May 22, 2011

Shocked, Shocked That Obama is Anti-American


It is amusing watching the news coverage of Obama's latest foray into killing freedom and capitalism around the world. News anchors painfully try to explain the nuances of President Obama's Middle East policy speech he gave, just a few weeks after killing Osama bin Laden. Everywhere you turn it is either so brilliant you can't understand it or he's a buffoon that doesn't know what he's doing. Neither is true. He knows exactly what he's doing. While it is very calculated it is of course not brilliant, it's insidious, because the intent is to undermine Israel, destabilize the Middle East even more, give cover for an even bigger rise in oil prices and distract Americans from the dismantling of the free enterprise system that is and has been going on ever since this Marxist ideologue entered office. Obama calls Israel 'occupiers', a term used by terrorists. He ignores 5,000 years of Jewish history. He ignores the fact that Israel was brutally attacked by 4 Arab nations in 1967 and brilliantly fought them off and won a quick and decisive victory. He gives money to Hamas a known terrorist group. He ignores violent attacks on Israel. He ignores the Iranian president speaking of driving Israel into the sea as it builds a nuclear weapon. The press ponders whether his Mideast strategy is fresh or just timed badly. Israel represents freedom and capitalism. Our president is against that. His actions show it over and over again. Barack Hussein Obama is the most radical leftist nutjob ever conceived as a presidential candidate much less an actual president. His interviews show it. His books prove it. His associations affirm it. And his administration exemplifies it. He hates America as founded. He is intent on 'fundamentally changing' this country into his ideal which is nothing other than a communist utopia that his college professors, acquaintances and family friends have been brainwashing him with since he was born. His own words reveal this time and again. He states emphatically that his energy policy will necessarily cause utility rates to skyrocket. He states without flinching that he's fine with gas prices going up, just maybe not as fast. He institutes a ban on oil drilling in the gulf; ignores a judges order to cease and desist, sends billions to foreign government owned oil companies while trying to raise taxes on American private companies. And now everyone is befuddled by skyrocketing energy costs. He states plainly that he envisions a single payer health care system completely dismantling free market health care. He further states that he may not be able to get it all in one bite, but may have to do it incrementally. Then he crams Obamacare down the nations throat as they protest across the land, and the pundits pontificate about how his good intentions. He goes around the world apologizing for America. In his books he calls us Colonialist. He surrounds himself in this administration with radical communist sympathizers and anti-capitalist business haters. The talking heads cannot understand why a large portion of the public don't believe he is an American. He's not. Regardless of where is was born. He is a dyed in the wool committed Marxist. He celebrates Muslim holidays but not Christian holidays. He spends 20 years in a radical black liberation theology church and claims he never heard a sermon, and the press is shocked and dismayed that America doesn't believe he's a good Christian. He immediately dismantles the most successful school voucher system for black kids in D.C. upon entering office and blacks around the country still believe he is on their side and will even the playing field. He blatantly affirms that we must kill babies who survive late term abortions to respect the mothers wishes, lies about funding of abortions in Obamacare, makes a deal with a wayward senator to defund abortion in the bill, then signs an executive order replacing the abortion funding after it passes, funds abortions in poor countries (mostly black). And the press continually portrays him as in line with mainstream thought on the sanctity of life. And on and on it goes. How long will a good portion of America fail to see what is as plain as the nose on their face? We have elected a committed communist to the White House. He ignores the law, ignores historical precedent, lies constantly, runs roughshod over business, spends tremendous sums of money from the public treasury on his union thug supporters, works with our enemies and against our friends, undermines private business and strengthens oppressive government entities. He is in fact an American Dictator. For the love of Pete, please at least have the decency to quit acting surprised when he acts like one! Kiss your chains.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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