December 28, 2013

Emotional Tyranny


It is both fascinating and tragic to witness the extent to which Marxist Ideology has been successful in convincing millions of people that their best interests lie in subjugating themselves to the rule of a few over the many. In pursuit of equality they institute bigotry. In the interest of comfort they curse their progeny with slavery. Nothing is real in the land of the ‘useful idiot’. They preach freedom while they steal liberty. Through federal restriction and regulation on everything from stock ponds to light bulbs to soda pop they propagate oppression in the name of kindness. They preach equality for one group while trouncing the religious liberty of another group. Inequality in pursuit of equality. They protest immigration law by ignoring and flaunting the law; oblivious to the fact that in a land where laws are flaunted no one is safe from government oppression. Oppression to save the oppressed. Only the ill-educated and emotionally undeveloped mind could possibly buy in to such backward thinking. And yet, they do so by the 10’s of millions right here in the Land of the Free. How is it possible for that many people to be fooled so readily? I have a notion what may be the culprit.

Most right-thinking Americans are already aware the state of public education is abysmal and no amount of dollars from the Treasury will fix it. However, this cannot be the entire story. People leave school, they enter the real world, they learn anew. No, there is another element that is retarding the normal learning process. There must be something much deeper within the human psyche that allows such a visceral rejection of all reason and logic in favor of the progressive leadership’s cause du jour.

To understand this one must first understand liberal ideology and where its tenants are based. First, I hate the word liberal as it is used in contemporary political discourse. In America, they started as Progressives until the people learned their true aim was regressive and anti-American. Then they changed to Communists until Joe McCarthy exposed them and the nation showed its avarice towards anyone who would dare destroy the Peoples Liberty. So of course they simply changed their moniker to Liberal; another classic misdirection, using the old form of liberty-loving individuals like our Founders to foist slavery upon the People. Just like Progressive’s weren’t progressive; neither are Liberals liberty-loving. Many have lately taken to calling themselves Progressives again so sphere of obfuscation is complete.

What are they really? Of course they are simply Marxists. Now your college professor will give you a very narrow definition of Marxism in your ‘Everyone Must Hate Conservatives’ class. But Marx and Engels had no such narrowness to their ideology. As the Marxist Bible, The Communist Manifesto was printed in alternate languages there were always prefaces or post script comments that are very revealing. Marxism was always meant to be fluid; to adapt to different cultures; to be incremental and stealth.

“The practical application of the principles will depend, as the Manifesto itself states, everywhere and at all times, on the historical conditions for the time being existing…” Preface to the 1872 German Edition - The Communist Manifesto

For the sake of brevity and to proceed to the finer point, let us put Marxism ‘in a nutshell’ as they say:

·        the right of the Collective supersedes individual rights

·        the Proletariat should seize the means of production (in the American rendition this is done by the State FOR the collective) [the 1872 German edition clearly states that the Proletariat could never seize and properly administer the means of production]

·        a progressive tax structure; redistribution of wealth; rob the rich to help the poor

·        diminish property rights; a further tool for the redistribution of wealth; no one should own land or have rights to the fruits of their labor

·        equality of outcome in lieu of equality of opportunity; a Utopia that will never exist; FORCED equality (irony is lost on them)

Now, any rudimentary observance of modern Liberals proves clearly that they are indeed simply little Marxists under a new banner. In public they scoff at such a comparison despite its clearly apparent truth. This is telling as they know they must LIE to sell their snake oil. The professors in your state colleges are not nearly as shy. They will openly embrace Marxism with the old stale argument, “…if it was just properly implemented, we would all be better off.”

Okay, we have clearly demonstrated that it is simply Marxist Ideology that we are up against. So, the important point for this discussion is how do they implement same? It has always been true that Marxism is divisive in nature. It has always been the Proletariat against the Bourgeoisie. One citizen fighting another; this IS Marxism. Offensive fighting comes from hate which comes from fear which comes from ignorance. The root of communist insurgency is demonstrably emotional in nature. This is at the core of all modern Marxism; human emotion used to stir the People into fighting one another; thereby allowing the State to control the People, ‘for their own good.’ Divide and conquer. Sun Tzu would be proud.

