March 31, 2011

Is Common Sense Lost?


The United States of America is on the brink of destruction. If you don't believe that, then there is no need to read any further because you have lost any modicum of common sense. And that is what this article is all about. How can it be, that a nation so rich, so educated, so blessed, can lose every vestige of common sense?

Cases in point:

Pedophiles: Either someone is a danger to society or they are not. Agreed? Then why is it that we sentence people who steal the innocence of children to minimum sentences, then we submit them to a range of unconstitutional restrictions? Sexually abusing a child is the ultimate crime. It's worse than murder. Why? Because the pain doesn't end with the crime. It continues for a lifetime. There is no greater crime. Yet we continue to allow liberal judges to give them light sentences. But we all know they are dangerous and so we insist on all of these new laws and restrictions that are completely unconstitutional. Either a man has paid his debt to society or he is a danger to society. One or the other. The failure to exact justice on the front end leads to tyranny on the other end. Anyone with common sense knows this. Liberalism Kills.

'Attempted Murder': Okay, let me get this straight, because you are a bad shot, you get an extremely lighter sentence? We give you a break because you missed? Like, you stab me with a knife but you miss all vital organs by a quarter of an inch and I survive. Okay, you only get 'Attempted' murder? You know what? If you try to kill someone, I don't care if you are successful or not, you go away forever, okay? Any thinking person understands this. Liberalism Kills.

Gun Control: Let's see, I can have a gun that shoots 29 rounds, but I can't have one that shoots 30 rounds. Really? What if I have two clips with 29 rounds? So, I can have 58 rounds, but not 30? Or, I can have a shotgun with a 19" barrel but not an 18" barrel? Let me ask you; Are you any less dead if I shoot you with an 18" barrel? More importantly, does someone who is going to KILL YOU, obey the law? I mean, killing is against the law, right? So do you think they care if the weapon they kill you with is legal or not? Of course not. Embedded case in point; the murder capitol of America is a city with the strictest gun laws. Only the innocent, who are trying to protect themselves are killed by gun control laws. Why do we have so many school shootings? Schools are 'gun free' zones. Could it possibly be because the perpetrator knows there will be no resistance? Liberalism Kills.

Border Control: Why do we have borders? Because we draw a line...and say that beyond this line, our laws apply. This is our country with our laws. What idiot doesn't understand the importance of that? We are the only nation on the face of the earth with the capacity to protect it's borders, yet does not. Every other country on this earth protects it's borders to the extent that they have the capacity to do so. Every thinking person understands this. 33% of federal prisoners are illegal aliens. Liberalism Kills.

Affirmative Action: We are going to make amends for past discrimination by discriminating? Stop all discrimination by treating everyone the same regardless of race, class, gender, religion or whatever box you choose to put yourself into. Every person who thinks beyond the latest politicians rant understands this. Martin Luther King understood this. Judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. Affirmative action causes resentment, division and vitriol. Witness the many riots in our country over the years. Remember Rodney King and the riots thereafter? Liberalism Kills.

Gay 'Marriage': Marriage is an institution ingrained into the culture for the express reason of creating a 'family' for the purpose of raising children. Any rudimentary research of anthropology reveals such. Like genders cannot have children. Even an idiot can get that one, it's biological. Embedded case in point: If rights were all they wanted then why is it that laws that would give all legal rights to civil unions have universally been rejected by gay rights groups? Simple; because it's not rights they want. It's about justification of lifestyle and nothing else. Rights? Yes. Marriage? Of course not. It's antithetical to the word itself. We all know this. Some of us want to be nice, but we all know that marriage is meant for a man and a woman. Allowing gay marriage is to kill the family unit. Liberalism Kills.

Subsidies: Let's see, your product or service cannot survive in a free market system because the public doesn't want it. So, therefore, we, the all-knowing government will subsidize it because you are too stupid to know it's good for you. Name me one subsidy that supported something that was eventually successful on it's own. In other words, name a subsidy that ended in success. Just one. You can't. If the public doesn't want it, they will never buy it, without your incentive. Stupid is as stupid does. In the meantime good products that might have survived, fail because they cannot compete with government subsidies. Innovation dies. Liberalism Kills.

