June 1, 2011

Idiot Farm


Idiots thrive when surrounded by their own. The only way for an idiot to escape detection is to avoid distinction. This is why Washington D.C. is such a refuge for idiots. Not only are the people you work with daily idiots, but the people covering your work for news organizations are idiots too. It is the greatest micro-environment for the propagation of idiocy outside of a college campus. Now some may think that this is a bit harsh, but I ask you; where is the proof that I'm wrong? We have an organization, the federal government, that has been systematically destroying the greatest nation that the civilized world has ever known. America has fed more people, freed more people, educated more people and increased the health and longevity of more people than any nation in known history. The federal government is continuing a process to destroy this provider of world prosperity. Now there are only two choices. Either they are doing it on purpose or; they are idiots.

Choice 1: Okay, lets say that they are doing it on purpose. Therefore, you might think they are brilliant. Not being able, through a transparent political process to achieve their goal, that being the destruction of a republic to be replaced by some type of socialist/communist utopia requiring a ruling class that cannot be fettered by a Constitution; they instead work tenaciously and secretly under the radar undermining the greatest nation on earth. So, I ask you, what is so smart about that? You destroy the Liberty and prosperity of your neighbors, friends and even the world for your own selfish gain? Or, you actually believe that a socialist/communist state run country will be better for America, despite all historical evidence to the opposite? A brilliant strategy towards a stupid goal is still stupid. I submit to you that under this scenario, they are idiots. Arguments welcomed.

Choice 2: They're idiots. Self explanatory, however it belies the real problem. We're idiots too. We voted for them.

The big lie put out by politicians and media for decades is that one must be an Ivy league educated intellectual pontificating your way into elite halls of the acceptable bourgeoisie in order to be 'qualified' for public service. Nothing could be further from the truth. These people are idiots who have spent way too much time reading and debating and nary enough time doing or accomplishing anything real or tangible. The system is set for the most incompetent and most unqualified of all Americans to rise to power in Washington D.C. Why do you think they attacked Sarah Palin from all sides so vociferously? Media and RINO's alike? Because she's not 'one of them'. All of their protestations that she is an idiot are just a ruse to hide the true vitriolic hatred that only comes from knowing that allowing a normal person into the fold will expose all of the idiots around her like an energy sucking incandescent floodlight in a field of fluorescents. They will do the same to Herman Cain when he gains traction. I believe that there are enough common sense conservative Americans left to turn this ship of state around and return it to the peoples government it is meant to be. But our time is short my friends. It is up to all free thinking Americans to get involved in the primary process and challenge all of these idiots in every district. Granted, when it comes to the general election, a Republican idiot is still better than a Democrat idiot. However, as I have stated over and over, the primary is where we change the GOP from within. It is our only hope right now. If we don't clean them out soon though, we are looking toward third party growing pains that will put Democrat idiots in charge for the foreseeable future. That would be, well...idiotic.

by: Keith D. Rodebush


  1. I don't think that the third party growing pains will last very long with the idiots in charge. I think it'll only take one more term of this bullshit before there is a huge backlash against these career politicians and all of this spending. It only took 25 years for the U.S.A. to become a world power. If we go back to that kind of freedom, it'll only take us that long to recover.

  2. You may be right. The problem is structural though. A third party presidential candidate could sneak in just on frustration. However, to set up a nationwide framework for a viable third party is daunting and time consuming. It takes a load of on the ground foot soldiers, lawyers, accountants etc. This makes winning third party elections for the Congress in the numbers required for control to be doubtful for several elections. This is why I support changing the GOP from within. Let's steal their party structure. Thanks for reading.

  3. The Republicans were once a third party too.

  4. Well....it was a "Second party". It was created and was successful for a reason though. If a viable third party puts forth the right message, they could very well get votes just because of the frustration of the voters.

  5. I agree brother. I'm just sayin' there could very likely be a transitional period before we could take Congress. That's 535 seats my friend. That's a lot of work to pull that off. Now, I know I'm ready, and I know you're ready, but what about the other 299,999,998 people in America?

  6. Then alas! History sends a 'Weiner' to fit snugly in my literary bun. Too funny.