November 8, 2016

Election Day Nuggets

A few random nuggets for election day:

  •       Islam is not a religion. It is a Fascist Theocracy; wholly incompatible with constitutional republicanism. I don’t just profess this; THEY do. They are at war with you, whether you are too scared to admit it or not.
  •       Yes, in some sense all politicians are corrupt. This was the entire basis for our Constitution that we let our ‘leaders’ ignore and still re-elect them. However, they are not all the same. Some are petty thieves, others mass-murderers.
  •       Our Founders made one big mistake in drafting the Constitution. As many of the leaders were themselves lawyers; they believed their profession to be noble and overall beyond lying, stealing and subverting law for power. I know, they didn’t get out much in those days!
  •       Every election is a choice between two evils because government is evil. Government is power and coercion to shape behavior; often for the purpose of power and enrichment of a chosen few. However, by voting out the corrupt each and every time we can minimize the damage.
  •       Millions of men and women have died to give you the right to vote. It is sacred. It is a responsibility. If you think they all died to allow our borders to disappear, to import non-assimilating Fascists, to diminish property rights and to kill babies; you are unqualified to vote. Please stay home and watch The View.
  •       We are in the midst of a Civil War. This war was not by the choice of conservatives or traditionalists. It was foisted upon us by a 100-year assault on the American way of life by Marxists. Some call them Progressives/Liberals/Socialists/communists/Democrats or RINO’s. They actually told us how they would do it. Take over education and destroy religion and the family. Starting with the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party and now with the Trump Nationalist movement; good Patriotic Americans have decided to fight back with the same fervor that our Enemy Within has fought for decades. It will get worse before it gets better; but we will win in the end. Good always overcomes evil.
  •       There is only one of two Parties in America that is even salvageable, the GOP. We are fighting them and the Democrats at the same time as well as academia and the propagandist media who have been thoroughly exposed as nothing more than Marxist sycophants. Regardless of the result of this election, the fight goes on. The proper strategy is to defeat RINO’s in the primaries and Democrats in the general. This is the ONLY path to save this nation and Life, Liberty and Property.
  •       In a time of war, strong measures are required. A tough ‘general’ will not necessarily be a ‘nice man’ or a pinnacle of virtue. He must have three qualities: Courage to fight, common sense to strategize and loyalty to America. This is the entire Trump phenomenon in a nutshell. This is why frivolous attacks on his character do not dissuade his following.
  •       The most important basis required for a free people to self-govern is the Rule of Law. This is why ILLEGAL immigrants must not benefit from their crime and this is why corrupt politicians MUST be held accountable. Barak Hussein Obama and ALL of his followers have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that the modern Democrat Party cannot be trusted to protect this most sacred tenet of freedom.
  •       A government that assassinates one of it’s citizens for the sake of Land Management, Lavoy Finicum, is a tyrannical government that MUST be held to account or we will ALL be forever slaves to rogue authority. Our grandchildren will spit on our graves.
  •       You cannot kill millions of innocent babies and just walk away. God has turned his face from America. It is not too late though. Pray for forgiveness, live your life right and vote Life. He will shine his light upon us once again. Regardless of your religious view think about this: if a nation cannot protect the most innocent of life among us, what authority should they have? After all it IS the first right…LIFE, Liberty and Property. You cannot have the other without the one.
  •       Before you vote ask yourself this one question: “Is it time for the Clinton/Bush crime family hold on American politics to end?” Then vote proudly, smile and put your ‘I voted’ sticker on your lapel.

 May God continue to bless the United States of America

By: Keith D. Rodebush

October 26, 2016

Death by Desire


Marxists steal our children. They told us they would. We ignore them.

No one born after 1984 has lived in or understands a republic. They have lived through economic chaos; terrorism; big government ascendancy; the convergence of the Party's and the surveillance society.

Technology has brought us many advances but it's truly evil feature has been the loss of privacy. Most people under 30 years old have never lived in a time where they enjoyed any concept of a private life. Their lives are lived on the internet; before the entire world. Parents have happily embraced this 'transparency'. Kids are given internet capable phones at very young ages. Social media is the friend we could never have when we were children. Acceptance. Love. Understanding. It all comes from an electronic device.

Privacy is inculcated in the American Ideal. Individualism is dependent on ones ability to pursue ones goals and ambitions without outside interference. NOTHING is done in Modern America without outside interference. We lay our lives before the world. This is antithetical to the ideal of our founding.

There are several very basic instincts of human beings. Desire is foremost. Desire for food. Desire for sex. Desire for acceptance. These are the strongest of them all. Desire for acceptance is third only to food and sex among the strongest human pursuits. This is the target of the Marxist Ideal. The desire to be accepted. The want of friendship. The need to be a part of the tribe. Think about it. Almost as strong as the need to eat or the desire for sex is the complete obsession with being accepted by ones peers. THIS, is the tool of the collectivist.

Now think. What weakens that desire? What would diminish ones desire to seek out acceptance from strangers? Family? Faith? Absolutely. Which is exactly why these are the two institutions targeted by Marxist Ideology. Family and Faith provide the acceptance and sense of belonging that keep one from straying to surrogate 'families'. This is precisely why collectivists target these institutions for destruction. It is no coincidence that American traditional values have descended in lock step with the destruction of the American family and the targeting of religious values in our culture. Our nation LIVES and DIES within our families and our faith.

As fathers have abrogated their duty to raise their children; those very children have embraced Socialism. They have sought acceptance in a collective dream after being rejected by a traditional reality. Our own selfishness has delivered our children to the devil himself. And we sit around in shock, wondering what happened to our world. We destroyed it with our narcissism. We destroy life with impunity and wonder why our youth have no respect for life. You didn't think you could murder 10's of millions of innocent babies and just walk away, did you?

Our children have no sense of freedom, respect for life or law. How do we expect them to make a logical decision in the political arena? Government is more of a father to them than we have been. They long for it. They desire it. Government is their saviour. For we are not. Government fills the void that our selfishness has left in their lives. Who can blame them?

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. This is only possible with the love and support of Family and Faith in the formative years of youth. Deny that to any child; and they will grow up seeking acceptance. They will find it, in gangs and collectivism. May God have mercy on our souls for He will not on our temporal lives.

by: Keith D Rodebush

October 10, 2016

Cold War...cont'd


A Time For War. Searching my historical memory I can’t even secure the file which holds that little idiom. I could Google it but I’m lazy. I write from the heart and that is what you’ll get tonight. The point is obvious. Good, God-fearing Men know that there will always come a time to pound your plowshares into swords. Such is the time in which we live. I wish it were not so. I so wish that my generation had not succumbed to the Siren’s song of Marxism. Yet, they have. The Cold War did not end with the falling of the Berlin Wall as all the world celebrated with youthful zeal. As it is now, so it was then; that so many of my countrymen misunderstand the fight that we are in, but they are awakening my friends!