School Choice: When it is your child, do you want to educate them as you see fit, or do you want a government official telling you how, where and in what manner you should educate them? Of course any reasonable person would want to educate their children as they see fit. Public education is an abysmal failure. Especially in the poorest urban areas. When Barack Obama entered office with the promise of Hope and Change for black America, the first thing that he did was to stop vouchers for Washington D. C. black kids. The program had been a huge success. Now they are all doomed to mediocrity, ignorance and the curse of the ghetto. How many lives will be negatively impacted by this stroke of the pen? How many potential college students will instead be another statistic on the police blotter? Liberalism Kills.

Public Sector Unions: Hey I've got a great idea. We'll let public employees unionize. Then, they can negotiate their contracts and benefits, not with the people that pay their salaries, the taxpayer, but with politicians who are then rewarded with union campaign contributions!! Yeah! That's a great idea, right? Of course not. Any ten year old can figure that one out. Then when it all comes to a head and the state is completely bankrupt, we'll protest at the capitol or riot in the street. When the state is broke, it cannot take care of it's most vulnerable citizens. Liberalism Kills.

Tax the Rich: How much tax do you pay? I mean in real dollars. Okay, how much tax do all of the employees of MicroSoft pay? Millions. Yes, millions. We should give Bill Gates a medal, suspend all of his taxes and name a holiday after him. More millionaires were created by Bill Gates, all of whom pay taxes, than any government program ever conceived, much less implemented. If he chose to shut it all down tomorrow the loss to the tax revenue could not be replaced by thousands of average citizens. Think about it. In one day, he could deplete the treasury of millions of dollars. Tax the rich? How many jobs have you gotten from a poor man? One cintilla of thought brings one to understand this. Yet we hate the rich. They in turn, fade away. You see they don't need the money, they're 'rich'. Jobs are lost. The nation suffers. The economy fails. The stock market crashes. Retirement funds lose value. The dollar loses it's value. Old people on fixed incomes suffer. Bills can't be paid. Liberalism Kills.

None of what I have relayed here can be disputed. It is all undeniable fact. And yet, we live in a world where liberals still get elected. How? Why? Ignorance? Stupidity? All of the above? I'm not sure, because I live in the real world. You know, the one ruled by common sense. The world of the 'Copybook Headings'. Step back, think, look at what goes on around you. What is more likely; that government officials seriously just want to help you? Or, that they are in it for themselves and will do anything to fool you and sucker you into voting for them again? Really? Come on, you know the answer to the question. Not 1 out of a hundred truly deserve your vote. You have two choices, those that pretend to be conservative, and those that make no pretense for such. The lesser of two evils will do....two years at a time. Please vote in all primaries. Please vote Republican. Please never vote another liberal into office. To do so simply shows that you have not a trace of common sense. Can you seriously argue otherwise?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

Special thanks to Jon Thomas, the creator of the phrase 'Liberalism Kills'.

March 27, 2011

Speech to U.N. 1-21-2013

Who Gives This Speech?

In my previous post, I posited the opinion that America must announce a new doctrine; The Peace Through Power Doctrine. This is the speech that would be required by the President of the United States to the United Nations the day after inauguration.

"Throughout the history of human events there has remained one constant, one known, one unequivocal truth, one disturbing norm, one unfortunate reality. I speak of course of war. The technical causes of these wars vary as much as the participants to same. Some are fought for righteous defense of human rights. Some are fought for imperial fiat. All are fought because Mankind finds it impossible to peacefully negotiate with evil men. Our faith tells us to love our enemies. Our religious texts are rife with instances in which we slew them instead. It is doubtful that we will resolve this dichotomy in the history of this nation. Therefore, we are forced to accept an odious truth. True peace in this world is only achieved through the aggressive use of force to make one’s enemies submit. That peace may manifest itself in total oppression in which the entire population must submit to an evil or benevolent dictator who rules with an iron fist. That peace may manifest itself in freedom loving nations allowing religious and economic liberty to thrive under the protection of a powerful military willing to crush all who oppose it. The choice is ours alone. We throw our lot in for freedom.

