road less traveled is adorned with undergrowth, but blessed by discovery!

The number 1 piece of advice I can give you is this. Talk Dammit! We are raised in a world that chastised us not to talk about religion or politics when there are NO GREATER subjects to discuss among our fellow Man than these. NONE will impact you and your progeny more than the state of religion and politics in your immediate vicinity. Refusing to talk about religion or the lack thereof (Islam is NOT a religion, it is Fascism); results in beheadings in Oklahoma, USA. The failure to talk about politics allows a serial rapist to become President of the United States of America, assault a girl his daughter’s age in the Oval Office, and become an icon for Liberalism worldwide. NOT talking about politics allows 2 Party’s to BOTH steal the People’s Liberty while raiding the People’s Treasury and playing both ends against the middle in election after election. You MUST vote for us or else! No…I don’t have to vote for either of you. Your vote is the only tool you have short of the 2nd Amendment to defeat Tyranny. Please treat it accordingly.

I will end today’s diatribe with an example: The current GOP will tell you that we must vote for them so they can take back the Senate in 2014 and ‘hold Obama accountable’. Yet they have done little or nothing to do so. They have fought the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party tooth and nail. They have funded EVERY Obama initiative through Congressional gimmicks like base-line budgeting, Continuing Resolutions and Debt Ceiling increases. They have completely embraced identity politics rather than differentiate themselves from the Marxists via ‘Immigration Reform’. They have ignored the U.S. Constitution at almost every turn. They claim we must vote GOP for the sake of the almighty Supreme Court; supposedly so we can have more judges like Chief John Roberts who gave us Obamacare! Let me propose a thinking Man’s solution

The Senate is not that important as long as Barak Hussein Obama is President. He will not sign a single conservative bill. They (GOP) will not stop any appointments; they approved Attorney General Eric Holder, Killary Klinton and John Kerry with praise! They will not undermine the Federal Leviathan; they have in fact expanded same with Homeland Security, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D and funding and support of ALL unconstitutional domestic spying. The most egregious is the GOP’s attack on all conservatives. My Senator John Cornyn while head of the National Senate Re-elect Committee, diverted funds away from any T.E.A. party affiliated candidate in lieu of establishment ‘RINO’ candidates. I will NEVER forgive him for it, nor will I ever vote for him again. My honor is more important than his cushy Senate seat.

Therefore, the LOGICAL option is to vote for conservatives and Libertarians only; allow the GOP to lose the Senate, and hope that it serves to teach them to be a truly SECOND party for the upcoming 2016 elections for both Congress and President. If they suffer no pain for attacking God-fearing Americans in the T.E.A. party movement, then they have ZERO incentive to stop. It’s your call America. Want the same ol’ Tyranny? OR, do you want to return America to a constitutional republic as she was founded?

And just an aside for the mal-educated ‘Occupying’ our national dialogue: Get a job, work harder than the one next to you, praise God for being born in the Land of the Free and learn to know who your enemy really is; over-bearing government, the largest corporation in the world who steal your Liberty while lining their own pockets and protecting the corporate whores while making it difficult for you to open and run your own business through regulation. THIS and nothing less will save this once great nation.

P.S. ‘Seppuku’ is an intentional use rather than ‘suicide’. Seppuku is a ritual suicide of the Samurai tradition that was offered as an apology for failure, dishonor or disloyalty. It is my contention that many who are engaged in this destruction of America do so out of an erroneous and planted guilt for simply being American. They lay themselves on the altar of Marxism to redeem themselves amongst their peers. Such is the power of needing to be loved. (coincides with the destruction of the family unit BTW). When one does not believe in the pure Lve of God, one becomes desperate to receive it from the ‘tribe’. May God fill their hearts with true Love and Compassion, which manifests itself in lifting the human spirit to attain our innate potential through hard work and vigilance.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 4, 2014

Social Amnesia

Remember when Marxists/Socialists/Communists were the enemy of America? It wasn’t that long ago friends. What happened? Just when did it become okay to be a Marxist? "Them’s fightin’ words" in a time not so far away. I personally remember it. MILLIONS of Western societies' best and brightest DIED horrible deaths to stomp out this evil stain on the World's history. Here we are just a few short decades later and one cannot watch a politician on the boob tube without hearing a Socialist reference roll off their tongue like ice cream, smooth and cool. They don’t even flinch now. Why? How do they get away with it? Socialism has become the candy of the illegitimate and venal politician. It is a real frustration to those of us who instinctively see the destructiveness of this devilish sweet tooth. Remember when intelligent people heeded long-venerated sayings such as, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” or "Don't stick your nose in other people's business."? Why would such truths get lost to a society that appears to be intelligent and has at its disposal the vastest amount of knowledge available in Mankind’s history? Remember when it was common thought that there is good and evil in this world and that righteous people were duty-bound to fight evil at all turns? “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” Remember that morsel of wisdom? What has happened to these iconic verses of reason? Remember when soldiers were put on a pedestal and looters were thrown in jail? I don’t give a damn what color you happen to be. Fighting our enemies is honorable; fighting your neighbors for perceived insult of government is evil and barbaric. You want to fight the government? Stop voting for big-government morons. We The People have allowed ourselves to be distracted to the point of an amnesia of reason which will destroy our Great Nation.