We were not at war, cold or otherwise, with Mother Russia. We were, and are, at war with Marxism. Oh…you can call it communism, or socialism, or progressivism, or liberalism or any ism you damn well please; but we are not at war with a country, we are at war with an ideology. We have let it infest our vaunted institutions until it has festered into a pustule of an infectious and viral nature. The Cold War continues my friends; and it infects every aspect of our daily lives.

Why do I bring this up now? Many of you understand this; why now? Simply because in a time of war we need a general not a scholar. Oh how I wish a kind, considerate conservative could lead this nation with the masterful hand of reason and righteousness. But alas, that person would NEVER get elected in the current political climate. There was a time, not that long ago, when the choice was between one Patriot or another who simply had different paths to the same goal; a greater America. Many times Americans would vote for one Party for the Administrative branch and another for the legislative. This balanced approach was often fertile for reasonable solutions to current issues. We are long past that time. Our choices today are between America as founded or; an entirely different political system, some form of Statism, Collectivism or what our Founders so eloquently called…Tyranny. In the face of Tyranny, America needs a fighter!

Imagine, if you will, that during WWII our politicians berated us to fire General George S. Patton because of his foul language. In fact, some idiots at that time tried just that for his slapping a cowardly soldier. Forget that the Nazi’s may win the war, we cannot allow such vulgarity. Are you kidding me? Unfortunately, no. Such is the state of GOP ‘leader’ship.

At this point in time in our current political nightmare; our only hope is to elect an outsider that will take on BOTH the liberal elite AND the GOP establishment and wrest control of our government from the Crony Socialists of BOTH Parties. If you want to make an argument for voting against Donald Trump in the Republican primary, as I did, you can make that fairly easily. However, he won handily and our choice is now him or Hillary. Only a stone-cold moron would allow Hillary Clinton to even sniff the seat of the Oval Office. We cannot be sure what a President Trump will do in office. We can even be fairly sure that he will embarrass the Hell out of us at least occasionally.

But…we know exactly what Hillary Clinton will do to this nation. From her Alinsky dissertation in college, to her Healthcare fiasco, Bimbo eruptions, Senate record, 2008 campaign, Secretary of State failure, Muslim ‘right-hand Man’ Huma Abedin, Benghazi security failure, State secrets stupidity, Clinton Foundation corruption, lying, lying, lying, Russia reset, Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, arming terrorists, leaving Americans to die, lying to their families over their corpses, lying under oath, deleting evidence under subpoena, subverting America to Islam, open borders, Wall Street corruption, speeches, speeches, speeches, $$, $$, $$, an entire life of selling access to the People’s Treasury for her own personal gain, viciously attacking the victims of her husband’s sexual assaults, using the IRS against the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ and on and on and on and on…ONLY A COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT would even entertain the thought of this woman as President of the United States of America…OR…an enemy of the State who knows all that she does and agrees with it. Now you know how to view each and every person who evenly tacitly supports this vile and evil creature of Marxist politics. She divides us!
THIS is the enemy of the Nation that we face. Only a hard-nosed street-fighter with NO regard to political correctness has any chance to defeat this threat to national security who is 100% supported by ALL major media outlets. Pardon me, if I don’t give a damn about Trump’s coarseness, and childish sexual banter. Damn the torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!

President Donald Trump needs to secure our borders, deport law-breaking ILLEGAL aliens, start a dialogue on the incompatibility of Islam with Constitutional republicanism, tear up all of the idiot trade bills, PROSECUTE HILLARY CLINTON and put a stick in the eye of the GOP ‘leadership’ at every opportunity; nothing else. After that, we can move on and have an adult talk about how we return this nation to its Founding Principles of Life, Liberty and Property.


by: Keith D. Rodebush

October 3, 2016

What Gain Division?


Politics, by it's very nature is divisive. In America, the emergence of the destructive two-Party system that George Washington warned us against, makes it even more so. Two Party's make for a clear division of the country, at least that used to be the case. This system is ripe for insurrection by an outside entity, say Marxism. The Reds have found it relatively easy historically speaking, to infiltrate one Party and dominate thereby setting up a 50% chance of success in any given election.

In the early days of communist insurrection into Europe in the early 20th century, communists were forced to form third or fourth Party's in any attempt to overtake a nation without open violent revolution, greatly diminishing their success. They often tried 'partnering' with other Party's as they did with the National Socialists in Germany ca 1936, only to be discarded when no longer needed. However, in America they found a system that would turn out to be the most fertile petri dish for incubating Marxist dogma in all the world, albeit a slow-germinating process.

Marxist theology (yes, it's a religion) has long held that success can only be had by the destruction of Private Property. Control of the masses comes from controlling production, which clothes and feeds them. Early communists were Hell-bent on physical actual State control of said production but Marxists have always been like a virus, constantly morphing in response to negative stimuli creating a new, more virulent strain. One only needs to control production through Statist government to achieve the same goal. In private moments this is one of Barak Hussein Obama's proudest assertions.

How then, does one destroy Private Property in a nation founded on this very principle? The answer is two-fold and as usual can be found in Marxist teachings reaching back over 100 years. Marxists have been very straight forward in teaching that the destruction of Private Property rights depends on fealty to the State. There are two institutions inexplicably intertwined with Liberty that are the bulwark of the American system as often stated by the Founders; religion and family. In religion one's primary fealty is to God. In a family one's primary fealty is to the paterfamilias (head of household; typically father, but not necessarily so). In the American system of government it has ALWAYS been, God; Family; Country. Even if one did not believe in a deity, it was still, Family; Country. It becomes obvious that to make the State (Country) prima, one needs to destroy God and Family.

Even though the seeds were already there in Marxist ideology, around the 1960's the American communists realized that education was a primary means of destroying both of these vaunted institutions. They have ruthlessly infiltrated and overwhelmed that most beautiful success of Liberty. These institutions now routinely hire radical revolutionaries in the name of 'diversity'. Eventually, these revolutionaries culled the herd of any and all diametric thought as is so obvious today. At their core they are Fascists and none but the indoctrinated are tolerated. Interestingly, they have audaciously committed this sin in the name of love and tolerance, fawned upon by the Presstitutes and cultural whores who profit from being adored by unsuspecting masses. The sad but predictable result is multiple generations of the children of Liberty who instinctively hate all that is Good, Wholesome and Decent.