Oh to live in a world where no evil existed. May our God hurry the day when evil is banished from this earth. Alas, His Divineness has not yet chosen to do so. It is not for us to question why. This leaves us with the two alternatives. Either we allow evil to foment until it poses great risks to nations of the world; in which case many lives and much treasure must be spent to defeat it; or, we smash evil everywhere we see it. We methodically and resolutely crush the spirit of any man with designs on subjugating peoples to tyranny and oppression. Make no mistake; these are our only two choices. Proponents of a third way, a peaceful way of negotiations only delay the moment of truth requiring ever more sacrifice to defeat evil. This is the lesson of history. This has been the folly of the United Nations. In earnest desire to heal our wound they infect the entire body.

Therefore, it is with grave resolve and Providential consultation that a new doctrine of the United States of America is revealed. The Peace Through Power Doctrine. America will use all power and force necessary to defend the right of peaceful nations to exist without interference from foreign powers. America will punish with blunt brutality any nation that threatens these nations either overtly or covertly. The world will live in peace with one another and embrace religious and economic freedom; trade and prosper with each other, or it will burn down around the tyrants’ feet. America will no longer tolerate Western nations who refuse to accept the complete legitimacy of this doctrine of peace through force. We will cut all diplomatic and economic ties with any nation that refuses to completely embrace this doctrine. The world must know that we are the one and only true superpower, that this power was achieved through bestowing Liberty upon our peoples and allowing their participation in free market capitalism, that we intend to use that power to achieve religious and economic freedom, and that we are resolute in that mission from this day forward. If we, a nation of Freemen having achieved this power through our own Liberty and peaceful pursuit of prosperity, are not willing to use that power to allow the peoples of the world, all God’s children, to enjoy that same Liberty and prosperity; for what have toiled? To whom do we justify? May God bless the Peacemakers. May God continue to bless the United States of America."

March 24, 2011

Folly, Failure and Foolishness


As we witness the Middle East consistently spiral into chaos, no one in this administration seems to have a long term view of exactly what is going on. Why is it that some working stiff in the Hill Country of Texas can do minimal research, apply a little common sense, and come up with a better foreign policy than a Nobel Peace Prize recipient? At some point one must wonder is it merely incompetence, or are more nefarious tactics at play? Clearly, much of what is going on in the Middle East right now is being driven by Iran. Iran would love to undermine Saudi Arabia’s royal family and quickly fill the power vacuum that would exist in the Middle East. Bahrain’s uprising is primarily Shiite Muslims, clearly sympathetic to Iran’s ruling class if not directly connected. Yemen’s uprising is not a new event but one that has been delicately massaged for years by Iran’s connections to some of the northern tribes that straddle the border between Yemen and S.A. among other things. S.A. has been a tentative supporter of the Yemeni president mostly because of tribal divisions that go back for ages along with political expediency to keep certain elements, including those beholding to Iran, depressed along their southern border. Both of these conflicts are exponentially more important than Libya, yet this administration ignores them.
In all things political one must always ask the question: “Who most benefits from the events at hand?” In this case it is clearly Iran. It is my opinion that we are witnessing a coordinated set of events set in place most likely by a coalition of groups who have ties to Iran. The express purpose of all of this chaos is to eventually get S.A. caught up in the storm and facilitate the fall of the House of Saud. If this is successful, the Middle East will become a rat’s nest of disparate groups scrambling for power. The one country that has the most influence to divert that power to their allies is Iran. If they succeed in just a few cases, such as S.A. and Syria or Egypt, what you will see will be horrific and pale in comparison to anything since WWII. Israel will quickly be attacked and forced to defend herself, with nukes probably. This will result in worldwide condemnation and the lines will be drawn for a third world war that is centered in the Middle East. The coalition to defeat these caliphate seeking radical Muslims will be small. Most probably the U.S., England, Australia, Poland and several small countries whose support is welcome but insignificant in the larger scheme of things. With the current administration in place, the United States of America cannot even be depended on in such a conflagration.
These are perilous times and not sympathetic to on the job training by community organizers pretending to be statesmen. It is sad but true that a large portion of the Islamic world while not completely agreeable to Iran’s power hungry policy, would nevertheless see the demise of Western culture and political power as a good thing for the world. The potential for internal subversion in the event of an all-out Mid-East war is not only probably but certain. The real measures required to suppress this subversion will be extremely controversial and nearly impossible in the current political climate, though one would hope that the seriousness of our plight would galvanize good Americans to understand the need. Bottom line is that waiting until the aforementioned events take place is completely unacceptable to any logically thinking person. Therefore, we must take drastic measures now to prevent such an outcome. In fact, it may be too late already. We can only pray that it is not and that somewhere amongst the government structure that did not arrive with the current gang that can’t shoot straight, there remains some cool heads that can speak out and drive our country towards a more aggressive foreign policy, particularly concerning Iran. Our only hope at this juncture is to threaten Iran with near extinction if they do not immediately cease all support of outside groups undermining other countries. Now of course, Ahmadinejad will laugh at first as he believes America is weak and soulless. A severe wakeup call such as bombing of his navy will be required to get his attention. S.A. is in a position now to tacitly support such action out of self-preservation.