  • William Jefferson Clinton LIES through his teeth on national television; staring into the camera and pounding the podium for dramatic effect. A known liar, womanizer, cheater, abuser and cradle robber. All of these types used to be considered low and unworthy of anything but contempt, ridicule and banishment. What if it was your 20-year old daughter that this 50-year old lecher was demanding service from in the Oval Office? Yet this man stands as a leader and hero of a Major Party in the government of the United States of America. Praised and lauded and fawned over worldwide.
  • Bankers colluded with corrupt government officials to manipulate the housing market crashing the market in 2008 destroying the wealth of middle class Americans all over this nation. Trillions of dollars of wealth was lost; mostly by hard-working Americans on the verge of retirement whose IRA’s and Pensions were heavily invested in real estate. There has been no serious investigation into the top participants on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. who caused this unspeakable pain on God-fearing American workers. No one spent a solitary second in jail. Not one penny was pried from the greedy bastards’ hands. This used to be a crime. It used to be enough to keep any honest business man from entering into business with you or your organization. Since, our government has given these same leaches trillions of dollars from the People’s Treasury which is returned to the vermin politicians in donations and bribes. We re-elect these people. Not one peep from Congress about impeaching the Attorney General who should be jailing these perpetrators but will not because he himself is an America-hating felon.
  • In World War II 100’s of Thousands of our finest young men went to Europe and the Far East to rid this world of evil. We accomplished this task in less than 5 years by unleashing Hell on our enemies in such a disproportional manner that it was impossible for them to continue to fight the righteous might of Liberty and Freedom. Afterward we showed that any peace-loving people were welcome to participate in our prosperity by rebuilding these nations, but only after annihilating the enemy. Major players were shot, hung or spent their remaining lives in jail. There was no trading of prisoners if said prisoners were top generals or politicians. We simply hung them. Since 1945 America has not won another major war. All have been lost. All of the blood of our dearest young men and women has been flushed down the toilet in futility. We have spit on the graves of our soldiers ever since. Most of the current generations living in America today know victory only through old movies, newsreels and history books. They have never experienced victory over our enemies (we almost did in Iraq, but Democrat Barak Hussein Obama put the kybosh on that). It is no wonder we are ‘war weary’.
  • In every rendition of the Communist Manifesto in all of the different languages that it was printed, the authors wrote footnotes to update the useful idiots on how Communism was to be spread. It was, is and was always intended to be, malleable and versatile to fit the particular culture in which it was being introduced. They plainly spell out that quick revolution was not always attainable and that slow but tenacious introduction of Marxist Idealism was the key to bringing down any government (Doses of Socialism). Make no mistake, when they intend to bring down a government they intend to destroy all that it stands for; all of the traditions, values and prosperity. They have told us straight to our face what they intend to do, yet we smile and send our kids to college to be inculcated into this evil philosophy. We have forgotten the MILLIONS of souls laid upon the altar of Utopianism. Social Amnesia is destroying our immune system. Communist cells are no longer attacked, yet accepted as normal cells in the body politic of our nation. Our lack of memory has us looking our enemy in the eye and smiling and extending a hand of friendship to those who would destroy all that is Holy, Good and Wholesome. Pay attention. Everything that is decent and good is ridiculed. Everything reprobate is lauded and promoted. Not only must you allow them to murder babies; you must pay for it!
  • On September 11, 2001 19 Islamic Terrorists killed over 3,000 innocent Americans and other visitors to our Great Nation. 16 of these were Saudi Arabians schooled in the Madrasas funded by our oil money. For a brief day or so America came together in disgust over this cowardly act. Within weeks, however, Democrats began attacking our President, our Military and our way of life, in many cases even blaming us for this atrocious attack on the innocent. NEVER FORGET! GOOD DECENT PEOPLE JUMPED OUT OF A 100 STORY BUILDING TO KEEP FROM BEING BURNED ALIVE! For five years everything our president and military did was impugned and besmirched. Our troops were called Nazis, murderers and rapists by Democrat Senators on the floor of the United States Senate. We rewarded this treason by voting in a Democrat House and Senate in 2006. How soon our Social Amnesia doomed yet another generation of American soldiers to useless death and maiming. Since then, we have lost the Iraq War, empowered ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) and armed them with American weaponry, projected our defeat in Afghanistan, turned Libya over to Islamist tribal conflict, attempted to establish a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, given the Crimea peninsula to Russia while ignoring a civilian airliner being shot out of the sky and abandoned Israel. Heck, our president can't even bring himself to say the words 'Islamist' or 'terrorists' even though Islamic nations do so all the time regarding extremists. Our lack of memory will kill millions before it is done. (Liberalism Kills as my buddy JT so succinctly avers)
  • For the first time in the history of this once Great Nation; a President of the United States of America has stood before the world and stated that no military solution will be considered in the case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The weakest, most feckless and cowardly statement of a world leader known to history. As a result Russia busies itself with taking over Ukraine, one bite at a time…after already securing the Crimea Peninsula. Again…thousands, maybe tens of thousands will die because of our inability to remember what a weak president will do to the world. Jimmy Carter’s toothless foreign policy gave us the Iran of today that is this close [  ] to developing a nuclear weapon; assisted by cowardly presidents of both Parties too focused on their own status to worry about America’s standing as the Saviour of Freedom. Liberalism Kills; regardless of Party affiliation.
  • As another American journalist is slaughtered like a lamb, more Western hostages are being taken all over the world. As the world forgets that bargaining with terrorists only invites more terrorism, people DIE horrible disgusting deaths and we only watch and Tweet and Like and talk but never act, never blame, never own. Western nations have busied themselves with paying ransoms for hostages for many years now. These two journalists are but a few who are paying the price for that despicable weakness. When Spain’s public transportation system was bombed by terrorists in 2004 the good people of Spain quickly elected a Leftist government sympathetic to Muslims. Bombings have continued unabated ever since. Their ignorant lack of memory of what dealing with evil like the Nazi Fascists will do to a nation has doomed a new generation. Sad. Predictable and sad. Social Amnesia claims another how many victims? How reprehensible are the weak-minded people who continue to allow this disease of Marxist Ideology to continue to pile bodies on the altar of tolerance, political correctness, 'fairness' and multi-culturalism?

