October 3, 2016

What Gain Division?


Politics, by it's very nature is divisive. In America, the emergence of the destructive two-Party system that George Washington warned us against, makes it even more so. Two Party's make for a clear division of the country, at least that used to be the case. This system is ripe for insurrection by an outside entity, say Marxism. The Reds have found it relatively easy historically speaking, to infiltrate one Party and dominate thereby setting up a 50% chance of success in any given election.

In the early days of communist insurrection into Europe in the early 20th century, communists were forced to form third or fourth Party's in any attempt to overtake a nation without open violent revolution, greatly diminishing their success. They often tried 'partnering' with other Party's as they did with the National Socialists in Germany ca 1936, only to be discarded when no longer needed. However, in America they found a system that would turn out to be the most fertile petri dish for incubating Marxist dogma in all the world, albeit a slow-germinating process.

Marxist theology (yes, it's a religion) has long held that success can only be had by the destruction of Private Property. Control of the masses comes from controlling production, which clothes and feeds them. Early communists were Hell-bent on physical actual State control of said production but Marxists have always been like a virus, constantly morphing in response to negative stimuli creating a new, more virulent strain. One only needs to control production through Statist government to achieve the same goal. In private moments this is one of Barak Hussein Obama's proudest assertions.

How then, does one destroy Private Property in a nation founded on this very principle? The answer is two-fold and as usual can be found in Marxist teachings reaching back over 100 years. Marxists have been very straight forward in teaching that the destruction of Private Property rights depends on fealty to the State. There are two institutions inexplicably intertwined with Liberty that are the bulwark of the American system as often stated by the Founders; religion and family. In religion one's primary fealty is to God. In a family one's primary fealty is to the paterfamilias (head of household; typically father, but not necessarily so). In the American system of government it has ALWAYS been, God; Family; Country. Even if one did not believe in a deity, it was still, Family; Country. It becomes obvious that to make the State (Country) prima, one needs to destroy God and Family.

Even though the seeds were already there in Marxist ideology, around the 1960's the American communists realized that education was a primary means of destroying both of these vaunted institutions. They have ruthlessly infiltrated and overwhelmed that most beautiful success of Liberty. These institutions now routinely hire radical revolutionaries in the name of 'diversity'. Eventually, these revolutionaries culled the herd of any and all diametric thought as is so obvious today. At their core they are Fascists and none but the indoctrinated are tolerated. Interestingly, they have audaciously committed this sin in the name of love and tolerance, fawned upon by the Presstitutes and cultural whores who profit from being adored by unsuspecting masses. The sad but predictable result is multiple generations of the children of Liberty who instinctively hate all that is Good, Wholesome and Decent.

How, you might ask, does a cabal of communists so quickly turn the children of the greatest nation on earth against it's own nature? With their oldest tool; division. To divide against such strong ties as family and faith, one must first re-define what is good as bad. Therefore, they engage in a relentless diatribe about the two most easily divisive subjects. Class and Race. Class warfare destroys the hope of free-market capitalism and Race warfare destroys the promise of Liberty. Convince the downtrodden who will always be a part of any civilization (not everyone will succeed) that they are not responsible for their station; the system is at fault. Convince minorities that Liberty was never meant for them; their failure is not by government programs which destroy the family, it is inherent in the 'racist' system. Convince the deviant that they are not ostracize for their behavior but for their existence by religious dogma. Do this, and you can enslave a nation. 

I have no intent to downplay real class warfare; nepotism, corruption and empowerment of the State over the People (Google Bush OR Clinton). Or real racism; the soft racism of low expectations. Or real religious dogma; the Fascism of a totalitarian ideology covered with the Burka of 'a religion of peace'. But oddly enough, these are not the enemy of the Marxists; in fact all of the above are part and parcel of their 'means to a Utopian end'. 

What gain is there for the poor from a Statist power base doling out the scraps of federal programs inefficiently and corruptly? The greatest avenue for prosperity among the poor is the ability to achieve wealth through the accumulation of Private Property. Numerous minorities have achieved same in this, the greatest nation on earth in times past. Taxation, regulation, welfare Statism and constant racial division by politicians solely for personal power and wealth have stymied that dream. The destruction of Private Property rights wreaks far more misery on the poor than the rich, who have the resources, and connections to government to withstand the onslaught. The destruction of Lehman Brothers in 2008 was the sacrificial lamb, while Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and others escaped richer than ever. Take your food stamps, hate Republicans and shut up!

What gain has a minority in America to destroy the very Liberty that was promised, sanctified in blood and verified through the rule of law? No matter the occasional and inevitable individual racism, institutional racism was nearly destroyed in America until the Marxist instituted reverse racism through racial quotas, racist welfare programs, abortion (primarily targeted to poor minority communities) and the fomenting of racial strife which encourages further racism by otherwise well-meaning, hard-working citizens? 'Black Lives Matter' does NOT enjoin Americans; it divides them inexorably. They pit us against each other so that they may rule. Fervent racial animosity is a convenient pacifier as they slip the chains upon your ankles!

What gain has the Judeo-Christian bulwark of Liberty by embracing sin, ignoring God's word and having fellowship with a 'religion' whose prophet instituted slavery, misogyny, Fascism and terror? All of the Founders acknowledged that a truly free society can only exist with the engagement of virtuous and educated people (classically educated, not indoctrinated). Even the atheists, it was understood, would have a sense of virtue by fellowship with their deist neighbors. The dominance of moral direction that true religion provides is a vital component of continued Liberty. A free people must be inherently disposed to the freedom of their neighbors. This is why they also universally recognized that the Musselmen were antithetical to Liberty based on their ideological fealty to theological totalitarianism. There is no freedom in Sharia law. There is no individualism with allah.

In closing; Marxists told us that to succeed they must destroy the family and religion. The Marxists told us that the best avenue to achieve this was through class and race warfare. The Marxists told us that the quickest way to do this without violent revolution, was to indoctrinate the children into believing that their nation, their religion and their families were founded illegitimately, were inherently racist and corrupt. We fall all over ourselves to send our children to the very institutions which foment this 'progressive' lie. We vote for the very politicians who trip over each other to conform to the Marxist bludgeon of silence, political correctness. We give trillions of dollars through commerce to corporations who blindly adhere to the cultural Marxist dogma, condemning our daughters to look over their shoulders during the seemingly innocent process of using a restroom. We personally clasp the chains of tyranny around our own and our children's ankles. Our shame is nonpareil

In a society whose primary fascination is sexual voyeurism, can there be any other outcome? Educate yourself. Read the Founding documents over and over. Read the Founder's letters to each other. Read Burke, Smith, de'Toqueville, Adams and Jefferson obsessively. Teach your grandchildren to read hardback History books, read their Bibles, how to shoot and how independence is gained through rugged individualism and Liberty. And most of all, teach them that we secure our freedom together, as one nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Teach them to challenge the lies of Marxism at all times, at all opportunities and at all costs!

May God continue to bless this, the greatest nation ever devised by Man with the blessings of Providence.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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