December 25, 2011

A Different Christmas Message


"Christmas time's a comin'! Got me a brand new present!"

Christmas has been such a special time for millions of people the world over. Beyond the commercialization, it is still the most favorite of holidays. Special times with family, giving gifts in remembrance of He who gave the ultimate gift, reflecting on times past when those who have gone home before us were here to celebrate. It is a wonderful and magical season! It is for this reason that the assault on Christmas in recent years has been most troubling for me. It is in fact part of a larger pattern that Christians the world over must recognize and decide to respond to, or Christmas will become a thing of the past, an ancient tradition celebrated only in secret behind closed doors by the few who refuse to be beaten down by the evil of collectivism disguised as political correctness.

The very nature of Christmas and the birth of Christ it celebrates makes this a most difficult decision for us Christians. In life, for the most part, Christ was kind, loving and peaceful. The stories of Christ replying to hate with love are rightly the bedrock of the Christian faith. The overall message of Christ is to 'Love thy Neighbor'. What a beautiful message; what a glorious goal. But that was not the only message of Christ. You see, when Christ cast out evil spirits from people affected he was sending another more subtle message. There is evil in our world. It cannot be ignored. It must be cast out. And it must be done so by those with strong and unfaltering faith in the Holy Spirit.

Jesus also overturned the tables of the money-changers and attacked them with the jaw bone of an ass to chase them from the temple steps. This was another message of Christ. God's house is not to be defiled with Man's greed and sinful disregard for fellow Man. Righteous indignation. This too is a message of Christ. It is a fine line to walk and only a line for those strong in faith and strident in purpose. But it is a line that must be held or evil will have it's way in this world. We are seeing some of that in these times in which we exist. Evil unchecked will spread and the damage to Mankind is much more extensive that any perceived prevention of damage from 'intolerance' or 'hypocrisy'. Turning the other cheek in love to one who will receive that message is a blessing. Turning the other cheek to evil that is then allowed to permeate a society and destroy the fabric of a nation is neither 'Love' nor 'Holy'. It is quite simply the fertilization of more evil. Nothing could be less holy.

It saddens me to even feel the need to pass on this Christmas message. However, I do so with confidence, faith and righteousness. God intends for His people to fight for their honor, their livelihood, their children's freedom and the peace-loving peoples of the earth. If not us Christians, who? If not you, who? Who will fight for decent peoples to be able to celebrate their faith without the assault on tradition that has prevailed of late? Who will fight the forces of evil who disguise their Marxist collectivism in compassion, not in a Godly manner but in the manner of tyranny where force and coercion demand participation? Forced compassion is not compassion, is not efficient and is not anywhere near Holy. It is evil plain and simple. It is the design of Man and not God. It is the design of a few atheistic wastes of human potential forcing their paganistic views on all around them. Tolerance of evil is not virtuous or righteous. It is in fact immoral and reprehensible. Tolerance of evil is a selfish attempt to deflect evil from oneself without regard to the damage it may do to others around us. It is the most despicable of human frailties, self-preservation at the expense of our fellow Man.

Therefore, this Christmas, I wish you all happiness and peace. I wish your family blessings untold and good health and cheer. However, I also beseech you to stand firm in the face of evil. Take up the sword of righteousness and deny evil a place in our society and our nation. Stand up for what is right and be not afraid to point to evil and call it what it is without regard to petty indignation from non-believers with no moral compass to guide them. Those with no guidance from God have nothing to offer me in the path of life. Theirs is a helpless rant intended to bring me down rather than lift themselves up. I reject their pleas of tolerance and compassion cloaked in an evil blanket of collective or totalitarian cloth. I offer them the peace and love of the baby Jesus; or the wrath of a faithful Man determined to protect the innocent from their soulless destruction.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and righteous New Year. God Bless the United States of America, and all the peace-loving peoples of the World.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

December 11, 2011

Will Truth Prevail?


I have long wondered just how it is that a lie can be so easily believed by seemingly intelligent human beings when the obviousness of the lie is so apparent to anyone who attempts even a rudimentary investigation into it's merits. Humans have and always will be emotional creatures. It is a vital part of our biology and rightly so. Emotional intervention into our logical thought process is a distinct and crucial element of our psyche that allows for creative inspiration and invention. If one would dwell on the practical odds of achieving a far reaching goal such as inventing a new way to communicate, one would likely become despondent and move on to the next project. We humans however, dream. We believe the impossible is possible. We do so because we are emotional creatures. However, we are diametrically also capable of logic and reasoning. The balance and intertwining of these two seemingly opposite tendencies are the majesty of human nature. The ability or lack thereof to keep this balance is what distinguishes intellectuals and idealists from the balanced, common sense based, truly 'smart' people. A theory based, impractical economic model developed by a Nobel prize winning economist is just as likely to fail as an emotionally based, racially charged welfare program developed by a pseudo-intellectual minority studies professor would be. The question then arises to those of us living in the real world: "Can a majority of the American people discern the truth in the information technology age?"

The so-called information age is probably more aptly called the misinformation age. The internet and social media have allowed patently false information to achieve such a wide propagation with such speed that the proof of it's lack of merit seems like old news and is not given the proper attention it deserves. We are reacting instantly to headlines which creates the tendency to rely on a quick emotional response rather than a thoughtful and reasoned one. Once our minds have made that choice we seem to reject any information that does not conform to our 'chosen' truth. I often respond to unfactual emails with truth and tell my friends that there is enough real evil out there without making it up. The truth is bad enough to hang any Marxist.

What we must all see clearly is that this misinformation machine is a perfect tool for the Marxists. Propaganda is the fuel of the leftist agenda. Class warfare is not new and is not more or less relevant today than it was in the 1920's. That and the exploitation of racial guilt or animosity has been the coal for the communist fires for a century. The closer we come to the truth of who they are the louder and broader are the attacks of the propagandists. Having almost exclusive control of mass media in the form of the entertainment world and the network and print media, the left will be vitriolic and ubiquitous in their mendacity. Can the American people stare such a wide spread blanket of lies in the face and declare resolutely, "I will not be lead like sheep to slaughter."?

What temerity for the left to wage war against the 'rich' or the 'powerful' corporations when in fact the largest, richest most powerful corporation in the history of Mankind is the American federal government. In fact, it is also the largest crime syndicate in history. At no time on earth has a group of people wrought such destruction and stolen as much of the people's treasury while pretending to be protecting their freedom as the crowd in Washington D.C. The numbers are staggering and thanks to the insidious relationship between the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government, the truth will probably never be known. All of this is only possible because of the unholy alliance between business and government. Woodrow Wilson entrenched this relationship into the federal government with the "War economy" of the first World War and it has been manipulated and exploited ever since then. The only way to put a stop to this corrupt madness is to take away the power of the federal government to interject into all aspects of business in America. The tax code and corrupt regulatory structure is the root of all of our economic troubles. Returning to constitutionally limited government and restoring power to the people and the several states is our only road to true freedom and prosperity.