Are you one of them? Have you voted for a Democrat or a Socialist Republican? Have you failed to voice your opposition to Marxist teaching at your child’s University? Have you fallen for the racial and class division of Marxism? Have you turned on your American neighbor rather than your true enemy? If so…then there is blood on your hands that no pithy slogan can wash away, comrade.
May God forgive you…for I am unable as of yet; but the Baby Jesus and I are working on that....STILL!
by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 27, 2014

T.E.A. party Generation


My best friend JT turned me onto a book about ‘generations’ which spoke of the repetitive history of the different generations throughout history. Sorry, as of this writing I cannot remember the author. The point, however, was that there are about 4-5 generational ‘personalities’ that repeat themselves throughout history. I’m not completely sold as I think that events drive history more than generational dispositions, but that’s just me. Nevertheless, I do believe that generations tend to form their mindset fairly early in their developmental stage; 14-18 years of age I’d say. These are the years that simple pleasures such as toys and games tend to give way to the realities of life. It is no accident that in years gone by rituals of manhood and girls entering womanhood through childbirth happened during these years. Biologically, boys and girls begin to become men and women in the adolescent stage, present culture aside.

Now you say you're leavin' home
'Cause you want to be alone.
Ain't it funny how you feel
When you're findin' out it's real? –
Sugar Mountain, Neil Young

“Finding out it’s real” is a real shock for youth. Such is life. I propose that there is a new generation coming of age as we speak; the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party generation. These are the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of a generation that finally woke up to the abject horror of 100 years of Marxist infiltration of our politics, culture and institutions. It is quite likely this generation will be the one that saves this Great American Experiment (Alexis de Tocqueville) from the suicidal spiral of Political Correctness, Environmental Despotism, Regulatory Strangulation, Moral Relativism, Secular Mendacity, Racial and Class Warfare (Identity Politics), (Anti-) Social Welfare, ‘Progressive’ Regression, Anti-Capitalism, Collectivism and Fiscal Insanity that ‘collectively’ describes the modern Progressive/Communist/Liberal/Marxist/Democrat (they are ALL the same in their, submission of the individual’s rights to the collective, mentality).

These Marxists have had somewhat free reign for many decades as the rest of us busied ourselves with the day to day pursuit of prosperity under a political system of Liberty coupled with Free-Market Capitalism. Under our umbrella of economic exceptionalism these vermin have plotted the destruction of the very system which allowed their Freedom to do so.

In 2009, after the election of the first Black President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama, it became clear that same was not just Black but RED and good people of America rose and from a truly grassroots position stated unequivocally that enough is enough. We began to attend political events, we read our Constitution and Declaration of Independence anew, we studied the Federalist Papers, we studied the Anti-Federalist Papers, we discussed politics and religion again despite their afore Persona non Gratis status. We realigned our minds back to the Founding Principles of this Great Nation. For that we have been pilloried and ridiculed by the Presstitutes and Politicians (of both persuasions) alike.

We were somewhat taken aback by the vitriolic hatred visited upon us by this simple reversion to what America was meant to be. At times we could only say, “Well they all must be crazy out there.” (jump to 4:15 for song beginning)

However, we have persisted. We have learned. We have found new avenues of information. We have Tweeted our way into the mainstream. This new generation is the first in many decades who will question teachers and professors, who will call out governmental lies, who will profess our religious beliefs without shame, who reject governmental prying into our personal lives and correspondence, who will vote against tyranny regardless of its political cloak and who will protect the innocent child in the womb from the holocaust of feminism.