How, you might ask, does a cabal of communists so quickly turn the children of the greatest nation on earth against it's own nature? With their oldest tool; division. To divide against such strong ties as family and faith, one must first re-define what is good as bad. Therefore, they engage in a relentless diatribe about the two most easily divisive subjects. Class and Race. Class warfare destroys the hope of free-market capitalism and Race warfare destroys the promise of Liberty. Convince the downtrodden who will always be a part of any civilization (not everyone will succeed) that they are not responsible for their station; the system is at fault. Convince minorities that Liberty was never meant for them; their failure is not by government programs which destroy the family, it is inherent in the 'racist' system. Convince the deviant that they are not ostracize for their behavior but for their existence by religious dogma. Do this, and you can enslave a nation. 

I have no intent to downplay real class warfare; nepotism, corruption and empowerment of the State over the People (Google Bush OR Clinton). Or real racism; the soft racism of low expectations. Or real religious dogma; the Fascism of a totalitarian ideology covered with the Burka of 'a religion of peace'. But oddly enough, these are not the enemy of the Marxists; in fact all of the above are part and parcel of their 'means to a Utopian end'. 

What gain is there for the poor from a Statist power base doling out the scraps of federal programs inefficiently and corruptly? The greatest avenue for prosperity among the poor is the ability to achieve wealth through the accumulation of Private Property. Numerous minorities have achieved same in this, the greatest nation on earth in times past. Taxation, regulation, welfare Statism and constant racial division by politicians solely for personal power and wealth have stymied that dream. The destruction of Private Property rights wreaks far more misery on the poor than the rich, who have the resources, and connections to government to withstand the onslaught. The destruction of Lehman Brothers in 2008 was the sacrificial lamb, while Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and others escaped richer than ever. Take your food stamps, hate Republicans and shut up!

What gain has a minority in America to destroy the very Liberty that was promised, sanctified in blood and verified through the rule of law? No matter the occasional and inevitable individual racism, institutional racism was nearly destroyed in America until the Marxist instituted reverse racism through racial quotas, racist welfare programs, abortion (primarily targeted to poor minority communities) and the fomenting of racial strife which encourages further racism by otherwise well-meaning, hard-working citizens? 'Black Lives Matter' does NOT enjoin Americans; it divides them inexorably. They pit us against each other so that they may rule. Fervent racial animosity is a convenient pacifier as they slip the chains upon your ankles!

What gain has the Judeo-Christian bulwark of Liberty by embracing sin, ignoring God's word and having fellowship with a 'religion' whose prophet instituted slavery, misogyny, Fascism and terror? All of the Founders acknowledged that a truly free society can only exist with the engagement of virtuous and educated people (classically educated, not indoctrinated). Even the atheists, it was understood, would have a sense of virtue by fellowship with their deist neighbors. The dominance of moral direction that true religion provides is a vital component of continued Liberty. A free people must be inherently disposed to the freedom of their neighbors. This is why they also universally recognized that the Musselmen were antithetical to Liberty based on their ideological fealty to theological totalitarianism. There is no freedom in Sharia law. There is no individualism with allah.

In closing; Marxists told us that to succeed they must destroy the family and religion. The Marxists told us that the best avenue to achieve this was through class and race warfare. The Marxists told us that the quickest way to do this without violent revolution, was to indoctrinate the children into believing that their nation, their religion and their families were founded illegitimately, were inherently racist and corrupt. We fall all over ourselves to send our children to the very institutions which foment this 'progressive' lie. We vote for the very politicians who trip over each other to conform to the Marxist bludgeon of silence, political correctness. We give trillions of dollars through commerce to corporations who blindly adhere to the cultural Marxist dogma, condemning our daughters to look over their shoulders during the seemingly innocent process of using a restroom. We personally clasp the chains of tyranny around our own and our children's ankles. Our shame is nonpareil

In a society whose primary fascination is sexual voyeurism, can there be any other outcome? Educate yourself. Read the Founding documents over and over. Read the Founder's letters to each other. Read Burke, Smith, de'Toqueville, Adams and Jefferson obsessively. Teach your grandchildren to read hardback History books, read their Bibles, how to shoot and how independence is gained through rugged individualism and Liberty. And most of all, teach them that we secure our freedom together, as one nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Teach them to challenge the lies of Marxism at all times, at all opportunities and at all costs!

May God continue to bless this, the greatest nation ever devised by Man with the blessings of Providence.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 28, 2016

Weakness = Death


How many times must History teach the same lesson? How can Mankind’s ignorance repeatedly wreak Hell upon the earth? How can a People, with access to more knowledge than any generation in the history of the world be so blind? Those who study history are shocked at the abject stupidity of the leaders of the world. Do they know and move forward regardless? Are they naïve? Are they evil? The answer to these questions may determine the fate of Mankind. We The People of the freest nation in the history of human kind will determine the fate of the Earth. Do you understand this?


I have struggled with how to present this dilemma. To what extent does my audience understand past history? Certainly, persistent readers of mine are well versed. A small percentage of occasional readers are as well. I would venture to say, however, given the current educational system, a majority of our fellow countrymen have no clue about the peril posed by the current world leadership on the security of this world. If we do not reverse the direction of the last few decades, the conflagration that this world shall endure can only be described as Biblical…perhaps presciently so.


At the end of World War II, America emerged as the leader of the free world. Owing to its necessary but evil collaboration with the Communist Russians to defeat the Nazi’s, America chose a Cold War in lieu of a shooting war with our very partners in victory. The victorious general George S. Patton famously encouraged his leaders to start a war with Russia. In his words, “…we’ll have to fight them eventually. Why don’t we do it now while we have the army in place?” Whether you agree with his brash assertion or not, history has shown that he was at least correct in his concern that Russia was a threat to world peace. 40 years of ‘Cold War’ are presented as prima fascia evidence. How different would the world be today if righteous Men had defeated Russia post-WWII? We will never know. What we do know is that millions have died since in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans, China and Southeast Asia.