That the federal government is the problem and not the cure is truth. That big government by it's very nature is corrupt and tyrannical is truth. That any politician that votes ONE TIME for unconstitutional invasive legislation is unworthy of our support is truth. That the persons elected in 2010 who did not have the nerve to refuse to defund Obamacare and excessive government should be primaried out of office this election is truth. That Barack Hussein Obama is a committed Marxist is truth. That those who structured and carried out the so-called 'Fast and Furious' gun running operation out of the Justice Department are accessory to murder is truth. That Islamic expansionism is a burgeoning threat to Western civilization and is being aided and abetted by Marxists throughout America and Europe is truth. That the American Democratic leadership puts forth the lie that, only a person of color can represent a person of color, and thereby are the true racist in our society is truth. That said leadership would destroy the honor and integrity of the black community, deem them incapable of competing on an equal footing and exploit the scar of slavery which their party perpetuated for their own political power is the most disgusting truth of our time. That calling it 'fair' for one person to pay a higher tax rate than another, is an insidious lie for personal gain, is truth. That allowing Marxist professors to teach our children that capitalism is evil and that central planning is noble is treasonous, is truth. That killing a child is not choice and a woman's right but is in fact genocide of innocents and grossly disproportionately propagated in minority communities is truth. That this is a Christian nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles and faith is truth. That Liberty is given by God, is the natural state of Man and deserves to be protected with your very life is truth.

The American people, if they desire to preserve this nation as founded for their progeny, must learn to discern the truth. This may seem an insurmountable task in this age of instant information overload. However, truth is not so hard. Truth is universal. Truth is permanent. That Man is by his very natural fallible, that government is made of Men and therefore inherently corrupt and tyrannical, that the only self-ruled people possible are a virtuous and properly educated people, that evil exists and must be confronted, that all are created equal but will not achieve equal outcomes, that deniers of truth are liars and evil, that faith in God and humble admission of sin is the only path to true happiness, that the root of the failure of the United States to fulfill it's destiny as the chalice of Liberty is Marxist philosophy, that good people are capable of very evil actions....are all Truth.

Are you capable of rejecting propaganda and embracing truth? Are you an agent of good or a perpetuator of evil? Will you vote for a politician who aids and abets unconstitutional government? Will you support the enemies of America? Will you ignore the threat to Western civilization? Will you honor God with your selfless defense of Liberty for all human beings? Will you face your children on your last day and proudly proclaim that you gave your all for their freedom? I am confident that you will. What makes America great is our innate desire to protect and defend the weak and powerless against the agents of evil. Even if those agents reside among us and promise to help us if we will only submit and relinquish our Liberty. To Hell with them! We'll help ourselves and our neighbors when they get out of our way!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 28, 2011

Herman I Hardly Knew Ye


So, here I am enjoying an adult beverage and a fine tobacco product. I have heard on an earlier talk radio show that a new Herman Cain hit piece would be coming out today so I was not surprised when indeed it did surface. The new charge apparently is a consensual affair. What floored me was the lawyer's statement, released to the public, presumably with Mr. Cain's approval. And I quote Mr. Cain's lawyer, L. Lin Wood:

"Mr. Cain has been informed today that your television station plans to broadcast a story this evening in which a female will make an accusation that she engaged in a 13-year long physical relationship with Mr. Cain. This is not an accusation of harassment in the workplace – this is not an accusation of an assault – which are subject matters of legitimate inquiry to a political candidate.

"Rather, this appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults – a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life. The public’s right to know and the media’s right to report has boundaries and most certainly those boundaries end outside of one’s bedroom door.

"Mr. Cain has alerted his wife to this new accusation and discussed it with her. He has no obligation to discuss these types of accusations publicly with the media and he will not do so even if his principled position is viewed unfavorably by members of the media."

Regardless if you believe Mr. Cain's private life is off limits. Regardless if you believe that the details of the story are necessarily sensationalized for a conservative candidate. This statement by his lawyer is a tantamount admission that Mr. Cain will never be qualified to be President of the United States of America through a Republican primary process.

Why don't you have an aggressive PR strategy Mr. Cain? Why have you allowed me to get excited about your candidacy, knowing how slanted the American press is? Why haven't you done opposition research and found who is behind these stories? At the very least you have shown a complete and utter ignorance of the electorate to which you presume to solicit votes. At the very least, you have shown a naivete, wholly unacceptable in today's political environment. Mostly, you have shown an arrogance and stupendous ambition that allowed you to lead on a group of desperate American Patriots who yearned for a savior of this nation. By doing so, you have doomed us to a Hobson's choice between a career politician with baggage indescribable, or a RINO who will likely lose to Obama. Shame on you, sir. Shame on you.

I cannot describe my disappointment. At a time when our nation hungers for real leadership and principled conservatism, we find that our greatest hope, is incompetent in dealing with a classical smear campaign. We now find ourselves questioning if you have been forthright from the beginning. You have lost the most important characteristic of a non-politician; trust. Without it you are nothing. I am nothing. Our nation is nothing. We are lost.

We now must choose between bad or worse. God help us all.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks


As we gather with family and friends to celebrate another Thanksgiving Day, I want you to think quietly for a moment about exactly what are you thankful for?

Are you thankful that the government now owns most of General Motors? I suppose if you work there, maybe you are. That is, if you're simply selfish and care less what affect it has on the country at large.

Are you thankful America's resources are woefully under-utilized?

Are you thankful that Gipson Guitar Manufacturing had to shut down because of paperwork?

Are you thankful that General Electric with staunch support of liberal politicians, was rewarded by tax loopholes that allowed them to pay zero taxes in 2010?

Are you thankful that the Dodd/Frank bill, written by two of the most crooked politicians in Washington D.C. is so complicated that small community banks are basically frozen?

Are you thankful that we just passed another milestone; $15,000,000,000,000.00 in debt that your grandchildren will have to pay?

Are you thankful that your tax dollars are going to businesses that cannot survive in the free market on their own?

While you bow your heads and smell Mom's turkey and dressing, do you thank the good Lord that government regulations have tripled in the last decade?

Obviously, this can go on indefinately. You probably came up with a few of your own already. But the point is made. None of these things come to mind when thanking our Savior on this day of gratitude. Nothing government can possibly do will ever rise in importance on a day such as this. No, this day is for thanking God for grace, redemption, family, health, the glory of life on earth, abundance and challenge. We praise His name and ask his forgiveness for we know we fall short of the Glory. Why? Because we know that no matter how hard we try, we could always do better.

You see? We instinctively know that we are intended to work hard, complain less and excell at our lives. This is what makes for a purpose-filled life. This is the root of Man's happiness. And this, my friends, is what the United States of America was founded on. Government should to all extent possible stay out of our lives, allow us to excell on our own to the Glory of God and our own personal satisfaction. The vast majority of what government does stands in our way rather than help us. Government comes between us and our God as we attempt to prove ourselves worthy of His grace and love.

On this Thanksgiving Day, please take a second to reflect on this, and to understand that to leave a government such as this to our children, is to steal their purpose, their excellence and their happiness. Let us this one year resolve to thank God for giving us fortitude; for we shall need plenty to dismantle this wretched evil thief of our God given right to self fulfillment.

May God Bless each and every one of you and your families. And may God Bless these United States of America in perpetuity.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 13, 2011

Jilted Once Again


Have you ever had a friend who got into a relationship with someone that everybody but him/her knew was no good for them? They turn them against their own friends. "You don't need them, you have me." They try and change them into something that they are not. No matter how much you try to warn them, they go down the road to destruction, eyes wide open, seeing nothing. It always ends terribly. First losing their friends, then even family is turned on. Isolation. The ultimate demise is harsh and usually comes with an all at once epiphany that everyone was right. Indeed a rude awakening. Then the apology tour begins and a sad shell of who they used to be starts the long road to recovery.