America must set forth a new doctrine, unambiguous, stark and immutable. America will use all power and force necessary to defend the right of Israel to exist in peace without interference from foreign powers. America will punish with blunt brutality any nation that threatens Israel either overtly or covertly. The Middle East will either learn to live in peace with Israel and embrace religious and economic freedom; trade and prosper with Israel, or it will burn down around Israel. America will no longer tolerate Western nations who refuse to accept the complete legitimacy of Israel to exist in peace. We will cut all diplomatic and economic ties with any nation (ahem, France) that refuses to completely embrace this doctrine. The world must know that we are the one and only true superpower, that we intend to use that power to achieve religious and economic freedom, and that we are resolute in that mission from this day forward. No greater friend, no greater enemy. Decide.
Oh but to live in a world where this is not necessary. To be blessed with friends that are truthful and faithful. To be blessed with enemies with common sense and realistic understanding of the folly of aggressive resistance to freedom and capitalism. To be in a world that is inhuman in that there is no evil, no repression, no ambition, no brutal dictators, no oppressors of freedom, no religious fanatics, no power hungry central planners, no useful idiots and no apathetic useless biological masses. But alas this is not our lot in life. We are doomed to coexist with this evil. The reality is and always has been that the aggressive use of power is the only way to achieve peace in our world. This is a never-ending battle. We will either suppress evil in our world or it will suppress us. Choose.
Finally, all of you emotional weaklings who believe that force is barbaric and old fashioned and that we as a world society should move beyond such Neanderthal thinking; please immediately move to all of the countries around the world that are run by tin pot dictators oppressing their people and threatening world peace. Open up your ‘think tanks’ and your ‘community organizations’ in those countries forthwith. Please don’t ask for protection; that might require force. Immediately set about showing these evil people the error of their ways and hold their hands, sing around the fire and soothe their savage spirits with your love and understanding. When you have changed the hearts of all of the evil men of the world hell bent on destroying their neighbors as well as their own people; then, only then, come home to a hero’s welcome and let’s talk about dismantling America’s new power doctrine. Put up or shut up. Your peaceful drivel is lost on the righteous lovers of Liberty and prosperity.
As to the fundamentalist Islamic fascists amongst us today, there are only two choices. You can fight them now, or fight them later. But fight them you will, or you will be enslaved or murdered. Just ask the Jewish family that was slaughtered in their home last week. Didn’t hear about that? Wow! And the media is usually so eager for blood headlines…unless of course it’s Jew or a Christian who was butchered. But Keith it’s the religion of peace…

