May 29, 2011

The Intolerance of Truth


As we all view with horror the state of our nation declining before our very eyes, the politicians who caused this destruction of the greatest nation ever founded continue doing the same thing over and over again. Occasionally, they will propose something that has a great sounding name, like "The Saving America Act" or some other idiotic attempt to wrap a bow around a pigs arse. However, they never actually attack the problem. Why? Because they are the problem, and to truly attack the problem they have to attack their own jobs. Imagine if you were hired by an employer and they set you down on the first day and said, "Okay, we want you to develop a plan to make your job irrelevant in the near future." As you can see that would require a full measure of dedication to the company's interest over your own for you to accomplish that goal in the best possible way. This is the measure of dedication to our country that is required for our legislators to preserve a Constitutional republic such as ours. The mistake that all voters have made, especially over the last century is to assume that politicians are dedicated to our country; they are not. At least not to the extent required to do the job before them. How can I say this? Simple. Review the facts.

Fact: In a Constitutional republic, no bill is better than a bad bill. In other words, the basis for a republic is that the government should do as little as possible, leaving the good citizens to pursue prosperity and happiness of their own accord. Prosperity and happiness of a community includes care for the truly needy and tragically stricken members of a community by the community. Such care by the community itself provides a sense of spirit and service to God as well as Man. This is what the Founding Fathers intended, it is precisely clear in even a rudimentary reading of their works.

Fact: That is not what 95% of politicians do while in office. Most politicians when faced with a road block to any piece of legislation, immediately determine what sacrifices need to be made to gain support from opponents in order to gain votes. This of course, is a suicide pact. They are opponents of the legislation because they don't believe in it. Any sacrifices they require are by their very nature intended to weaken or completely destroy the original concept. At a time when one should stand tall on principle, make their case to the people on a constitutional and ethical basis, they instead retire to the back rooms and wheel and deal the public interest away. Why? So they can pass a bill, make you think they did it for you, then run for re-election on the basis that they are someone who can 'get things done'. That's all good except when those 'things' are being done to you and not for you. In other words, in the end it is all about them and not the country.

Case in point: The Texas legislature is wrapping up. The political pundits are already crowing about what a great success it has been. This success is based on two things; one, the bills passed and two, the issues involved which in the past did not have the votes to pass. So what's wrong with that? They are bad bills. The Texas Senate has 19 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Because of the rules and Texas Constitution a bill requires 21 votes to proceed through the Senate. Therefore any bill that comes up that would be truly good for Texas while truly respecting the Peoples rights must get two Democrat votes, which is nearly impossible. This is not to imply that any Republican bill submitted achieves those two goals, nothing could be further from the truth. It is however true that the only bills that would achieve those goals would come from Republicans. Don't agree? Show me one bill sponsored by a Democrat in Texas that does so? What about Republican bills? The original voter ID bill did such. And was promptly shot down by Democrats. So what is a conservative legislator to do? Why change the bill of course. Provide so many caveats that the bill is essentially useless. The only people required to show ID will be those we don't need to show ID. Illegal immigrants can't be asked, that would be racist. Very poor people (documented targets of voter fraud) can't be asked, why they can't afford to go to the revenue office and get an ID, even if they do have to have one for any number of other daily transactions. So in the interest of not disenfranchising any vote, we disenfranchise only legal votes by allowing fraud to counter them. But the bill is called a 'Voter ID' bill and it makes us all feel good that our legislators are protecting our votes, when in fact they are only protecting their own interest. Besides, it draws attention away from all of those Toll Road bills that will give our state infrastructure away to foreign companies; bills that privatize profit and publicize loss.

This is what the Texas legislature does and they are lauded through the land by T.E.A party folks and pundits alike. Texas is where things get done! While Texas is good for business and it should be, the unholy alliance between business and government is evil and should be treated as such. Sweetheart deals to specific entities is unethical and unconstitutional.