This is the situation I find my fellow conservatives in during this primary process. The femme fatal if you will is the media and the establishment Republicans. They are manipulating the voters with the express intent of destroying any true conservative candidate. "You don't need them, we have ObaMitt Romney." It only takes a few points of drop in the polls and the voters get nervous, they sense defeat and begin looking for the next savior. Of course whoever is next in line will be slandered as well. Whether it is Bachmann with the HPV deal, which was trivial in hindsight, relaying what a voter said; or Perry with "Niggerhead", a place he didn't own, didn't name, and even removed the name, yet he is attacked as 'racist'. Then Herman Cain, by all accounts a decent hard-working Christian man, is accused of sexual harassment with not so subtle undertones of the old Democratic South's "Mandingo" fear mongering. "They're coming for our white women. Hang 'em!"

In Perry's case, he may have self destructed anyway. His immigration stance and calling voters who disagree, 'heartless' did more damage than anything in my opinion. But the intent was clear, if he was rising in the polls he was going to be taken down by any means necessary. Aided and abetted by the beltway Republican pundits. In all cases the initial accusation is irrelevant. The rhythmic mantra that goes on like an Occupy Wall Street drum beat drives the point home to all conservative voters. "He/she is unelectable. They are too extreme. They are racists. They are immoral. They are stupid. The independents won't vote for them." On and on by Marxist propagandists and beltway pundits alike. The narrative is unrelenting. Finally, we are separated from our friends. By the time we realize what has happened it is a truly rude awakening. The supporters of the conservatives who cried foul were right. Their candidate was really just a true conservative (or played one on TV in Perry's case) and we were played like a Stradivarius to question our choice, abandon our principles and fail to defend our own once again. Isolation. The apology tour is coupled with passive/aggressive support for the only choice left to us; the milquetoast RINO that the Marxists wanted to run against. We rationalize our support in a sad sort of cognitive therapy. "Maybe they'll govern as a conservative. Maybe the independents will really like them and vote for them. Maybe this time it'll be different. As long as we beat Obama it doesn't matter. Maybe they really mean it. Maybe they will really change the federal government."

The pathetic victim takes years to recuperate, recharge and re-invigorate the debate. "We won't let them tell us who to vote for next time. No, next time it will be different." And then the band warms up and the same old tune begins to play. The target is the same. The music gets louder. We start tapping our toe...

by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 19, 2011

Islam Will Destroy Western Civilization


Every day the news exposes another worldly event that is detrimental to peace, freedom and republicanism. Many times the story is actually shrouded in words such as 'democracy' like the coverage of the so-called Arab Spring. Democracy is the furthest thing from their minds. They are Muslims. If that offends your sensibilities it exposes your naivete. Muslims don't believe in democracy for it allows free expression that is anathema to their teachings. If they did, their fellow Muslims would ostracize if not kill them. Muslims are to emulate Mohammed in spirit and in life. Of course not his real life, but his canonical life. His real life was as a raider of caravans, raper of women, murderer of children and conqueror of many a peaceful peoples. The Holy Quran calls for Muslims to engage in jihad to make Islam the world religion. All infidels are to be forcebly converted, enslaved and pay jizyah or be killed. This is the history of Islam. They have invaded and raped advanced cultures like India and turned it into a Medieval throwback for centuries. Everywhere on earth where Islam is the one and true 'religion' of the state, the result has been devastating. Just look at Egypt, a once proud, advanced, exceedingly successful nation, reduced to a tourist trap and now even too dangerous for that to occur. The future for Egypt does not bode well. Don't doubt me. For decades Turkey was the poster child for moderate Islam and secular government. Well that nation is rejecting moderation for true Islam lately. Public officials have been rejecting the notion that there even is a moderate Islam. Where Islam is practiced, moderation can not long survive. History proves it time and again.

Now when Muslims over step their ability to control an area, they may pause and regroup, sometimes for decades or even centuries. Eventually, however, they will expand and when they do it will be violent, swift and ruthless as it has always been. The only reason the Western world has been able to progress and enjoy the peace and prosperity that it has, is because past Christians defeated Muslims on the field of battle and left them licking their wounds, banished to the Middle Eastern tribal nations. As always they have bided their time, solidified their conquests and prepared for the day that Jihad would return for them. Their oral tradition goes back almost 1500 years. They are a very patient and determined group of people. To ignore them is to ensure the defeat of Western Civilization for the foreseeable future. Not that we necessarily need help in tearing down our civilization lately.

I have studied Islam. I could cite several sources here. A 'moderate' Muslim could cite several more that showed them to be the 'Religion of Peace'. I urge you to study on your own. Don't study contemporary apologists though, study them. Read Muslim scholars. Read of their bragadocious exploits in enslaving conquered nations. Read of the slavery as reward for Jihad, mostly sexual slaves. The men were killed. The women and children enslaved. When they talk amongst themselves they brag on it. Of course, you will not hear this in a United Nations speech. So I challenge you. Read old Muslim scholars. Then decide for yourself. Is Islam a religion? Or, is it a totalitarian form of government? Or is it just a way to enslave a nation and profit from the spoils? Is it a religion of peace? Or is it a fascist movement brutalizing women and killing or enslaving any who disagree with their form of civilization? You study. You read. Then, tell me where the moderate Muslim exists. For if they do, their own fellow Muslims would slay them on sight, according to their very own religious tenants.

The Constitution assures the freedom to practice the religion of your choice in America. Does that include a 'religion' whose core principle is totalitarian government which is antithetical to the Constitution itself? I think not. Many of the Founding Fathers thought not. What think you?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 14, 2011

Kipling Knew the "Occupy Wall Street" Gang...



"I WILL into the world, I will make me a name,
I will fight for truth, I will fight for fame,
I will win pure love, and when I die
The world shall praise me, worthily."

He entered the world he fought for fame ;
They twined him the thorny wreath of shame.
I met him once more full suddenly;
His face was seamed with misery.

"Have you fought for truth? Have you worked in vain?
Have you gained pure love without a stain?
Is your name yet great? Will it ever be?
Are you praised of all men, worthily?"

He did not answer he did not speak,
But waited awhile with a reddened cheek,
Then, trembling, faltering, and looking down
Good heavens, he asked me for half a crown!

Rudyard Kipling - 1881

October 3, 2011

Obama Didn't Fail


Watching all of the pundits dissecting the upcoming elections, it is always comical to see them all find different ways of saying that President Obama has failed. The right leaning pundits scream incompetence while the left leaning pundits pontificate about his leadership style and how Republicans just want him to fail. It's hilarious! These are supposed to be the smart people, you know the ones with their finger on the pulse of politics. They are clueless.

Barrack Obama didn't fail. He is hugely successful. He wanted to control the economy, grow central government, punish America for her past sins, strengthen unions, cause societal chaos, vilify capitalism, appease Islam, decrease military power and increase energy prices. He has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. You see, Obama is a Marxist. This is the hurdle that the typical pundits can't get over. They have been brainwashed by political correctness to not call anyone that name. Why? Because even with 100 years of pushing Marxist policies, the Democrats know that Karl Marx is still a reviled figure primarily because of his historical media ties to Stalin and the debacle that was Soviet communism. Marx's ties to other historical figures such as Mussolini, FDR and LBJ of course are ignored. So the American Marxists have been very deft at changing their name (progressive or liberal or moderate etc.) and covering their tracks while they push the agenda forward. Obama is no different, taking a populist tone while behind the scenes implementing collectivists policies and destroying the framework of free market capitalism. He's even found some willing accomplices due to the embedded crony capitalist nature of modern American government.