Ronald Reagan, perhaps the greatest president of recent history sent Marines to Lebanon in 1982 as ‘peacekeepers’ for an ill-advised United Nations (UN) agreement devised to calm a regional conflict involving Syria, Israel and the Iran-backed Hezbollah militia. Regardless if you believe that this deployment was wise, it was never-the-less an extension of American power in a volatile region of the world. After many skirmishes the end result was the bombing of the Marine Barracks in 1983 in which 241 God-fearing Patriots lost their lives. The American response was disappointing at best. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. John Vessey declared, "It is beneath our dignity to retaliate against the terrorists who blew up the Marine barracks." I cannot find the words to describe my disgust at the blatant frivolity of this man’s regard of my fellow Marines. History confirms my visceral response.


In December of 1992 a most comical (not in a funny way) landing of Marines on the shores of the African nation of Somalia was covered by the American media as if it were a weekly reality show. U.S. Marines had to push reporters and cameramen out of their way as they hit the shores. These brave men were sent to this little known country, again as ‘peacekeepers’ to facilitate humanitarian aid to starving Somali’s, victims of a regional conflict. On 25 September of 1993 the famous ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident took place in which American helicopter pilots were killed and dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. Ultimately, American forces were removed from Somalia in one of the most embarrassing episodes in military history.


Both of the aforementioned events were quoted by none other than Osama bin Laden as an impetus for the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. In his words, “…the U.S. response to the Beirut bombing showed the decline of American power and the weakness of the American soldier, who is ready to wage cold wars but unprepared to fight long wars. This was proven in Beirut in 1983, when the Marines fled." The deaths of 2,997 Americans on September 11, 2001 are directly attributable to the feckless and irresponsible actions of American Politicians in the face of adversity. How many have died hence in the misnomed ‘War on Terror’? This blood is not just on their hands…you elected them!


In 2011 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bemused, “We came, we saw, he died!” in response to news of the murder of Libyan leader Mohamar Gaddafi, who had recently agreed to abandon his nuclear ambitions in response to President George W. Bush’s strength in dealing with terrorists and the nations that supported them. Subsequently, thanks to Barak Obama’s ‘leading from behind’ strategy, Libya descended into chaos with terrorist groups vying for power. This culminated in September 01, 2011 when the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya was overrun by terrorists who killed the United States ambassador Chris Stevens whose body was drug through the streets in a victorious if not vile display of dominance over the United States of America. Since then, Libya has deteriorated into a regional conflict in which the terrorists control many venues within the nation. The true body count is unknown to Western bean counters. The U.S. has done little since to prevent same.


In October of 2011 President Barak Hussein Obama announced that a Status of Forces agreement had failed to be reached with the Iraqi government, and as such all forces would be removed from Iraq. The result as we all know was the rise and deplorable reign of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). What followed is the most depraved display of human deviance since the Nazi’s of 1940’s Germany. Christians have been targeted in many countries hence. Again, the true toll in human lives may never be known.


In 2012 president Barak Hussein Obama drew a line in the sand. The use of chemical weapons in Syria would not be tolerated. Chemical weapons were used. Obama did nothing. How many thousands have died since? American policy of supporting ‘moderate’ rebels has been so ill-conceived that much of American money and arms have ended up in the hands of Islamist who have killed thousands of Christians and Kurds, Americans natural allies. 100’s of thousands have died.


This weak American policy in the Middle East has led to mass migration of Muslims to European countries. Liberal Europeans naively accepted these immigrants only to be exposed to multiple terrorist attacks not to mention the daily attacks on women, priests and citizens in France, Sweden and Germany etc. Again, the true toll is unknown and yet to be incurred. Overwhelmed, the Europeans begged the Americans to accept their ‘fair share’ of these immigrants. As we have seen recently, we too pay the price for this weakness with attacks in America. How many will ultimately die due to this stupidity? Time alone will tell. YOU are to blame. YOU elect these idiots to the highest office in the land. One of the two nominees for President of the United States of America promises to bring 100’s of thousands of these people to our cities. 60+ million Americans support her!
I didn't even mention Egypt, where YOUR president supported the Muslim Brotherhood taking over. Only by Gods grace and General Asisi did Egypt escape this peril. If current trends are not reversed the toll in human lives world wide is unfathomable. Weakness, by the ONLY world power dedicated to Liberty and Peace will result in historical death and destruction.
If you will not be strong; Kiss your chains and Die Quietly.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 15, 2016

Will you defend our republic?


The shame of my generation will always be that we are the ones that turned the ebb of Socialism in America into a Biblical flood. The reasons for same are many and unimportant at this juncture. Perhaps some future historian will dissect the Tentillic nature of our disgrace but for now let us simply move on to how we stop the bleeding and hopefully reverse the trend.

Let us start with some known knowns as the estimable Donald Rumsfeld may call them:

·        Several generations of Americans have been allowed by their parents to be indoctrinated in the belief that America was founded on a false premise of equality

·        Same have been allowed to indulge the fallacy that Marxist ideology is superior to other political ideologies including Constitutional republicanism; only it hasn’t been properly applied

·        As well, they have been inculcated in the specious argument that if some of the Founders owned slaves then all couldn’t possibly expound on the virtue of Liberty and therefore none of their exhortations need be read nor studied

·        This complete and utter dismissal of Enlightenment thinking leaves the unscrupulous educator with a ‘blank’ slate on which to write all manner of tyrannical propaganda (many of these educators were themselves brainwashed and therefore are not as unscrupulous as naïve)

·        For decades people similar to this author have warned of this insidious destruction of the education system only to be ostracized and impugned

·        Marxists openly employ division, particularly along class and racial lines, as a tool to separate the people and thereby create an underclass ripe for indoctrination for the purpose of destroying harmony; which allows the transition to communism

·        Marxism is based on emotion and republicanism is based on reason

The real tragedy of our nation’s destruction is that it has been laid out in Marxist writings for over a century. They told us that to destroy a nation, one must first destroy the family and Protestant religion. These two of all things MUST be destroyed because they are the stalwarts of individual freedom. Strong families and strong (traditional) Protestant churches teach children to be respectful, independent, responsible and accountable. Neither of these institutions traditionally taught subservience to government. In fact, the opposite is true. They teach individual effort is rewarded and individual failure has consequences. NONE of this comports with the false promise of collectivism.
The collectivists teach moral relativism and communal responsibility over individual responsibility. Traditional American families and churches teach that our rights come from God. They are inherent to being a child of God. Marxists teach that our rights are secured by Man, controlled by Man and determined by Man. What Man giveth, Man can take away. To the extent that American families teach fealty to government, it is government of, by and for the people. In other words it is fealty to the concept that our exceptional form of government is empowered ONLY to protect individual freedom.
Marxists teach the opposite; that individual freedom must be subordinated to the collective good. And WHO decides what the collective good is? Why the new Bourgeoisie of course. You see they don’t really want to free the people; they just want to be the ones in charge. Just like Bernie Sanders, who will rant about the evil of consumerism and capitalism while he purchases his third half a million dollar house. Socialism for thee; indulgence for me.