Another example is the ridiculous abortion bill passed this year in the Texas legislature. It started with a bill that all mothers who were about to kill their baby would have to see a sonogram of said child before they killed him/her. Well, of course no Democrat in Texas is going to protect a child in the womb, so again it wouldn't pass the Senates 21 vote threshold. So what is any good Republican to do? Well, you water it down of course with so many caveats that no one is required to see the sonogram to continue with the murder of their child. But we pass it anyway, and we give it a great sounding name, and the Governor calls it a priority and they fast track it and pass a completely worthless bill. A personal interjection here. I believe that any bill that requires the state to interject between you and your doctor, except in the case of protecting an other's life, is unconstitutional and should never have been proposed in the first place. That is the truth. It is harsh and intolerant, but necessary to protect the freedom of the patient and the doctor as well as an unborn child. But you see, any bill is better than no bill to a legislator who is only interested in furthering their career on the public dime.

Truth is harsh. Truth is unalterable. Truth is often characterized as difficult to discern but in fact is obvious for all to see if they get past their own bias. Truth is however, intolerant. Therefore, any attempt to be tolerant to another point of view when one is in pursuit of Truth is in and of itself denying ones own assertion of Truth. If that is the case, then shut up in the first place. Either propose legislation based on Truth, or propose none at all. Either fight for and defend Truth to the bloody end, or get out of the way and let someone with the required honor and respect for country do so in your stead. Either have principles based on Truth, or get a job that doesn't require it. All too often that was politics. We The People must change that or this country is doomed. What will replace it will be much more horrible than you can even imagine. The Truth is intolerant, and we the voters must be as well. Any legislator that passes a bad bill instead of no bill deserves only your contempt, not your vote. Vote with honor and respect for your country, or stay home and leave the defense of Liberty to those who are qualified to do so.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 22, 2011

Shocked, Shocked That Obama is Anti-American


It is amusing watching the news coverage of Obama's latest foray into killing freedom and capitalism around the world. News anchors painfully try to explain the nuances of President Obama's Middle East policy speech he gave, just a few weeks after killing Osama bin Laden. Everywhere you turn it is either so brilliant you can't understand it or he's a buffoon that doesn't know what he's doing. Neither is true. He knows exactly what he's doing. While it is very calculated it is of course not brilliant, it's insidious, because the intent is to undermine Israel, destabilize the Middle East even more, give cover for an even bigger rise in oil prices and distract Americans from the dismantling of the free enterprise system that is and has been going on ever since this Marxist ideologue entered office. Obama calls Israel 'occupiers', a term used by terrorists. He ignores 5,000 years of Jewish history. He ignores the fact that Israel was brutally attacked by 4 Arab nations in 1967 and brilliantly fought them off and won a quick and decisive victory. He gives money to Hamas a known terrorist group. He ignores violent attacks on Israel. He ignores the Iranian president speaking of driving Israel into the sea as it builds a nuclear weapon. The press ponders whether his Mideast strategy is fresh or just timed badly. Israel represents freedom and capitalism. Our president is against that. His actions show it over and over again. Barack Hussein Obama is the most radical leftist nutjob ever conceived as a presidential candidate much less an actual president. His interviews show it. His books prove it. His associations affirm it. And his administration exemplifies it. He hates America as founded. He is intent on 'fundamentally changing' this country into his ideal which is nothing other than a communist utopia that his college professors, acquaintances and family friends have been brainwashing him with since he was born. His own words reveal this time and again. He states emphatically that his energy policy will necessarily cause utility rates to skyrocket. He states without flinching that he's fine with gas prices going up, just maybe not as fast. He institutes a ban on oil drilling in the gulf; ignores a judges order to cease and desist, sends billions to foreign government owned oil companies while trying to raise taxes on American private companies. And now everyone is befuddled by skyrocketing energy costs. He states plainly that he envisions a single payer health care system completely dismantling free market health care. He further states that he may not be able to get it all in one bite, but may have to do it incrementally. Then he crams Obamacare down the nations throat as they protest across the land, and the pundits pontificate about how his good intentions. He goes around the world apologizing for America. In his books he calls us Colonialist. He surrounds himself in this administration with radical communist sympathizers and anti-capitalist business haters. The talking heads cannot understand why a large portion of the public don't believe he is an American. He's not. Regardless of where is was born. He is a dyed in the wool committed Marxist. He celebrates Muslim holidays but not Christian holidays. He spends 20 years in a radical black liberation theology church and claims he never heard a sermon, and the press is shocked and dismayed that America doesn't believe he's a good Christian. He immediately dismantles the most successful school voucher system for black kids in D.C. upon entering office and blacks around the country still believe he is on their side and will even the playing field. He blatantly affirms that we must kill babies who survive late term abortions to respect the mothers wishes, lies about funding of abortions in Obamacare, makes a deal with a wayward senator to defund abortion in the bill, then signs an executive order replacing the abortion funding after it passes, funds abortions in poor countries (mostly black). And the press continually portrays him as in line with mainstream thought on the sanctity of life. And on and on it goes. How long will a good portion of America fail to see what is as plain as the nose on their face? We have elected a committed communist to the White House. He ignores the law, ignores historical precedent, lies constantly, runs roughshod over business, spends tremendous sums of money from the public treasury on his union thug supporters, works with our enemies and against our friends, undermines private business and strengthens oppressive government entities. He is in fact an American Dictator. For the love of Pete, please at least have the decency to quit acting surprised when he acts like one! Kiss your chains.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 19, 2011