by: Keith D. Rodebush

March 22, 2011



The 2012 presidential primary is quickly approaching. Not a moment too soon for this Patriot! Republicans and T.E.A. party activists are busily scouring the political field for the perfect candidate to begin restoring this great nation to its rightful place as leader of the free world. The field of potential candidates is large and is only distinctive by the folks who aren’t running, most notably Chris Christie of New Jersey and Marco Rubio of Florida. Both are really political novices however, and their reluctance only garners them more respect.
The depth of field is directly related to the uninspiring nature of same. Real Americans realize that we need an inspiring leader who is willing to ignore political expediency for national honor. No longer is the establishment heir to the throne acceptable. This new responsible vetting of candidates is directly attributed to the T.E.A. party, a phenomenon that arose out of the sheer frustration of traditional conservative Americans, sick and tired of the federal government ruling outside of its constitutional parameters. The fate of the republic depends on this populous movement being able to shape the debate in the near future.
Before the 2006 elections, conservatives were already disenchanted with the GOP establishment. We gave them power and they vacillated. We wanted warriors and they gave us career politicians with seemingly no conservative core, bent on solidifying power and popularity for their own purposes. Even the ‘Contract With America’ failed to deliver on most of its promises. Failure of Republicans to live up to their conservative credentials created this populous movement, not predictable communists.
So as we ponder the fate of this republic; let’s look at the potential field with an analytical eye and expose the conundrum conservatives find themselves in this political cycle:

Sarah Palin: We love her conservative enthusiasm. We love how she is fearless in taking on the propagandist media. She has two strikes against her, however. One, her foreign policy credentials are weak and in a time of war that is troubling. Second, the communist media has successfully demonized her to such an extent that even people who like her are beginning to doubt that she could win a national election for the highest office.

Newt Gingrich: We love his sharp intellect. We have fond memories of the ’94 revolution. He would kill in a debate. Problems? He is a consummate politician who even recently seemed to embrace the global warming myth simply to appease the communist media and the mythical moderates. Regardless of his writings on conservative policy the bottom line is, of the 10 items he promised in the ‘Contract with America’, only a few were even seriously considered. Welfare reform was really the only success, and it actually wasn’t even on the list. Really, check it out. Most conservatives deep inside consider this a failure of leadership, mostly due to Newts inability to ignore the media and push the agenda tirelessly because it is the right thing to do and not for political expediency. (We want Braveheart, not Chamberlain) And to a lesser extent, Newts private life shows a lack of commitment to true conservative values. Once again, not sincere, not legitimate.

Mitt Romney: Mitts business acumen has made him popular among fiscal conservatives. And….well that’s it. He really is unexceptional in everything else. While some say he’s a good looking candidate, many believe he just looks like a used car salesman. Got that Rick Perry thing goin’ on. And of course, Obamacare Massachusetts, ‘nuf said.

Mike Huckabee: Mike is an enigma to many. If you don’t know him, you may misunderstand him. I am from Arkansas and I personally remember his first term in office as governor. He is a good man and a good conservative. However, I think his past as a preacher has skewed his spirit to an extent in political affairs. In other words, he trusts people and he tends to want to be likeable. Sorry, not a good trait for the Savior of America. Again, we need Braveheart, not Gandhi.

Tim Pawlenty: A good conservative governor. But seriously, does he make you feel like he’s presidential? I’m sorry, but this is a non-starter. If you have seen any interview with him, the first thing that you notice is that he doesn’t want to upset anyone. Tim, please upset someone.

John Bolton: Impeccable foreign policy credentials. Truly one of the most brilliant minds evaluating current events worldwide. I would personally love to see this man vaulted to the forefront of GOP leadership. Problems? No apparent experience in domestic economic policy. It’s all about the jobs isn’t it? To a lesser extent, not so photogenic. Petty? Of course, but so are we.