Surely, there are countless minions who slave under the boot of despotism; but for a change there is also a formidable force of righteousness that attacks the beast at its belly; the LIES of Liberalism. Every Trayvon Martin and every Michael Brown exposes their hypocrisy and true racist demagoguery. Every failed government program, every exposure of government corruption and crony Socialism reveals the LIE of the Left. Every time Killary Klinton opens her mouth, the LIES of Liberalism are exposed and we are there to post, tweet and ‘Like’ to ensure the truth is available. In a world where a British Jihadist cuts off the head of an American Journalist in the desert of Syria/Iraq a feckless Marxist President cannot hide in a sand trap.

In days gone by the saying was, “A lie goes ‘round the world before the truth gets his boots on.” Such is no longer true. Lies such as the IRS emails disappearing are exposed within minutes. The T.E.A. party generation takes note. Their contempt for tyranny is strengthened and confirmed with every Liberal scandal that emerges. Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, ObamaCare LIES, Federal Reserve devaluing of currency, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Anti-Semitism, Support for Terrorists Hamas, …the LIES of the Left are exposed every day…and the New Generation observes. The price of economic naiveté, the price of weak foreign policy, the price of racial division, the price of irresponsible monetary and economic policy, the price of insipid environmentalism; ALL will be paid by this generation, T.E.A. party or no. Our children will spit on our graves.

The T.E.A. party generation of which I speak are only 5-15 years old. They are yet to make their mark on our society. I for one believe that their influence will be monumental. I believe that they will strike down this insidious Marxism that has festered in the wound of multi-culturalism. They will insist on a return to the enumerated powers of a government meant ONLY for the protection of individual rights and Liberty. YES my friends, it will be COOL to hate Commies again! It has been safe for soulless politicians to besmirch America of late but those times are coming to an end. Truly educated, religiously grounded, fiscally responsible, technologically savvy and NON-RACIST children are poised to take control of this once great nation my friends. I may not live to see it; but I am doing all I can personally to ensure it. The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave shall not perish! May God once again Bless this Great Nation! Amen.


by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 22, 2014

Michael Brown Was a Looter Not a Protestor

“Unarmed Teen Shot by Police”

This was the basic headline that went all over America between August 9th and August 12th. Headline writers intentionally attempt to capture emotion or curiosity in their headlines to draw people to the story. In this case what they did was draw incorrect conclusions without basis in fact. Close your eyes and think of the phrase ‘unarmed teen’. What is the image in your mind? Is it the image of a 6’4” 295 lb. young man fleeing a crime scene? Of course not. Yet that was the truth. You see, truth has no place in modern American media. It’s all about the hits and the agenda and nothing else. Now, again; close your eyes and think of the phrase ‘Large Felon Fleeing Crime Scene Shot While Attacking Officer’. Does this conger a different image? Of course; and yet that is much closer to the truth, as we now know.

Did Michael Brown deserve to die? We may never know, but I ask you to answer another question. Did Officer Wilson deserve to die? I am shocked and amazed at how little sympathy is available for a 6 year police officer with ZERO history of inappropriate action on duty.

Let us deal in facts and nothing else:

·        Michael Brown committed a strong-arm robbery, a felony. His friend acknowledged that they stole the merchandise from the convenience store. His parents admitted that the video released of the incident ‘probably’ was their son. This is very important; shoplifting is just sneaking something out of a store. The very moment that one intimidates the owner physically, one commits the larger crime of strong-arm robbery; taking something by force. Any truly reasonable person who has seen the video knows that Michael Brown was threatening force. It is important; Michael Brown knew that he was guilty of a crime when Officer Wilson stopped them. It goes to frame of mind and explains the possible assault on the officer.

·        There was an altercation near or in the police vehicle. Even witnesses professing Brown was murdered speak about this. A shot was fired within the vehicle.

·        Officer Wilson suffered some type of trauma to his face. Some have released details that are yet unconfirmed but the police chief and the prosecutor have stated unequivocally, that he was injured at least somewhat severely.

·         We have two individuals in this story. One has no record of violent behavior as of this writing. One is known to have exhibited a tendency to use violence to achieve his means as recently as minutes before this altercation.

·        Early witnesses stated that Brown was shot in the back.

·        Autopsy report by the forensics expert hired by the family of the victim show that all shots were from the front.

·        Suspect was shot six times.

·        At some point in the incident, Michael Brown put his hands up. There is no real proof of this; but enough of the eye-witness reports on both sides of the story have made mention of it to make me believe at some point for however brief a period, he did so. Let’s just say, I’ll give him this point.

·        Michael Brown was a loved son and friend. Called ‘Big Mike’ in an adoring way.

·        Darren Wilson was a loved son and friend. Described by fellow officers as a gentle, quiet man and distinguished officer. He recently received recognition for extraordinary effort in the line of duty.

·        Most importantly; We The People do not really know either of these people. A plethora of stories come out on both sides, typically on blogs with anonymous sources and no real evidence to back any of their claims.

·        Finally, we know for a fact that characters of all sorts have come out of the woodwork to exploit this tragedy, stir up racial division, incite riots and looting, make horrendous accusations without ANY real evidence, resulting in the citizens of Ferguson having to deal with weeks of violence and mayhem mostly suffered by the small business owners of the community.

What can we surmise through logic, reason and historical precedence?