Filibuster Foils Foreboding Fracture of Freedom


The United States Senate just failed to gain cloture on the nomination of Goodwin Liu to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by a vote of 52 - 43. Sixty votes are needed for cloture. So the GOP has successfully filibustered Liu's nomination to the appeals court bench. Let us put aside for the moment that Liu has zero judicial experience, that he is disqualified by the American Bar Associations own standards (even though this left leaning outfit got a committee to recommend him nonetheless) or that his age and inexperience make him a laughable nominee. Let us instead focus on his philosophy and it's reflection on his president, Barack Hussein Obama. Put this nomination together with the nominations of Elena Kagan and Sonya Sotomayor for the Supreme Court and you have a picture of who Obama is and what his view of America is. All of these judges believe in 'social justice' which is just a buzz word for socialists' who want to redistribute wealth. All of these judges know that the U.S. Constitution does not allow for this redistribution and in fact stands four square against it, since it flys in the face of Liberty, Private Property rights and Self Achievement. All of these judges therefore believe that one must find pseudo-intellectual arguments to twist the Constitution into an agreeable fashion to further their agenda. They have all written about bending the document to the social norms of the day. They have all found 'rights' within it that do not exist. In other words, they have all determined that the U.S. Constitution is no more than an aspirational document which has no legal meaning or weight. If that is true then all of the individual rights contained within that document also have no meaning or legal weight. Therefore, you have no right to free speech or free assembly. You have no right to bear arms. You have no right to due process under the law. You have no right to equality. You have no right to a representative government. Your state has no rights. You see, in their world, you have precisely what the egg-headed elites of the day decide you have and nothing else. How is this any different than the tyranny of King George, the rejection of which this document was intended for in the first place? In their world, you are too stupid to be allowed to determine your own fate, it must be decided for you by the smarter people, the ones who go to lofty colleges where professors wax eloquently about topics for which they have zero relative experience. In their world you are but slaves and they are your masters. Make no mistake when they speak of sacrifice for the 'greater good' they are not talking about them sacrificing nor do they intend the 'greater good' to go to you. Greater good is nothing more than greater power and control for elites such as themselves. They are the new Bourgeoisie. The irony of collectivism has always been the elites telling the commoners to reject the Bourgeoisie all the while establishing themselves as same. They are Barack Hussein Obama. They are the new slave masters. They are the end of the American Republic. Anyone who ever votes for a democrat again, votes for slavery, votes for collectivism, votes for ignoring the Constitution and ALL of it's protections. They are not to be reasoned with, they are not to be debated, they are not to be respected. They are to be defeated, ridiculed, despised and reviled as communists and destroyers of the American republic. These smarmy elites who speak above us and think that big words equal big thoughts. Yet they don't have an ounce of common sense. They are in fact existential morons. Never, I mean never accept that anybody is smarter than you. As my grandpa always taught, them with book learnin's often don't have the sense to poor piss out of a boot. Your gut instinct on Constitutional matters is twice as legitimate as the most regaled professor of the most prestigious university. Don't doubt me.

by: Keith D. Rodebush - "Constitutional Scholar"; PHD in liberal falacy

May 16, 2011

21st Century Rip Van Winkle


Have you ever looked around you and wondered? What happened? Where am I? How did this once great nation decline so far so fast? How did common sense get completely annihilated from the modern American citizen's working brain? It is almost like you went to sleep and woke up twenty years later; and everything had changed. Well there is an old fable about such an experience. Yes, it is the tale of Rip Van Winkle.