So, why is the tag 'failure' applied to Obama so often? Because the reality is that his ideology is what has failed. Obama, like all good Marxists has no clue about how an economy really works. They completely underestimate the comfort factor and they have no clue about the American spirit. When business feels uncomfortable with the future, they retract. When the People of America feel their liberty slipping away, they don't spend freely. Spending and investment is the fuel that runs this economy. Marxists have no understanding of this and even if they did, they would try to control it instead of unleashing it and they would fail anyway. Marxists see the economy as a foundation that society is built upon. Their failure has always been in seeing this foundation as a static thing. If they can just take control of this foundation, then they can build whatever society they want on it. Alas, Utopia. But you see the foundation is not static. It can grow or shrink or crack and even collapse. This one failure of foresight is why every communist experiment has failed miserably. This fundamental flaw of Marxism is why it will always fail. Sometimes really smart people find it impossible to understand really simple things. Take freedom for instance. Every average person walking the earth has an innate understanding of freedom and what it means to them, personally. Most understand how it is beneficial to society at large. Intellectuals often have no clue about freedom and what it means to society. They are used to manipulation and control so the pure concept of liberty escapes them. This is why country folk generally distinguish between book smarts and common sense. We don't see Harvard professors as smart people, only as educated people. The smart people are the ones bright enough to know that if you punish success you'll have less of it. So you see, Obama has accomplished almost everything he set out to do. Decreasing the military strength in a time of war has proven the most difficult but the debt ceiling deal with it's super committee has laid that in his lap. Without an agreement extreme cuts to military spending will take place. There will be no deal.

Now that we know that what has failed in America is Marxism we must eradicate it. Please don't be fooled by useful idiots that will try to distinguish between Socialism and Marxism. Socialism is merely a step to total control as Marx himself outlined. Whatever the name, it is collectivist thought. Subjugate the individual for the good of the whole. Allow the elite to rule and all will be perfect. Heaven on earth, because they really don't believe in Heaven above. We must not lose this knowledge. Europe is currently learning the hard lesson of trying Marxism on a semi-global scale. Now profitable countries are being asked to support unproductive nations for the good of the whole. The results are disastrous. We must teach our children of this destruction. They will not learn it in public schools run by Marxist unions and Marxist bureaucracies. We must vet our political leaders voraciously. One hint of Marxist thought should disqualify any potential candidate. Marxism must become transparently known for the destructive failure that it is in all of it's forms, especially those disguised as compassionate. Destroying our economy and our children's liberty is not compassionate, it is vile and immoral.

This country can ill afford another Marxist becoming as successful as Barrack Hussein Obama has been. Recent riots on Wall Street show the success of his class warfare strategy among our youth. We cannot afford to allow Marxists to steal another generation of our children. Many of the current crop are already lost. Let us not lose another generation. Teach your kids and grandkids about Marxism in all of it's disguises. Vet your politicians closely. America cannot survive this kind of success.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 27, 2011

Rise, Liberty, Rise!


When tyrants and kings attempt control,
Man's spirit effervescent.
Death twas the fate of tyrants afore,
And so shall be for present.
When all around desperation looms,
Thy family close to harm.
The Patriot doth lay down his tools,
And grasps his various arms.
Theres a red dawn in the Eastern sky.
Rise, Liberty, Rise.

Merchants brew their harbour tea,
The Gadsen imparts the call.
In Boston George's redcoats panic,
And 'The Massacre' befalls.
To arms! To arms! The battlecry,
A silversmith imparts.
Thus the Minutemen bring forth,
Freedom's inauspicious start.
Happenstance leans to the faithful and wise,
Rise, Liberty, Rise.

Fortuitous collection of brilliant minds,
Declare in the name of Providence.
Among our Sacred rights we hold,
These truths to be self evident.
Life, Liberty and Happiness,
The Creator doth endow.
Alas as such a life without,
Our hearts cannot allow.
To this, we pledge our very lives.
Rise, Liberty, Rise.

A pall yet darkens our storied light,
The oppression of our fellow man.
Oh Lincoln deliver us from our sin,
Let freedom ring again.
Affirm these truths we have ignored,
The righteous be victorious.
Though you pay with your very life,
Tis your assassin who's notorious.
Thus for his nations honor, he dies.
Rise, Liberty, Rise.

Vicissitude so swift and broad,
From sea to sea, prosperity.
Slothful intellects citing Marx,
Trade freedom for security.
Abhorrent strife takes to the skies,
Ramp up the war economy.
A Constitution once unchaste,
Doth yield domestic tyranny.
Two world wars consume countless lives.
Rise, Liberty, Rise.

A nuclear age a paradigm shift,
Ye fights a colder war.
A conflict lost in South Vietnam,
Tis ne'er happened before.
Reagan says, 'Tear down this wall',
A Marxist dream implodes.
Tradition and culture self destruct,
Thy faith in God erodes.
Once greatest nation's impetuous demise,
Cry...Oh Liberty...Cry!

Too long the enemy threats are scorned,
By a self indulgent peoples.
Islamic fascist make good on same,
Bring down the capitalist steeples.
A new generation heeds the call,
The eagle soars anew.
Global reach patient and grim,
The head of the snake removed.
Arrows or Palms; we speak vox populi.
Rise, Liberty, Rise.

Financial ruin a harbinger,
The republic loose and adrift.
From unknown origins the one has come,
To save us from the abyss.
So soon our spurious choice unmasked,
Unrepentent Socialist!
A new polity brews it's own cup o' T.E.A.
Patriotic revolutionists!
Duty a gleam in our progeny's eyes.
Rise, Liberty, Rise.

Our forefathers warned, self governance,
Is only for the virtuous and keen.
Return forthwith to enumerated powers,
Or kiss thy velvet chains.
Educate thy youth and bow thy head,
As history is oft replete.
With civilizations glorious and rich,
Naught more than a refuse heap.
There's a blue dawn in the Eastern sky.
Rise...Sweet Liberty...Rise!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 5, 2011

Bittersweet Birthday Boy


It is a cool morning in central Texas, only 76 degrees F as my coffee brews. The birds are ringing in the day, insects appearing from their shadowy hideaways nervously taking advantage of the respite from the oppressive heat of late. The dappled sunlight peaking through the live oak is welcomed on the face for a change. What a beautiful day to be alive and be American. And yet, it is a bittersweet day for me this September 5th, Labor Day. The day my mother, Julia Rodebush was in labor 52 years ago. That means that I'm old enough to have witnessed the greatest decline in American society in over a century.

I can only imagine that the lead up to the Civil War was a far worse time in our nation, I wouldn't dare to compare. But certainly since the turn of the 20th century we are living through an inexplicable loss of the American spirit. Always the optimist I concede the surges of greatness witnessed by our fine troops, a younger generation heeding the call. The group of Americans who found themselves for the first time in their lives, painting signs and hitting the streets to take their turn at protesting not against America, but FOR her. The many youth groups mostly religious based who defy modern youth culture and devote themselves to lives of charity, hope and love.

These remnants of America past are not enough, however, to assuage the confused horror that accompanies the daily reminders that we are no longer the nation we used to be. Remember when the Empire State building was built in one year? Remember when a nation came together and fought the enemies of freedom with pride and fervor? Remember when a man would refuse a handout and pull himself up and work even harder than usual to care for his family? Remember when pride and spirit of the American flag were unwavering? Remember when belief in God and country was respected and expected? Remember when children would say, "Yes sir." and "No Ma'am"? I do. A long time ago when being an American was a source of unflinching pride.

