March 27, 2011

Speech to U.N. 1-21-2013

Who Gives This Speech?

In my previous post, I posited the opinion that America must announce a new doctrine; The Peace Through Power Doctrine. This is the speech that would be required by the President of the United States to the United Nations the day after inauguration.

"Throughout the history of human events there has remained one constant, one known, one unequivocal truth, one disturbing norm, one unfortunate reality. I speak of course of war. The technical causes of these wars vary as much as the participants to same. Some are fought for righteous defense of human rights. Some are fought for imperial fiat. All are fought because Mankind finds it impossible to peacefully negotiate with evil men. Our faith tells us to love our enemies. Our religious texts are rife with instances in which we slew them instead. It is doubtful that we will resolve this dichotomy in the history of this nation. Therefore, we are forced to accept an odious truth. True peace in this world is only achieved through the aggressive use of force to make one’s enemies submit. That peace may manifest itself in total oppression in which the entire population must submit to an evil or benevolent dictator who rules with an iron fist. That peace may manifest itself in freedom loving nations allowing religious and economic liberty to thrive under the protection of a powerful military willing to crush all who oppose it. The choice is ours alone. We throw our lot in for freedom.

Oh to live in a world where no evil existed. May our God hurry the day when evil is banished from this earth. Alas, His Divineness has not yet chosen to do so. It is not for us to question why. This leaves us with the two alternatives. Either we allow evil to foment until it poses great risks to nations of the world; in which case many lives and much treasure must be spent to defeat it; or, we smash evil everywhere we see it. We methodically and resolutely crush the spirit of any man with designs on subjugating peoples to tyranny and oppression. Make no mistake; these are our only two choices. Proponents of a third way, a peaceful way of negotiations only delay the moment of truth requiring ever more sacrifice to defeat evil. This is the lesson of history. This has been the folly of the United Nations. In earnest desire to heal our wound they infect the entire body.

Therefore, it is with grave resolve and Providential consultation that a new doctrine of the United States of America is revealed. The Peace Through Power Doctrine. America will use all power and force necessary to defend the right of peaceful nations to exist without interference from foreign powers. America will punish with blunt brutality any nation that threatens these nations either overtly or covertly. The world will live in peace with one another and embrace religious and economic freedom; trade and prosper with each other, or it will burn down around the tyrants’ feet. America will no longer tolerate Western nations who refuse to accept the complete legitimacy of this doctrine of peace through force. We will cut all diplomatic and economic ties with any nation that refuses to completely embrace this doctrine. The world must know that we are the one and only true superpower, that this power was achieved through bestowing Liberty upon our peoples and allowing their participation in free market capitalism, that we intend to use that power to achieve religious and economic freedom, and that we are resolute in that mission from this day forward. If we, a nation of Freemen having achieved this power through our own Liberty and peaceful pursuit of prosperity, are not willing to use that power to allow the peoples of the world, all God’s children, to enjoy that same Liberty and prosperity; for what have toiled? To whom do we justify? May God bless the Peacemakers. May God continue to bless the United States of America."

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