And finally, this brings us to my notion. In order for virus of Marxism to successfully invade a healthy population, it requires an ignorant and emotional base. Ignarus Semino Dominatus (Ignorance Breeds Tyranny). To be ignorant one must ignore facts. What are the contributing factors to the emergence of such a large base within the populace of a republic; otherwise free and educated? Once we understand the hierarchy of the emotional element within Marxism, a clue emerges. Like a Sherlock Holmes mystery, a single fiber upon a lapel can lead to the solution of a complicated case. What is our single fiber which explains how an otherwise educated populace can act so ignorant?


Or in this case the lack thereof. Love is the strongest of human emotions. Its counterpart Hate is a close second. As we have discussed previously, hate comes from fear and ignorance. But love is the strongest and is natural to all humankind. Imagine if you will, a populace which feels void of this most important human emotion? Imagine the desperation and fervent search to fill that void within the human consciousness? Literature is rife with tales of the daughter whose father was distant and cold, or merely absent, who seeks out older men and typically falls victim to the abusive sort. Attempting to fill a chasm within her soul she is blinded and susceptive to control. I propose that we have a populace bordering on a majority that is consumed by the thought that they are not truly loved. They desperately seek something to fill the vast void within them left behind from a childhood in which they believe no one truly cared for them. Their early lives become a quixotic fight to find something to supplant their desperate need with comfort and hope.

It may be from the indifference and selfishness of divorced parents, many of whom play their children against one another. It may be from upper middle class families who struggle through high taxation and regulatory oppression with dual incomes thereby forcing the mother from the home, her children raised by schools, grandmothers or other surrogates. It may even be as nuanced as so-called helicopter parents, who in attempting to fill their own chasm of abandonment, smother their children with oppressive attention which is transparently selfish. “I’m a good parent” printed on their forehead alerts the child to the attendant lack of true love for the child and self-serving intent. Whatever the avenue, and we today have as many as an entire world of New York City’s; our children are growing up feeling like no one actually cares about them in a fundamental way. Tragically there are far too many who will use this emotional suffering to control these people.

And here you have the root of modern American politics, epitomized in the constant campaign of Barak Obama. Every speech he gives is towards one purpose only; to further the mantra that he cares about you and conservatives do not. He loves you even as he cancels your insurance. He loves you even as he steals from the People’s Treasury. He loves you as he destroys the greatest economy the world has known. He loves you as he raises rates on utilities making the poor even more destitute. He loves you as he diminishes your nation around the world allowing violent Islam to profligate. Obama turns economic disadvantage to utter desperation for the Black community yet he loves them; and they love him. Only complete blindness to the reality and deplorable effect of Barak Obama’s philosophy, the degradation of capitalism and American Exceptionalism, could allow him to succeed in implementing same. Only the strongest human emotion will allow this blindness; (the search for) love.  Mitt Romney loses an election; not because he isn’t brilliant, not because he doesn’t understand economics, not because he doesn’t love Liberty; not because he wouldn’t make us more prosperous; not because he wouldn’t make us stronger; no…he loses because a sufficient number of American voters believe he doesn’t care for them personally.

The American people are easily convinced that a truly grass roots movement of normal working folks whose only real purpose is to reign in oppressive government and restore the U.S. Constitution’s limits of federal power, are hateful racists; because ‘they don’t care about you but Barak Obama does and that’s why they are against him’. Not only does he love you but he is the only one who does.

The American Liberal Voter is the battered woman of so much literature; desperately searching for someone to replace a lost childhood that can never be restored. Politics becomes a sickening game of lovers and haters. We love you. They hate you. Now put some ice on that; I promise I won’t do it again.

There is nothing stronger than Love. Jesus Christ gave His very life so the entire world could be saved of their sins. Such is the greatest Love of all. Such is the power of that love. A childhood void of the love of mother AND father,  void of the pure love of Jesus Christ, is the fruitful ground upon which tyranny is grown. Marxism = Hate yet it is sold as Love; even as it destroys all it touches. Love is blind…and so is the modern Liberal.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

December 15, 2013

Third Party Not A Democrat Victory


A true Patriot is not loyal to any group other than fellow Americans. Some of those may not even want your fealty to their Liberty but one must fight for them nevertheless. We fight for our own by fighting for others. We owe no loyalty to a Party. Particularly one that no longer stands on it's own principles. Many so-called pundits today threaten that a conservative third party would simply ensure Democrat victories in perpetuity.  Nothing could be further from the truth. But that is not really surprising. Truth is patient zero in the viral infection of Marxism.