This morning I read a headline, "Should the U.S. flag be banned in America?" Who would even write that headline in America? Why would such a story be necessary? What could possibly be the cause of such mass insanity? As we approach the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, Ground Zero is still under construction and we debate whether we should put a Muslim Mosque next to it. The memorial in Pennsylvania honoring the heroes of Flight 93 remains unfinished amid disputes over the design mimicking Muslim symbolism. Really? As a designer I can tell you that once someone makes such a charge, if there is any scintilla of truth to it, you scrap the design and start over. Instead we litigate and tweak a bad design, have public meeting after public meeting to justify our stubborness and insensitivity dragging out the process while the families of the victims suffer unbearable pain anew at the hands of their own neighbors. We have pseudo-intellectuals redefining pedophiles as merely suffering an illness and should be understood, not despised. In days gone by we would take them to the woods and beat the Hell out of them. Now, we give them tenure and publish their drivel for world wide consumption. My disgust could not be more profound.

While we find ourselves ten years on, fighting a war against an evil enemy determined to end Western civilization, we have an entire political party that refuses to call them terrorist, but doesn't even flinch to call their fellow Americans such. Why? Because they have the temerity to suggest we balance the budget. Racist bastards! How dare they preach fiscal responsibility. What? How is it that such people are not immediately drummed out of the public sphere in shame? We the People have elected a committed Marxist, who hates America as founded, surrounds himself with communist sympathizers, publicly submits forged documents, uses the federal treasury as a slush fund for his cronies, bows to our enemies, disregards our friends, kills American business while supporting foreign business, debases the dollar and spits in the face of good Americans who dare to remonstrate.

How pray tell? Please tell me how. In all my years, thirsty for knowledge, absorbing books and studying human nature I am intellectually feeble to understand how our once great nation could descend so fast into such a detestful cesspool of selfish ignorance. There is an answer but it is impotent to describe why it could happen to us; Americans. Once proud, independent, strong, faithful and patriotic. Now weak, pathetic, skiddish, debased and ignorant. Even the so-called leaders who are attempting to turn the tide are wholly inadequate to the task. They parse their words and couch their stance so as not to offend some potential voter. Their meekness will condemn this nation to evermore tyranny should they be elected. We need no more self-centered weak kneed professional politicians, we have plenty. We need patriotic saviors willing to storm the machine gun nest at risk of life and limb to sacrifice all for the good of the nation. We need strong, smart, devil be damned statesmen willing to lay down their political lives on the altar of constitutional republicanism. We need leaders willing to speak the truth to unproductive ever offended self loathing thieves of productivity and prosperity.

Please spare me the apologetic rhetoric that we are all Americans. No we aren't. The term American does not just describe the soil upon which you stand. It includes the blood in that soil, spilled for Liberty. It includes our faith in God and His guiding hand in founding this nation and leading us to greatness. It includes our rugged individualism that refuses charity in lieu of a life of productive labor. It includes respect for our laws and our Constitution. It includes our love of good and disdain for evil. It includes our righteous disregard for the destructive and oppressive nature of collectivism. It includes our respect for the rights of the individual.

If you believe in redistribution of wealth you are NOT an American. You are an enemy of America. If you support the unconstitutional federal takeover of the powers of the States you are not an American, you are her enemy. If you believe that a judicial decision is sacrosanct even if it flies in the face of the Constitution, you are not American. If your church preaches Social Justice, a ruse of communist infiltrators, they are not American and they are not Godly. God does not justify stealing from one to give to another. That is not charity, it is theft; evil in all its forms. The enemies of America have too long enjoyed the anonymity of 'being American'. True Americans must call them out at every turn, every day, in every venue, with every breath. If you don't stand for individual Liberty, righteousness, constitutional republicanism and American Exceptionalism you are not my countryman, you are my enemy, you are the enemy of the greatest nation known to Mankind. Go from us and kiss your chains, let not a soul know that you were once our friend and neighbor, hide your face from the world lest they know your shame, seal your mouth lest your ignorance be known and your disrepute befall your genealogy. The enemy within is all the more despicable for it contains foreknowledge of what it destroys.

Happy Birthday Bittersweet Birthday Boy.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 28, 2011

America is Not Divided


In my last two articles I have engaged in an intellectual exercise to show the merits of a true third party transition to carry America forward by going back to her traditional political framework rooted in the protection of the sacrosanct principles of rights to Life, Liberty and Property. If you have not, you should read those two first. It is also important to understand that no one person can successfully begin a third party. It must be a coalition of well respected leaders who act in concert to upend the apple cart at once.
I will attempt to bridge some of the knee-jerk emotional issues that the powers that be have enjoyably used to divide us as a people. This division gives them justification to control us and keeps the money flowing to campaigns with nothing to offer but vitriol. We must all recognize that we are in a cultural war for the soul of this nation. Our opponents sporting a plethora of names but Marxists all, have been playing for keeps for over a hundred years. It is incumbent upon us to fight with purpose to protect this constitutional republic for future generations. Nothing less than the existence of these United States is at stake. We will not win over every soul; but if we fight smart a vast majority of Americans will embrace Liberty again.

I begin with this issue for two reasons. One, the Marxists have long understood that the future of a nation is it's youth. That is precisely why they have infected every corner of education in this nation already. Two, the Founders understood that self government will only work with a virtuous and educated public. Nothing could be more important for the long term healing of this nation than to return education to a personal level where local parents control the content of their children's schools.
Entrenched bureaucracies are not easily dismantled, however, the Department of Education must be abolished. The dismal record of this federal monstrosity coupled with it's massive budget should make this easy, but alas it will not be. This action will have to be in concert with a national informational push to ensure all Americans that the legal system will be available and accessible to all citizens who require redress for discriminatory practices in any corner of America. Every American child has a right to access to an education. A voucher system is a possible bridge to an end, but ultimately complete control for education must return to the States and local municipalities. All States must be urged to include vigorous instruction in history that includes the virtue of protecting individual liberty and the dangers of collectivist thought in the 20th century. Political correctness must be ignored and we must teach that all collectivist thought is rooted in Marxism and totalitarianism and destroys Liberty. Americans as a whole are sick and tired of hearing how awful America is. Pride in our nation is a must for our children. America has done more to lift the people of the world out of poverty and oppression than any country in history and it's high time we bragged on it. Finally, we must use aggressive techniques to open the eyes of the urban populace. A good tactic is to turn an opponents methods against them. For instance we should frame the educational debate as a Freedom of Choice issue. Why shouldn't you have a choice where to send your child to school? Voucher programs in our Capital have shown this is a winning issue. We should also use class warfare, but in a different context. Rich people get to choose where to send their children to school, so why shouldn't you be able to choose? Equality in Education is our mantra. The children that are hurt the worst by the current federal education system are the poorest and in many cases minorities. We must embrace their plight as our own and lift them up to the freedom a good education can provide. Loose your chains and rise out of poverty!

