May 29, 2011

The Intolerance of Truth


As we all view with horror the state of our nation declining before our very eyes, the politicians who caused this destruction of the greatest nation ever founded continue doing the same thing over and over again. Occasionally, they will propose something that has a great sounding name, like "The Saving America Act" or some other idiotic attempt to wrap a bow around a pigs arse. However, they never actually attack the problem. Why? Because they are the problem, and to truly attack the problem they have to attack their own jobs. Imagine if you were hired by an employer and they set you down on the first day and said, "Okay, we want you to develop a plan to make your job irrelevant in the near future." As you can see that would require a full measure of dedication to the company's interest over your own for you to accomplish that goal in the best possible way. This is the measure of dedication to our country that is required for our legislators to preserve a Constitutional republic such as ours. The mistake that all voters have made, especially over the last century is to assume that politicians are dedicated to our country; they are not. At least not to the extent required to do the job before them. How can I say this? Simple. Review the facts.

Fact: In a Constitutional republic, no bill is better than a bad bill. In other words, the basis for a republic is that the government should do as little as possible, leaving the good citizens to pursue prosperity and happiness of their own accord. Prosperity and happiness of a community includes care for the truly needy and tragically stricken members of a community by the community. Such care by the community itself provides a sense of spirit and service to God as well as Man. This is what the Founding Fathers intended, it is precisely clear in even a rudimentary reading of their works.

Fact: That is not what 95% of politicians do while in office. Most politicians when faced with a road block to any piece of legislation, immediately determine what sacrifices need to be made to gain support from opponents in order to gain votes. This of course, is a suicide pact. They are opponents of the legislation because they don't believe in it. Any sacrifices they require are by their very nature intended to weaken or completely destroy the original concept. At a time when one should stand tall on principle, make their case to the people on a constitutional and ethical basis, they instead retire to the back rooms and wheel and deal the public interest away. Why? So they can pass a bill, make you think they did it for you, then run for re-election on the basis that they are someone who can 'get things done'. That's all good except when those 'things' are being done to you and not for you. In other words, in the end it is all about them and not the country.

Case in point: The Texas legislature is wrapping up. The political pundits are already crowing about what a great success it has been. This success is based on two things; one, the bills passed and two, the issues involved which in the past did not have the votes to pass. So what's wrong with that? They are bad bills. The Texas Senate has 19 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Because of the rules and Texas Constitution a bill requires 21 votes to proceed through the Senate. Therefore any bill that comes up that would be truly good for Texas while truly respecting the Peoples rights must get two Democrat votes, which is nearly impossible. This is not to imply that any Republican bill submitted achieves those two goals, nothing could be further from the truth. It is however true that the only bills that would achieve those goals would come from Republicans. Don't agree? Show me one bill sponsored by a Democrat in Texas that does so? What about Republican bills? The original voter ID bill did such. And was promptly shot down by Democrats. So what is a conservative legislator to do? Why change the bill of course. Provide so many caveats that the bill is essentially useless. The only people required to show ID will be those we don't need to show ID. Illegal immigrants can't be asked, that would be racist. Very poor people (documented targets of voter fraud) can't be asked, why they can't afford to go to the revenue office and get an ID, even if they do have to have one for any number of other daily transactions. So in the interest of not disenfranchising any vote, we disenfranchise only legal votes by allowing fraud to counter them. But the bill is called a 'Voter ID' bill and it makes us all feel good that our legislators are protecting our votes, when in fact they are only protecting their own interest. Besides, it draws attention away from all of those Toll Road bills that will give our state infrastructure away to foreign companies; bills that privatize profit and publicize loss.

This is what the Texas legislature does and they are lauded through the land by T.E.A party folks and pundits alike. Texas is where things get done! While Texas is good for business and it should be, the unholy alliance between business and government is evil and should be treated as such. Sweetheart deals to specific entities is unethical and unconstitutional.

Another example is the ridiculous abortion bill passed this year in the Texas legislature. It started with a bill that all mothers who were about to kill their baby would have to see a sonogram of said child before they killed him/her. Well, of course no Democrat in Texas is going to protect a child in the womb, so again it wouldn't pass the Senates 21 vote threshold. So what is any good Republican to do? Well, you water it down of course with so many caveats that no one is required to see the sonogram to continue with the murder of their child. But we pass it anyway, and we give it a great sounding name, and the Governor calls it a priority and they fast track it and pass a completely worthless bill. A personal interjection here. I believe that any bill that requires the state to interject between you and your doctor, except in the case of protecting an other's life, is unconstitutional and should never have been proposed in the first place. That is the truth. It is harsh and intolerant, but necessary to protect the freedom of the patient and the doctor as well as an unborn child. But you see, any bill is better than no bill to a legislator who is only interested in furthering their career on the public dime.

Truth is harsh. Truth is unalterable. Truth is often characterized as difficult to discern but in fact is obvious for all to see if they get past their own bias. Truth is however, intolerant. Therefore, any attempt to be tolerant to another point of view when one is in pursuit of Truth is in and of itself denying ones own assertion of Truth. If that is the case, then shut up in the first place. Either propose legislation based on Truth, or propose none at all. Either fight for and defend Truth to the bloody end, or get out of the way and let someone with the required honor and respect for country do so in your stead. Either have principles based on Truth, or get a job that doesn't require it. All too often that was politics. We The People must change that or this country is doomed. What will replace it will be much more horrible than you can even imagine. The Truth is intolerant, and we the voters must be as well. Any legislator that passes a bad bill instead of no bill deserves only your contempt, not your vote. Vote with honor and respect for your country, or stay home and leave the defense of Liberty to those who are qualified to do so.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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