April 21, 2015

Are We Stupid?

Just how stupid are we? Consider:

·        Hillary Clinton is currently fashioning her presidential campaign around the notion that she is just an average gal, fighting the bourgeoisie to empower the downtrodden in America. Stop. No seriously, stop laughing. You think this is funny but consider. This woman hasn’t worked a real day in her life since college. She has accomplished everything she set out to do and then some. She is wealthy beyond calculation because she is so good at hiding her wealth in her stature. IOW she uses the trappings of her position to save her own wealth. She doesn’t pay for housing, she doesn’t pay for transportation, she doesn’t pay for clothing, she doesn’t pay for utilities, she doesn’t pay for insurance, she doesn’t pay for…well anything really. Who pays? YOU do sucker! You and untold numbers of donors to the ‘Clinton Foundation’, naught but a money laundering operation. And yet, the aforementioned ploy is working and will work. She will be seen as the champion for the poor just as Barak Hussein Obama was and is seen as the bridge across the races. Now, who’s stupid? (At this point early in the election cycle many love to contemplate that she will be challenged seriously from the Left. Wait and see how the machine DESTROYS her detractors) She cannot afford to lose. She has collected BILLIONS from foreign donors who expect a payback.

·        Our president just negotiated a deal that will allow the world’s most prolific sponsor of terrorism attain a nuclear weapon; and the nation yawns. Because of the success of Anti-Semitism inherent in the current Democrat Party ideology; the vast majority of American voters have not a clue nor an inclination to learn, what the ramifications of this treasonous policy will wrought on the world.

·        Sexual preference is quickly becoming a vastly more protected class than the two oldest religions in Western society.

·        The one ideology that has the least historical claim to religious status is the most protected ideology worldwide; despite a historical record of barbarism and fascism.

·        In the United States of America, a Mexican flag is considered free speech but an American flag is considered an inflammatory and racist instigation to violence by ‘Mexican-Americans’.

·        The organization responsible for the vastly disproportionate murder of black babies (Planned Parenthood; founded by eugenicists), is uniquely supported by the Party which receives ~95% of the Black vote.

·        The most inefficient means of producing energy receive the largest percentage of subsidies from the People’s Treasury.

·        Despite an approval rating below 20%; Congressmen in 2012 were re-elected at a rate exceeding 90%.

·        With the most powerful, best trained, well-funded and technologically advanced military the world has ever known, America has LOST or TIED every major war since World War II. (Some will argue we won the Gulf War, but any serious analysis of the region disputes the overall veracity of such claims)

·        Billions of dollars from the People’s Treasury continue to prop up an organization (The United Nations) that has operated against the interest of the American people for decades.

·        Despite the Founding documents of the United States of America’s pledge to protect Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; our nation cannot seem to find the dignity to protect the most innocent of ALL LIFE; a human baby. It’s the FIRST DAMN ONE!

·        Wearing a Ché Guevara (a murderous Marxist) T-shirt is protected free speech; but wearing an American flag T-shirt or anything depicting military excellence is prohibited on many school campuses.

·        The people who pay no taxes, and indeed receive largess from their more successful neighbors, accuse same of being greedy.

·        The most intolerant people in America today are those who are the most intolerant…and the largest corporations in the world cower at their feet.

·        American Jews vote overwhelmingly for the most Anti-Semitic Party in American history.

·        So-called Conservatives/Libertarians trip all over themselves to pass legislation securing a right already ensconced in the U.S. Constitution, the right to keep and BEAR arms, ignoring the obvious intent of such laws; a federal database of gun owners.

·        A man who molested numerous women and took advantage of an intern under his charge, then lied in a court deposition about same; enjoys a 55% approval rating among American voters. 55%. Belongs in prison; resides in our hearts.

·        Americans who decide to go overseas and fight with a terrorist organization so despicable, even Al-Qaeda says they go overboard (ISIS) are allowed to return the United States because they ‘have a right to return’ according to our very own State Department.

·        The greatest vitriol of the American press is saved for the singular free country in the Middle East, Israel.

·        MSNBC is still on the air.

·        Al-Jazeera America was sold for Millions.

·        The person with one of the largest carbon footprints in the world is the champion of carbon offsets.

·        Global Warming aka ‘Climate Change’ is still spoken about daily worldwide as a legitimate concern despite decades of evidence as to its complete and utterly laughable lack of scientific basis.

·        Belief in God and Creation is impugned as fairy worship while belief that Man evolved through multiple birth defects, despite ZERO evidence of a GOOD birth defect, is considered highly intellectual.

·        Terrorists, Marxists, racist and incompetent ideologues are ensconced in almost every major American university…and this Spring MILLIONS of American parents are spending numerous hours and tons of money trying to get their children accepted to same.

