January 31, 2010

Debra Medina: Messenger for the People?

An interesting thing is occurring in Texas this election cycle. Texas has long been known for it's independent and conservative leanings. Sometimes in Texas it's not good enough to be conservative, you have to be a real conservative! What I mean by that is for too long politicians have been able to put forth a public facade of conservatism, while behind the scenes they vote for unconstitutional government programs at the behest of their cronies and financial backers. We in America have accepted this as a matter of fact and continually re-elected many of these usurpers of liberty, many times with the perennial sigh of 'the lesser of two evils.' The last two gubenatorial debates in Texas, however, have made for an interesting distinction. There on the stage for all to see, ARE the two evils, and a constitutional conservative. Debra Medina has a chance to play spoiler in a race that would normally be just another two establishment Republicans trying to display their conservative peacock feathers, while desperately trying to hide all of the dirty dealings of their past. Whether it be toll roads stealing the peoples land or bank bailouts for unprincipled capitalists, both establishment candidates point fingers at each other and accuse them of failing to represent the people's true interest. And then there is Debra Medina who can calmly sit back and say, "You're both right. You have both failed to truly represent the people." How refreshing to have a candidate who will not accept the premise of questions intended to trap a candidate into accepting unconstitutional government programs as a fait accompli.
Regardless of the ultimate outcome, both establishment Republicans have been shown as completely fraudulent. Whether it is Hutchison stumbling over her own words trying to defend the killing of babies or Perry arrogantly denying he tried to steal our land for toll roads, both have failed to protect life and private property, at times for personal gain. If Medina can force a run-off between herself and either Kay Bailey Hutchison or Rick Perry, it will already be a huge success. But let us dream for just a moment at what a message it would be to politicians across the country if this pistol packing true Texas gal could come out of nowhere and defeat two popular long term politicians, both firmly esconced in the party machinations. In most election cycles this would be a dream too wonderful to even imagine. But in this climate, when Liberty is assailed by both parties, when Americans have been rudely awakened to the corruption inherent in all government, when lifetime politicians arrogantly thumb their noses at the voters...one CAN dream. And sometimes dreams come true. Ask Massachussetts conservatives, they believe.
God Bless Debra Medina for what she has already done. I will be contributing to her campaign and I encourage any Liberty loving Texans to do the same. It is time to send another message to politicians all over this great nation. We will not be tread upon any more. Get out of our lives, keep your hands off our land, protect our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Keep your noses out of the free market and return to the mandated limited role the founders of our nation envisioned, put to paper, supported with their fortunes and defended with their lives. This mandate has been passed to THIS generation of Americans, and yes Texans, to defend. Let us not fail in our duty to preserve this constitutional republic for the benefit of all the generations of Texans to come. Let us show the world that in Texas, you may fool us, you can buy slick ads with your ill gotten monies, but we will hold you responsible for your actions. God Bless Texas!

January 21, 2010

A Government Of the People

I take no pleasure in telling a friend a harsh truth. We humans often feel the need to gain the acceptance of our peers to an unhealthy extent which leads us into a dangerous overload of tolerance. What have recent events taught us? Well, to those willing to accept responsibility we have learned that many of us are willing to invest a large amount of faith and trust into someone that we know very little about. In all fairness, the pace of our techno-info society has all of our heads spinning at any given moment. Intelligent people should know better though. We should be willing to invest the time to peel away the mask of celebrity. And so it is with heavy heart my friends and neighbors that I must impale you with the truth. Stealing a phrase from Grandpa Rodebush, God rest his soul, we have a lot of learnin's but we don't have the sense to pour pee out of boot. (He wasn't quite that delicate) This nation has a destructive habit of putting people on a pedestal who are liars, cheats and truly despicable human beings with no honor or character whatsoever.

In the last day or so, John Edwards admitted that he was indeed the last man in America to know that he had a child out of wedlock. Seriously, this man was running for President of the United States and at one time had quite a following within his party. Here is an individual who is willing to cheat on his wife while she fights cancer. This man, and I use that term loosely, is williing to deny his own flesh and blood for his personal gain. Think on that please for just a moment. 'Daddy! "I'm not your daddy. I don't know you."' All to protect his own image. A man with no honor or decency is not a man, he is but an animal feeding on the carcass of humanity in the dark of night.

I have stated before and I reaffirm here now; I am not a perfect man. I have made many mistakes in my life. I believe in redemption for I am redeemed. But when your mistakes come home to roost and everyone knows it, a real man owns up to it, is contrite in his demeanor and hoping for blessed forgiveness he sets about righting his life. The first step is being honest, first and foremost with those you love and more importantly who love you. To pathologically deny your sin is to show your true character; or lack thereof.

Recently, Mark McGuire, also found to his amazement that he was the last man in America to realize that the needles he was sticking into his arse had steroids in them which had been banned from his sport. After years of denial after denial. Standing up in front of the whole world and lying through his teeth. How does a man get away with that for so long? Because of us. Because, we set aside our instincts and we WANT to believe that he really is the American hero we wanted him to be. We starve for someone we can point to and say, "See there son, if you work hard..." We ignore the quick weight gain, the almost inhuman muscle definition, the large head. No, not Mark, he wouldn't do that. He's my hero.