Democrats are racists. That's right I said it and our leadership needs to say it over and over again. It's not enough to say though, you have to prove it. Our leadership must be schooled in democratic racism and prepared at any moment to provide documented evidence. All government poverty programs are predicated on the notion that minorities cannot excel on their own. The assistance given is not invected with positive reinforcement and entrepreneurial spirit. It is merely handouts intended to enslave the recipients to a political party. It is time to call them out constantly. Voting rights passed with Republican senators efforts to overcome Southern Democrat resistance. None other than LBJ voted against Truman's civil rights bill that among other things banned lynching, before he became President. Democrats/Marxists are shameless and have used the plight of black Americans for political gain and we should call them on it at every turn. Conservatives believe in Liberty for all and that includes responsibility. That being said, the simple fact is that the governments War on Poverty has been an abysmal failure and has devastated the urban minority populations. Our new task is to slowly change the focus and money for poverty programs to educational freedom and economic enfranchisement. Teaching minority communities to engage in free market capitalism will lift them out of poverty quicker than any handout possibly could. Imagine the enormous mountains of cash now frittered away in welfare programs being redirected to establish locally controlled excellence in education programs and free market capitalism for urban communities. Race must become irrelevant in America. No race question should be allowed on any government document, job application or census. As always the public must be assured that the legal system is available for redress of proven institutional racism, but otherwise we must get beyond race and treat people as people. Any urban poverty programs must be designed to disperse and rejuvenate the communities making 'poor' sections obsolete. All programs must also be designed to phase out slowly with successful results. These programs must be aggressive and temporary, no more than two generations should be required to set the minority population on the road to the success of Liberty coupled with free market capitalism. Finally political correctness must be abolished, ridiculed and aggressively exposed for the stupidity it represents. You have a right to be free, you don't have a right to not be offended. If you're offended, get over it and move on with your life, ignoring the offender if you must. This too must be taught in schools at an early age. Some people are jerks, move on!

This issue is another that requires mostly aggressive informational campaigning. My dad was 22 years in the Air Force and as conservative as they come. He taught me at an early age to respect the beauty of nature. We camped a lot when I was a child and we were always made to pick up the trash around a campsite before we left, even others trash. "Always leave it better than you found it." he would say. At first we hated it but eventually it became second nature. I admonished my friends not to litter all through the 70's. We all want clean air and clean water. Modern day environmentalists are no more than anti-capitalists and in some cases anarchists. Nothing reveals this any more than the Global Warming Hoax perpetrated by the 'Extreme Green' fascists led by the likes of Al Gore, who stood to profit considerably from Cap and Trade legislation. Conservatives need an aggressive campaign to fight for Free Market Green solutions. Americans respond to positive messages. We should adopt a positive, national pride and responsibility message that rejects government control and constantly points out the ridiculous but predictable arrogance of government environmental programs that destroy massive job creating and community enhancing projects for insignificant snails, lizards or weeds. It is good business to protect our environment and use our resources frugally and that is the message government needs to send. The most polluting nations in the world are those with extreme poverty. Just look at the rivers around massive poor populations around the world. Trash and human waste flow endlessly. Prosperous nations are the best equipped to institute free market intelligent pollution controls and develop newer technologies to provide clean sources of energy for our entrepreneurial society. This argument is easily winnable by anyone with the courage to stand and fight for common sense environmental respect.

So many times the current perceived societal problem is actually caused by previous governmental interference into something in which it has no business whatsoever. Marriage is a multi-millennial long tradition rooted in religious and cultural values of family. Early civilizations understood the advantages of cohesive family units in the raising of children, preserving societal safety and peaceful cohabitation. At what point did we agree that the government should control the tradition of marriage? What gives the government the authority to require a license for one to commit to a lifetime of dedication to a loved one? Clearly, government has no right whatsoever to interject itself into a tradition as long held in civil societies as marriage. By doing so, government has granted 'preferred status' to married individuals which inevitably leads to societal jealousy and division. Anytime government allows one citizen to be treated differently than another the end result will always be discrimination and corruption. I personally believe that homosexuality is an abomination. I believe that some are born with more of a predilection towards it, and others are drawn to it for emotional reasons. But if I go to Heaven, and God tells me my friends will not be with me there because they loved another of the same sex, I will have many questions about that 'God is Love' thing. Regardless of how or why it occurs, the simple act of one person loving another is in and of itself harmless to society at large. Freedom often means liberty for those with which we vehemently disagree. The criteria must always be the protection of rights of others. Same sex relationships do not pose a threat to my rights. However, freedom also means that religious and social organizations must be free to decide for themselves whether they will engage with or distance themselves from a behavior with which they find sinful and against nature. If you don't like that, then you are free to start your own church or your own social organization. Communities must be able to decide for themselves what homes they want children raised in. I'm sorry, but if your sexual preference by nature negates the possibility of children, then you have no right to raise them. If a church decides to marry same sex couples, the community can decide if they care to attend that church. No persons should be discriminated against when it comes to commerce, health or basic needs. The Constitution protects the Life, Liberty and Property of all Americans, period. No hospital has the right to tell a patient who can visit them. No insurance company has a right to tell a client who their benefits should be assigned to. The solution to this issue is to get the government the Hell out of our lives. Courts must protect Constitutional rights. Freedom of association must be respected. Religious freedom must be protected. Traditions developed over thousands of years of societal behavior should be left to society to evolve, not to the bureaucrats in an oppressive government.

The Constitution guarantees the protection of all Americans rights to Life, Liberty and Property.'s the first one. All others cannot be protected without first protecting life. All human life in America must be protected, period. No matter how one may want to resort to clinical means of obfuscation, not a single person on earth can tell me where life begins, not one. Therefore, we are obligated by the Constitution to err on the side of life. The taking of an innocent human life is murder plain and simple. We must educate our children that this is so. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy, abortion is not one of them, it is the murder of an innocent child, no different than killing a 5 year old. Anyone who disagrees with this stance must be asked to prove when life begins. Failing to do so they should be called what they are, Murderers. The protection of innocent life has no place for political correctness or misplaced kindness. If you support the killing of a child you are an abhorrent creature deserving no respect or place in civil society. Truth.

We are a nation of laws. Any person who disrespects American law disrespects the American people. All American people, including those who legally migrate here. The Constitution requires the federal government to protect the States from invasion. Clearly we cannot simply open our borders to all who wish to come, there must be a sensible limit to allow assimilation into our society. The borders must be protected. The immigration laws in regards to businesses must be enforced. Legal immigrants must be respected by not allowing illegal immigrants to trample on their sacrifice. Any illegal immigrant in the U.S. is subject to deportation and/or legal jurisprudence. No one entering the U.S. illegally has any right to access public assistance, education or commerce. I don't care if you are Mexican, Guatemalan, Chinese, British or any other nationality on the face of the earth, you will enter America legally or you will get the Hell out. If the American people want to change immigration policy; we will. No foreign country has any right to interject in this process. Mind your own business.

Most Americans understand on a very fundamental level the importance of personal liberty and the destructiveness of collectivists intervention. Brainwashed Democrats will completely reject redistribution of wealth if practiced on a personal level. Go to any American house in the country and tell the occupant that you are taking their car away and giving it to a neighbor who cannot afford one. They will throw you off of their property, violently if so required. Conservatives must embark on an all out assault on Marxist principles of the collective above the individual. Strong, passionate and relentless rejection of all things communist will resonate loudly with the American people. If not for the successful lies of the left, they would not win a single election in the United States of America. Most people are hungry for a party to emerge and passionately fight for the soul of this nation. Let's Roll!!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 9, 2011

