March 31, 2011

Is Common Sense Lost?


The United States of America is on the brink of destruction. If you don't believe that, then there is no need to read any further because you have lost any modicum of common sense. And that is what this article is all about. How can it be, that a nation so rich, so educated, so blessed, can lose every vestige of common sense?

Cases in point:

Pedophiles: Either someone is a danger to society or they are not. Agreed? Then why is it that we sentence people who steal the innocence of children to minimum sentences, then we submit them to a range of unconstitutional restrictions? Sexually abusing a child is the ultimate crime. It's worse than murder. Why? Because the pain doesn't end with the crime. It continues for a lifetime. There is no greater crime. Yet we continue to allow liberal judges to give them light sentences. But we all know they are dangerous and so we insist on all of these new laws and restrictions that are completely unconstitutional. Either a man has paid his debt to society or he is a danger to society. One or the other. The failure to exact justice on the front end leads to tyranny on the other end. Anyone with common sense knows this. Liberalism Kills.

'Attempted Murder': Okay, let me get this straight, because you are a bad shot, you get an extremely lighter sentence? We give you a break because you missed? Like, you stab me with a knife but you miss all vital organs by a quarter of an inch and I survive. Okay, you only get 'Attempted' murder? You know what? If you try to kill someone, I don't care if you are successful or not, you go away forever, okay? Any thinking person understands this. Liberalism Kills.

Gun Control: Let's see, I can have a gun that shoots 29 rounds, but I can't have one that shoots 30 rounds. Really? What if I have two clips with 29 rounds? So, I can have 58 rounds, but not 30? Or, I can have a shotgun with a 19" barrel but not an 18" barrel? Let me ask you; Are you any less dead if I shoot you with an 18" barrel? More importantly, does someone who is going to KILL YOU, obey the law? I mean, killing is against the law, right? So do you think they care if the weapon they kill you with is legal or not? Of course not. Embedded case in point; the murder capitol of America is a city with the strictest gun laws. Only the innocent, who are trying to protect themselves are killed by gun control laws. Why do we have so many school shootings? Schools are 'gun free' zones. Could it possibly be because the perpetrator knows there will be no resistance? Liberalism Kills.

Border Control: Why do we have borders? Because we draw a line...and say that beyond this line, our laws apply. This is our country with our laws. What idiot doesn't understand the importance of that? We are the only nation on the face of the earth with the capacity to protect it's borders, yet does not. Every other country on this earth protects it's borders to the extent that they have the capacity to do so. Every thinking person understands this. 33% of federal prisoners are illegal aliens. Liberalism Kills.

Affirmative Action: We are going to make amends for past discrimination by discriminating? Stop all discrimination by treating everyone the same regardless of race, class, gender, religion or whatever box you choose to put yourself into. Every person who thinks beyond the latest politicians rant understands this. Martin Luther King understood this. Judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. Affirmative action causes resentment, division and vitriol. Witness the many riots in our country over the years. Remember Rodney King and the riots thereafter? Liberalism Kills.

Gay 'Marriage': Marriage is an institution ingrained into the culture for the express reason of creating a 'family' for the purpose of raising children. Any rudimentary research of anthropology reveals such. Like genders cannot have children. Even an idiot can get that one, it's biological. Embedded case in point: If rights were all they wanted then why is it that laws that would give all legal rights to civil unions have universally been rejected by gay rights groups? Simple; because it's not rights they want. It's about justification of lifestyle and nothing else. Rights? Yes. Marriage? Of course not. It's antithetical to the word itself. We all know this. Some of us want to be nice, but we all know that marriage is meant for a man and a woman. Allowing gay marriage is to kill the family unit. Liberalism Kills.

Subsidies: Let's see, your product or service cannot survive in a free market system because the public doesn't want it. So, therefore, we, the all-knowing government will subsidize it because you are too stupid to know it's good for you. Name me one subsidy that supported something that was eventually successful on it's own. In other words, name a subsidy that ended in success. Just one. You can't. If the public doesn't want it, they will never buy it, without your incentive. Stupid is as stupid does. In the meantime good products that might have survived, fail because they cannot compete with government subsidies. Innovation dies. Liberalism Kills.

School Choice: When it is your child, do you want to educate them as you see fit, or do you want a government official telling you how, where and in what manner you should educate them? Of course any reasonable person would want to educate their children as they see fit. Public education is an abysmal failure. Especially in the poorest urban areas. When Barack Obama entered office with the promise of Hope and Change for black America, the first thing that he did was to stop vouchers for Washington D. C. black kids. The program had been a huge success. Now they are all doomed to mediocrity, ignorance and the curse of the ghetto. How many lives will be negatively impacted by this stroke of the pen? How many potential college students will instead be another statistic on the police blotter? Liberalism Kills.