The only true equalizer known to Mankind is free market capitalism and property rights. Your labor is your property. What you sell your labor for is yours and yours alone. That you decide to give a small amount to government should be your choice not their command. Americans choose to give a small amount to government for the SOLE purpose of protecting those individual rights of freedom and property.

Ever since Woodrow Wilson, this choice has been turned into a commandment, along with the requisite threat of force. Government will KILL you if you refuse their demands. Witness the assassination of Lavoy Finicum; all for the unconstitutional government demand of land ownership and management.

All of this tyranny happens with the consent of the People. We vote for the very people who oppress us over and over again. As it stands, we do not deserve Liberty. Will that change? YOU decide that. YOUR children decide that. What you teach your children will decide this crucial point. Do your children deserve Liberty? If so, exactly WHAT are you doing to ensure they will have it?

Certainly, our choices are not always clear. But there is one thing that is known to work. 1 strike and you’re out. The FIRST time that an elected official disregards your Liberty you vote against them and work to get as many people as you can to also vote against them. Eventually, like the rats that they are, they will learn. You see, we don’t really care if they believe in our freedom; we only insist that they act like they do. NEVER vote for an official who even ONCE did something detrimental to your individual freedom. If ALL Americans do so, we will preserve our freedom and God-given rights…and our children will learn from us how to secure Liberty for generations to come.

If you cannot find it within yourself to do this one simple thing, then kiss your chains, embrace your slavery. Tell your children that you are a coward and sold their Liberty for your temporary comfort. Do this while you hang your head in shame. Additionally, tell no one that you are my countryman. Slither away in disgrace and let no one believe that you were ever an American. For Americans FIGHT for our Liberty and we will defend it with our blood and treasure…even from the enemy within.

May God continue to Bless these United States of America.