Now in the original tale ol' Rip he was always ready to lend a hand to a neighbor, or work for someone elses gain, but he always negated to do his own work. Therefore, his farm was the saddest of the community. Such is the case of the GOP today. We are all off doing work and helping our communities, but when it comes to our party, strengthening our republic, well we'd rather go fishing than do the hard work of preserving Liberty for our progeny. Now Rips wife was known to nag him quite relentlessly to do the work he should be doing. A modern equivelant to Rush Limbaugh no doubt. Heh hee, Rush as the nagging housewife? Ironic no? But in this analogy it fits.

So one day Rip goes off to the mountains and there is Henry Hudson and the boys playing nine pin. This would be like the cultural media of today, the movies, the games, the gadgets and the social media, altogether forming the magical jug of elixir that will eventually put Rip to sleep. The 'Hudson' media will entice us to play games and drink and never worry about our obligations as citizens. And of course eventually it all begins to tire our souls and the eyelids of our conciousness become so heavy that we cannot resist the deep slumber.

Upon awakening we can no longer recognize our surroundings. To be sure there are some things that seem slightly familiar but it is all so strange that we almost don't recognize it at all. Stumbling around the village, no one knows us; we don't see anyone we're familiar with. We walk through the town and watch the people going about their day and we cannot put the puzzle pieces together. We find out that in this new world in which we have awoken:

  • the American flag is offensive in our schools
  • protecting our borders is racist
  • drilling for our own oil is unpopular and discouraged by our leaders but we'll assist others in drilling then buy the oil from them
  • killing an enemy is perfectly fine, yet interrogating him to prevent attack on our citizenry is not
  • spending way more than we have is unsustainable but cutting back is impossible
  • the Constitution is meaningless and can be interpreted in opposite fashions by two legal scholars
  • we can't use our military to support a friend, but we can use it to support rebels that we don't even know
  • our military is sent to fight, but then told not to fight too hard; if they do we arrest them.
  • we send young men to die all alone, then leave them all alone again when they get home
  • we can't fight terrorists too hard with our Army; it will be too offensive. But we can bomb sovereign nations with drones, we call them surgical strikes; makes all of that collateral damage easier to swallow.
  • the votes of millions of people can be overturned by one judge who can't even interpret the Constitution
  • cases go to the Supreme Court with everyone in the country knowing where 8 judges stand, 1 judge decides for us all, apparently depending on what he had for breakfast.
  • politicians no longer tell 'white lies' or obfuscate. They now flat out lie through their teeth about known facts with no one to hold them accountable.
  • the Speaker of the House laughs when asked about Constitutional government
  • election machines show up with thousands of votes already on them, multiple citizens complain about their votes being changed right before their eyes, votes are 'found' in trunks of cars; yet after the election, the story dies, no one investigates, no one goes to jail.
  • I can't buy an incandescent bulb for my reading lamp
  • a small minnow can stop a multi-million dollar development project costing taxpayers millions of dollars and jobs for Americans
  • construction is suddenly considered a 'job that Americans just won't do'
  • not a single job is created by a poor man, yet we hate the 'rich'
  • millions of Americans pay zero taxes, while collecting from their fellow citizens, then have the audacity to ask others to pay their 'fair share'
  • teachers teach our kids how to have sex, gay or straight, but can't seem to teach them Reading Writing and Arithematic; then cry we don't pay them enough and they need more benefits.
  • we protect an animals egg, but not a human embryo
  • we have an entire Department of the federal government to make us 'less dependent on foreign oil'; yet we are more dependent on foreign oil
  • we arrest investment brokers for 'Ponzi' schemes while the U.S. government runs the largest Ponzi scheme in history
  • we insist that banks loan money to people who can't afford it then we wonder why housing markets fail
  • we back our money with nothing; then we print money; then we print some more; then we print even more; and we can't figure out why the dollar is falling in value
I could go on and on. All of the above are recognizable as complete stupidity by most thinking human beings on planet earth regardless of their education. All are nonsensical on the face of it. And yet, here we are. We re-elect politicians who foist this idiocy upon us. We worship them as if they are really so smart that we just can't figure it out, so we let them handle it. When in fact they are self-serving imbeciles. We play our games and watch our shows and buy our toys while these idiots destroy our country. Then, a few weeks before election time, if even then, we look up from our computer screens and ask, "Who's that cute one with the nice smile? He talks very well. I'll vote for him."
Henry Hudson and the boys really did a number on this nation. Let's go play some nine pin...