Let us first be clear about Marxism. The primary tenets of Marxism are a progressive tax code, diminished property rights, government control of the means of production, (currently accomplished through tax and regulation) and the diminishment of individual rights for the perceived good of the collective. Now if you don't understand that this perfectly describes 98% of Congress and 100% of Democrats, then you need not read further. Your ignorance is your bliss and you may go. Kiss your chains and tell no one you were once my countryman. For those who do understand, consider:

It is perfectly clear to anyone who can withdraw themselves from the self-serving bubble of federal politics why the Grand Ole Party would not want a conservative third party. It is not that Democrats would win; it is simply that they (current GOP) would lose. Let's assume for this intellectual exercise that the T.E.A. party were to create a new national political party, we'll call it the TParty. This party would enlist candidates across the nation to run for office as Representatives and Senators. In conservative districts, the current GOP representative would choose whether to stay with the GOP or run as a TParty candidate. If the conservative vote is split; it simply means that neither candidate properly represents it's constituency. In most cases the most conservative candidate will be clear and they will win, GOP or TParty notwithstanding. In moderate districts, TParty candidates would create a new clear choice to some long-time Democrats who are less likely to be happy with the National Debt and the Liberal long-term fiscal strategy. Some of these districts could also go to TParty candidates.

In the end you will end up with roughly the same split with the House of Representatives. The only difference is that you will have a block of TParty candidates who are not beholden to the GOP establishment. These members will naturally caucus with the GOP; they certainly will not caucus with the Marxist Party that the Democrats have become. Again the difference is that as a block they will force the GOP to write more conservative legislation. A win, win, win for America.

In the Senate, there may initially be a cost to the GOP. However, the GOP has already proven incapable of controlling the Senate. In fact, when the GOP did briefly hold the Senate in recent years they squandered that opportunity by voting for more government, more regulation, more infringement of civil rights and more debt. Instead of tax and spend we got cut taxes and spend. However, once again, conservative TParty candidates will force GOP candidates to either embrace conservative principles or lose. What will occur is the People will finally have a CLEAR choice in candidates. The Marixst Democrat or the Patriot constitutionalist TParty candidate. The moderate GOP candidate will quickly become irrelevant. This is what they fear the most.

Once again the numbers in the Senate will remain mostly the same. It is always possible that it could sway one way or the other depending on current fiscal reality, i.e. ObamaCare. Once again a solid block of TParty Senators with no loyalty to GOP establishment will force a clear vote on bills by both the GOP and the Democrats. The GOP will be forced to choose; vote with the Constitutionalists or vote with the Marxists. Again, for America a clear win.

The only real possibility of a third party being a positive for Democrats is in the election of a President. If the TParty ran a presidential candidate, and nothing says they must do so at least initially, it could be a net positive for a Democrat nominee. There are exit polls that show some third party candidates actually pull from Democrats more, but regardless let us look at recent history. If the GOP is simply going to put up another liberal Republican aka Dole, McCain or Romney, then they are likely to lose anyway. The simple threat of a conservative third party presidential candidate may force the GOP to nominate a true conservative so that Americans will have a CLEAR choice in electing their national leader. Legislation passed by a TParty supported Congress will in all likelihood be signed by a future GOP president. Another win for Americans. It may be unnecessary for the TParty to run a presidential candidate initially.

The true threat of a third party to the establishment GOP is the potential for the GOP to eventually become irrelevant. This is their greatest fear. National politics for the current GOP has simply become about power, influence and money. They want the power, they want the contributions, they want the committee assignments, they want the corruption that lines their pockets and makes ALL politicians rich beyond their means to do so in the private sector. Losing all of that is their real fear. All those who oppose a conservative third party simply out themselves as Liberals/Progressives/Marxists/Democrats or whatever nom du jour that one chooses to apply to a statist politician these days.

We as Americans have a unique quality the world envy's beyond all else. We owe no loyalty to our rulers. We only owe loyalty to our Constitution and our Liberty. I will no longer support a candidate, a pundit or a Party that does not respect the Constitutional limits on federal power. To do so is to be disloyal to future progeny; mine and yours. I will fight to protect their Liberty whether they want it or not. What they do with it afterwards is on their head, not mine. Let us pray that there are enough Americans out there who share my faith and loyalty to our Founding Documents. May God continue to bless the United States of America!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

December 8, 2013

Where's Your Plan?