by: Keith D. Rodebush

June 17, 2016

Tanjo, Jali and Dawon


Tanjo was tired but knew that they had to get home. The evening sun was low and the bright yellow light lit up the western side of the tree canopies. All around him small creatures were busy as beavers wrapping up the days work collecting food or materials to strengthen their nests. The trail was dry and each step announced their arrival to the next jungle neighborhood. Jali (yahlee) was intemperate and longed for a rest. Her feet were sore from the long journey from the valley and she simply wanted to sit and rub them. Their mountain home seemed light years away. 'Can't we just find a nice patch of snake grass and make a bed for the night? We could lay back and watch the stars until sweet sleep kidnapped our eyes'. Tanjo's senses were sharpening with every passing moment. While he loved his jungle home he knew well the dangers that lurked behind every fallen log, every turn of the trail. Be it large predators or tiny arachnids, one must stay alert to every danger.
"We must hurry." he stated flatly. "We'll be out of light soon." His hand instinctively moved to the pouch on his side checking for the flint and knife. His naïve hope that it wouldn't be needed was fading as fast as the dying sun. "We may need to make some torches soon." he said matter-of-factly.
"Can't we just make a fire and relax for awhile?" Jali asked. "I need to rest Tanjo." Her hand touched his arm lightly.
Tanjo stopped and turned. He placed his hand on her shoulders gently. "I know you're tired, Jali. But we need to make it home. These woods are not kind to the weary traveler. We have little food and water and my staff and knife are no match for Dawon." he imparted sternly. "We must move faster. I know you can do it. You won every foot race I've seen you run." he smiled.
She was on to his game of flattery but could not help but smile back. "Okay." she said softly and straightened her back.
They slithered down the jungle trail at a good pace. The sun was sinking like a stone in the river behind the canopy, the light glittering through the leaves and dancing in their eyes. The first stars were already blinking awake in the Eastern sky. Tanjo increased the pace slightly hoping she would keep up without objection. A rise up ahead had a large rock to one side. The trail curved round with a few trees protecting them from the steep slope to the left. The flickering sunlight behind the trees was quickly diminishing and the sky above turned a dark amber. Just as they approached the rock a noise startled Tanjo and he abruptly stopped, his hand moved down with palm open behind him to halt Jali's approach. They both stood quietly for the eternity that a few seconds can be when fear springs from one's gut to the heart. Branches moved. A subtle sound revealed itself to be the breath of dread. A shadow above the rock took shape. Jali moved closer and clutched Tanjo's waist as the shadow became the tiger. Dawon!
"Don't move!" Tanjo's breath relayed. He moved ever so slightly between Jali and the tiger. His eyes locked on the tiger's face as it turned and acknowledged them. The tense moment seemed to last forever...
Just as panic began to demand flight, the strangest thing happened. Dawon spoke.
"Who is this traversing my land at dusk?" he growled lightly. "Do you think you can just pass through without consequence?"
Tanjo stiffened. Then quietly he replied, "I am Tanjo. This is Jali. We are just passing through to our home. We mean you no harm. Won't you let us pass?"
"You mean ME no harm?" Dawon smiled. "I hardly think that is the issue here. Why should I let you pass?"
"We have dried meat and water." Jali blurted out. Tanjo grabbed her arm and stared her down. She persisted nonetheless. "We will give you what we have if you will let us pass safely."
Dawon lazily leaped onto the trail directly in front of them. "Present your gift fair maiden and I will decide your fate." he bellowed. Her hand trembled as she removed the bag slung over her shoulder. "We are sorry to intrude on your evening." she said weakly. She reached into the bag and removed the small amount of dried meat and the gourd of water. She bowed slightly as she laid it on the trail in front of the beast. "This is all we have. Take it please. Just let us go on our way."
The tiger reached out a paw and with one claw spread the dried meat across the ground surveying the lot. He looked up at the tense face of Tanjo. "And you little warrior. Do YOU give this gift to me?" Dawon asked slyly.
Tanjo's jaw tightened. Jali gripped his hand tightly. His hand compressed around the staff momentarily then loosened ever so slight. "Yes, great creature. What we have is yours IF you let us by." he said as his chin raised with false pride.
"Hmmm. I could kill you both and take what I want." Dawon stated. "But...I admire your respect Jali. I will let you pass. But do not let me find you here again at this hour." The tiger lumbered to the side and sat down leaving the path ahead open. Tanjo and Jali moved quickly ahead around the rock. They began to run and ran until their lungs hurt. Jali stopped suddenly and bent over her hands on her knees. "Wait." she gasped. Tanjo came back and put his arm around her shoulder. "Are you alright?" he asked with care. "Yes. I just need to catch my breath." she answered. They rested briefly then continued up the mountain trail.
Darkness was now overtaking the fading light. Luckily a bright moon was lighting the way. They were just below the crest of a hill when they noticed a figure on the trail. Slowly as they moved closer they recognized the tiger. Despair gripped them as they moved cautiously closer. They stopped about 20 feet before Dawon.
"You are still in my wood?" he asked wryly.
"We gave you what we had for safe passage!" Tanjo objected. His eyes were wide and fiercely staring down the tiger. "Why do you stop us again?"
"That was then. This is now. What else do you have to give?" Dawon asked.
"We have nothing else. Please let us pass." Jali begged desperately. "Why do you persist?"
"Oh I think that you DO have more to give." Dawon said as he began to circle around the pair. They turned as he circled and huddled together in fear. Suddenly the tiger leaped and his jaw opened wide exposing the large white teeth. With a quick snap he clamped down on Tanjo's arm. Tanjo screamed in pain and pulled away as the tiger's head jerked to the side. The snap of the arm bone was almost inaudible. The meat tore easily thereafter. In a second Tanjo was looking down at the stump that was his arm. His eyes wide with fear and shock. He barely noticed Jali's piercing scream. The blood spurted from what was left of his upper arm and he collapsed to the ground. Jali knelt beside him screaming in disbelief, hugging him in fear and trying to grasp the moment. Finally she pulled off her shirt and began to wrap the bleeding appendage as Tanjo leaned back in shock and began to pass out briefly. The tiger calmly gnawed on the arm at the side of the trail.
"Please just let us go." Jali whimpered. "Please."
"Go and don't come back." Dawon whispered over his meal.
Jali tore a strip from the shirt and tied it around Tanjo's arm tightly. She did the best she could to wrap the end. She called to him and patted his face until he gained some sense of consciousness.
"We have to go." she said. "You have to get up NOW Tanjo." she yelled. She pulled him up and led him up the trail. He stumbled along in a daze unable to fathom what had happened.
The next few minutes seemed like hours. They slowly moved up the trail. Night was fully upon them now. They stopped and sat on a ledge next to the trail. Jali ripped a piece of Tanjo's shirt and wrapped it around a green limb. She shook uncontrollably as she gathered dried moss and twigs in a pile. She used the flint and knife to start a small fire. Tanjo was moaning in pain and still in shock. Finally, she got a small fire lit and used it to light the rudimentary torch.
"Come on, Tanjo. We must go quickly." she urged. She helped him up and the two moved up the trail with the torch dimly lighting the way ahead. The minutes passed like hours as they made their way. She recognized the large twin oaks ahead and knew they were getting closer to home. She urged Tanjo on as he stumbled and almost collapsed. "Come on, Tanjo!"
Jali thrust the torch in front of them and squinted to see the dimly lit trail ahead. Just as they were coming to the edge of the clearing where the twin oaks stood the torchlight shone on the shadows beyond. Suddenly she noticed the two red lights directly ahead. No. NO! Her mind was racing.
Eyes. Those are eyes.
Her fear was now overcome by her exhaustion and desperation. Her legs could no longer hold the two of them and they collapsed on the trail. She began to cry uncontrollably. The torch lay upon the ground and grew dimmer but not so much as to diminish the two red lights moving closer and closer.
She buried her head into Tanjo's neck. The tiger moved upon them slowly and sat down a few feet away.
"Well, hello. Who is this still trespassing on my land?" Dawon growled lowly.
"Please...please you have taken our food, our water. You have taken my lovers arm. What more do you want?" Jali whimpered.
"I want what I can have." Dawon said matter-of-factly. "Do you want to live?"
"Of course I do." she cried.
"Then give him to me and I will let you go." said the tiger.
"I can't. He is the world to me." she whispered.
"If you don't give him to me you have no world."
"Give him to me now!" Dawon growled loudly. "Give him to me and you may pass." Dawon reached out a paw and lightly scratched her arm slowly. "He dies or you die my dear. You must choose now. Go. Go down the path now or die with him."
Jali's mind raced. Fear had overtaken every emotion and she convulsed with the thought of being eaten alive. Her shock now prevented her from even crying. She gasped for air. Her eyes glazed as she stared into the tiger's eyes. It was involuntary movement that raised her up slowly. She backed around and moved pass the tiger slowly. She couldn't even look at Tanjo anymore, her eyes fixed upon the tiger's stare. Finally, an instantaneous reaction vaulted her up the trail. She screamed as she ran. She ran so fast and so hard. She had no idea how long she ran. Her lungs were burning when she finally fell upon a log that lay next to the trail. She sobbed incessantly for many minutes. Finally, she began to gather herself somewhat instinctively. She wiped her face and her breathing slowed. Acceptance. He is gone. But she lives. She must press on. She must make it to her home. Her tired body moved from muscle memory more than purpose. She lumbered up the trail towards the crest dimly lit by the moon. She is almost there. Almost there.
Jali moved stoically step by step. She could see the lights of her village ahead now. Her mind was numb with pain, guilt and grief. Each step a condemnation of her unworthy life. How could she live now? How could she face Tanjo's family? What else could she do? She moved onward. Onward.
The village was just beyond the clearing ahead. She trudged forward. Suddenly from the bushes to the side a noise, then the tiger leaped in front of her and landed on the trail on all fours with a deepened stance. The white teeth showed through the smile.
"Where do you think you are going my dear?" Dawon asked condescendingly.
"I just want to go home." she stated unemotionally. "Please just let me go home."
"Why? Why should I let you go home?"
"You've taken all I have. I just want to live. Please." she begged.
"But I just want to live as well, my sweet. But for me to live you must die."
"Why? Why must I die for you to live?" she asked.
"Because I am a tiger Jali. I am a tiger and you are a human. For me to live you must die. For you to live I must die. As you are not going to kill me, I will kill you. This is the law of the jungle. This is the only law. Did they not teach you that?" Dawon asked incredulously.
"But can't we both live together?" she asked sincerely.
"No. We can't. I am a tiger." he said as he lept towards her throat...

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 11, 2016

Letter To My Brother


My brother sent me a note referencing this Dennis Prager article:

(He was forwarding an interesting article and this doesn't constitute an endorsement of any view)

I responded and felt obliged to share it with you (without his permission, but he loves me and will forgive me I'm sure):

Hey Rock,

This is difficult; so I'll try to be brief. :-D

Trump won for one characteristic, two reasons and three policies.