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 10, 2011

Solutions: Regulations - Less is More.


The most bastardized phrase in human existence is 'To regulate commerce...' which is found in Article I section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. This clause, which speaks to commerce with foreign nations, among the several states and with the Indian tribes, has been used and abused by legislatures innumerable to excuse mounds of laws and regulations. Does one believe that the intent of the founders was that Congress could place extraordinary burdens on, and manipulate every aspect of, a foreign company? Of course not, no more than they intended the same be done to an American company. The intent was to prevent barriers to commerce, particularly between the States. Do you believe that Congress prevents barriers to business in America? Obviously the opposite is true. Laws and regulations cause barriers to business, are largely unnecessary, never achieve their stated goals, constantly have to be tweaked, steal the people's liberty, stifle commerce, diminish prosperity, cause unemployment, diminish the currency, shift power to elitists, cause corruption, remove incentive to interact in commerce, skew politicians intentions and destroy the republican form of government.

Let us clarify what we are speaking of here. Many may want to distinguish between laws and regulations. There are many technical reasons to do so, however, for my purpose they are specious. Laws and regulations are legal instruments to control the behaviour of businesses and individuals and thereby diminish the people's liberty. The entire purpose of this blog is to remind the people that when they lose liberty, they lose power, they lose prosperity, they lose life, they lose opportunity, they lose initiative, they lose ingenuity, they lose free market capitalism, they lose choice, they lose the republic. Laws and regulations diminish liberty and therefore diminish the people. There are many reasons to discourage the making of any new law or regulation. The most important is the loss of liberty. One of the travesties of our times is our acceptance of the legislature as a privileged class. They have put themselves above the very laws they make. Something James Madison never thought the American spirit would allow. The evidence is found in Federalist Paper #57, which in part states:

"If this spirit ever be so far debased as to tolerate a law not obligatory on the legislature, as well as the people, the people will be prepared to tolerate any thing but liberty." (emphasis added)

Do not malign your intellect by pretending that politicians have your best interest at heart. They do not, they have not, they never will. The founders noted that if we were angels we would not need government; but since we aren't angels we must chain government. Every single law passed is a spot of grease intended to assist the corrupt to slip the chains off the ankle of government. Every reading of the founding fathers letters, books, speeches or papers suggests that the intent was for Congress to pass very few, well thought out, constitutional laws, primarily to assist in the nations defense, maintain the value of currency, encourage the peoples ingenuity, preserve the peoples liberty, protect the peoples property and remove barriers to free market capitalism.