When you have to lie about everything that you stand for, it makes one develop a skill in turning words around to trap your detractors. This prevarication prowess is then passed on to one's minions and over decades a rather impressive rhetorical repertoire is developed. In fact, it is simply based on one of the principles of Marketing; turn negatives into selling points. As all Marxist ideology must be 'sold' since it is in fact destructive; little difference can be found between the Socialist policy purveyors and the late night television product pimps and pitchmen. Consider:

  • It has a flashy name that sounds useful
  • The grandiose presentation of benefits
  • Bad side affects are only muttered in speedy talk or posted as text that only ants can read
  • There is someone or some entity that doesn't want you to have it
  • The high price has been slashed just for you, you will actually save money by spending same
  • The sense of urgency is established as you must act before midnight tonight...any night
  • The duplicitous pitchman is energetic, passionate, attractive and appealing
  • It is presented as something that you really, really need
  • What will you do without it?

Nothing in the realm of politics has needed more 'pitching' than the recent debacle known both affectionately and disdainfully as ObamaCare (The 'Affordable' 'Care' Act of 2009). One of the recent tricks of treachery that tyrannical Socialists like to use is the question, "Where's your plan?"
The trick of course is that they are not asking for your plan to stomp out Communism once and for all. Nor are they asking for your plan to discredit Marxist Ideology in all of it's permutations. No, they are asking what is your plan to further the 'Progressive' takeover of the American republic.

The trick is the wordplay to trap opponents and appear endearing to the useful idiots Rush Limbaugh so astutely calls the 'Low-Information Voters'. The treachery is the attempt to minimize the discussion to only that which furthers their destructive agenda, enslaving the people and seizing control of all aspects of  human behavior; all of which can be harnessed to the rubric of 'Healthcare' management.

Of course the simple and sublime answer is, "I have no plan to enslave the American People to an all-controlling government, Sir. I respect the Peoples' freedom of choice, freedom from intrusion and the U. S. Constitution too much for that." But, alas; I don't know that we have anyone in politics today save a precious few who have the desire or intellect to say such.

Other more pithy possibilities:

  • My plan is to defeat Socialism before it destroys this nation
  • My plan is to respect the rights of the People and the Several States
  • My plan is called the U.S. Constitution. You would think a 'Constitutional Scholar' had read it.
  • My plan is freedom and prosperity for all Americans who are willing to work for it.
  • My plan is Liberty and free-market capitalism which has provided more healthcare for the people of the world than any system known to Man.

And on and on. And yet, you never hear this on the news do you? Why is that? Either the GOP is too stupid or too corrupt to do so. You decide amongst yourselves. I'm tired of trying to figure them out.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

November 24, 2013

Papaw's Farm


[Re-published from a dormant Hub Pages account by the author]

Grandpa was a mechanic when he needed a real job. The rest of the time he was a farmer, a hunter and just a good ol' country boy. His farm was on a country road way off in the boonies of Arkansas. When he would take us kids to town with him we would always go with trepidation and excitement as we both loved and feared Grandpa. One thing you certainly knew, he would put your stomach into your throat as he gunned the old '59 Cheverolet Apache over the rises in the road. "Stop it, grandpa!" we would scream. All the while grinning like a horse eating saw briars.

My fathers dad was a true man of the depression. He had an eighth grade education but didn't let you look down on him for it. He read books and conversed incessantly throughout his life. What he didn't know he'd find out and if you knew more than him, well, he didn't acknowledge that it made you any better. One thing you could never do is outwit him. You see he had something a lot of folks spend a lifetime trying to get and never make it. He had common sense and an amazing way of judging people by one look in the eye and one shake of the hand. It wasn't just a firm handshake, salesmen learned that one early in their career. No he just had a sixth sense about folks. I remember more than once that we'd meet someone and they'd seem well enough to me. Grandpa was always courteous and would talk as long as you wanted to. Then we'd walk away and grandpa would say, "I don't like that feller." matter of factly. We would inquire and try to get the goods as curious kids will do. He wouldn't really let on anything though, just say he could tell, and that feller wasn't right. In my life I've never found him to be wrong. Mostly it was just people that turned out to be a little full of themselves or couldn't really be trusted.