One Characteristic:
Not Politically Correct. - Those who study history and Marxism understand that political correctness is simply a form of censorship intended to stamp down opposition to Marxist policies and cultural destruction. Marx well knew that the only way the collective could prevail was to destroy the family and religion; both of which are bastions of individuality that do NOT require government support. Patriots for many years have been disgusted with the cowardly nature of political correctness. Americans instinctively hate weakness, as General Patton so eloquently reminded us.

Two Reasons:
1. Ted Cruz did not initially handle the issue of Constitutional eligibility for office. It is way too complicated to go into here; suffice it to say, many REAL Constitutional conservatives were wary. He is a Constitutional lawyer. He could have petitioned the Supreme Court for a summary judgment. There are only three outcomes: No standing, Yes or No. The latter is doubtful, the other two would have at least set him apart as a man of honor seeking to be the Constitutional man he asserts to be.
2. Everyone, including Cruz COMPLETELY underestimated the extent to which the American people are ANGRY with their government. This is Revolutionary War era type anger. We are not represented by the people we elect. They represent special interest money and their own ambition and power hungry nature. Many would rather vote for a random person picked from the street than a politician. (BTW Cruz killed his outsider image with the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership] vote)

Three policies:
1. Immigration - The American People are sick and tired of taking in lawbreakers and calling them citizens. There are a MASSIVE amount of peripheral issues involved, i.e. welfare, disease, ideology, culture, attitude, wages and jobs etc.
2. Trade - MOST Americans do NOT believe that the trade deals of the last several decades have been advantageous to the American worker. So-called 'conservatives' laud the benefits of 'Free' trade. A child can see that there is no free trade when foreign countries are not bound by all of the regulations and taxes of Liberalized government (EPA, Minimum wage, Healthcare etc.) while American companies are chained by same. Hence, the continuous and growing trade deficits of the past 25 years and the destruction of entire industries; steel, electronics and textiles to name a few.
3. Islam - Only ONE man is willing to stand before the American people and say in his relatively normal thinking way, "There's something going on here. We have to figure it out." Average thinking Americans have known this since the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, much less 9/11. Why do people kill innocents and claim it in the name of Allah? Those of us who have studied Islam since then, know exactly why. Their 'religion' commands them to. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION. It is a totalitarian, Fascist form of government. A Theocracy if you will, but nonetheless Fascist.

The Characteristic, or ANY of the three policies ALONE would make for a powerful candidacy in todays political environment of complete and utter disdain for the political class. Together they may very well be an unstoppable force.
I predict that not only will Trump win; he will win in a landslide.

The alternative in many peoples mind is the second amendment only. God forbid.

BTW, and I should have led with this; I didn't vote for Trump. I was a Carson man.

Love ya Brah!


May 6, 2016

Liberty or Freedom?


It has been said that there are two kinds of people in the world; those who divide people into two categories and those who do not. I am both of these. No not schizophrenic; but sometimes I do one and other times I reject same. The simple truth is that when one writes, especially short articles like blog posts, it is a convenient rhetorical device intended to buttress a point the author wants to impart within a narrow window of reader attention. Such is the case here; full disclosure. There are two basic types of Americans. Those who are at least moderately schooled in the Founding of America, and those who are not. Why is this important? Because the latter do not appreciate nor understand what Liberty truly is and why it is vitally important to the existence and prosperity of the republic that we call The United States of America.

It begins with the word. Liberty. What does it really mean? It is a fact that many human concepts are at once simple...and extremely complicated. Many confuse Liberty with Freedom, yet they are vastly unique. Freedom, at it's core is anarchy. Freedom means that anyone can do anything they want without regard to other people or consequences. Freedom, in it's most basic form means that you are free to do as you wish. Free to use power and force to take. Free to abuse. Free to kill. No consequences beyond natural repercussions of each specific action. Pure freedom is the total absence of restrictions. The strongest or smartest survive. All others are victims. Freedom is anarchy. Such is the animal world. All animals are free.

So what is Liberty Keith? Liberty can best be described as a contract. Liberty fuses the dichotomy of inherent God-given rights with the suppression of same for the sake of communal responsibility. It is an agreement among a civilized People to preserve ones individual rights while respecting the individual rights of those we choose to accept as our countrymen. Much like a legal contract there are stipulations that are binding to the agreement. Hence the phrase, choose to accept. Liberty, as a contract, is not a guarantor of rights to all! While it recognizes each individuals God-given rights, it demands that those rights end at the doorstep of your neighbor. Those who refuse to accept the contract of Liberty can be banished from the community forthwith! The primary difference between Liberty and Freedom is responsibility.

What does this mean in the context of current cultural disputes? Let me take perhaps the most controversial of all issues as an example, abortion. There is no doubt to those that respect all life that abortion is butchery. However, we as a nation have accepted it thus far at some level. It doesn't make it right; but it has been tacitly agreed to, primarily because our leaders do not have the will to ban it; and we keep re-elected them. But, most agree that it is inherently wrong to make all citizens pay for it. This would be forcing one individuals belief upon another. We as a nation reject this. Your supposed right to murder your child ends at my wallet! Liberty is not always pretty.

We currently are witnessing the erosion of this most basic American principle; one's rights end at another's door. In depth analysis would be much too lengthy for one article but examples include: gay marriage (forcing those who disagree to participate), sexual deviancy (attempts to normalize abnormal desires), confusing religious freedom (accepting Islam's fascism with it's scriptural demand for violence), embrace of unbridled immigration (purposeful dilution of American culture). There are many more. ALL are examples of Freedom, not Liberty. One may be free to accept all of this but all are abhorrent to the contract of Liberty. Freedom, in the context of the republic we are promised in the United States Constitution, means that you are free to go elsewhere if you do not agree with the civilized norms we as Americans include in our contract of Liberty.

Where does this leave us in our struggle to preserve this, the greatest nation in the history of Mankind? Simply this; do not allow our natural inclination to be free, to lead us to the abrogation of our responsibility to preserve this contract of Liberty for our progeny. This is not about you, me or any one individual. This is about all that come after us for generations to come. Our Liberty comes with responsibility. Accept it. Embrace it. Preserve it for all who accept it's stipulation. Your rights end at my door. Do NOT be afraid to protect Liberty and REJECT freedom!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

P.S. Even our name is confusing. United States of America. We are united supposedly only in our adherence to the Constitution. In point of fact, the Founders intended for the Several States to be bastions of experimental Liberty. Each State was meant to pursue their own version of Liberty and Americans would be free to choose which State they wanted to live in and live with. This works only when the federal government adheres to the principle of enumerated power; which we have long ignored. Ignorance Breeds Tyranny!

