December 25, 2011

A Different Christmas Message


"Christmas time's a comin'! Got me a brand new present!"

Christmas has been such a special time for millions of people the world over. Beyond the commercialization, it is still the most favorite of holidays. Special times with family, giving gifts in remembrance of He who gave the ultimate gift, reflecting on times past when those who have gone home before us were here to celebrate. It is a wonderful and magical season! It is for this reason that the assault on Christmas in recent years has been most troubling for me. It is in fact part of a larger pattern that Christians the world over must recognize and decide to respond to, or Christmas will become a thing of the past, an ancient tradition celebrated only in secret behind closed doors by the few who refuse to be beaten down by the evil of collectivism disguised as political correctness.

The very nature of Christmas and the birth of Christ it celebrates makes this a most difficult decision for us Christians. In life, for the most part, Christ was kind, loving and peaceful. The stories of Christ replying to hate with love are rightly the bedrock of the Christian faith. The overall message of Christ is to 'Love thy Neighbor'. What a beautiful message; what a glorious goal. But that was not the only message of Christ. You see, when Christ cast out evil spirits from people affected he was sending another more subtle message. There is evil in our world. It cannot be ignored. It must be cast out. And it must be done so by those with strong and unfaltering faith in the Holy Spirit.

Jesus also overturned the tables of the money-changers and attacked them with the jaw bone of an ass to chase them from the temple steps. This was another message of Christ. God's house is not to be defiled with Man's greed and sinful disregard for fellow Man. Righteous indignation. This too is a message of Christ. It is a fine line to walk and only a line for those strong in faith and strident in purpose. But it is a line that must be held or evil will have it's way in this world. We are seeing some of that in these times in which we exist. Evil unchecked will spread and the damage to Mankind is much more extensive that any perceived prevention of damage from 'intolerance' or 'hypocrisy'. Turning the other cheek in love to one who will receive that message is a blessing. Turning the other cheek to evil that is then allowed to permeate a society and destroy the fabric of a nation is neither 'Love' nor 'Holy'. It is quite simply the fertilization of more evil. Nothing could be less holy.

It saddens me to even feel the need to pass on this Christmas message. However, I do so with confidence, faith and righteousness. God intends for His people to fight for their honor, their livelihood, their children's freedom and the peace-loving peoples of the earth. If not us Christians, who? If not you, who? Who will fight for decent peoples to be able to celebrate their faith without the assault on tradition that has prevailed of late? Who will fight the forces of evil who disguise their Marxist collectivism in compassion, not in a Godly manner but in the manner of tyranny where force and coercion demand participation? Forced compassion is not compassion, is not efficient and is not anywhere near Holy. It is evil plain and simple. It is the design of Man and not God. It is the design of a few atheistic wastes of human potential forcing their paganistic views on all around them. Tolerance of evil is not virtuous or righteous. It is in fact immoral and reprehensible. Tolerance of evil is a selfish attempt to deflect evil from oneself without regard to the damage it may do to others around us. It is the most despicable of human frailties, self-preservation at the expense of our fellow Man.

Therefore, this Christmas, I wish you all happiness and peace. I wish your family blessings untold and good health and cheer. However, I also beseech you to stand firm in the face of evil. Take up the sword of righteousness and deny evil a place in our society and our nation. Stand up for what is right and be not afraid to point to evil and call it what it is without regard to petty indignation from non-believers with no moral compass to guide them. Those with no guidance from God have nothing to offer me in the path of life. Theirs is a helpless rant intended to bring me down rather than lift themselves up. I reject their pleas of tolerance and compassion cloaked in an evil blanket of collective or totalitarian cloth. I offer them the peace and love of the baby Jesus; or the wrath of a faithful Man determined to protect the innocent from their soulless destruction.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and righteous New Year. God Bless the United States of America, and all the peace-loving peoples of the World.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

December 11, 2011

Will Truth Prevail?


I have long wondered just how it is that a lie can be so easily believed by seemingly intelligent human beings when the obviousness of the lie is so apparent to anyone who attempts even a rudimentary investigation into it's merits. Humans have and always will be emotional creatures. It is a vital part of our biology and rightly so. Emotional intervention into our logical thought process is a distinct and crucial element of our psyche that allows for creative inspiration and invention. If one would dwell on the practical odds of achieving a far reaching goal such as inventing a new way to communicate, one would likely become despondent and move on to the next project. We humans however, dream. We believe the impossible is possible. We do so because we are emotional creatures. However, we are diametrically also capable of logic and reasoning. The balance and intertwining of these two seemingly opposite tendencies are the majesty of human nature. The ability or lack thereof to keep this balance is what distinguishes intellectuals and idealists from the balanced, common sense based, truly 'smart' people. A theory based, impractical economic model developed by a Nobel prize winning economist is just as likely to fail as an emotionally based, racially charged welfare program developed by a pseudo-intellectual minority studies professor would be. The question then arises to those of us living in the real world: "Can a majority of the American people discern the truth in the information technology age?"

