November 8, 2016

Election Day Nuggets

A few random nuggets for election day:

  •       Islam is not a religion. It is a Fascist Theocracy; wholly incompatible with constitutional republicanism. I don’t just profess this; THEY do. They are at war with you, whether you are too scared to admit it or not.
  •       Yes, in some sense all politicians are corrupt. This was the entire basis for our Constitution that we let our ‘leaders’ ignore and still re-elect them. However, they are not all the same. Some are petty thieves, others mass-murderers.
  •       Our Founders made one big mistake in drafting the Constitution. As many of the leaders were themselves lawyers; they believed their profession to be noble and overall beyond lying, stealing and subverting law for power. I know, they didn’t get out much in those days!
  •       Every election is a choice between two evils because government is evil. Government is power and coercion to shape behavior; often for the purpose of power and enrichment of a chosen few. However, by voting out the corrupt each and every time we can minimize the damage.
  •       Millions of men and women have died to give you the right to vote. It is sacred. It is a responsibility. If you think they all died to allow our borders to disappear, to import non-assimilating Fascists, to diminish property rights and to kill babies; you are unqualified to vote. Please stay home and watch The View.
  •       We are in the midst of a Civil War. This war was not by the choice of conservatives or traditionalists. It was foisted upon us by a 100-year assault on the American way of life by Marxists. Some call them Progressives/Liberals/Socialists/communists/Democrats or RINO’s. They actually told us how they would do it. Take over education and destroy religion and the family. Starting with the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party and now with the Trump Nationalist movement; good Patriotic Americans have decided to fight back with the same fervor that our Enemy Within has fought for decades. It will get worse before it gets better; but we will win in the end. Good always overcomes evil.
  •       There is only one of two Parties in America that is even salvageable, the GOP. We are fighting them and the Democrats at the same time as well as academia and the propagandist media who have been thoroughly exposed as nothing more than Marxist sycophants. Regardless of the result of this election, the fight goes on. The proper strategy is to defeat RINO’s in the primaries and Democrats in the general. This is the ONLY path to save this nation and Life, Liberty and Property.
  •       In a time of war, strong measures are required. A tough ‘general’ will not necessarily be a ‘nice man’ or a pinnacle of virtue. He must have three qualities: Courage to fight, common sense to strategize and loyalty to America. This is the entire Trump phenomenon in a nutshell. This is why frivolous attacks on his character do not dissuade his following.
  •       The most important basis required for a free people to self-govern is the Rule of Law. This is why ILLEGAL immigrants must not benefit from their crime and this is why corrupt politicians MUST be held accountable. Barak Hussein Obama and ALL of his followers have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that the modern Democrat Party cannot be trusted to protect this most sacred tenet of freedom.
  •       A government that assassinates one of it’s citizens for the sake of Land Management, Lavoy Finicum, is a tyrannical government that MUST be held to account or we will ALL be forever slaves to rogue authority. Our grandchildren will spit on our graves.
  •       You cannot kill millions of innocent babies and just walk away. God has turned his face from America. It is not too late though. Pray for forgiveness, live your life right and vote Life. He will shine his light upon us once again. Regardless of your religious view think about this: if a nation cannot protect the most innocent of life among us, what authority should they have? After all it IS the first right…LIFE, Liberty and Property. You cannot have the other without the one.
  •       Before you vote ask yourself this one question: “Is it time for the Clinton/Bush crime family hold on American politics to end?” Then vote proudly, smile and put your ‘I voted’ sticker on your lapel.

 May God continue to bless the United States of America

By: Keith D. Rodebush

October 26, 2016

Death by Desire


Marxists steal our children. They told us they would. We ignore them.

No one born after 1984 has lived in or understands a republic. They have lived through economic chaos; terrorism; big government ascendancy; the convergence of the Party's and the surveillance society.

Technology has brought us many advances but it's truly evil feature has been the loss of privacy. Most people under 30 years old have never lived in a time where they enjoyed any concept of a private life. Their lives are lived on the internet; before the entire world. Parents have happily embraced this 'transparency'. Kids are given internet capable phones at very young ages. Social media is the friend we could never have when we were children. Acceptance. Love. Understanding. It all comes from an electronic device.

Privacy is inculcated in the American Ideal. Individualism is dependent on ones ability to pursue ones goals and ambitions without outside interference. NOTHING is done in Modern America without outside interference. We lay our lives before the world. This is antithetical to the ideal of our founding.

There are several very basic instincts of human beings. Desire is foremost. Desire for food. Desire for sex. Desire for acceptance. These are the strongest of them all. Desire for acceptance is third only to food and sex among the strongest human pursuits. This is the target of the Marxist Ideal. The desire to be accepted. The want of friendship. The need to be a part of the tribe. Think about it. Almost as strong as the need to eat or the desire for sex is the complete obsession with being accepted by ones peers. THIS, is the tool of the collectivist.

Now think. What weakens that desire? What would diminish ones desire to seek out acceptance from strangers? Family? Faith? Absolutely. Which is exactly why these are the two institutions targeted by Marxist Ideology. Family and Faith provide the acceptance and sense of belonging that keep one from straying to surrogate 'families'. This is precisely why collectivists target these institutions for destruction. It is no coincidence that American traditional values have descended in lock step with the destruction of the American family and the targeting of religious values in our culture. Our nation LIVES and DIES within our families and our faith.

As fathers have abrogated their duty to raise their children; those very children have embraced Socialism. They have sought acceptance in a collective dream after being rejected by a traditional reality. Our own selfishness has delivered our children to the devil himself. And we sit around in shock, wondering what happened to our world. We destroyed it with our narcissism. We destroy life with impunity and wonder why our youth have no respect for life. You didn't think you could murder 10's of millions of innocent babies and just walk away, did you?

Our children have no sense of freedom, respect for life or law. How do we expect them to make a logical decision in the political arena? Government is more of a father to them than we have been. They long for it. They desire it. Government is their saviour. For we are not. Government fills the void that our selfishness has left in their lives. Who can blame them?

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. This is only possible with the love and support of Family and Faith in the formative years of youth. Deny that to any child; and they will grow up seeking acceptance. They will find it, in gangs and collectivism. May God have mercy on our souls for He will not on our temporal lives.

by: Keith D Rodebush