August 9, 2011

A Bridge to Elsewhere


With America continuing it's spiral into the economic abyss one might think that citizens of all political persuasions would begin to converge on some common goals and interests and work towards a renewal of our economic greatness. One would be terribly wrong. In fact it appears that America is on it's way to deepening the divide between the People. But is this divide real? Some of it is certainly so. We have a segment of our population that believe that capitalism is evil and that socialism is the humane way of life. These will never agree with constitutional capitalists much as those in the Revolution who believed fealty to the King should be the duty of all Americans would never agree with the Patriots. But ideological divides are normal and healthy when filled with spirited debate and shared respect. After the Revolutionary War there was a great push across the colonies to ensure that loyalists were not unduly punished. Of course, there were incidents but mass reprisal did not take place. Some loyalist moved back to England but most stayed and became a part of the Great Experiment. However, what we are seeing today is much more insidious. The press plays a part in this as I pointed out in an article called the Great Divide. There is a coalition thrusting Marxist thought upon the young and the ignorant. This is a coordinated attack by unions, cultural media, academia and political leadership. It is relentless and it has been going on for a century but with earnest in the last 15 years, not coincidentally after the '94 conservative revolution. This is a monumental threat to the Union. In my opinion it borders on treason. The actual numbers of individuals involved actively are miniscule. The vast majority are the useful idiots Marx gleefully proposed as the ground forces for subterfuge of governments. The sad fact is that many of these are woefully ignorant of history, economics and virtue. I contend however, that with the defeat of Marxist thought combined with the abject failure of socialist policy and with the eventual exposure of the cultural media and academia as outright propagandist for Marxism; many of these people will return to the fold of good American citizens who love Life, Liberty and Property rights. The true believers will never be redeemed. While a growing number, in my estimation this is only about 20% of the active citizenry. That number is important as polls have consistently shown that about 40% of Americans consider themselves either conservative or strongly conservative. This leaves about 40% of the so-called moderates or independents. Therein lies the nexus of political stalemate in America today. Moderates are by their very nature easily swayed. The reason that they are moderates is they are willing to compromise their beliefs for the sake of peaceful negotiation. This lends itself to easily being beguiled by ideologues who demonize their opponents and demand compromise while themselves giving no quarter in the political war. Though the Marxists need a larger percentage of the moderates to prevail they have the propagandist media and academia coupled with unions, making this quite easy to achieve in fact. The tendancy of conservatives to be decent, fair and pre-occupied means that little push back to the Marxist charge is given until it begins to wrought it's inevitable destruction of our traditional values and/or our economy. So my friends, there you have the recipe for continued division, destruction and diametrically opposed visions for America. What to do...what to do? As my last blogpost revealed, I have come to the conclusion that the only logical answer is a new political paradigm.

What is interesting about the above stated numbers, which are mine but based on intense reading of many polls over many years, is that conservatives could build an unbeatable coalition if only they could peel off a consistent number of moderates around the 15-20% range. This is not only doable but extremely easy if one can only do a couple of critical things. One, address some of the devisive issues that reach moderates on a very emotional level. Two, adopt an aggressive war-like attitude, such as that the left has incorporated for a century, to smite our policial enemies and evicerate their ideology on the world stage for all to witness. I contend that the GOP as entrenched is wholly incapable of implementing this strategy. In fact a small number of GOP faithful will reject these tactics and much like the loyalist that returned to England will fade in the political landscape never to be seen nor heard from again in any real relevancy. But such a strategy will coalesce a vast majority of Americans with the strongest bonds of humanity; Love, Life, Liberty, Prosperity, Free-Market Capitalism, Traditional Values, Charity and above all; Patriotism. God Bless the United States of America!

Soon, I will address the devisive issues that need to be addressed. Perhaps you can guess what some of them may be? I will also outline the aggressive techniques needed to once and for all banish the Marxist ideal of the collective comfort over the individual's rights to the waste bin of history where it will take it's rightful place beside Feudalism and Aristocracy as despicable whims of evil men.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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