Grandpa's farm was right beside the railroad tracks. We kids loved to lay in the grass in the front yard and listen to the train coming. Many miles away you could hear the wistful moan of the train horn as it crossed the few county roads in the area. We would lay with anticipation, the sun shining on our faces, the cool grass tickling our sides. Slowly you would begin to hear the rumble of the iron beast on the tracks as it approached the farm. The county road that led to grandpa's house crossed the tracks about 200 yards from the house. As the train came ever closer we would inevitably jumped when the horn blew right before the train roared by the yard only 40 feet from where we lay. Being far off in the country the trains were going full speed through here and the rushing sound and the click click of the steel wheels on the tracks was as loud as a stock car race.

The yard was not really kept so much as used. There was a small patch up front that was mowed, but most of the rest was either pasture or worn down dirt paths that led to the various elements of the farm; chicken coop, pig sty, barn, corral, tire pile, old ringer washing machine, outhouse...etc. I remember vividly 40 years later when I was a young lad and I was playing outside at grandpa's. The diverse environment of the farm was ripe for a young child's imagination. I invented fantasy worlds and played vigorously. I found myself on top of the wringer washer one morning pretending it was my space machine and I was swerving in and out of the stars, physically bouncing around. Suddenly, I noticed a black wasp flying around very close to my face. Being raised in the country I was not afraid of wasps but I had a healthy respect for them. Now, however, I remembered my grandpa saying that black wasps don't sting, it may indeed have been a 'dirt dauber'. Bravely I swatted at the impotent insect like a galaxy bug at the mercy of my lasers and photon guns! Soon, the enemy retreated and with much satisfaction and pride I continued dodging the stars. Suddenly a swarm of red wasps appeared! Frantically I swatted, now in a defensive manner greatly animated compared to the prior assault. My lasers were useless and photon blasts simply bounced off of the determined galactic invaders! As I jumped from my imaginary cockpit I felt the sharp pain of the counter attack visited upon my bare upper body. Three maybe four successful dive bomb attacks sent me screaming into the house. The wood screen door with rusty screen slammed behind me, only punctuating my blood curdling screams! Grandma found me in the kitchen and immediately saw the welps from the wasp stings growing red. By the time grandpa came around to see what the ruckus was, the calming love of grandma's attention and the baking soda paste was soothing the life threatening battle injuries.

"What in the world is all the caterwalling?" Grandpa yelled! Grandpa's voice projected like an auctioneer with a megaphone. Grandma's continued attention to the injuries answered the question. With devastated eyes I looked at grandpa and whined, "You told me that black wasps don't sting!" I cried. "Why, they don't son! I wouldn't pull your leg." he assured me. "But you didn't tell me that they would go get their friends!" I wailed!

Later that weekend having recovered from my intergalactic battle with the space bugs, I was completely thrilled to have found a litter of kittens beneath the wooden steps at the back door of the house. Braving the weeds and grass that most certainly contained enemies galore I was able to reach one of the furry little critters and began playing with it at the steps. The mother appeared and nervously paced and meowed as I teased the kitten with a string. As I played an old rooster appeared and strutted his way closer and closer to the wooden steps. The nervous cat now meowed loudly and attempted to grab the kitten by the knape of the neck. Believing that the rooster was the source of her trepidation as opposed to the large human child I began to move toward the rooster and 'shoo' him away from the area. "Get outta here you ol' rooster! Leave us alone." I yelled confidently. After all size is power to a young boy. It's a rooster, what is he going to do? I persisted in flaying my arms and yelling as the rooster's strut became much deeper and faster. Finally, in a millisecond the 5 lb. bird jumped and flew right into my midsection! The force of the blow completely surprised me as well as emptied my lungs of all the air within. Not knowing what a solar plexus was or how a strike there could completely halt breathing my mind instantly locked with fear and puzzlement. I want to breathe! I need to breathe! But I can't! My God, this evil creature has killed a little boy simply trying to protect a cute kitten! How unfair is this world? How can this be? Help! Help! Slowly, the muscle spasm in my rib cage subsided and my breathing was restored...much to the chagrin of grandpa as this only facilitated the next blood curdling scream and dash to grandma's kitchen, wooden screen door slamming behind. ( Did they use little boys to test these doors? They last forever despite the abuse) As the story was told my grandparents began to chuckle slightly at the little boys tale of desperation and murder! Soon, I found myself in my grandpa's lap, the water cooler providing a strong cool breeze of humid air. The dark living room cluttered with memories and furniture. My hand held on to the huge thumb of the wrinkled calloused hand, my head lightly against the chest. As I again spun my tale of the evil attack, grandpa simply said, "He flogged you!" "He flogged me?" I inquired. My fear and pain instantly replaced by the MOST powerful emotion in a little boy...Curiosity. "What's flogging grandpa." "It's how they defend themselves, that's all. You scared him." he informed me. A short moment of silence as the little boy worked this information over in his mind. "I scared HIM?" I asked. As the answer came the little boys chin rose slightly till finally he rose to sit and face his grandpa excited by this momentous turn of psychological warfare. And within that minute the fear and puzzlement of a small mind became pride and power.