·        Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barak Hussein Obama, traded a known deserter for 5 of the vilest terrorist enablers in the history of Mankind…and our nation yawns.

·        The Muslim Brotherhood puts out a manifesto of how they will defeat America from within; and an American president invites them to the White House, supports them in Egypt and hires their members as advisors, and America yawns.

·        Karl Marx is more influential in American politics than James Madison.

I rest my case.


by: Keith D. Rodebush

April 15, 2015

Digital Diminution


I recently read about how watershed moments in human development actually physically rewire the brain. For instance before writing was all the rage, Man memorized everything important. Tribal history, genealogy, religious teaching, technique of war and survival, all were taught through verbal communication. 'Songs' were no more than recitals. All of the knowledge of one generation to the next was passed down verbally. As a result the human brain's capacity for the memory of dialogue was radically different than present day. It wasn't unusual for many within a tribe or family to remember 100's of words for many different recitals; thousands of words perhaps, verbatim. Ever tried getting a kid to remember the Preamble to the Constitution lately? Our brains are no longer functionally disposed to remembering long passages. It is mostly unnecessary due to writing.  We humans are quickly entering an age where reading and writing, especially writing are becoming less and less necessary. The effects on the human brain will not be known for some time to come but I suspect the change will be much quicker than that of writing.

We run around with our noses in our devices watching videos and listening to YouTube, reading Twittenglish without really thinking deeply about what we hear or see. We determine if we 'Like' something within milliseconds. The interaction of the logical brain with the exterior stimuli is brief and only getting shorter. The transference of thought to disbursement is almost instantaneous. Decisions of word appropriateness is taken out of our hands and delegated to the woefully ill-equipped auto-complete and phrase generator. We basically allow some bespectacled geek to tell us what we intend to say. Remember when people tried to finish a sentence for you and it irritated the Sam Hill outta you? Now we willingly concede their prescience in knowing our minds. What will be the ultimate effect on the actual hard-wiring of the brain from this new form of information distribution?

A couple of things come quickly to mind. One that we are already noticing. The learning, and the intimate and concise use, of cursive writing is going the way of the Neanderthal quicker than a mal-educated progressive joins a street  protest. It's not just that we don't learn it, it is in fact harder for us to learn I believe. In fact, my opinion is that this is the end of a road that Marconi sent us down long ago. It is also my belief that this has a noticeable and deleterious effect on our ability to reason and problem solve. Why? you say. Cursive writing used to be so pervasive that we all learned it so early and so completely that it became second nature and almost instinctual. Therefore, the process of putting thoughts down was imperceptibly distracting to the actual formulation of the thought itself. Conversely, typing for the common Man is much more cumbersome and fraught with constant and repetitive correction. Therefore, the energy expended on the process of intimating ones thoughts are often equal to the thought itself. Any armchair scholar can tell you that distracted thought is incomplete and sometimes erroneous. Certainly, the capacity of the human brain to assimilate and overcome adversity is unfathomable; but it will take a very long time to match the ease, comfort and pace of writing longhand.

Secondly, it is quite likely that this transition will, if not already so, lead to a lasidasical intellectualism. Some studies are already documenting this effect. As visual and verbal stimuli make up more and more of our information input, our reaction time decreases. The sheer pace of modern life only adds to this need for intellectual speed. Will this become an exponential effect as interactive devices become faster and more powerful? Only time will tell.

It is very possible that the speed of our transition may be our digital saviour. As we continue our technological expansion; we will in fact be reverting back to the spoken word. All of our devices will soon be voice activated exclusively. Computer, make it so. This will not, sadly, countervail the loss of our previous sagaciousness of pace, if you will. There is a determinate speed of writing that lends oneself to deeper thought in my never to be humble opinion. Certainly, the transition promises to be rocky. With a little luck and God's grace, however, perhaps we will soon find ourselves firmly ensconced if not hard wired, into the software/hardware to such an extent that we can sit back, relax and develop thought without the cumbersome necessity of manual recitation of such. Perhaps we may then spend our 'Finest Hour' developing reason and intellectual purity to truly reach a potential yet imagined. I see myself drawing on a fine tobaccy product, sipping a fine Rum, ethereally relaxed and pleased; staring across to my compatriot...and simply nodding with a knowing smile creeping across my lips, 'I know' ... 'Brilliant'.

This of course, can only happen if we soon learn to incorporate history into our understanding of the role security plays in the potential of humankind. A society living in fear of evil within and without, has not the time nor the luxury for frivolous philosophy and invention.

May God Bless You With Insight and Contemplation.

by: Keith D. Rodebush