A Bridge to Elsewhere


With America continuing it's spiral into the economic abyss one might think that citizens of all political persuasions would begin to converge on some common goals and interests and work towards a renewal of our economic greatness. One would be terribly wrong. In fact it appears that America is on it's way to deepening the divide between the People. But is this divide real? Some of it is certainly so. We have a segment of our population that believe that capitalism is evil and that socialism is the humane way of life. These will never agree with constitutional capitalists much as those in the Revolution who believed fealty to the King should be the duty of all Americans would never agree with the Patriots. But ideological divides are normal and healthy when filled with spirited debate and shared respect. After the Revolutionary War there was a great push across the colonies to ensure that loyalists were not unduly punished. Of course, there were incidents but mass reprisal did not take place. Some loyalist moved back to England but most stayed and became a part of the Great Experiment. However, what we are seeing today is much more insidious. The press plays a part in this as I pointed out in an article called the Great Divide. There is a coalition thrusting Marxist thought upon the young and the ignorant. This is a coordinated attack by unions, cultural media, academia and political leadership. It is relentless and it has been going on for a century but with earnest in the last 15 years, not coincidentally after the '94 conservative revolution. This is a monumental threat to the Union. In my opinion it borders on treason. The actual numbers of individuals involved actively are miniscule. The vast majority are the useful idiots Marx gleefully proposed as the ground forces for subterfuge of governments. The sad fact is that many of these are woefully ignorant of history, economics and virtue. I contend however, that with the defeat of Marxist thought combined with the abject failure of socialist policy and with the eventual exposure of the cultural media and academia as outright propagandist for Marxism; many of these people will return to the fold of good American citizens who love Life, Liberty and Property rights. The true believers will never be redeemed. While a growing number, in my estimation this is only about 20% of the active citizenry. That number is important as polls have consistently shown that about 40% of Americans consider themselves either conservative or strongly conservative. This leaves about 40% of the so-called moderates or independents. Therein lies the nexus of political stalemate in America today. Moderates are by their very nature easily swayed. The reason that they are moderates is they are willing to compromise their beliefs for the sake of peaceful negotiation. This lends itself to easily being beguiled by ideologues who demonize their opponents and demand compromise while themselves giving no quarter in the political war. Though the Marxists need a larger percentage of the moderates to prevail they have the propagandist media and academia coupled with unions, making this quite easy to achieve in fact. The tendancy of conservatives to be decent, fair and pre-occupied means that little push back to the Marxist charge is given until it begins to wrought it's inevitable destruction of our traditional values and/or our economy. So my friends, there you have the recipe for continued division, destruction and diametrically opposed visions for America. What to do...what to do? As my last blogpost revealed, I have come to the conclusion that the only logical answer is a new political paradigm.

What is interesting about the above stated numbers, which are mine but based on intense reading of many polls over many years, is that conservatives could build an unbeatable coalition if only they could peel off a consistent number of moderates around the 15-20% range. This is not only doable but extremely easy if one can only do a couple of critical things. One, address some of the devisive issues that reach moderates on a very emotional level. Two, adopt an aggressive war-like attitude, such as that the left has incorporated for a century, to smite our policial enemies and evicerate their ideology on the world stage for all to witness. I contend that the GOP as entrenched is wholly incapable of implementing this strategy. In fact a small number of GOP faithful will reject these tactics and much like the loyalist that returned to England will fade in the political landscape never to be seen nor heard from again in any real relevancy. But such a strategy will coalesce a vast majority of Americans with the strongest bonds of humanity; Love, Life, Liberty, Prosperity, Free-Market Capitalism, Traditional Values, Charity and above all; Patriotism. God Bless the United States of America!

Soon, I will address the devisive issues that need to be addressed. Perhaps you can guess what some of them may be? I will also outline the aggressive techniques needed to once and for all banish the Marxist ideal of the collective comfort over the individual's rights to the waste bin of history where it will take it's rightful place beside Feudalism and Aristocracy as despicable whims of evil men.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 4, 2011

A Call to Perry, Palin et al to Save America


Every generation is a living chapter of history. Historical boredom marks many a generation. The history that piques the interest of the scholar, whether armchair or ivory tower, is that which takes place during extremely difficult times. History frowns upon the ill-prepared. Examine some of the problems facing America and the world and you begin to fathom the depth of this generation’s challenge:

• Spread of Violent Islamic Jihad and Sharia Law
• Unsecured Borders/Unenforced Immigration Laws
• Rampant Corruption in Government
• Marxist Infiltration/Indoctrination in all Aspects of Government and Education
• Economic Terrorism
• High Unemployment
• Assault on and Disregard for, Our Constitutional Republican Form of Government
• Assault on Free Market Capitalism
• Loss of Property Rights
• Intrusive Police State
• Divisive Class & Racial Politics
• Loss of Respect For Life
• Loss of Faith in Our Creator
• Science Corrupted by Ideology
• Educational & Intellectual Decline
• Yellow Journalism
• Rife Dishonesty
• Collapse of Justice System into Political Tool
• Profligate Spending & Taxation
• Excessive Regulations on Business
• Unholy Alliance of Corporations and Government
• Loss of Sovereignty
• Loss of American Identity & Culture
• Communist Chinese Military Build-Up
• Nuclear Proliferation Among Radical Dictators
• Decline of Western Civilization & Values
• Demographic Demise of Europe

The list is almost endless. The sloth and arrogance of the American people coupled with the onslaught of Marxist thought and incompetent & corrupt leadership have led this great nation to the precipice of destruction. Chaos, tyranny, violence, hunger and death will engulf the world if the People of America do not instigate a paradigm shift in the United States federal government. What is at stake is whether Mankind will have a bulwark against fascism, and whether Liberty will be defended on the international stage. If America does not stand for Freedom and the concept of individual worth and prosperity, what nation will do so?

The two-party political system in America, having served us well for some period of time, has devolved in the last century into co-equal oppressors. Recent hopes for the Republican Party to rise to the calling of the People for constitutional republicanism have been dashed following historic elections in 1994 and 2010. The frustration of the People is beyond the ability of language to quantify. Party leadership makes it ever so apparent to thinking Americans that the GOP has no real interest in dismantling centralized, unconstitutional government; only controlling it for their own personal power and prosperity at the expense of the rights of the Several States and the Liberty of the People.

The challenges facing this nation are much too great for any one person to properly engage. While true leadership has been lacking in recent decades we are blessed to have in the political realm a handful of charismatic, energetic, patriotic, honest and intelligent individuals who have risen to the forefront to fight for a return to the Founding principles. The recent Tea Party movement contains a vast cross section of hard-working American People longing for a return to our traditional values & principles. It is within this context that I hereby request a coalition of individuals to combine their efforts in the cause of Liberty. It is with the full measure of spiritual muster that I call upon:

Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Allen West…

Rise above your personal ambition. Give flight to your patriotic fervor. Embrace the yearning American People and carry the torch of Liberty for a Second Revolution. A revolution of peace brought forth through the very construct of our Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution. Launch the ship of redemption for the Great Experiment and lead a third party, The Tea Party to a historic victory in the coming election of 2012. There are many who will follow and lead, but your popularity and resonance will solidify our efforts. I truly believe that, We the People of the United States of America would feverishly support such a movement to the extent that a historical shift in the political landscape will ensue. Upon seeing the popularity and spirit of such a movement, GOP candidates nationwide will abandon the old guard establishment and join this effort at haste. Democrats and Independents who have been locked in a political nightmare having truly been abandoned by their party years ago will also join. I have worked hard all of my life, prayed hard and been loyal to my country. I am a proud man not prone to begging but I beg each and every one of you; look into your hearts, pray; and help us save this, the greatest nation known to Mankind.

History is made by those with the courage to make it. Do not allow the waning flame of Liberty to be vanquished from the Earth. Deep within your hearts you know that current political parties will never allow the dismantling of centralized powerful government. This can only be done by an outside force, emboldened by the will of the People and blessed by Providence. Time may be unkind to procrastinated action. The fate of the world desperately awaits your decision. I urge you with all dispatch, lead us to victory!