I seldom knew if my grandpa was aware of what he was doing with our moments that we had. What I do know is that I miss him dearly and have for almost 30 years. Not a day goes by that I do not think of him. If you ever stumbled and said, "I can't...." to grandpa he would immediately reply in his booming voice, "Aww CAN'T never could do NOTHIN!" This was repeated hundreds of times in my life with him. There is no doubt that it affected me in a very deep way. My sense of determination and 'can do' attitude has my grandpa's fingerprints all over it. I love you Grandpa, I miss you. I have done my best to pass your wisdom on to my boys and grandchildren.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

In Memory of Archibald Rodebush (Rodie)

The Potential of the Free


[This article was originally posted on a now inactive Hub Pages account. It is re-published here by the author.]

As I walk through the country my soul is softened by the natural environment. The most profound thoughts of my life have occurred during these times of solitude. I notice the life around me and the struggle for it to continue. Plants attached to nothing more than rocks extend roots deep into any crevice offering anchorage. Plants of the cactus family have waxed 'leaves' to funnel any moisture to the root system below for recovery, storage and incremental use by the plant. Long drought periods can be survived in this manner. Lizards scurry about pausing in any shade that provides a brief respite from the direct summer sun. Trees shut down large portions of the canopy and enter an almost hibernation mode to minimize the energy needed to survive through tough conditions. What these observations invoke in me is a realization that the life around me is an example of...freedom. "How, sir, can life which is a slave to its' environment be free?" A very astute question indeed.
     Can life be free if it is completely enslaved by the environment in which it exists? While it seems that this question should solicit the obvious answer of 'No' as the question itself acknowledges enslavement, a closer examination and observation elicit another possible answer. A man who is dropped into the wild with no assistance or contact with the outside world may be bewildered, but no one would doubt that he is free. He is free because the consequences of his actions from that point on are entirely of his own making. The laws of physics and chance still hold power over him as it does in all of the known universe. But his ability to survive, excel and reap rewards of his labor are directly related to the energy, thought and ingenuity he puts forth to the effort. What makes him free, regardless of the limitations of his surroundings is that physical law doesn't change. He can see, hear, smell and otherwise perceive the conditions of the place in which he now resides. Once the limitations of this environment are realized he knows exactly what he is up against and may respond accordingly. In this environment, he is rewarded for positive labor and keen observation and intellectual responses to such. He is punished for sloth; and failure to recognize and respond to possible danger may carry the ultimate price. But he is free. Free to decide for himself how fruitful or generic his life will be. Some of the greatest inventions of mankind were realized in circumstances of Man overcoming his natural environment. Indeed, life enslaved to its' physical environment is nevertheless free to respond to that environment and either reap the reward or receive the punishment for those responses.

Beauty of Nature And Man
Beauty of Nature And Man      So what is the purpose of this intellectual exercise? The purpose is to understand that freedom and liberty are innate characteristics of the human condition. Man yearns to be free, not because of selfish desires to escape his destiny. The opposite is true, he yearns to be free to realize his destiny. Therefore, this to be protected at all costs. It is ony by way of liberty that we can reach the full potential of this glorious life we have been blessed to receive. Groups of humans must have limitations on behavior for the protection of our innocent neighbor, an unfortunate byproduct of free will. However, we must be ever diligent to minimize this control. Imagine if silly zoning restrictions prevented a few guys in a garage from developing the personal computer as we know it today. Imagine if environmental concerns had stifled the invention of the internal combustion engine. Imagine if restrictions and regulations had prevented the development of vaccines for polio, measles and many other devastating diseases. Our nation has achieved untold wealth and prosperity which has been primarily used to diminish hunger, disease and tyranny worldwide. Billions...yes, billions of people live better freer and more fruitful lives because of the foresight of a handful of men and women who yearned to be free, and pledged their fortunes, property and lives to that end. We have been given this torch of freedom to pass on to the next generation. Let us protect it's light, warmth and inspiration with our fortunes, property and lives, that future generations unknown to us will reach their glorious human potential.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

April 14, 2013

When Wolves Are Sheep


Who are we? Who will we be? Who do we want to be? Now, raise your hand. Who has a nomination for someone to answer these questions for us, so we don’t have to? Who do you trust enough to decide your very nature? Who do you believe is so much better than you, that they should determine your future? Take a few seconds to decide...

