August 27, 2014

T.E.A. party Generation


My best friend JT turned me onto a book about ‘generations’ which spoke of the repetitive history of the different generations throughout history. Sorry, as of this writing I cannot remember the author. The point, however, was that there are about 4-5 generational ‘personalities’ that repeat themselves throughout history. I’m not completely sold as I think that events drive history more than generational dispositions, but that’s just me. Nevertheless, I do believe that generations tend to form their mindset fairly early in their developmental stage; 14-18 years of age I’d say. These are the years that simple pleasures such as toys and games tend to give way to the realities of life. It is no accident that in years gone by rituals of manhood and girls entering womanhood through childbirth happened during these years. Biologically, boys and girls begin to become men and women in the adolescent stage, present culture aside.

Now you say you're leavin' home
'Cause you want to be alone.
Ain't it funny how you feel
When you're findin' out it's real? –
Sugar Mountain, Neil Young

“Finding out it’s real” is a real shock for youth. Such is life. I propose that there is a new generation coming of age as we speak; the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party generation. These are the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of a generation that finally woke up to the abject horror of 100 years of Marxist infiltration of our politics, culture and institutions. It is quite likely this generation will be the one that saves this Great American Experiment (Alexis de Tocqueville) from the suicidal spiral of Political Correctness, Environmental Despotism, Regulatory Strangulation, Moral Relativism, Secular Mendacity, Racial and Class Warfare (Identity Politics), (Anti-) Social Welfare, ‘Progressive’ Regression, Anti-Capitalism, Collectivism and Fiscal Insanity that ‘collectively’ describes the modern Progressive/Communist/Liberal/Marxist/Democrat (they are ALL the same in their, submission of the individual’s rights to the collective, mentality).

These Marxists have had somewhat free reign for many decades as the rest of us busied ourselves with the day to day pursuit of prosperity under a political system of Liberty coupled with Free-Market Capitalism. Under our umbrella of economic exceptionalism these vermin have plotted the destruction of the very system which allowed their Freedom to do so.

In 2009, after the election of the first Black President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama, it became clear that same was not just Black but RED and good people of America rose and from a truly grassroots position stated unequivocally that enough is enough. We began to attend political events, we read our Constitution and Declaration of Independence anew, we studied the Federalist Papers, we studied the Anti-Federalist Papers, we discussed politics and religion again despite their afore Persona non Gratis status. We realigned our minds back to the Founding Principles of this Great Nation. For that we have been pilloried and ridiculed by the Presstitutes and Politicians (of both persuasions) alike.

We were somewhat taken aback by the vitriolic hatred visited upon us by this simple reversion to what America was meant to be. At times we could only say, “Well they all must be crazy out there.” (jump to 4:15 for song beginning)

However, we have persisted. We have learned. We have found new avenues of information. We have Tweeted our way into the mainstream. This new generation is the first in many decades who will question teachers and professors, who will call out governmental lies, who will profess our religious beliefs without shame, who reject governmental prying into our personal lives and correspondence, who will vote against tyranny regardless of its political cloak and who will protect the innocent child in the womb from the holocaust of feminism.

Surely, there are countless minions who slave under the boot of despotism; but for a change there is also a formidable force of righteousness that attacks the beast at its belly; the LIES of Liberalism. Every Trayvon Martin and every Michael Brown exposes their hypocrisy and true racist demagoguery. Every failed government program, every exposure of government corruption and crony Socialism reveals the LIE of the Left. Every time Killary Klinton opens her mouth, the LIES of Liberalism are exposed and we are there to post, tweet and ‘Like’ to ensure the truth is available. In a world where a British Jihadist cuts off the head of an American Journalist in the desert of Syria/Iraq a feckless Marxist President cannot hide in a sand trap.

In days gone by the saying was, “A lie goes ‘round the world before the truth gets his boots on.” Such is no longer true. Lies such as the IRS emails disappearing are exposed within minutes. The T.E.A. party generation takes note. Their contempt for tyranny is strengthened and confirmed with every Liberal scandal that emerges. Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, ObamaCare LIES, Federal Reserve devaluing of currency, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Anti-Semitism, Support for Terrorists Hamas, …the LIES of the Left are exposed every day…and the New Generation observes. The price of economic naiveté, the price of weak foreign policy, the price of racial division, the price of irresponsible monetary and economic policy, the price of insipid environmentalism; ALL will be paid by this generation, T.E.A. party or no. Our children will spit on our graves.

The T.E.A. party generation of which I speak are only 5-15 years old. They are yet to make their mark on our society. I for one believe that their influence will be monumental. I believe that they will strike down this insidious Marxism that has festered in the wound of multi-culturalism. They will insist on a return to the enumerated powers of a government meant ONLY for the protection of individual rights and Liberty. YES my friends, it will be COOL to hate Commies again! It has been safe for soulless politicians to besmirch America of late but those times are coming to an end. Truly educated, religiously grounded, fiscally responsible, technologically savvy and NON-RACIST children are poised to take control of this once great nation my friends. I may not live to see it; but I am doing all I can personally to ensure it. The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave shall not perish! May God once again Bless this Great Nation! Amen.


by: Keith D. Rodebush

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