1.     Michael Brown was a looter, not a protestor. He may have been a gentle giant as well to those he loved, but the camera doesn’t lie.

2.     Initial witnesses lied about the altercation. Said lies were based on racial animosity and hatred of police.

3.     Most God-fearing Americans when confronted by the police, even though we ALL believe we are innocent, don’t start a fight, don’t try to take their guns, don’t yell, “What, you gonna shoot me?”

4.     The media misrepresented this incident from the very beginning. And even after evidence becomes available they cling to the narrative of the poor misunderstood Black man killed for kiping some cigarillos.

5.     This incident, just as many before it, will only serve to inculcate another generation of Black Americans into believing that they are oppressed, that they don’t have a chance, that they deserve to steal, that cops are to be hated, that they should run or fight rather than comply with lawful demands from officers of the law and that all whites are racists.

6.     The above fact will cause the deaths of untold number of Black youths in the not too distant future. Black America sacrifices their children on the altar of past grievance and guilt for unfulfilled potential.

7.     Racism exists. It always has. It always will. It is employed by all races. It is exploited by evil and selfish politicians and race-baiters. And …it works every time it’s tried.

8.     One of the central tools of Marxism is division of society on racial and class lines in order to create chaos which feeds the appetite for ‘change’; primarily from a system that protects individual rights to one that values the collective. This Ideology ALWAYS results in diminished prosperity across the board; with the exception of the new Bourgeoisie, which enrich themselves while the Ferguson’s of the world lay in their own ashes.

My initial reaction to this case was that this officer may have over-reacted. But I held out for more facts, based on years of experience for how these things usually play out. Real facts ooze out slowly over a period of time until the original narrative is unrecognizable. Any society, with a plethora of Presstitutes who, upon hearing that the villain is not White but Hispanic, then proceed to call him a ‘White Hispanic’ are rightly resolved to treat the ‘news’ with a never-ending suspicion of motive and competence.

I have Black friends. I have Black family members. I love Black people as much as I love all other people (except true Muslims but God and I are talking about that) and it breaks my heart that another generation of Black children are going to grow up with anger, hatred and self-loathing because of the race-baiting opportunists like we have seen on display in Ferguson, Missouri circa 2014. It is despicable, evil and incomprehensible that a modern society cannot see this for what it is.

For me, a Constitutional republican (little r); the only light in this whole affair was a street interview with some Black teens in Ferguson who when asked if they had one word to say to Barak Hussein Obama what would it be, said simply “Goodbye.”

The real enemies of all Black Americans are Marxists and opportunistic Propagandists. The real friend and hero of all Black Americans are Patriots. The ability to rise above your born class is only achievable in a society that protects individual Liberty and Property. If Black Americans feel the need to protest, they should be doing so at every Democrat headquarters in our land, at the White House with it's current 'Black' occupant, at the Department of Justice with it's current racist Attorney General and at every college and high school in America that feeds the narrative that a Black child in this great nation cannot participate in the American dream based on nothing but the content of their character and their own individual drive and talent.
If you excel, if you work hard, if you self-educate through READING, if you put forth more effort than the man beside you, if you are lawful; YOU WILL SUCCEED in America. I don't give a Tinker's Dam what color you are. THAT is the truth. You will never hear that from a Progressive/Liberal/Marxist/Communist/Democrat, ever. Not one. They can't tell you that; for to do so belies the fallacy of their entire Ideology and renders them powerless. All that they do to you is for their own power and personal monetary gain. There is no more evil in this world save a Muslim head cutter; and at least they are honest about who they are.
by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 12, 2014

O'Blood On Our Hands


I am a partisan to some degree; not to a Party but to the ideal of Liberty. But I am a fair man. I will not wrongly accuse someone without substantial proof, whether such is physical evidence obvious to anyone, or forensic analysis based on a lifetime of observation. There are no ‘smoking guns’ in high profile politics anymore. One must rely on nuanced information coupled with common sense and gut instinct developed through decades of studying one's foe; in this case Liberals/Marxists/Progressives/Communists/Democrats. It is in this vein, and with very, very somber syllogism that I make the following charge:
Barak Hussein Obama is personally responsible for thousands of deaths already horrifically carried out, and tens of thousands if not more yet to be seen.
C’mon Keith! How can you make such a serious charge? Now you sound like the traitorous Democrats who said George W. Bush lied to get us into the Iraq War, just so his buddy Cheney could make money with the Halliburton corporation.  Well, I take that very seriously and the fatal flaw of course is there is proof that those charges are completely specious.

1.     All major countries' political classes and their intelligence agencies at the time of the Iraq War build-up agreed that Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Wrong as they ‘may’ have been; all agreed.

2.     Cheney was divested from Halliburton, already rich and not one shred of evidence has ever been produced that he gained monetarily from the Iraq War; and believe me, an entire world of Presstitutes are out to prove just that.

3.     Bush waited months, lobbied the U.N., got several resolutions passed; all of which gave Sadaam Hussein a way out if he would agree to give up his weapons; PLUS he got a truly bi-partisan vote in the U.S. Congress where no fewer than 81 House Democrats voted YES and 29 Democrat Senators voted YES (before they were against it).