It is certainly true that it “takes all kinds to make this ol’ world go ‘round”, so I am sure that there are many out there right now thinking seriously about just who they want to be in that position. For me and mine, I’m saying, “Are you crazy?”. I don’t want someone else to make such a personal and vital decision for me. Who I am, who I’ll be and what I want for myself is a very personal and integral part of my psyche. No one on this earth can possibly know me that intimately. Yet everywhere I look, I find pretenders who believe that they know what is best for me. They think they know what I should think about religion. They think they know what I should think about sex. They seem to be pretentious enough to know what I should think about government. They are even so brazen as to insist through force that they alone know what type of light bulb I need, or how big of a soft drink I should purchase. They wear their Ivy League degrees on their sleeves like illiterates sport pocket protectors full of pens. And so it is that without freedom and free markets; the most undeserving few, become the Lords of the many.

In all of human history there have been two models for human existence; the lone wolf and the hive. There have always been those who kept to themselves, took care of themselves, asked nothing of others and looked upon groups of humans with justifiable skepticism. These ‘Lone Wolves’ indeed gathered into groups but they were mostly family and very tightly regulated. Then you have the people who for a variety of reasons band together in much larger groups. In many cases the driving factor is security, though it is a self fulfilling prophecy is it not? The more large groups there are, the greater the necessity of large groups to defend oneself from large groups. It’s a vicious cycle. In the end these groups become like hives. A large society has a variety of needs. To efficiently provide for the collective, each unit must have a task. Maintaining order and discipline becomes paramount. This of course requires a leader and an enforcement group. A ‘Queen’ must be the utmost giver of life and the ‘Army’ must protect the Queen and keep the ‘Workers’ in line. These two models describe how most of society existed from the beginning of time up until...the year of our Lord 1776.

In the New World, a group of people who had the fortuitous opportunity to live in relative freedom for a while developed a new idea. You see these folks, while part of a hive had, because of their separation from the core and the nature of their existence become quite self-sufficient. As the oppression inherent in any hive began to exert itself upon them they came upon a most wonderful idea. What if Man could combine the two models of society into one? What if a people were educated and virtuous enough to be mostly left to their own lives? What if the tasks inherent to maintain any society were left to the people themselves to determine based upon merit and nothing more? What if these Lone Wolves made a compact with each other that they would allow a core, though very small and very limited in power and purpose, primarily to protect the Lone Wolf status of each? What if these Lone Wolves pledged their lives and their fortunes to the protection of each other? What if...Man could live in freedom, pursue whatever path he/she chose? What fact, this model would produce more prosperity, more security and more benevolence than had ever been known by Man on earth? This is the miraculous blessing of constitutional republicanism.

In this model, each can decide their own fate. Each achieves to the level of their talent and their effort. Each is free to pursue invention and production unfettered by hive restrictions. The desires and dreams of generations are themselves the building blocks of the society. A natural hierarchy of excellence is instituted. Each individual in pursuit of their own greatness and reward, become an integrated part of a well-oiled societal machine that maximizes the outcome for all. Each item purchased on a free market is subject to the scrutiny of the purchaser. Each service provided is necessarily competitive in it’s excellence. Dollars chase efficiency. The system is perfect...almost. It can only be diminished by lack of implementation. It can only be torn down by expansion of the core. It can only fail, by the Lone Wolves willingly giving away their freedom to the core. And Lone Wolves would never do that would they? Well, I suppose if Wolves became Sheep...

I suppose it is true that earthly perfection is not for Man. But dadgummit...we sure came close.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

March 24, 2013

Fight or Flight or Cowardice?


We are all familiar with the instinctual protective measure known as 'Fight or Flight'. The concept is that when danger presents itself, we make an instantaneous decision to either fight off the danger, or escape the danger. This 50/50 proposition might mean the difference between life and death. As with most things in life, this concept can be applied to politics as well. Party's and politicians are always surveying the battlefield for support or threat. The modern Republican Party has surveyed that field and found threat. Their instantaneous instinct appears to be flight. Is this a life saving strategy; or simple cowardice?

