October 10, 2016

Cold War...cont'd


A Time For War. Searching my historical memory I can’t even secure the file which holds that little idiom. I could Google it but I’m lazy. I write from the heart and that is what you’ll get tonight. The point is obvious. Good, God-fearing Men know that there will always come a time to pound your plowshares into swords. Such is the time in which we live. I wish it were not so. I so wish that my generation had not succumbed to the Siren’s song of Marxism. Yet, they have. The Cold War did not end with the falling of the Berlin Wall as all the world celebrated with youthful zeal. As it is now, so it was then; that so many of my countrymen misunderstand the fight that we are in, but they are awakening my friends!

We were not at war, cold or otherwise, with Mother Russia. We were, and are, at war with Marxism. Oh…you can call it communism, or socialism, or progressivism, or liberalism or any ism you damn well please; but we are not at war with a country, we are at war with an ideology. We have let it infest our vaunted institutions until it has festered into a pustule of an infectious and viral nature. The Cold War continues my friends; and it infects every aspect of our daily lives.

Why do I bring this up now? Many of you understand this; why now? Simply because in a time of war we need a general not a scholar. Oh how I wish a kind, considerate conservative could lead this nation with the masterful hand of reason and righteousness. But alas, that person would NEVER get elected in the current political climate. There was a time, not that long ago, when the choice was between one Patriot or another who simply had different paths to the same goal; a greater America. Many times Americans would vote for one Party for the Administrative branch and another for the legislative. This balanced approach was often fertile for reasonable solutions to current issues. We are long past that time. Our choices today are between America as founded or; an entirely different political system, some form of Statism, Collectivism or what our Founders so eloquently called…Tyranny. In the face of Tyranny, America needs a fighter!

Imagine, if you will, that during WWII our politicians berated us to fire General George S. Patton because of his foul language. In fact, some idiots at that time tried just that for his slapping a cowardly soldier. Forget that the Nazi’s may win the war, we cannot allow such vulgarity. Are you kidding me? Unfortunately, no. Such is the state of GOP ‘leader’ship.

At this point in time in our current political nightmare; our only hope is to elect an outsider that will take on BOTH the liberal elite AND the GOP establishment and wrest control of our government from the Crony Socialists of BOTH Parties. If you want to make an argument for voting against Donald Trump in the Republican primary, as I did, you can make that fairly easily. However, he won handily and our choice is now him or Hillary. Only a stone-cold moron would allow Hillary Clinton to even sniff the seat of the Oval Office. We cannot be sure what a President Trump will do in office. We can even be fairly sure that he will embarrass the Hell out of us at least occasionally.

But…we know exactly what Hillary Clinton will do to this nation. From her Alinsky dissertation in college, to her Healthcare fiasco, Bimbo eruptions, Senate record, 2008 campaign, Secretary of State failure, Muslim ‘right-hand Man’ Huma Abedin, Benghazi security failure, State secrets stupidity, Clinton Foundation corruption, lying, lying, lying, Russia reset, Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, arming terrorists, leaving Americans to die, lying to their families over their corpses, lying under oath, deleting evidence under subpoena, subverting America to Islam, open borders, Wall Street corruption, speeches, speeches, speeches, $$, $$, $$, an entire life of selling access to the People’s Treasury for her own personal gain, viciously attacking the victims of her husband’s sexual assaults, using the IRS against the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ and on and on and on and on…ONLY A COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT would even entertain the thought of this woman as President of the United States of America…OR…an enemy of the State who knows all that she does and agrees with it. Now you know how to view each and every person who evenly tacitly supports this vile and evil creature of Marxist politics. She divides us!
THIS is the enemy of the Nation that we face. Only a hard-nosed street-fighter with NO regard to political correctness has any chance to defeat this threat to national security who is 100% supported by ALL major media outlets. Pardon me, if I don’t give a damn about Trump’s coarseness, and childish sexual banter. Damn the torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!

President Donald Trump needs to secure our borders, deport law-breaking ILLEGAL aliens, start a dialogue on the incompatibility of Islam with Constitutional republicanism, tear up all of the idiot trade bills, PROSECUTE HILLARY CLINTON and put a stick in the eye of the GOP ‘leadership’ at every opportunity; nothing else. After that, we can move on and have an adult talk about how we return this nation to its Founding Principles of Life, Liberty and Property.


by: Keith D. Rodebush

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