The exact opposite of these intents has been foisted upon the American people, primarily over the last 100 years. Law upon law is written, lied about, debated by honorless Men, passed, supported by bureaucratic structure, financed endlessly and never held accountable for it's consequences. These laws never solve the initial problem for which they were intended. These laws constantly require new laws and regulations to fix the new problems that they cause. These laws slowly squeeze the American economy preventing efficient commerce. A case in point would be the Sarbanes Oxley act of 2002. This act was intended to prevent the type of corporate failures we saw with Enron and WorldCom and others. Tricked up accounting propped up businesses allowing them to scam investors. The politicians are quick to beguile you with their braggadocios bravado about protecting the people with this massive regulatory fiasco. They are very less likely to inform you of the unintended consequences which are not typically discussed in the town hall meetings they host afterwards. We became the 'horror' of European economic partners. Massive delisting of companies from the exchanges took place. Charities were petrified that they would be exposed. Millions were lost to lawyers that could have helped people in need. By some estimates this act cost U.S. industry $200 Billion or more as of December 2008. The real tragedy is absolutely never discussed; that this act was completely unnecessary. The exchanges had already instituted new rules to govern corporate listing on the exchange, the SEC had adequate authority to approve and monitor accounting practices and the Justice Department had ample authority to prosecute accounting fraud. This act was completely unnecessary. However, it made good press for politicians. And you bought it. And you re-elected them. And you felt so warm and fuzzy cause Daddy government was watching the wolves while lil' Bo Peep slept peacefully at night. In the meantime it became exponentially harder for American companies to do business while foreign companies had no such shackles placed on them. This costs us prosperity, this costs jobs, this causes inflation, this stifles free market capitalism which hurts you, hurts your children and enslaves millions to mediocre jobs and prospects. The true costs will never be known. This was such a horrible law that both Paul Sarbanes and Michael Oxley voluntarily ended their terms in Congress. Books have been written about how awful this law was. 532 of our legislators voted for it.

Recently we have seen another travesty of this sort, the Dodd-Frank fiasco known as the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. I just love the way they name these things. Don't you feel protected already? Especially knowing that the people who wrote it are largely responsible for the financial meltdown of 2008 through, you guessed it; regulation. Liberals have stuck their grubby little fingers into the housing market for decades now, writing and re-writing rules, refusing to let banks give mortgages based on ability to repay, threatening mortgage firms with more government regulation, chastising bankers as racists and insisting that all Americans deserve a house; whether they can pay for it or not. Surprise, Wall Street had to come up with exotic ways to make these worthless mortgages valuable and then the inevitable happened, housing prices fell and the whole thing came down like a house of cards. And who is going to save us? Why Goldman Sachs executives who now work in the government. Don't you feel safer already? First, if government had stayed out of it, this never would have happened. Second, they are only going to make it worse. Third, this bill doesn't even tackle the main problem, namely Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack; so called public/private collaboratives. This means privatized profit and socialized loss. They get the profits; we get the bills. The boards are stacked with current and former government employees. Surprised? It will not work. It will damage business. It will cost jobs. It will diminish freedom. It will further corruption. Finally, it will require future regulation to fix the unintended consequences of this despicable example of our political class's ineptness, corruption, and hubris.

In the past, only a natural disaster such as a flood or a drought would cause extensive hardship to the people. However, they would come together, rebuild and rise above, typically ending up better off for it. The new model is volatile markets struggling to find ways around government interference, ultimately crashing, instigating a whole new round of government manipulation, setting us up for the next crash, which is always bigger, deeper and more destructive of free market capitalism. Every problem that Congress proposes to fix, can be more adequately and expeditiously fixed with free market solutions. It is no surprise that we find ourselves at a precipice where this unsustainable model of the unholy alliance of business and government will ultimately bring down the entire country, leaving us ripe for a 'new model' which will undoubtedly be communist in nature.

Well...that's depressing, no?!? What to do?

Again, it's really not that difficult. The founders left us the tool to dismantle tyrannical government. The vote; and the structure of government where the House must be re-elected every two years, and they hold the purse strings. We simply vote only for politicians who are willing to go to Washington, not to write new laws, but to repeal old ones. Which ones? Doesn't matter. Ever have a big mess of string all knotted up and tangled that you had to unravel? Does it matter which knot you pick to first begin unravelling? No, the important thing is to start. After you get involved you will begin to see where you need to concentrate your efforts. It is slow and mundane and stressful. Then suddenly you realize there are only a few moves left and you have accomplished the impossible. The second most important thing is to be tenacious. You cannot quit. You must continue to pick and pull and unravel the string until you get every knot out. In this way, we must not waiver. We must elect only politicians prepared to dismantle this bloated government; to repeal laws; to diminish regulations; to 'burn' libraries full of worthless rules and unconstitutional law; to strip power from themselves and return it to the States or the People themselves. In the case of Sarbanes Oxley only 3 representatives and no senators voted against it. That means that 532 politicians should have summarily lost their jobs. But they didn't; we re-elected them. We believed that they had our interest at heart. It is a dismal failure; but did they repeal it? No. Why? It gives them power over business. Business must lobby for politicians to tweak the rules in their favor. You see, they have their interest at heart; not yours. They are disgusting excuses for human beings. They are willing to see the greatest country on earth die, if only they can enjoy power and prestige for their short meaningless little lives.