Public Sector Unions: Hey I've got a great idea. We'll let public employees unionize. Then, they can negotiate their contracts and benefits, not with the people that pay their salaries, the taxpayer, but with politicians who are then rewarded with union campaign contributions!! Yeah! That's a great idea, right? Of course not. Any ten year old can figure that one out. Then when it all comes to a head and the state is completely bankrupt, we'll protest at the capitol or riot in the street. When the state is broke, it cannot take care of it's most vulnerable citizens. Liberalism Kills.

Tax the Rich: How much tax do you pay? I mean in real dollars. Okay, how much tax do all of the employees of MicroSoft pay? Millions. Yes, millions. We should give Bill Gates a medal, suspend all of his taxes and name a holiday after him. More millionaires were created by Bill Gates, all of whom pay taxes, than any government program ever conceived, much less implemented. If he chose to shut it all down tomorrow the loss to the tax revenue could not be replaced by thousands of average citizens. Think about it. In one day, he could deplete the treasury of millions of dollars. Tax the rich? How many jobs have you gotten from a poor man? One cintilla of thought brings one to understand this. Yet we hate the rich. They in turn, fade away. You see they don't need the money, they're 'rich'. Jobs are lost. The nation suffers. The economy fails. The stock market crashes. Retirement funds lose value. The dollar loses it's value. Old people on fixed incomes suffer. Bills can't be paid. Liberalism Kills.

None of what I have relayed here can be disputed. It is all undeniable fact. And yet, we live in a world where liberals still get elected. How? Why? Ignorance? Stupidity? All of the above? I'm not sure, because I live in the real world. You know, the one ruled by common sense. The world of the 'Copybook Headings'. Step back, think, look at what goes on around you. What is more likely; that government officials seriously just want to help you? Or, that they are in it for themselves and will do anything to fool you and sucker you into voting for them again? Really? Come on, you know the answer to the question. Not 1 out of a hundred truly deserve your vote. You have two choices, those that pretend to be conservative, and those that make no pretense for such. The lesser of two evils will do....two years at a time. Please vote in all primaries. Please vote Republican. Please never vote another liberal into office. To do so simply shows that you have not a trace of common sense. Can you seriously argue otherwise?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

Special thanks to Jon Thomas, the creator of the phrase 'Liberalism Kills'.


  1. Thanks for reading Dave. I like your work at The Posh Blog as well. Hopefully enough people will wake up and take this country back!

  2. Liberalism kills everything everytime and, very much like rust, never sleeps.

    Keep preachin' brother!

  3. Excellent presentation of some much needed common sense. I enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate all that you are doing to educate us.

    I do feel however that you are missing the biggest and most important liberal tentacle that has put us in a stranglehold.


    The wars we are fighting (terrorism & drugs) have the largest impact on our loss of tax dollars and civil liberties.

    Concerning civil liberties; we cannot be at war without our rights being infringed. You can go all the way back to the “alien & sedition acts” under Adams (which were repealed for good reason). It is absolutely necessary to limit rights when at war, at least if you want to win. If you fight a war in which you do not intend to win (as appears to be the case today) then it is an unjust war wasting our precious blood and treasure.

    We can disagree about the need to fight the wars but we should be able to agree that they are financially unsustainable; this is why our current wars are the antithesis of conservative. More than half of our budget is spent on defense and interest service for our debt. You can eliminate all the welfare programs and non-defense agencies and we would still be in deficit.
    Either we exit with integrity now and pay for what has already been done, or we go bust later. And by bust I mean the destruction of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Imagine paying for $10 gasoline with no pay raise, it is our destination on this present course.
    People often tell me that to keep us safe we must continue our current foreign policy and war on drugs, “come hell or high water.”
    To this I respond, get a boat and enjoy the creeping darkness.

    To tie this back into your blog I would point to our history that demonstrates conservatives(until Bush) were not the war hawks.
    Wilson – WWI
    Roosevelt - WWII
    Truman – Korea
    Kennedy/ LBJ – Vietnam
    Bush – Iraq
    Clinton – Serbia
    Bush Jr. – Afghanistan & Iraq II
    Obama – Libya

    Once again Liberalism Kills, even if it’s the “neo-conservative” type.