April 18, 2010

What's Your Problem?

I am amused at all of the political discourse in the media these days. Regardless of whether it's the liberal in vogue or the 'conservative' in vogue speaking to the problems of Americans, the question always comes around to, "What should the federal government do about it?" Is there not one leader out there with the guts to say, "Nothing!"? We have turned into a nation of whiners who are constantly looking beyond ourselves for answers to problems that in comparison to our predecessors are quite trivial. Do we worry about hoards of rats spreading plague? Not so much. Do we worry about gangs of thugs coming out of the woods and raping and pillaging our entire village, burning it to the ground? Seldom. Do we worry about how we are going to feed our children if the turnips or potatoes are hit with blight? Nah, the local grocery store is full. So what DO we worry about?
We worry about our cell phone bill.
We worry about who will pay for our health care, as if someone else is obligated to do so.
We worry about the earth warming, as if the sun had nothing to do with it.
We worry about the very corporations who give us jobs and wealth.
We worry about the law abiding gun owner, rather than the criminal who ignores ALL laws.
We worry about whether we can legally kill our child if he/she is inconveniently conceived.
We worry about getting a house that's too big for our needs, shabbily constructed, and packed into a dense neighborhood with other folks who worry just as much as we, therefore it needs a gate and a tall fence.
We worry that our car is almost 5 years old and we MUST have another new one.
We worry that we can't afford that new big screen LCD monitor that our neighbor has.
We worry that terrorists may not be comfortable with the treatment they receive from our military after slaughtering our kinsmen.
We worry that our president doesn't speak well, or that Europeans don't like him.
We worry about almost everything except whether we are doing all we can to protect the liberty and constitutional republic our forefathers gave us to pass on to future generations.

We read history we don't study it. We quote patriots we don't debate their wisdom and foresight. We let the otherwise uninteresting and shallow faces on the television or radio tell us what we should think or do. We let borderline marxist union lackies teach our children how to hate America and all it stands for. We let used car salesmen convince us that they really just want to help us and all we have to do is send them to Washington D.C. for twenty years of untold wealth building and corrupt careers. All they have to do is come around every election cycle and 'say' they are really trying to help us, regardless of their votes against the Constitution. What will YOU do for ME? ME? ME? ME?

Nothing. That is what I'll do for you. But for all I will defend Liberty. I will speak truth. I will help you teach yourself and your children that there is no problem in America that cannot be cured with Liberty, Virtue, Education and Prosperity. Nothing. I will do nothing for you; and as well I will do nothing TO you. I will allow you to do for yourself. I will allow you to succeed and I will allow you to fail. I will let no one prevent you from thinking as you please or living your life as you see fit. As well I will not let you prevent anyone else from thinking as they wish or living their life as they see fit. This is the promise of America. No more; no less. This is the brilliance of the founding fathers. Every single problem in the world can be solved with Liberty and free market capitalism combined with Virtue and Education.
But sir, everyone doesn't have virtue! True, and these are exactly the people we want to fail. These are exactly the people we want to point out to our children and say, "See son? That is what happens when you are not trustworthy!" Free people are free to marginalize bad influences on society. Free people do not look to the government to soften the blow of bad decisions. Free people point out failure and learn from the mistakes that were made. Free people can decide not to associate with people of low moral standards. This is what makes a country great. This is what makes a country prosperous. This is what cures disease, feeds the hungry, crushes tyranny and spreads wealth and peace to all who will accept the responsibility that it requires. This is the United States of America. At least it was. Will it be?

by: Keith D. Rodebush