December 8, 2013

Where's Your Plan?


When you have to lie about everything that you stand for, it makes one develop a skill in turning words around to trap your detractors. This prevarication prowess is then passed on to one's minions and over decades a rather impressive rhetorical repertoire is developed. In fact, it is simply based on one of the principles of Marketing; turn negatives into selling points. As all Marxist ideology must be 'sold' since it is in fact destructive; little difference can be found between the Socialist policy purveyors and the late night television product pimps and pitchmen. Consider:

  • It has a flashy name that sounds useful
  • The grandiose presentation of benefits
  • Bad side affects are only muttered in speedy talk or posted as text that only ants can read
  • There is someone or some entity that doesn't want you to have it
  • The high price has been slashed just for you, you will actually save money by spending same
  • The sense of urgency is established as you must act before midnight tonight...any night
  • The duplicitous pitchman is energetic, passionate, attractive and appealing
  • It is presented as something that you really, really need
  • What will you do without it?

Nothing in the realm of politics has needed more 'pitching' than the recent debacle known both affectionately and disdainfully as ObamaCare (The 'Affordable' 'Care' Act of 2009). One of the recent tricks of treachery that tyrannical Socialists like to use is the question, "Where's your plan?"
The trick of course is that they are not asking for your plan to stomp out Communism once and for all. Nor are they asking for your plan to discredit Marxist Ideology in all of it's permutations. No, they are asking what is your plan to further the 'Progressive' takeover of the American republic.

The trick is the wordplay to trap opponents and appear endearing to the useful idiots Rush Limbaugh so astutely calls the 'Low-Information Voters'. The treachery is the attempt to minimize the discussion to only that which furthers their destructive agenda, enslaving the people and seizing control of all aspects of  human behavior; all of which can be harnessed to the rubric of 'Healthcare' management.

Of course the simple and sublime answer is, "I have no plan to enslave the American People to an all-controlling government, Sir. I respect the Peoples' freedom of choice, freedom from intrusion and the U. S. Constitution too much for that." But, alas; I don't know that we have anyone in politics today save a precious few who have the desire or intellect to say such.

Other more pithy possibilities:

  • My plan is to defeat Socialism before it destroys this nation
  • My plan is to respect the rights of the People and the Several States
  • My plan is called the U.S. Constitution. You would think a 'Constitutional Scholar' had read it.
  • My plan is freedom and prosperity for all Americans who are willing to work for it.
  • My plan is Liberty and free-market capitalism which has provided more healthcare for the people of the world than any system known to Man.

And on and on. And yet, you never hear this on the news do you? Why is that? Either the GOP is too stupid or too corrupt to do so. You decide amongst yourselves. I'm tired of trying to figure them out.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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