January 16, 2010

The Supreme Court Must Act, for Honor if Naught Else.

Long is the history of the United States government usurping it's constitutional mandate to restrict it's power over the people of this country. Make no mistake about it; as a Christian man, I believe there is a special place in Hell for people who pretend to be representatives of the people and yet use their power for their own aggrandizement or power. We are at the precipice of the chasm of chaos brought on by purveyors of socialistic mysticism. The founding fathers were privy to this threat. They put in place the tools needed to defeat this enemy of freedom. However, they all readily admitted that their efforts would be to no avail should we lose our soul and character. We find ourselves at a place where the soul and character of nine individuals may determine the fate of the greatest nation to have affected the world.

It is time for the Supreme Court of the United States of America to fulfill it's constitutional duty as the check and balance on the other two legs of government. This fiasco of the Congress, aided and abetted by the Executive branch of this nation delving into every niche of business in this country must end if we are to survive as a constitutional republic. The challenge is enormous. No war, no economic disaster, no moral crossroads is as important to the fate of this nation than what we face today. The unholy alliance of business and government, has for the last century dragged this nation into a damnable pit of pseudo capitalist socialism. Government intervention into the day to day operation of privately owned business has tragically become so normal that most voters have no clue that they routinely vote for individuals who consistently break their oath of office. I'm guessing here to be fair; but I am confident in saying that 90% of the Congress of this United States has, at some point in their career, voted for an unconstitutional bill. I fear it is actually higher than that. You do too don't you? We are duty bound to stop the insanity and return this country to the constitutional republic which was handed to us to protect for future generations. If we fail to do so, history will be brutal in it's assessment of our selfish myopic failure to think beyond ourselves. We once spoke of the greatest generation as they pulled the world out of the jaws of fascism with sacrifice of body and soul. What will this generation sacrifice?

Constitutionally, we are at a crossroads. Our founding fathers were genius in structuring this government to resist tyranny. They gave us the power to vote for Representatives every two years. Accounting for our apathy, they also gave us Checks and Balances. Each branch of government having the power to resist the usurpation of the Constitution by the other branches. We find ourselves at a point in History when the Judicial branch of government may hold the 'Great Experiment' in their very hands. It is time for the Supreme Court to act, for honor if naught else.

For a century or more the Congress has deceptively used article 8 of Section II of the Constitution to pry its' way into almost every aspect of our lives, stealing our liberty under the guise of compassion for the disenfranchised. Is there really anyone left who doesn't understand this ruse? It is about power and money, it always has been. Samuel Adams knew it. Thomas Jefferson knew it. Ben Franklin knew it. John Adams knew it. Why...oh why don't we know it? Barring an electoral miracle in which the entire Congress is replaced completely, several times over (because the new ones will just do the same thing) the fate of our nation lies in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. They must find a case, any case, and render a decision that the government has overstepped their enumerated powers. This and only this will bring this contemptible theft of liberty to a screeching halt.

So, to each and every member of the United States Supreme Court, I ask; have you no honor? Will you accept the call of history and do your sworn duty? Will you, once and for all, end this despicable farce? Are you being paid off? Are you intellectually against a free republic? What then, is your excuse to history? If not Liberty, What? The fate of the greatest nation to be conceived and founded with blood and treasure lies in your hands. History awaits your reply. What will you do?

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