In Liberty,


Besieged American

August 1, 2011

The D.C. Deal Dance


Do you know how things are done in Washington D.C.? I suspect that you have an inkling but I doubt that you know just how bad it is. The truth is that most of what you see is nothing more than political theatre. The intent of our legislative system is that bills would be offered, then debated openly on the respective floors, strengthened by amendment and then voted on. It is all meant to be a very open and honest process which allows for free thinking individuals to have the opportunity to create coalitions simply by the force of their ideas. This has not happened in the U.S. Congress for many, many years. The truth is that the leadership of both parties meet behind closed doors way ahead of any serious debate. They lay out both their legislative agenda AND, more importantly to them, their political concerns. Deals are made and the process is laid out, including to what extent each side will engage in political propaganda. One side may demand that at some point they will have to come out and call the other side the devil. This is understood and agreed to, knowing that the base agreement will not change. It is understood that certain members from certain districts will have to be allowed to vociferously argue against the bill, but this is all theatre and the votes are already whipped and they all know the outcome. Both sides eventually appear to ‘cave’ on certain demands that each already knew would never be met. The original agreement, which was already worked out before the ‘show’ began, then magically appears as the ‘compromise’ that the party leadership has been working tirelessly on for the American people. The bills are written by staff and sometimes even by outside interest groups. Previously agreed to ‘amendments’ are offered to sustain the illusion of debate. Legislators seldom read the whole bill. Debate on the floor is had, but no one is paying attention. Every vote is already locked in. No floor debate has changed more than a minor handful of inconsequential votes in either House of Congress in decades. These floor debates are simply talking points for the Cspan viewership, many times just providing political cover for selected members. Some of the truly reasonable members are allowed to offer bills that actually address the problem, but no vote is scheduled and no debate is had. It is simply a bone to quiet them down. Certain members and outside media groups on both sides will begin to rant about how terrible is this bill. This is the coup de grace for dissention because 'everyone' knows that true compromise means no one is really happy. Then the final vote is tallied and the credits on the show begin to roll. The media freely cooperate with the subsequent self-aggrandizement of how the American people have once again won a victory for compromise and reasonable government. The leadership and handpicked members then line up for the photo-ops and news conferences where they each assure their constituencies how hard they fought some of the more 'radical' elements of the original legislation to much fanfare. Finally, the fund raising letters for both sides go out. “We barely stopped this attack on your Liberty/Medicare (or whatever issue du jour works). We need your donation to continue to fight the good fight in your name. We came so close to losing here, we need your support.” And the Band played on…

That, my friends, is exactly what you have just witnessed in the so called debate on the Debt Ceiling hike. As usual with this type of faux debate the real losers are the taxpayers of America. You have been duped once again. How does it feel? If you are not sick to your stomach, you aren’t paying close enough attention. Hundreds of GOP candidates must be primaried in 2012 to have any hope at all to change this game. We are in a generational fight for the soul of this nation. Until we change enough members so this type of Kabuki dance politics ceases we will continue down the road to moral and fiscal ruin. Dust off your Tea Party signs; change the word ‘Dems’ to ‘RINO’s’ and let’s clean out this rats nest again in the next election.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

July 29, 2011

Of Battles and Wars


We are at war in America. The Second Revolution is under way. Fortunately our Founders provided us a way to have a bloodless war in America, a political war. The latest Washington fiasco called the Debt Ceiling Crisis is the first major skirmish in this war. The Obama health care debate leading to the rise of the T.E.A party (taxed enough already) was the shot heard round the world for this revolution. Now the two sides have shored up the troops, picked their hills to defend and are prepared for an all-out assault on the enemy. For liberals the enemy is the working American who actually pays taxes, the entrepreneur who actually creates jobs and the U.S. Constitution. For conservatives the enemy is Marxist politicians who want centralized socialist government to replace our constitutional republic and all of the useful idiots who support them. In the first revolution the beginning major battles were lost by the Patriots, but with General George Washington’s patient leadership they were able to fight a war of skirmishes, retreats and attacks until the British were worn, over-extended and defeated. We will not have the luxury of a drawn out conflict, nor do we have leaders such as those we had at our founding. This war may very well turn on this battle and the next; the 2012 elections. Even victory now and in the next election will not end the war, however. In many cases the bigger threat is from complacency upon victory allowing Republicans to return to their duplicitous nature of preaching conservatism while propping up unconstitutional programs, colluding with lobbyist, increasing spending infinitely and compromising principles for political purposes. Congress must return to Constitutional principles. They will probably have to be forced to by the several states and the People. The courts must return to the original intent of the Constitution and stop manipulating the actual words to fit a contemporary template of perceived repression. The power of Congress to impeach wayward Justices must be dutifully engaged. The People must understand they have the right to pursue happiness, not a federal government guarantee of such. Unconstitutional programs such as Social Security and Medicare must be taken off of the federal budget and stand on their own. If the People want these programs they must pay for them totally. Any increase in benefits must immediately result in increased deductions from paychecks. Incompetent, immoral and unethical government employees must be summarily fired. All government employee unions must be dissolved. If you don’t like it go to work in the private sector. Entire departments of government such as the Department of Education and the Department of Energy and the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor must be abolished. Congress must embark on a twenty year plan to repeal laws rather than write new ones. Current laws that are constitutional and necessary must be enforced vigorously. No new laws are needed at this point. A twenty year moratorium on new laws coupled with a twenty year process of repealing over-reaching, complicated, unconstitutional and unnecessary laws is required. Tax code must be abolished and replaced with a flat tax with zero deductions for any citizen in the entire nation. If you make a dollar you pay the same rate as if you make 10 billion dollars. The rich will still pay more because they make more, duh! I have already shown how the budget can be balanced in one year with a 7% flat tax in a previous blogpost. The Department of Justice must be overhauled and a Constitutional amendment must be passed to change how the Attorney General of the United States is selected. Currently this position is nothing more than a political hack who will protect the President at all costs. Both parties approve the nominations of the other no matter how unqualified they are. Witness AG Ashcroft and AG Holder of recent administrations. These positions must be filled through some type of electoral process. I suggest an election by the 50 governors but even that would be politicized at some point. Whatever the process the President and the party leadership must be completely outside of it. Strict rules must be in place to vigorously prosecute and imprison any AG who skirts his/her duty for political purposes, i.e. Holders refusal to prosecute the Black Panther poll intimidators. America must stop spending the People’s taxes on foreign governments who are not true friends of the American people. Wars must be fought viciously for maximum effect or not fought at all. No American life is worth a temporary political gain. When America’s national interest are at stake we must fight and we must win. Otherwise, we isolate, marginalize and refuse commerce with anyone who works against the interest of international peace and prosperity. Anyone. Including ‘well-meaning’ goodie two shoes without a clue.

These are but a few of the enormous challenges ahead for this nation. We are at war now and the outcome of that war will determine whether this Grand Experiment founded on the idea that Man can govern themselves, that our rights come from our Creator and that no government has the authority to abridge those rights will succeed and continue to bring peace and prosperity to millions of people worldwide; or whether it will fail and the world will be destined for tyranny, oppression, chaos and bloodshed such as has never been witnessed on this earth heretofore. Choose your side wisely my fellow countrymen. May God Bless the United States of America in this, the mother of all battles for Liberty.

nex ut tyrannus!

by: Keith D. Rodebush