America ponders the rationale behind giving the Nobel Peace Prize to a man who has no real accomplishment in his life other than slick campaigns and down in the gutter political savvy. And yet, we elect that same man, with the same resume, to be President of the United States of America. Again, please toss that around in your head a second. Sharing history with Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and (insert your favorite here). And what exactly did he do to qualify for that position? But we were hungry for a hero. We wanted 'The One' to save us from...what? Prosperity and Security? What exactly were we saving ourselves from? We live in the most prosperous nation in the world. We enjoy the fullest extent of liberty known to a nation of this size in the history of the world. WE did that. It is irresponsible and unhealthy to blame him or his cohorts or the media or that other guy. It is OUR fault. WE did that. We ignored Bill Ayers, a known terrorist. We ignored Reverend Wright, a known racist. We ignored the lack of thoughtful legal writing. We ignored the old speeches on the Constitution as a bill of 'negative' rights. We ignored all of the 'present' votes in Congress. But there wasn't a real good option. Why? We voted for that guy too! A great soldier, but a terrible senator; willing to sell out his constituency for media favor he hoped to cash in for personal gain. WE did that. WE re-elected him again and again.

And here we are my friends. It is election season. And here they come. They have great looks. They give great speeches. They can turn a phrase and are quick on their feet with the 15 second sound bite. But they know nothing of enumerated powers. They dismiss the Constitution as an outdated document no longer relevant to a 'progressive' nation. They know next to nothing of the extent of genius, suffering, blood and sacrifice that it took to develop this constitutional republic for the sole purpose of preserving the liberty of mankind. Their only goal is to gain personally from a bloated government that incrementally steals the peoples treasure and freedom. I'm sick and tired of it. It is time for us to do our homework, study these people. We must send people to Washington who will repeal laws, not write them. Take down government programs not increase their funding. Delete bloated regulation that strangles the free market. Refuse to bail out greedy pseudo-capitalist who have not the honor to accept the punishment for their foolish business practices. It is time to send Patriots to Washington D.C. to tear down this oppresive federal bureaucracy. All of the leadership of both parties must go. Most of the incumbants must go. I don't care if you send the dog catcher to Washington. If he/she doesn't vote right, we'll vote them out next time too.

This is OUR country. We get the representation we deserve. Let us show our children and grandchildren that we believe that they deserve better than we. Let us put an end to this century long folly of liberal/marxist philosophy of government as the answer to all that ails us. Let us preserve this constitutional republic for future generations. It is our duty. It is our charge. History will judge us on our choices. This is, in fact, a government of the people. The people haven't been very wise lately on every level. Let us be more prudent in the future. May God bless this great nation and give us the wisdom to keep it.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

January 20, 2010

Congratulations America!

I find myself in an odd position for me. I'm at a loss for words. Never in my born days would I believe that a Republican would take the seat occupied by the rather bulbous ass of the late Ted Kennedy. He must be rolling over in hell. For me, this is like when the Berlin wall came down. If I were a bit more naive I would even get hopeful. Perhaps there is hope for this nation after all. Perhaps there remains a silent majority who believes in working for a living, freedom, less government intervention into our lives, lower taxes, politicians who don't lie, fathers who raise their children, mothers who love their babies enough to birth them, kids who mind, teens who abstain, drunks who admit it, drug addicts who ask for help, thieves who repent, people who say thank you, drivers who yield, bosses who appreciate, workers who actually work, friends who tell the truth, spouses who are faithful, drug free sportsmen....ahhhhh who am I kidding?
Nevertheless, congratulations Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Viva la Revolucione!!

By: Keith D. Rodebush

January 16, 2010

The Supreme Court Must Act, for Honor if Naught Else.

Long is the history of the United States government usurping it's constitutional mandate to restrict it's power over the people of this country. Make no mistake about it; as a Christian man, I believe there is a special place in Hell for people who pretend to be representatives of the people and yet use their power for their own aggrandizement or power. We are at the precipice of the chasm of chaos brought on by purveyors of socialistic mysticism. The founding fathers were privy to this threat. They put in place the tools needed to defeat this enemy of freedom. However, they all readily admitted that their efforts would be to no avail should we lose our soul and character. We find ourselves at a place where the soul and character of nine individuals may determine the fate of the greatest nation to have affected the world.

