May 27, 2015

The Red Badge of RAGE


‘Twas a sunny day when the towers fell,
Shocked; we watched the fiery Hell.

Each who cared, shared the grim despair,

Of the Jumpers’ spectral fall through the air.

‘They will pay’… the collective wail.

The ‘Greatest Generation’ gazed at the Youth,

Spoiled, indifferent, seemingly uncouth.

We say, Do they, have what it takes?

Will these young men define our fate?

The angry, righteous horde is loosed.

Engaging with a surgeon’s precision,

Honoring all with civil discipline,

The spear, the fear, the wrath unleashed.

A ‘New Generation’ Beelzebub meets,

Hampered only by our leaders whims.

With Honor, Dignity and Distinction,

They carry out the stated mission.

Despite the rules of war imposed,

By a despotic few, despised and loathed.

Heroes suffer incomprehensible derision.

Across the land, felt equally by all,

The unbearable weight, the inescapable pall,

Not of war, but political whores as never known before.

The soul of a nation stands up and roars!

A Patriots surge arrests the fall.

From the mouth of defeat, Victory sang!

By Purple Fingers despotism wanes.

Elections, objections and introspection,

The shaky first steps of democratic progression.

The tyrant in the spider hole hangs.

A weary nation plays the ignorant victim.

‘The One’ arrives with the Socialists’ dictum,

We achieved, now we leave our commitment cleaved.

Warriors abandoned, continue to bleed,

By suicide or death by the system.

Veterans abandoned by the Coward in Chief,

Chaos instigated in our own streets.

Harming, Alarming, the enemy is Global Warming,

While all across the world evil is swarming.

Christian’s heads are the food of the Beasts.

A clueless populace has turned the page,

Our destiny known to none but the sage.

Distraction of deviants, miscreants & racist malfeasance,

While the ‘Latest Generation’ bears the encumbrance,

Of the indomitable... Red Badge of Rage.


To all of our heroes: a heartfelt apology from THIS American whose shame is only outmatched by his PRIDE. May God Bless You All. Please allow yourselves to bury this burden and fulfill your purpose in living a life of joy from now till the Maker brings you home to your ultimate reward. No Greater Love…

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 4, 2015

Our Shame is Nonpareil


America; Love it or Leave it. This was the sentiment as I was growing up. In the 70's the hippy generation was making its mark; protesting all things American. A good portion of the country while they may agree that all was not perfect, nevertheless believed that America was the greatest nation on earth. They couldn't understand how someone could be born and raised here and not love this nation. After all, we were the ONLY thing that stood between Fascism or Communism and the Freedom loving peoples of the world. Well, there is an entire generation or two of Americans who have decided that they don't love America, and they won't leave. They have decided to take it over and fundamentally transform this nation into something it was never intended to be. You and your extended families are part of this transformational generation. Fascism & Communism are destroying America and We The People are willingly allowing it to proceed.

These words have no real meaning in todays political climate. We basically have a bunch of people who call themselves by different names but all have the same goal; the destruction of the Constitution and it's protection of Individual rights. They are all Marxist in nature; that is their goal is the destruction of property rights for the purpose of redistributing wealth through an all powerful central government, with a little stipend taken off the top of course. In college they learn from radicals who should be in prison for sedition that there are many nuances to political nomenclature. There are Liberals, Socialists, Social Democrats, Progressives, Labour, Statists, Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Democrats, Republicans and on and on and on. The simple fact is that they are all one and the same. They all believe in redistribution of wealth through an oligarchy centered in Washington D.C.; and NOT because it helps the poor. ONLY because it makes them VERY, VERY wealthy.

Politicians become millionaires in just a few short years in Washington. There is zero accountability unless you step on the wrong toes. Just ask Mr. Menendez of New Jersey. Washington D.C. is now a place where the Clintons can flaunt the law mercilessly with no regard at all to the letter of the law much less the intent. The ONLY reason anyone says anything anymore is if they want a different candidate to represent their interests. The money will then flow to the new political whore and the People will once again pay the freight. The GOP only uses rhetoric against these vermin for fund-raising and get out the vote efforts. They have NO INTENTION of actually changing anything. We're talking TRILLIONS of dollars nowadays folks. What do you think people will do for that kind of money?

The average American voter doesn't have a clue for what the Constitution was intended. They have been snookered by a government that keeps the economy just low enough that we all have to work incessantly just to keep our heads above water. We don't have time to fight. When we do get angry they are there with just the right boogeyman in place; your neighbor. Yes, folks it is your neighbor who is your enemy and the government is going to take them down for you! It will be harsh and it will be righteous for look what they have done to you. Why your entire life of fruitless slave work is all because your neighbor doesn't care about you and will not share with you. Your neighbor is evil and hates you and has been conspiring their entire lives to get you. Why, some of your neighbors belong to a cabal of privileged people who have been conspiring against you ever since the nation was founded! Yes, they will pay. Your government is on guard and they will pay!

Ours is a Thugocracy and the Capo dei Capi is the hero du jour who can bring in the money and the votes. It doesn't matter how honest you are, it doesn't matter if you love your country, Hell you don't even have to be smart. All you have to be is loyal & know how to bring in the money and the vote. There is no limit to where a scoundrel can go in American politics. In fact, the meaner, dirtier and more vile and heartless you are, the more likely you will succeed. Case in point; Dingy Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama, John Boehner, Lindsay Graham, Karl Rove, Chuck U Schumer, Anthony Weiner's wife, Valerie Jarret, Jeb Bush etc. (I could name hundreds here) These are some of the most powerful people in the world and also share the distinction as being some of the most vile creatures to walk the earth. They, one and all, will trade the freedom of their fellow Americans for their own personal gain, power and aggrandizement. Hanging is too good for them.

The most frustrating truth of our lives is that WE made them all. WE gave, and continue to give them the power to do what they do best; destroy America. WE THE PEOPLE give them power to steal our progeny's freedom with every election. Oh, I know we had a couple of 'landslide' elections Keith! Piss off!!! EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN A LEADERSHIP POSITION WAS RE-ELECTED. Thank you Ohio, Kentucky, California and Nevada among many others. We are fools who sharpen the knives that cut our own throats. We are WORSE than lambs to slaughter! We offer up our daughters and our grandchildren to be sacrificed alongside us. We are the worst three generations of Americans ever to be born and our legacy is our ever-lasting shame for having failed to protect and defend the greatest form of government ever devised by Man. ALL of the warnings of our Founders has been ignored as we lay our children on the altar of collectivism to have their Liberty ripped out of their hearts before they are sent away as slaves. We deserve our fate. Hang your head in shame. Kiss your chains and tell NO ONE that you were once my countryman. My contempt for you will only be outdone by your children's. May God in Heaven above have mercy on your souls for I am too weak and too human to do so myself. We are Cowards unworthy of the glorious gift we were given to keep safe. History will not be kind to those who squandered the greatest gift on God's earth. Freedom, constitutional republicanism and free enterprise; mere remnants of a once great People.

by: Keith D. Rodebush