This is not the record of a man who lied to get us into war. This is the record of a man who had the courage of his convictions. That doesn’t mean he was right. It just means he was honest.
Now…let us compare that with the legacy of Barak Hussein Obama. Do I even need to list his latest lies? ‘If you like your insurance…’ ‘Not a smidgeon of corruption at the IRS…’ ‘Jobs are being created…’ ‘The border is secure…’ ‘Psst. Tell Vlad, I can be more flexible after the election.’ It goes on and on every single day. The man is a pathological liar that makes Bill Clinton look like the mythical cherry tree hacker.
So; in that context we have to analyze; what happened in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq? In Egypt Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood. He did so even as the people of Egypt rejected them. Many protestors in Egypt personally blamed Obama for the Mohamed Morsi government’s rise and subsequent tyrannical suppression of the People. Obama entertained Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in the White House who had to have waivers from the Department of Homeland Security to even allow them in the country, for crying out loud! He continued this support and even threatened the Egyptian military after the people arose and demanded change from these Islamist Fascists; Obama’s friends. These actions gave aid and comfort to Islamists around the world. In today’s wired society, news of Obama’s affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood went viral within days. In the intervening time while Obama was supporting a terrorist leader of Egypt, Christians around that country were being murdered, churches were being burned and in a few cases Christians were crucified. Obama said nothing. The Islamist Fascists of the world most certainly took note.
In Libya, Obama ‘led from behind’ and murdered (funny isn’t it?) the President of Libya, Muhhamar Qaddafi. No love loss, yet he was giving up his nuclear ambitions after seeing what President Bush did in Iraq. True to his Marxist Ideology of hating military intervention, Obama then left the country to the wolves. As the animals stalked their prey our Ambassador and his faithful group of well-meaning Americans begged for more security only to be denied at every point. After all, admitting that the situation in Libya was perilous would reveal the lack of foresight of a feckless foreign policy. As the inevitable attack took place, NO ASSISTANCE was provided or even planned for. These brave American were simply LEFT TO DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. It is the only time in my recollection that Americans were left to die while the CIC slept and prepared for a day of fund-raising. The aftermath consisted of nothing but Obama covering up the details to secure a re-election. His campaign was more important than dead Americans.
I have to be careful here. There are many intriguing reports that what may have caused the secrecy in Libya was the administration’s back-door attempt to arm the Syrian rebels with caches from Libya. I have no proof of that. What we know is that Obama has attempted to walk a fine line. Obama's 'Red Line' to Assad passed unnoticed as chemical weapons were used. (Weak Horse) While not overtly arming the Syrian opposition, he has lobbied Congress for same. Nevertheless, large amounts of American arms have ended up in the hands of Islamists, who also claim to be rebels opposing Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.  We also know that when ISIS (Islamic State in Satans service or something like that) rolled into Iraq, they did so in brand new Toyota Pick-Ups with the latest in armament options.

These Islamists are coming straight from Syria, where they have theoretically been fighting against Assad. I’ll leave it to you to decide. Where do you think they got all of the money to buy all of these trucks and armaments? Again, I have no proof. But I know who was backing them in Syria. I know who has given them aid and comfort at many different waypoints. I know who told them that America would NOT commit troops to defend Iraq. I know who cynically refused to keep troops in Iraq that would have avoided this very outcome. I know who claimed that he had no leverage in dealing with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on the Status of Forces agreement despite OUR/YOUR money going there (1.27 Billion Dollars  Foreign Assistance $$ AFTER the lack of agreement. Twice the $$ of the year before.) That looks like leverage to me! I know who turned his head as Christians were slaughtered in Egypt. I know who ignored Christians being persecuted in Iraq previously. I know who STILL blames George Bush for what is happening under his watch. I know who ONLY came to the table when holocaust type images began showing up on the internet. I know which side, said person took in the Israeli/Hamas skirmish. I know who funded the terrorist tunnels built into Israel. I know who tried to give aid and comfort to the terrorists attacking Israel. I know who refuses to say the word terrorist. I know who eloquently recalls the Muslim call to prayer while ignoring 2000 year old Christian traditions being erased. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE OF VARIOUS RELIGIONS WERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST BEFORE ISLAM INVADED AND FORCED THEM TO CONVERT OR DIE. Barak Obama continues this occupation shamelessly.
It goes on and on and on. This president, has intentionally caused the greatest loss of life for the ‘good guys’ i.e. peace loving Christians, Jews and Arabs the world over since WWII. And he has done it all in the name of Socialism, Marxism, Collectivism, Communism whatever ‘ism you want to attach. He has done so because of his childish and petulant belief that American greatness was achieved by ill-gotten means. This blinding desire to give America a come-uppance has led to spilled blood across the planet.
He whimpers and whines; PEOPLE DIE.
70 million American people put this man into office. This blood is on their hands as well. Stop your belly-aching about ‘you didn’t know’. I KNEW he was a Marxist Black Liberationist in 2007 why didn’t you! A POX ON YOUR HOUSE FOR VOTING FOR THIS MAN!
I spoke in a previous article of the dangerous results of a lack of a Military Response which you can read HERE if you have not already. All good people of the world need to step back, take a breath and analyze what has happened under President Barak Hussein Obama’s administration as well as many European administrations for decades. A lack of presence by the West has produced an emboldened push by the evil people of the world. If you don’t believe in evil, just watch this (Caution: Graphic). I hate cliché’s but it is truth, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.” Barak Obama’s hate of American exceptionalism is directly responsible for the rise and success of ISIS in Iraq and the subsequent deaths of untold numbers of innocent people who just wanted to go about their daily lives. He then blames it on others like a school child caught with a stolen lunch. He is a despicable man worthy of naught but your contempt. Impeachment is too good for him. He should be hanged as a traitor…rhetorically speaking of course. [Sidenote: Is Obama at fault for ALL world problems? Of course not, but as POTUS he is Constitutionally responsible for almost ALL foreign policy and he is Commander In Chief of the Military…so YEAH! Dipstick…geesh. I’m tired of ‘splaining myself.]

