March 24, 2011

Folly, Failure and Foolishness


As we witness the Middle East consistently spiral into chaos, no one in this administration seems to have a long term view of exactly what is going on. Why is it that some working stiff in the Hill Country of Texas can do minimal research, apply a little common sense, and come up with a better foreign policy than a Nobel Peace Prize recipient? At some point one must wonder is it merely incompetence, or are more nefarious tactics at play? Clearly, much of what is going on in the Middle East right now is being driven by Iran. Iran would love to undermine Saudi Arabia’s royal family and quickly fill the power vacuum that would exist in the Middle East. Bahrain’s uprising is primarily Shiite Muslims, clearly sympathetic to Iran’s ruling class if not directly connected. Yemen’s uprising is not a new event but one that has been delicately massaged for years by Iran’s connections to some of the northern tribes that straddle the border between Yemen and S.A. among other things. S.A. has been a tentative supporter of the Yemeni president mostly because of tribal divisions that go back for ages along with political expediency to keep certain elements, including those beholding to Iran, depressed along their southern border. Both of these conflicts are exponentially more important than Libya, yet this administration ignores them.
In all things political one must always ask the question: “Who most benefits from the events at hand?” In this case it is clearly Iran. It is my opinion that we are witnessing a coordinated set of events set in place most likely by a coalition of groups who have ties to Iran. The express purpose of all of this chaos is to eventually get S.A. caught up in the storm and facilitate the fall of the House of Saud. If this is successful, the Middle East will become a rat’s nest of disparate groups scrambling for power. The one country that has the most influence to divert that power to their allies is Iran. If they succeed in just a few cases, such as S.A. and Syria or Egypt, what you will see will be horrific and pale in comparison to anything since WWII. Israel will quickly be attacked and forced to defend herself, with nukes probably. This will result in worldwide condemnation and the lines will be drawn for a third world war that is centered in the Middle East. The coalition to defeat these caliphate seeking radical Muslims will be small. Most probably the U.S., England, Australia, Poland and several small countries whose support is welcome but insignificant in the larger scheme of things. With the current administration in place, the United States of America cannot even be depended on in such a conflagration.
These are perilous times and not sympathetic to on the job training by community organizers pretending to be statesmen. It is sad but true that a large portion of the Islamic world while not completely agreeable to Iran’s power hungry policy, would nevertheless see the demise of Western culture and political power as a good thing for the world. The potential for internal subversion in the event of an all-out Mid-East war is not only probably but certain. The real measures required to suppress this subversion will be extremely controversial and nearly impossible in the current political climate, though one would hope that the seriousness of our plight would galvanize good Americans to understand the need. Bottom line is that waiting until the aforementioned events take place is completely unacceptable to any logically thinking person. Therefore, we must take drastic measures now to prevent such an outcome. In fact, it may be too late already. We can only pray that it is not and that somewhere amongst the government structure that did not arrive with the current gang that can’t shoot straight, there remains some cool heads that can speak out and drive our country towards a more aggressive foreign policy, particularly concerning Iran. Our only hope at this juncture is to threaten Iran with near extinction if they do not immediately cease all support of outside groups undermining other countries. Now of course, Ahmadinejad will laugh at first as he believes America is weak and soulless. A severe wakeup call such as bombing of his navy will be required to get his attention. S.A. is in a position now to tacitly support such action out of self-preservation.

America must set forth a new doctrine, unambiguous, stark and immutable. America will use all power and force necessary to defend the right of Israel to exist in peace without interference from foreign powers. America will punish with blunt brutality any nation that threatens Israel either overtly or covertly. The Middle East will either learn to live in peace with Israel and embrace religious and economic freedom; trade and prosper with Israel, or it will burn down around Israel. America will no longer tolerate Western nations who refuse to accept the complete legitimacy of Israel to exist in peace. We will cut all diplomatic and economic ties with any nation (ahem, France) that refuses to completely embrace this doctrine. The world must know that we are the one and only true superpower, that we intend to use that power to achieve religious and economic freedom, and that we are resolute in that mission from this day forward. No greater friend, no greater enemy. Decide.
Oh but to live in a world where this is not necessary. To be blessed with friends that are truthful and faithful. To be blessed with enemies with common sense and realistic understanding of the folly of aggressive resistance to freedom and capitalism. To be in a world that is inhuman in that there is no evil, no repression, no ambition, no brutal dictators, no oppressors of freedom, no religious fanatics, no power hungry central planners, no useful idiots and no apathetic useless biological masses. But alas this is not our lot in life. We are doomed to coexist with this evil. The reality is and always has been that the aggressive use of power is the only way to achieve peace in our world. This is a never-ending battle. We will either suppress evil in our world or it will suppress us. Choose.
Finally, all of you emotional weaklings who believe that force is barbaric and old fashioned and that we as a world society should move beyond such Neanderthal thinking; please immediately move to all of the countries around the world that are run by tin pot dictators oppressing their people and threatening world peace. Open up your ‘think tanks’ and your ‘community organizations’ in those countries forthwith. Please don’t ask for protection; that might require force. Immediately set about showing these evil people the error of their ways and hold their hands, sing around the fire and soothe their savage spirits with your love and understanding. When you have changed the hearts of all of the evil men of the world hell bent on destroying their neighbors as well as their own people; then, only then, come home to a hero’s welcome and let’s talk about dismantling America’s new power doctrine. Put up or shut up. Your peaceful drivel is lost on the righteous lovers of Liberty and prosperity.
As to the fundamentalist Islamic fascists amongst us today, there are only two choices. You can fight them now, or fight them later. But fight them you will, or you will be enslaved or murdered. Just ask the Jewish family that was slaughtered in their home last week. Didn’t hear about that? Wow! And the media is usually so eager for blood headlines…unless of course it’s Jew or a Christian who was butchered. But Keith it’s the religion of peace…

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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