It is time for the Supreme Court of the United States of America to fulfill it's constitutional duty as the check and balance on the other two legs of government. This fiasco of the Congress, aided and abetted by the Executive branch of this nation delving into every niche of business in this country must end if we are to survive as a constitutional republic. The challenge is enormous. No war, no economic disaster, no moral crossroads is as important to the fate of this nation than what we face today. The unholy alliance of business and government, has for the last century dragged this nation into a damnable pit of pseudo capitalist socialism. Government intervention into the day to day operation of privately owned business has tragically become so normal that most voters have no clue that they routinely vote for individuals who consistently break their oath of office. I'm guessing here to be fair; but I am confident in saying that 90% of the Congress of this United States has, at some point in their career, voted for an unconstitutional bill. I fear it is actually higher than that. You do too don't you? We are duty bound to stop the insanity and return this country to the constitutional republic which was handed to us to protect for future generations. If we fail to do so, history will be brutal in it's assessment of our selfish myopic failure to think beyond ourselves. We once spoke of the greatest generation as they pulled the world out of the jaws of fascism with sacrifice of body and soul. What will this generation sacrifice?

Constitutionally, we are at a crossroads. Our founding fathers were genius in structuring this government to resist tyranny. They gave us the power to vote for Representatives every two years. Accounting for our apathy, they also gave us Checks and Balances. Each branch of government having the power to resist the usurpation of the Constitution by the other branches. We find ourselves at a point in History when the Judicial branch of government may hold the 'Great Experiment' in their very hands. It is time for the Supreme Court to act, for honor if naught else.

For a century or more the Congress has deceptively used article 8 of Section II of the Constitution to pry its' way into almost every aspect of our lives, stealing our liberty under the guise of compassion for the disenfranchised. Is there really anyone left who doesn't understand this ruse? It is about power and money, it always has been. Samuel Adams knew it. Thomas Jefferson knew it. Ben Franklin knew it. John Adams knew it. Why...oh why don't we know it? Barring an electoral miracle in which the entire Congress is replaced completely, several times over (because the new ones will just do the same thing) the fate of our nation lies in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. They must find a case, any case, and render a decision that the government has overstepped their enumerated powers. This and only this will bring this contemptible theft of liberty to a screeching halt.

So, to each and every member of the United States Supreme Court, I ask; have you no honor? Will you accept the call of history and do your sworn duty? Will you, once and for all, end this despicable farce? Are you being paid off? Are you intellectually against a free republic? What then, is your excuse to history? If not Liberty, What? The fate of the greatest nation to be conceived and founded with blood and treasure lies in your hands. History awaits your reply. What will you do?

January 14, 2010

Haiti Tragedy Worsened by International Socialistic Thought

First and foremost our prayers go out to all the affected families in Haiti. We encourage everyone to contribute some form of aid to assist these victims in any way possible. Personally, I believe that the Salvation Army is the greatest organization to contribute to and they spend a large portion of donations towards aid as opposed to some who spend a large portion on future fund raising.


When people are suspicious of another's kindness they are less likely to accept it. America has been one of the most generous nations in the history of the world. Our country is not perfect as no country is, however, our Christian roots create the spirit of giving in our culture, particularly to those who have been disenfranchised for lenghty periods. It is sometimes difficult for people of good intentions to fully understand what is needed to actually help someone. In the case of Haiti there is a long history of economic and political turmoil that can only be resolved by first educating the public on the advantages of liberty coupled with free market capitalism. This is the only thing that can truly help the people of Haiti in the long run. Certainly, in the short term aid of any kind is needed and warranted. But, as Bill Clinton proved beyond any shadow of doubt, international socialistic ideals personified by the U.N. membership is completely impotent to deal with a nation trying to free themselves from dependency and break the chains of despotism. During Clinton's presidency, Haiti's 'elected' president was ousted in a military coup. Against the advice of many foreign policy experts the president sent troops to Haiti to restore President Aristide to power. The story is much too complicated to go into in detail but the result was a fiasco that included putting U.S. soldiers under the command of the United Nations, an organization reknown worldwide for it's military efficiency. (Tongue planted firmly in cheek!)

Now another tragedy of natural origins has stricken this poor nation. I fear that chaos will soon be the order of the day as the people become desperate for aid and the hopelessness of their situation becomes apparent. A military presence will be needed but it will probably be another fiasco as many nations of the world will accuse America of strong arm imperialism. The failure to recognize the good intentions of America have been a source of unnecessary suffering in many Middle Eastern countries. If the Palestinians had rejected Iran's influence and fully embraced a friendship and partnership with Israel and America, they very likely would have a small but vibrant country side by side with Israel prospering in trade and tourism due to their very advantageous geographic location. But they chose to falsely paint America as the devil and their fate has been sealed. Poverty and political suicide is the order of the day for the Palestinian peoples.

I only pray and hope that the people of Haiti ultimately will embrace their own destiny and put in place a system which will allow free market capitalism to rise out of the darkness and create an island paradise where free men can reap the rewards of entrepeneurship and build an infrastructure and political framework that will deal with future disasters on their own terms. No one needs to come to America's aid when nature strikes. We take care of ourselves as well as others. We do so because of our liberty and our constitutional republic which allows our people to reach the potential that God has given each of us.

Again, please pray for the people of Haiti, and I encourage you to use the link above to donate as you can.

by: Keith D. Rodebush