April 18, 2016

Of Course We Were Created


Just one thing is clear to me
There's always more than what appears to be
When the light's just right
I swear I see, yeah man it's poetry

But somebody made every thing
From the soul, inside out to Saturn's rings
How my baby smiles and how Ray Charles sings
Of course we were created


Excerpt from ‘Poetry’ – Walt Wilkins

The excerpt above is to give proper credit to the title of this article. Of course Walt is an artist so who knows, if he read my blog, he may ask me to take it down! It’s a beautiful song and an intriguing lyric. To me, all my life I’ve known that there is a God. I struggled in my youth with religion, but never with the belief in God; more than just a ‘momentary’ agnostic investigation into ‘evolution’ and the whole Darwin-worship. Getting my degree in Architecture only strengthened my resolve on the issue. As a designer I recognize design. Who can watch a butterfly emerge from a cacoon and not believe in creation? Life, chemistry, physics, the miracle of liquid water and the fascination of light’s numerous properties are all indications of design to those who care to see them.

I understand a scientist’s desire to base conclusions only on documentable evidence, as it should be; however, there are statistical reasons to believe that The Standard Model for example can only occur through design and not happenstance. A wonderful irony of many scientific disciplines, but particularly Physics, today is that many of the great advances have come from a desire to find a way to explain life without a creator. As can be expected though, each new discovery tends to eventually create considerably more questions than answers. The so-called Big Bang Theory itself only begs the question, “Where did all of the matter existing in the universe that was compressed into that minute spec come from the moment before said ‘bang’?” Do not misunderstand, I love and support the scientific search for proof of life from nothing. Their efforts to date have done more to prove the existence of God than the opposite.

The question on the minds of almost every human on the planet is this: Is Life unique to planet Earth in the entire vastness of the universe (or multi-verse if String Theory is your thang)? First all for the purpose of this discussion we must limit the term ‘Life’ to carbon based life such as we know, and particularly sentient life such as Man.
We will not answer the question here, but let us narrow down the possibilities.

The following is required for life on Earth to exist:

·        A star closely similar to our Sun. Not just any star will support life. It must be a late born star in a spiral galaxy. It’s complicated but for the essential elemental chemistry to form this is required. Only a small percentage of stars in the known universe fit this model.

·        This star must be in a particular place within the spiral galaxy. Too close to center or edge; no life.

·        The star must have been created within the proximity of a white dwarf/’normal’ star binary that produces Flourine. The gravitational forces must be just so, to blast the Flourine into space rather than just burning it up. Too complicated to put down here, but very rare.

·        The planet orbiting the star must be within a small distance window from the star. Too close or too far and no life.

·        The solar system requires a Jupiter like giant 5 times more distant from the star than the planet. Too close and it’s gravity upsets the balance for the planet; too far and it doesn’t shield the planet from the ‘trash’ around the star (comets, asteroids etc.)

·        The perfect moon. The moon must be large enough to maintain it’s orbital stability while fixing the planets rotational axis at 23 ½ degrees. For instance Mars’ rotational axis varies from 0-60 degrees and flips around.

·        The moon also is perfect for our predictable tides; also necessary for Life.

·        The planet must have a molten iron core producing the protective magnetic protection from the stars radiation.

·        Plate tectonics. Also complicated but necessary and finely tuned. Too many earthquakes no life. Too few earthquakes no life. Same with volcanoes; the number and timing of explosions is finely tuned for Life to be possible.

·        Earth’s rotation must be just so; too fast too many tornadoes and hurricanes, too slow and it gets too cold at night and hot during the day. 20 hour days; no Life. 28 hour days; no Life. 24 hours for now and perfect for Life. It is slowing down by the way so in a billion years or so we can all kiss it goodbye.

·        At a more fundamental level; the molecular weight of Methane is 16, Ammonia’s is 17 and Water is 18; therefore we keep lots of water but no Methane or Ammonia. If it weren’t so; no Life. The properties of liquid water are way too deep to go into here but I urge you to explore. It is fascinating...and vital to Life!

·        Mass of the Universe acts as a catalyst for nuclear fusion. Too much mass, too much density, then all matter is converted from Hydrogen into elements heavier than iron; no Life. Too little mass and inefficient fusion would produce only Hydrogen and maybe Helium; no Oxygen or Carbon therefore, no Life.

·        The universe must be electrically neutral or electromagnetism will dominate and stars or planets will never form. This equality must be within one part to 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s 10 to the 37th power.

·        The strength of Gravity must be within 10 to the 40th power weaker than the force of electromagnetism. While necessarily being the weakest force; Gravity must be dominant or planets and stars would not form.

·        The neutron must be within 1/10th of 1% more massive than we know or so many neutrons would be made that the universe would collapse into neutron stars and black holes.
This is not a comprehensive list. The number of things that must be just so for Life to exist is staggering. It explains why this indeed may be the only place in the universe where Life exists. Why such a vast universe then? As explained above the mass of the universe must be just so for all of the laws of physics to produce the elements required for life; then there must be a star and a planet and a solar system within all of this mass that is just so as to produce the test tube for Life to exist.

To wrap it up; the circumstances necessary for the creation of fundamental elements essential to Life are themselves astronomically improbable. AFTER that, the circumstances that allow those elements to combine into sustainable Life are again astronomical. AFTER that, that Life would then become sentient, self-aware, capable of creativity is so far beyond human understanding as to be impossible…and yet here you are, reading this article, considering the value and objectivity of every word, making a rational decision that you alone will hold in your own special understanding. The statistical improbability of Life makes the search for same somewhat futile. As the late Senator Proxmire of Wisconsin so presciently noted, “It’s hard enough to find intelligent life right here in Washington!”

What’s the point you may ask? Perhaps the vastness of the universe and the innate desire of Man to explore said universe and necessarily ask, “Is there other life out there?” will be the actual driving force to Man’s eventual understanding that indeed ‘Of Course We Are Created!’ On that day, Man will begin to live as God intended; loving, respectful and reverent to our wholy unique existence in all of eternal space. Only then may we begin to view our treatment of our fellow Man in the proper perspective.

May God bless you and continue to bless the United States of America and the World and the Universe.


by: Keith D. Rodebush