Since elections are often described as battle, we will analyze this situation from a military perspective. There are three reasons to choose flight as a protective measure in battle.

1. Being overwhelmed in the moment, one escapes the immediate threat to re-group and return with renewed energy and resources to achieve victory. This only works if a viable escape route is assured.

2. Having a larger goal or specific strategy one allows a small battle to be won by the enemy; preserving energy and resources to pursue the greater victory.

3. Having planned a strategy of entrapment, one retreats in the heat of battle to lure the enemy into a vulnerable position, then attacks with overwhelming ferocity. This strategy in fact, triggers the enemies flight response often leading to annihilation.

There are of course other reasons to run. The most apparent is simple loss of nerve. Cowardice. When heavily engaged one might feel impending defeat, causing either a renewed spate of energy for the fight, or a sense of inevitability and acceptance. Individually, this often spells death. Collectively, this spells capitulation. In other words, when an army as a whole, or the people supporting said army, lose the will to fight; they are in fact conceding that what they are fighting for is not worth the price of fighting. It is for this reason that all moral & prudent military strategists have always warned that war is the last resort, should be entered into rarely and only if willing to pursue it to victory or death.

Now of course we are speaking rhetorically. This is politics not war. But the stakes are just as high. The morals, traditions and respect for individual liberty that made this nation the greatest nation on earth are at stake. As it stands there are only two viable Parties; but for the purpose of saving this nation there is in fact only one. The modern Democrat Party is nothing more than a front group for the Marxists who are determined to take over this nation and change it drastically from it's founding. In many ways, they are winning this war decisively. As we are being defeated, we must make that instinctual choice of 'Fight or Flight'. The GOP has chosen flight.

Has the GOP leadership chosen flight for one of the three strategic reasons above? Or; are they simply cowards who are capitulating? In the end each person will have to decide for themselves. For me, I make the following observations:

  • When the GOP votes to allow higher taxes in the face of overwhelmingly unconstitutional government, bordering on tyrannical; they have given up fighting for a constitutionally limited federal government
  • When the GOP funds ObamaCare; they have given up fighting for limited government, religious liberty, free commerce and individual rights. These things are no longer important enough for them to fight for.
  • The GOP by engaging in political moves intended to weaken opposition to Marxism; they not only have given up on tradition and morality, but they have completely forgotten how these things are preserved; through individual liberty. Government has no right or role in determining who can marry. That is a religious issue. Religions must be free to exercise their belief that marriage is a sacred vow between a man and a woman. By engaging in a public fight that ultimately has the GOP siding with one group pitted against another, they are giving up on fighting the real battle; rights of the People and the Several States to determine how their communities will practice their religion. In the end they will lose, for by granting government the right to define marriage, they set the stage for it to be defined in opposition to the Scriptures. This not only allows for government intervention into the home, but into businesses and churches as well.
  • If one cannot defend Life itself, then they cannot defend any right of the individual. Without the right to life, there are no other rights to defend. By allowing the slaughter of the most innocent amongst us, the GOP has given up on fighting for any individual rights at all. Any and all stated attempts to protect rights is simply an avenue to election whereby the politician gains and the People lose. No one can pretend to fight for rights while allowing wholesale murder of innocents. Compromising on life is death. No bill should ever pass nor receive one vote from a GOP member that does not call for the abolition of the murder of innocent babies. The GOP has long ago determined that this is not worth fighting for.
I could go on but the point is made. The modern Republican Party has determined that many of the values, traditions and ideals that make America a great nation are not worth dying for. They have not retreated strategically to re-group and fight for these things with more fervor. No, they have capitulated to the enemy. They have turned over many of their own to be slaughtered in order to save themselves. They have sold their souls for temporary respite. Which is worse; the man who fights for tyranny because he ignorantly believes in it? Or the man who pretends to fight against it but turns his friends over to the enemy to be shot?

The current Republican Party leadership are cowards and their troops will not long fight for them. Temporarily this will lead to more pain for America. However, with the Grace of God it may lead to a new and revived Party that will unabashedly fight for Life, Liberty and Property. Win or lose, fair and square, never fight but for right. And then fight to victory or death.

by: Keith D. Rodebush