This is our country. They are our representatives. They will be just as sincere as we make them be. Vote them out every time that they do not unravel the string. Every time. Time and time again. Eventually, politicians being politicians will realize that in order to keep their jobs and stay in Washington and go to all of the parties, they will have to repeal laws, diminish federal control and return the people's liberty. It can be done and we can do it. But first, you have to get over your romantic ideal that politicians want to help you. They don't. They are rats in the sewer, sneaking around spreading disease throughout the land. Does this mean that there is not one good politician? Of course not. It means that aggregately, they are corrupt, inept and harmful. Never forget, it is not one politician that passes a law, it is the aggregate. Vote out every one that votes even one time for a new law or regulation giving themselves unconstitutional control over some aspect of our lives. One strike and you're out. Vote, rinse, repeat.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 3, 2011

The Politics of Confusion


I was listening to the White House briefing today when it dawned on me. Perhaps many of you have already seen it. I just never really heard anyone wrap it up in a nice little package. That is after all, what we humans desire. We are at our core logical creatures who want things to make sense. That is what is so despicable about my epiphany. I believe that this innate human emotion is being played. Please understand, it was not the administration lackey that was wrapping it all up for me, it was my grandfather and my dad and my fifth grade teacher and all of the others who have affected my life and taught me to question, to discern and to ponder all that is around me. The White House released information today, that Osama bin Laden was unarmed when he was killed. Oh and by the way, the woman he supposedly had shielded himself with, had actually attacked the Seal, who promptly shot her in the leg. Just yesterday, Osama was armed and refused to surrender and was killed for resisting. Pause please. Think for a moment. You are the Super Power of the world, you have just sent a team into a foreign country to kill a man. You have complete control of the situation and the story. You were there, nobody else was, at least no one of consequence. I mean, of course the enemy would spin the story. Why would you change your story? Even if it's true. Why would you do that? Forget about how incompetent you appear. I mean, the most important story of the century and in 24 hours you have done a 180 degree turn on the events at hand. Why would you do that? Standing alone, I could not answer. However, I have been watching these people with the intensity of a bird dog set to flush a flock of quail for many years now. A pattern forms in my mind. Reverend Wright. Couldn't possibly disown him. Under the bus. My grandmother raised me. Under the bus. I don't know Bill Ayers. No, he's just an acquantince. I was born in Hawaii. Here's the proof, fake as it may be. Time after time after time, this group has put out information from day to day that cannot be reconciled. There is no clear understanding of where they came from or where they are going. And that is exactly the way they like it.

I call it the Politics of Confusion. They have rightly surmised that this is a digital world. A world in which a rumor can travel across social networks in minutes; worldwide. They understand that much of that information is and always has been false. Just supposition, innuendo and partisan character assassination. So, what is one to do? How about USE IT to your advantage? How about put out conflicting stories? How about play both ends against the middle? How about never really tell the truth? How about constantly feed the monster? Flood the market with undiscernable information so that nothing can be verified. And there...above the 'The One'. The only adult in the room. Dismissing his critics as 'extreme' or 'paranoid' or 'crazy'. Obama is just trying to do his job, and yet he is faced with all of this criticism that can easily be dismissed as irrational opposition. If there is too much conflicting information, where is one to turn for truth? Why the 'Dear Leader' of course.

