August 22, 2014

Michael Brown Was a Looter Not a Protestor

“Unarmed Teen Shot by Police”

This was the basic headline that went all over America between August 9th and August 12th. Headline writers intentionally attempt to capture emotion or curiosity in their headlines to draw people to the story. In this case what they did was draw incorrect conclusions without basis in fact. Close your eyes and think of the phrase ‘unarmed teen’. What is the image in your mind? Is it the image of a 6’4” 295 lb. young man fleeing a crime scene? Of course not. Yet that was the truth. You see, truth has no place in modern American media. It’s all about the hits and the agenda and nothing else. Now, again; close your eyes and think of the phrase ‘Large Felon Fleeing Crime Scene Shot While Attacking Officer’. Does this conger a different image? Of course; and yet that is much closer to the truth, as we now know.

Did Michael Brown deserve to die? We may never know, but I ask you to answer another question. Did Officer Wilson deserve to die? I am shocked and amazed at how little sympathy is available for a 6 year police officer with ZERO history of inappropriate action on duty.

Let us deal in facts and nothing else:

·        Michael Brown committed a strong-arm robbery, a felony. His friend acknowledged that they stole the merchandise from the convenience store. His parents admitted that the video released of the incident ‘probably’ was their son. This is very important; shoplifting is just sneaking something out of a store. The very moment that one intimidates the owner physically, one commits the larger crime of strong-arm robbery; taking something by force. Any truly reasonable person who has seen the video knows that Michael Brown was threatening force. It is important; Michael Brown knew that he was guilty of a crime when Officer Wilson stopped them. It goes to frame of mind and explains the possible assault on the officer.

·        There was an altercation near or in the police vehicle. Even witnesses professing Brown was murdered speak about this. A shot was fired within the vehicle.

·        Officer Wilson suffered some type of trauma to his face. Some have released details that are yet unconfirmed but the police chief and the prosecutor have stated unequivocally, that he was injured at least somewhat severely.

·         We have two individuals in this story. One has no record of violent behavior as of this writing. One is known to have exhibited a tendency to use violence to achieve his means as recently as minutes before this altercation.

·        Early witnesses stated that Brown was shot in the back.

·        Autopsy report by the forensics expert hired by the family of the victim show that all shots were from the front.

·        Suspect was shot six times.

·        At some point in the incident, Michael Brown put his hands up. There is no real proof of this; but enough of the eye-witness reports on both sides of the story have made mention of it to make me believe at some point for however brief a period, he did so. Let’s just say, I’ll give him this point.

·        Michael Brown was a loved son and friend. Called ‘Big Mike’ in an adoring way.

·        Darren Wilson was a loved son and friend. Described by fellow officers as a gentle, quiet man and distinguished officer. He recently received recognition for extraordinary effort in the line of duty.

·        Most importantly; We The People do not really know either of these people. A plethora of stories come out on both sides, typically on blogs with anonymous sources and no real evidence to back any of their claims.

·        Finally, we know for a fact that characters of all sorts have come out of the woodwork to exploit this tragedy, stir up racial division, incite riots and looting, make horrendous accusations without ANY real evidence, resulting in the citizens of Ferguson having to deal with weeks of violence and mayhem mostly suffered by the small business owners of the community.

What can we surmise through logic, reason and historical precedence?

1.     Michael Brown was a looter, not a protestor. He may have been a gentle giant as well to those he loved, but the camera doesn’t lie.

2.     Initial witnesses lied about the altercation. Said lies were based on racial animosity and hatred of police.

3.     Most God-fearing Americans when confronted by the police, even though we ALL believe we are innocent, don’t start a fight, don’t try to take their guns, don’t yell, “What, you gonna shoot me?”

4.     The media misrepresented this incident from the very beginning. And even after evidence becomes available they cling to the narrative of the poor misunderstood Black man killed for kiping some cigarillos.

5.     This incident, just as many before it, will only serve to inculcate another generation of Black Americans into believing that they are oppressed, that they don’t have a chance, that they deserve to steal, that cops are to be hated, that they should run or fight rather than comply with lawful demands from officers of the law and that all whites are racists.

6.     The above fact will cause the deaths of untold number of Black youths in the not too distant future. Black America sacrifices their children on the altar of past grievance and guilt for unfulfilled potential.

7.     Racism exists. It always has. It always will. It is employed by all races. It is exploited by evil and selfish politicians and race-baiters. And …it works every time it’s tried.

8.     One of the central tools of Marxism is division of society on racial and class lines in order to create chaos which feeds the appetite for ‘change’; primarily from a system that protects individual rights to one that values the collective. This Ideology ALWAYS results in diminished prosperity across the board; with the exception of the new Bourgeoisie, which enrich themselves while the Ferguson’s of the world lay in their own ashes.

My initial reaction to this case was that this officer may have over-reacted. But I held out for more facts, based on years of experience for how these things usually play out. Real facts ooze out slowly over a period of time until the original narrative is unrecognizable. Any society, with a plethora of Presstitutes who, upon hearing that the villain is not White but Hispanic, then proceed to call him a ‘White Hispanic’ are rightly resolved to treat the ‘news’ with a never-ending suspicion of motive and competence.

I have Black friends. I have Black family members. I love Black people as much as I love all other people (except true Muslims but God and I are talking about that) and it breaks my heart that another generation of Black children are going to grow up with anger, hatred and self-loathing because of the race-baiting opportunists like we have seen on display in Ferguson, Missouri circa 2014. It is despicable, evil and incomprehensible that a modern society cannot see this for what it is.

For me, a Constitutional republican (little r); the only light in this whole affair was a street interview with some Black teens in Ferguson who when asked if they had one word to say to Barak Hussein Obama what would it be, said simply “Goodbye.”

The real enemies of all Black Americans are Marxists and opportunistic Propagandists. The real friend and hero of all Black Americans are Patriots. The ability to rise above your born class is only achievable in a society that protects individual Liberty and Property. If Black Americans feel the need to protest, they should be doing so at every Democrat headquarters in our land, at the White House with it's current 'Black' occupant, at the Department of Justice with it's current racist Attorney General and at every college and high school in America that feeds the narrative that a Black child in this great nation cannot participate in the American dream based on nothing but the content of their character and their own individual drive and talent.
If you excel, if you work hard, if you self-educate through READING, if you put forth more effort than the man beside you, if you are lawful; YOU WILL SUCCEED in America. I don't give a Tinker's Dam what color you are. THAT is the truth. You will never hear that from a Progressive/Liberal/Marxist/Communist/Democrat, ever. Not one. They can't tell you that; for to do so belies the fallacy of their entire Ideology and renders them powerless. All that they do to you is for their own power and personal monetary gain. There is no more evil in this world save a Muslim head cutter; and at least they are honest about who they are.
by: Keith D. Rodebush

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