January 31, 2010

Debra Medina: Messenger for the People?

An interesting thing is occurring in Texas this election cycle. Texas has long been known for it's independent and conservative leanings. Sometimes in Texas it's not good enough to be conservative, you have to be a real conservative! What I mean by that is for too long politicians have been able to put forth a public facade of conservatism, while behind the scenes they vote for unconstitutional government programs at the behest of their cronies and financial backers. We in America have accepted this as a matter of fact and continually re-elected many of these usurpers of liberty, many times with the perennial sigh of 'the lesser of two evils.' The last two gubenatorial debates in Texas, however, have made for an interesting distinction. There on the stage for all to see, ARE the two evils, and a constitutional conservative. Debra Medina has a chance to play spoiler in a race that would normally be just another two establishment Republicans trying to display their conservative peacock feathers, while desperately trying to hide all of the dirty dealings of their past. Whether it be toll roads stealing the peoples land or bank bailouts for unprincipled capitalists, both establishment candidates point fingers at each other and accuse them of failing to represent the people's true interest. And then there is Debra Medina who can calmly sit back and say, "You're both right. You have both failed to truly represent the people." How refreshing to have a candidate who will not accept the premise of questions intended to trap a candidate into accepting unconstitutional government programs as a fait accompli.
Regardless of the ultimate outcome, both establishment Republicans have been shown as completely fraudulent. Whether it is Hutchison stumbling over her own words trying to defend the killing of babies or Perry arrogantly denying he tried to steal our land for toll roads, both have failed to protect life and private property, at times for personal gain. If Medina can force a run-off between herself and either Kay Bailey Hutchison or Rick Perry, it will already be a huge success. But let us dream for just a moment at what a message it would be to politicians across the country if this pistol packing true Texas gal could come out of nowhere and defeat two popular long term politicians, both firmly esconced in the party machinations. In most election cycles this would be a dream too wonderful to even imagine. But in this climate, when Liberty is assailed by both parties, when Americans have been rudely awakened to the corruption inherent in all government, when lifetime politicians arrogantly thumb their noses at the voters...one CAN dream. And sometimes dreams come true. Ask Massachussetts conservatives, they believe.
God Bless Debra Medina for what she has already done. I will be contributing to her campaign and I encourage any Liberty loving Texans to do the same. It is time to send another message to politicians all over this great nation. We will not be tread upon any more. Get out of our lives, keep your hands off our land, protect our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Keep your noses out of the free market and return to the mandated limited role the founders of our nation envisioned, put to paper, supported with their fortunes and defended with their lives. This mandate has been passed to THIS generation of Americans, and yes Texans, to defend. Let us not fail in our duty to preserve this constitutional republic for the benefit of all the generations of Texans to come. Let us show the world that in Texas, you may fool us, you can buy slick ads with your ill gotten monies, but we will hold you responsible for your actions. God Bless Texas!


  1. Medina is a RINO. Not a true conservative.

  2. I'm always suspicious of anonymous people. However, I appreciate you reading. If you have some evidence that she is not truly conservative I would be happy to engage you. If it proves to be true I will retract my support publicy. At this point, I'm willing to elect the dogcatcher rather than one of these lifer politicians, but if someone like Medina is deceiving the people I would be interested to know that.


  3. she is not a RINO.. that would be perry and hutchison.

    anyone that has heard Ms.Medina speak knows the truth.