May 19, 2011

Filibuster Foils Foreboding Fracture of Freedom


The United States Senate just failed to gain cloture on the nomination of Goodwin Liu to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by a vote of 52 - 43. Sixty votes are needed for cloture. So the GOP has successfully filibustered Liu's nomination to the appeals court bench. Let us put aside for the moment that Liu has zero judicial experience, that he is disqualified by the American Bar Associations own standards (even though this left leaning outfit got a committee to recommend him nonetheless) or that his age and inexperience make him a laughable nominee. Let us instead focus on his philosophy and it's reflection on his president, Barack Hussein Obama. Put this nomination together with the nominations of Elena Kagan and Sonya Sotomayor for the Supreme Court and you have a picture of who Obama is and what his view of America is. All of these judges believe in 'social justice' which is just a buzz word for socialists' who want to redistribute wealth. All of these judges know that the U.S. Constitution does not allow for this redistribution and in fact stands four square against it, since it flys in the face of Liberty, Private Property rights and Self Achievement. All of these judges therefore believe that one must find pseudo-intellectual arguments to twist the Constitution into an agreeable fashion to further their agenda. They have all written about bending the document to the social norms of the day. They have all found 'rights' within it that do not exist. In other words, they have all determined that the U.S. Constitution is no more than an aspirational document which has no legal meaning or weight. If that is true then all of the individual rights contained within that document also have no meaning or legal weight. Therefore, you have no right to free speech or free assembly. You have no right to bear arms. You have no right to due process under the law. You have no right to equality. You have no right to a representative government. Your state has no rights. You see, in their world, you have precisely what the egg-headed elites of the day decide you have and nothing else. How is this any different than the tyranny of King George, the rejection of which this document was intended for in the first place? In their world, you are too stupid to be allowed to determine your own fate, it must be decided for you by the smarter people, the ones who go to lofty colleges where professors wax eloquently about topics for which they have zero relative experience. In their world you are but slaves and they are your masters. Make no mistake when they speak of sacrifice for the 'greater good' they are not talking about them sacrificing nor do they intend the 'greater good' to go to you. Greater good is nothing more than greater power and control for elites such as themselves. They are the new Bourgeoisie. The irony of collectivism has always been the elites telling the commoners to reject the Bourgeoisie all the while establishing themselves as same. They are Barack Hussein Obama. They are the new slave masters. They are the end of the American Republic. Anyone who ever votes for a democrat again, votes for slavery, votes for collectivism, votes for ignoring the Constitution and ALL of it's protections. They are not to be reasoned with, they are not to be debated, they are not to be respected. They are to be defeated, ridiculed, despised and reviled as communists and destroyers of the American republic. These smarmy elites who speak above us and think that big words equal big thoughts. Yet they don't have an ounce of common sense. They are in fact existential morons. Never, I mean never accept that anybody is smarter than you. As my grandpa always taught, them with book learnin's often don't have the sense to poor piss out of a boot. Your gut instinct on Constitutional matters is twice as legitimate as the most regaled professor of the most prestigious university. Don't doubt me.

by: Keith D. Rodebush - "Constitutional Scholar"; PHD in liberal falacy

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