People, you MUST understand, I am a peaceful, loving, God-fearing man who only wants the best for all of the people of the world. ALL of them, regardless of race, creed, color or religion. But We The People of this Earth cannot continue to deny that evil exists; it knows no bounds; it responds only to force; and it must be CONTINUALLY defeated. No better friend; no worst enemy. If that is not the message of America; then millions will die…again. If you truly believe in peace; support MASSIVE military strength by the only real Liberty-loving nation on EARTH. THE UNITED STATES OF BY GOD AMERICA!!!
For those of you predisposed to be diplomatic in your hopeless attempt to assuage mind-numbed useful idiots to come over to your way of thinking; I sincerely apologize. This article will be useless to you. To those who are sick and tired of America being trashed and blamed for all of the ills of the world when all empirical evidence points to the opposite; and who only want to pass to their children a modicum of the freedom and Liberty that we have enjoyed, THIS IS FOR YOU!! Now go out there and destroy a Liberal for being the cowardly, obsequious purveyor of evil that they are!

Soliloquy is the last bastion of the disillusioned Patriot.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 8, 2014

No Military Solution For Cowards


In his recent book, Tyranny of Cliché’s, Jonah Goldberg presciently points out how modern Marxists/Progressives/Liberals/Communists/Socialists/Democrats (hereafter referred to simply as ‘Marxists’ for their ideological founding), use a perversion of language to persuade the masses that their tyrannical views are really not as bad as ALL historical results would make painfully apparent; i.e. “While I may disagree with you I will defend to the death your right to say it” is but a cheap escape from actually having to prove your point with logic or fact and a desperate plea to move on lest one notices the speaker has not a clue. His chapter “Violence Never Solves Anything” is a companion piece to this article and all are encouraged to read it.

This article deals with the oft-mentioned cliché, “There is no military solution.” Actually, there is always a military solution. In fact, history is nothing BUT a documentation of military solutions. What has given this particular cliché legs is the emergence of Marxist ideology into modern society. As proof of same I submit to you the following:

Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII were ALL solutions.

Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, War on Terror were NOT.

What is the difference in these wars? The previous had no substantial Marxist influence whereas the latter ALL had substantial Marxist influence. What does that mean? Well, it means that none of the latter wars were fought to be won. They were all fought to appease a Marxist press that was and is all too eager to impugn the motives of the particular politicians who waged these wars. Yes, even their own Marxist extraordinaire, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

You see, to Marxists their entire struggle presupposes the oppression of the masses at the hands of the powerful. It is not so much that the true Marxists actually believe this is the case. It is just that this is how they SELL their scheme to the unsuspecting masses. Therefore, the powerful can NEVER be allowed to be seen as righteous or good, they must ALWAYS be evil. This is why you get really stupid revelations like Hillary Clinton claiming that she and ‘Bill the pervert’ were ‘Dead Broke’ when they left the White House. She can NEVER be seen as one of the powerful, for they are ALWAYS evil. The same is true for the Palestinian ‘struggle’. Despite their terrorist ways, they will always be seen as the poor oppressed minority and they can kill Jews indiscriminately and some Hollywood useful idiot will always champion their cause. The Israeli Army is powerful, so all that oppose them MUST be good.

One might think, ‘What leads a person to this mindset?’ The answer is found in the core principal of Marxism; namely that all progress of the past was had through corrupt means, and is therefore necessarily evil. One example of corruption among a corporate entity is proof that ALL are tainted. This broad brush painting of societal shame is the crux of Marxist thought and is seen in every speech by modern Marxists politicians. Mr. Goldberg touched on this in his book;

“This assumption that the past is stupid and the present is wise too often binds the modern mind.” – (Tyranny of Cliché’s, Goldberg 12)

All of the aforementioned ‘failed’ uses of military force were opposed before and after by Marxists who all perpetuated the same mantra. The powers that be are corrupt and evil and therefore all that they do is corrupt and evil. And what is their proof that they are corrupt and evil? They are powerful and you are not. You can read their dissertations and their propaganda to the end of the world but at the end of the day their only game is that power corrupts, therefore all that are powerful are corrupt. It is a very seductive message. It even resonates with me. But the TRUTH is that all that is powerful is not necessarily evil. MANY times the powerful, especially when they exist within a constitutional republic, are in fact, good. But we are only as good as the people we elect to make these life and death decisions. None other than Cicero recognized that military victories account for naught without prudent political leadership.
 “Victories in the field, count for little if the right decisions are not taken at home.” (Cicero – Everitt 45)
This is why a prudent electorate should NEVER elect a community organizer as the most powerful man in the world.