Michelle Bachman: A T.E.A. party favorite. Fiery spirit. Seemingly impeccable conservative bonafides. She has inspired many a conservative with her tenacious attitude towards fiscal responsibility. Much like Sarah, she has had to repulse an unrelenting onslaught by the communist media. Problems? Somewhat unknown. Sometimes seen as shrill, rightly or wrongly doesn’t matter. There is an appearance of opportunism here, buttressed by her recent gaff of referring to the battles of Lexington and Concord occurring in New Hampshire; not Massachusetts. Sorry, that’s an inexcusable mistake. Either your staff is incompetent or you are. Both are unacceptable.

There are other potential candidates. I won’t cover them all. The bottom line is that we are not thrilled by any of them. We are looking for a leader. We need to be inspired. We need someone to fire our spirit and encourage us to be better than we otherwise would be. We need someone who can carry the torch of conservatism proudly, proclaim its legitimacy to the entire world without reservation and confront all who oppose it with righteous indignation. We need…a Ronald Reagan.
Alas, there is no other like him. If only we could take the best qualities of each of the candidates and like a surgeon, stitch them together. If only we could combine the disparate qualifications into an amalgamation of the perfect republican candidate…a FrankenReagan! This is our dilemma. We have no true statesman to choose from. We find ourselves inventing an imaginary character who will lead us out of the wilderness, because the reality is too painful to accept. At this writing there is no true leader of the conservative movement in America. There is no true constitutional scholar with the foreign policy experience needed to lead this nation. There is no statesman who can bridge the divide among the masses and appeal to the American spirit within us all to return this country to its rightful place in the world. Liberty, coupled with free market capitalism is responsible for most of the advancements in recent human history. Yet we stand on the precipice of its demise. Who has the charisma, character and conviction to save this bedrock of freedom? Who amongst us has the intestinal fortitude to seek them out and support them? When will our FrankenReagan appear? Is there such a ‘monster’? For the sake of Liberty, I pray that FrankenReagan is not a mythical character, but a savior yet to be exposed. From this blogpost to God’s graceful ear.

By: Keith D. Rodebush

March 15, 2011

They Will Never Stop...


So… what does one call the perpetual march towards totalitarian government in modern political discourse? Progressivism? Liberalism? Socialism? Marxism? Liberal Fascism? You can call it what you want; give it the ‘ism’ that best fits your educational understanding. The bottom line is it is communism (small c). Why? Because it all has as the goal of a Utopian society, where presumably we are all happy and the lower classes achieve equality, if not in financial means at least in comfort, with the bourgeoisie (the ‘haves’). Why the small ‘c’? Because Communism is expressly tied to Russia or China in the modern understanding of the word. One should study those countries experience; we could go back to Robespierre if you wish but for my purposes, it’s communism. This covers everything from Wilson to Roosevelt to Castro to Bush to Chavez to Obama. They all have one thing in common; government as a cure for what ails society as a whole. Never mind that history proves over and over again that government is indeed what ails society. The fate of this nation, founded in Liberty, resolved to vest power in the People, is dependent on the average American citizen’s understanding this; there is and has been for over a century, an intellectual assault on our republican form of government.

How do I, a humble man of modest means, temperament and education express this in less than a book? God only knows, but I shall attempt such with what I know best, common sense.

The hardest thing for the average person to understand is that decent people can do destructive things. Motivation is one of the primary elements of crime. One must understand why something is done in order to assign blame to the perpetrator. Why would an otherwise decent, loving and educated person work to undermine the greatest form of government known to Man? The answer, I have come to believe, is the innate emotion of compassion inherent in the human spirit. As ancient Man looked upon the animal world which all too often is nothing more than eat or be eaten, there was an instinctive desire to separate ourselves from that barbarity. As the lion eats the lamb, the superficial human emotion is compassion for the death of the lamb as opposed to the joy of a lion fed. This is the root of communism; an unreasonable desire to feed the lion without killing the lamb. Clearly the lion cannot survive without the death of the lamb. However, Man’s capacity of abstract thought has led him to the irrational conclusion that nature can be overcome.