I have irrefutable proof that the latest birth certificate provided by the White House is a tampered document. Now, I don't propose that we push this issue because it is a loser, and they know that. But one has to ask, 'Why would a sitting president put out a blatantly false document?' The only answer that makes sense is that it benefits him to do so. Confusion. Muddy the water. If it's muddy enough then no one can know the truth. You must pick someone to trust. 'Birthers?' or your President? Who will you believe? Never in the history of this country has such a scam been perpetrated on the American public. Why? Because never in our history has information been so widely, quickly and uncontrollably dissimenated.

The Politics of Confusion. Flood the market with diametrically opposed information so that either can be true and neither can be true. Truth is lost forever. Truth is what you want it to be. Truth is what you Google. Finally, a politician has come along who understands this 'truth'. We will never be the same. Are we savvy enough to see the ruse? Will future generations find a way to filter the real truth? Will truth be a definable characteristic? Will the 21st century be void of fact? Is truth now and forever simply an opinion confirmed? Is the overload of information the death of facts? These are the questions that define the next century. Do you know the answers?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

May 2, 2011

The Death of Osama bin Laden


On such a historical occassion as the death of Osama bin Laden, the most renowned terrorist who ever lived as yet, I would be remiss not to write a post. I will however, attempt to add a bit of a different view than the traditional. I will attempt to be apolitical here as hard as that is for me. There is much to say about exactly what policies led to this success and who was for or against those policies. For the purpose of this article I will leave that to your individual imaginations.

First, congratulations to President Obama, the Navy Seals, and all men and women in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, as well as all of the intelligence personnel of our government. This is a historic achievement and at the very least sends the message to all of our enemies that no matter how long it takes, no matter what party rules, no matter how hard a country tries to hide you, you will be found and you will be killed. You cannot hide from the righteous justice of the United States military, God Bless them all! (unless you are a Libyan dictator, a Palestinian 'militant', a Syrian tyrant, an Iranian crazed anti-Semite or a North Korean nuclear mad man)

The death of Osama bin Laden has yet to be understood in terms of the war on radical Islamic jihad which has been going on for 1400+ years, not a decade. It is possible that the organizational capabilities will be severely diminished due to a power struggle amongst several of the senior al Qaeda members. This could result in a coming period of relative peace in the Western democracies in the short term. This could especially be true if the intelligence apparatuses of these democracies takes advantage of this transitional period to redouble efforts to turn assets to our advantage and seek out and take down cells across the world. It is also possible, however, that the transition was already anticipated and might have even already begun which could result in an even greater effort on the part of the enemy as a means of revenging their martyr. This would most certainly result in a brief but substantial rise in terrorists attacks, worldwide. In either case there will be attempts. The proof will be in how organized, funded and precisely implemented they are.

In a longer view, it will be very interesting to see how this plays out politically. Certainly, the propagandist media will bask in the glory of Obama for having pulled off what George W. couldn't. In the first few days it will be incessant. However, after a while they are going to realize that they are tacitly expressing the view that the war on terrorism was right, was necessary and was and still is, being waged militarily not diplomatically. This is anathema to the liberals in the main stream media and it will be interesting to see how they reconcile their true anti-military views with their love for all things Obama. Furthermore, the Obama re-election team most assuredly will attempt to use this for political gains in the upcoming election. However, their base is vehemently against the war on terror, hence the administrations insistance to not even use the term. Balancing the bragadocious necessity with the inherent duplicity will be fun to watch. Finally from a long term perspective this event could possibly be seen historically as what gave this administration the cover to go ahead and do what they really want to do; get out of Afghanistan. If they do so, it will be close to the 2012 election so as not to leave time for the results of this move to be realized on the ground in Afghanistan, for it will most assuredly lead to chaos, fighting and the eventual return of the Taliban to power.

As a final aside for entertainment purposes only. I can't wait to see all of the conspiracy theories that will evolve from this event. It is going to be fun! Osama is alive and living in Tampa! CIA provided surgeon for Osama makeover! Osama death is cover for next '9/11' attack by our government! Osama's Israeli mistress was informant that nailed him! Osama and Obama have beer summit in Kenya! LOL...this will keep the internet whack jobs busy for decades to come. This will make JFK look like a simple math problem. At least I can have a laugh while my country disintegrates around me. Priceless!

by: Keith D. Rodebush