The simple fact of life; whether you choose to believe it or not, is that ALL world problems have a military solution. When countries agree to align with America on economic policies they do so for TWO reasons: 1. It is to their advantage monetarily. And…2. They understand that to defer may have consequences down the road that are violent, i.e. lack of American protection. Military solutions. Would any nation of the world care what America thought if we had not won TWO world wars in the last century? Of course not.

Let us look at current events for clues as to whether there is a military solution to problems. The following are cases where military solutions or the lack thereof influenced current events:

·        Egyptian military seized control of the government ‘elected’ by the Muslim Brotherhood with President Obama’s approval. They did so with military force. They then allowed the adoption by referendum of one of the most freedom loving constitutions in the Middle East despite the protestations of John Kerry, Killary Klinton and Barak Obama.

·        Barak Obama refused to enter into a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq specifically to deny President George W. Bush any claim to victory in Iraq. This LACK of force allowed the radical Islamist ISIS, who were armed by America, to take over large portions of Iraq and Syria, MILITARILY by the way. ISIS, is seems, agrees with me that there is a military solution. They are currently murdering thousands in the manner of the Nazi holocaust with little or no attention paid by the world press.

·        Libya, after Barak Obama ‘led from behind’ has devolved into a chaotic tribal war. The Islamists there, apparently believing that there is a military solution, have used force to not only kill an American Ambassador, but to control large swaths of that once quiet, though despotic country. Apparently, military solutions are the norm there.

·        Since the 50’s, North Korea has implemented a military solution to oppress millions of Koreans, starve millions, develop nuclear capabilities, threaten their peaceful, democratic Southern neighbor and run roughshod over multiple American administrations. Clearly, a military solution has worked quite well for them. The LACK of a Western military solution will eventually result in massive death unknown at this time.

·        Iran, who sacked an American Embassy, took hostages and killed Americans have benefitted greatly from a LACK of military response and now sit atop the world in the position of a threat to the Western world. They continue to develop nuclear capabilities while a vacillating West navel gazes and assumes that there is no military solution. The death toll of this miscalculation is yet to be determined, but is already in the tens of thousands. The price to be paid by our Jewish brothers has already been partially borne, but is certainly soon to be raised exponentially. Obviously, Iran believes that there IS a military solution.

·        Locally; Recently the Bureau of Land Management believed that there was a military solution to a pesky rancher who didn’t go along with their tyrannical take-over of property rights. They sent an army of well-armed federal thugs to steal his cattle and destroy his property. Lucky for us, an also well-armed militia of Patriotic Americans believed that a military solution was available and showed up forthwith to oppose said tyranny with violence akind. BLM backed down when faced with the fact that a military solution also included a plethora of death and injury on THEIR side of the equation. Amazing how a military solution is at hand when We The People institute same.

·        When Vladimir Putin decided that he wanted to re-take the Crimea peninsula, he opted for a military solution. Barak Obama, one of the proponents of the ideal that there are no military solutions to problems of these sorts, protested vociferously. Who won? Was there in fact, a military solution? If the Crimea is to ever be lifted from Russian rule, will it be military in nature?

·        The Taliban of Afghanistan was decimated by American forces during the initial years of the Afghan War. The leaders of the Taliban always argued that eventually America’s will to fight would subside, and at that time they would be back in power and all that sided with America would pay for their allegiance. Clearly, they believed that there was a military solution. They have been very patient. Recently, they killed a two star general. They know that Obama will abandon Afghanistan very soon. What follows…will be a military solution; and it will be very horrible, violent and costly for all that cooperated with America. Obama’s lack of belief in a military solution will be borne in blood.

The concept that there is no military solution is proffered by those who have not the will to defeat evil. Evil…has the will to defeat good. In the end, evil wins over those who vacillate in the face of violence. On that Glorious day when evil will be defeated forever, will be the day that Christ returns. For those of you that don’t believe in that day, evil will forever win; for kindness, in and of itself will never understand nor defeat evil. Sadly, it requires a military solution. One borne of Peace, or one borne of Evil. It is the choice of Mankind. None know the cost of war more than those who have waged it personally. ALL OF THOSE will attest; the ONLY thing worse than war, is one waged for naught. If we must fight, fight to win. Fight to win, quickly. Devastate the enemy forthwith.

At the end of the day, a military solution, righteous in nature, SAVES LIVES. Projected weakness KILLS. Marxists kill people, over and over again throughout history. Please don’t participate in Marxist Homicide.


by: Keith D. Rodebush