Conservatives believe that Man is inherently flawed and tempted, but that we are tempered by faith in God, and that the good within us will overcome if we abide by God’s law to treat our fellow Man as we would have them treat us. We all fail in this quest, but it is the quest that is important. If we recognize that we all fail, then we can rise above our instinctive nature not as an individual, but as a whole. How? Accountability. It is only through personal responsibility that a society of humans can overcome our natural animal instincts. We alone among the creatures of the world have this ability.

Liberals believe that individual Man is inherently good. Only as a result of our pursuit of prosperity do we infringe on the rights of others. Only capitalism or religion causes our selfish nature. Therefore, if an omnipresent and omnipotent authority, here on earth, could replace our efforts with charity and structure, we would all naturally exist in harmony and peace. Their hubris allows them to believe our nature can be overcome with ‘progress’. This is the folly of communism. It fundamentally disassociates itself with Man’s inherent fallibility. While the majority of atheists are liberal, not all liberals are atheist. This is because communism preys upon the natural compassion of Man and indeed the natural compassion of Christianity and other religions. Misguided, short-sighted compassion rooted in Man’s desire for acceptance. Compassion for the lamb, not the lion. As if it is our place to judge the deserving. How arrogant.

This is where we fundamentally fail. When government conspires with business for the ‘greater good’, we understand that businesses are run by people, who are fundamentally selfish as are the politicians who conspire with them. When politicians craft legislation to ‘protect’ the people, they give themselves power. Power is sold to the highest bidder. When unions conspire with politicians to trade voter turnout for taxpayer funded benefits, we understand that corruption is inevitable. Why? Because we are human. Remember the first of the 7 irrefutable truths: “Human nature alone requires government. Human nature alone requires it be chained.”
From the administration of Woodrow Wilson and his ‘war socialism’ to FDR and the ‘new deal’ to LBJ and the ‘great society’ to Hillary Clinton and her ‘politics of meaning’ to George Bush and his ‘compassionate conservatism’ to Barack Obama and his ‘hope and change’ they all have one thing in common…government as a vehicle for the inherent goodness of Man to manifest itself in society. All fundamentally opposed to the Founding Fathers who warned of the imperfection of Man as the reason for limited power to be given to any government. Instead, they determined that individual Liberty, coupled with accountability would unleash our potential. And it has. They understood that individuals could be held accountable, but government never will. Such is history. To ignore this is futile and fatal.

It is time to intellectually accept the fallibility of Man. It is time to return this country to the basic foundations upon which it was created. Man is fallible; therefore he cannot be trusted with your Liberty. Liberty can only exist with accountability. When you give away your Liberty for a perceived advantage today, you give away your grandchild’s Liberty for a tyrant’s advantage tomorrow. What greater sin can there be than to subject one’s progeny to tyranny for one’s own comfort? If you make an unprincipled exception, then you have no principles. All political choices must be based on constitutional principles or they are simply stepping stones to tyranny. Are you the keeper of Liberty for your countrymen; or, are you the useful idiot that tyrant’s use to steal Liberty? Tyranny in the name of compassion is the lowest form of abrogation of duty.

The simple truth is this; people who allow tyranny for compassion’s sake, can’t possibly do so for real compassion, only self-love. They "compassionately" condemn future citizens to the slavery of communism for their own comfort and self-esteem while gleefully proclaiming "it's for the greater good." Through emotional greed they become the tyrant, allowing evil to inflict a nation formed for the true greater good of freedom; a beacon to all Mankind.

Finally, if God is perfect, how could he allow such emotions to corrupt Man’s soul? The answer, of course, is free will. In order for God to give Man free will, he must give him the right to be wrong. This is the exact basis for our form of government. Our Founding Fathers determined that Liberty was given by God Himself, not by Man. Man only steals Liberty. Therefore, any government that steals Liberty defies God. And by extension, any citizen that allows government to steal Liberty defies God. If you compromise republican principles for expedient accommodation, you defy the God of Abraham. Now, for me, I am not prepared to defy the God of Abraham or condemn my progeny to slavery; are you?

By: Keith D. Rodebush and Jon Thomas