The so-called information age is probably more aptly called the misinformation age. The internet and social media have allowed patently false information to achieve such a wide propagation with such speed that the proof of it's lack of merit seems like old news and is not given the proper attention it deserves. We are reacting instantly to headlines which creates the tendency to rely on a quick emotional response rather than a thoughtful and reasoned one. Once our minds have made that choice we seem to reject any information that does not conform to our 'chosen' truth. I often respond to unfactual emails with truth and tell my friends that there is enough real evil out there without making it up. The truth is bad enough to hang any Marxist.

What we must all see clearly is that this misinformation machine is a perfect tool for the Marxists. Propaganda is the fuel of the leftist agenda. Class warfare is not new and is not more or less relevant today than it was in the 1920's. That and the exploitation of racial guilt or animosity has been the coal for the communist fires for a century. The closer we come to the truth of who they are the louder and broader are the attacks of the propagandists. Having almost exclusive control of mass media in the form of the entertainment world and the network and print media, the left will be vitriolic and ubiquitous in their mendacity. Can the American people stare such a wide spread blanket of lies in the face and declare resolutely, "I will not be lead like sheep to slaughter."?

What temerity for the left to wage war against the 'rich' or the 'powerful' corporations when in fact the largest, richest most powerful corporation in the history of Mankind is the American federal government. In fact, it is also the largest crime syndicate in history. At no time on earth has a group of people wrought such destruction and stolen as much of the people's treasury while pretending to be protecting their freedom as the crowd in Washington D.C. The numbers are staggering and thanks to the insidious relationship between the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government, the truth will probably never be known. All of this is only possible because of the unholy alliance between business and government. Woodrow Wilson entrenched this relationship into the federal government with the "War economy" of the first World War and it has been manipulated and exploited ever since then. The only way to put a stop to this corrupt madness is to take away the power of the federal government to interject into all aspects of business in America. The tax code and corrupt regulatory structure is the root of all of our economic troubles. Returning to constitutionally limited government and restoring power to the people and the several states is our only road to true freedom and prosperity.

That the federal government is the problem and not the cure is truth. That big government by it's very nature is corrupt and tyrannical is truth. That any politician that votes ONE TIME for unconstitutional invasive legislation is unworthy of our support is truth. That the persons elected in 2010 who did not have the nerve to refuse to defund Obamacare and excessive government should be primaried out of office this election is truth. That Barack Hussein Obama is a committed Marxist is truth. That those who structured and carried out the so-called 'Fast and Furious' gun running operation out of the Justice Department are accessory to murder is truth. That Islamic expansionism is a burgeoning threat to Western civilization and is being aided and abetted by Marxists throughout America and Europe is truth. That the American Democratic leadership puts forth the lie that, only a person of color can represent a person of color, and thereby are the true racist in our society is truth. That said leadership would destroy the honor and integrity of the black community, deem them incapable of competing on an equal footing and exploit the scar of slavery which their party perpetuated for their own political power is the most disgusting truth of our time. That calling it 'fair' for one person to pay a higher tax rate than another, is an insidious lie for personal gain, is truth. That allowing Marxist professors to teach our children that capitalism is evil and that central planning is noble is treasonous, is truth. That killing a child is not choice and a woman's right but is in fact genocide of innocents and grossly disproportionately propagated in minority communities is truth. That this is a Christian nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles and faith is truth. That Liberty is given by God, is the natural state of Man and deserves to be protected with your very life is truth.

The American people, if they desire to preserve this nation as founded for their progeny, must learn to discern the truth. This may seem an insurmountable task in this age of instant information overload. However, truth is not so hard. Truth is universal. Truth is permanent. That Man is by his very natural fallible, that government is made of Men and therefore inherently corrupt and tyrannical, that the only self-ruled people possible are a virtuous and properly educated people, that evil exists and must be confronted, that all are created equal but will not achieve equal outcomes, that deniers of truth are liars and evil, that faith in God and humble admission of sin is the only path to true happiness, that the root of the failure of the United States to fulfill it's destiny as the chalice of Liberty is Marxist philosophy, that good people are capable of very evil actions....are all Truth.

Are you capable of rejecting propaganda and embracing truth? Are you an agent of good or a perpetuator of evil? Will you vote for a politician who aids and abets unconstitutional government? Will you support the enemies of America? Will you ignore the threat to Western civilization? Will you honor God with your selfless defense of Liberty for all human beings? Will you face your children on your last day and proudly proclaim that you gave your all for their freedom? I am confident that you will. What makes America great is our innate desire to protect and defend the weak and powerless against the agents of evil. Even if those agents reside among us and promise to help us if we will only submit and relinquish our Liberty. To Hell with them! We'll help ourselves and our neighbors when they get out of our way!

by: Keith D. Rodebush