April 18, 2016

Of Course We Were Created


Just one thing is clear to me
There's always more than what appears to be
When the light's just right
I swear I see, yeah man it's poetry

But somebody made every thing
From the soul, inside out to Saturn's rings
How my baby smiles and how Ray Charles sings
Of course we were created


Excerpt from ‘Poetry’ – Walt Wilkins

The excerpt above is to give proper credit to the title of this article. Of course Walt is an artist so who knows, if he read my blog, he may ask me to take it down! It’s a beautiful song and an intriguing lyric. To me, all my life I’ve known that there is a God. I struggled in my youth with religion, but never with the belief in God; more than just a ‘momentary’ agnostic investigation into ‘evolution’ and the whole Darwin-worship. Getting my degree in Architecture only strengthened my resolve on the issue. As a designer I recognize design. Who can watch a butterfly emerge from a cacoon and not believe in creation? Life, chemistry, physics, the miracle of liquid water and the fascination of light’s numerous properties are all indications of design to those who care to see them.

I understand a scientist’s desire to base conclusions only on documentable evidence, as it should be; however, there are statistical reasons to believe that The Standard Model for example can only occur through design and not happenstance. A wonderful irony of many scientific disciplines, but particularly Physics, today is that many of the great advances have come from a desire to find a way to explain life without a creator. As can be expected though, each new discovery tends to eventually create considerably more questions than answers. The so-called Big Bang Theory itself only begs the question, “Where did all of the matter existing in the universe that was compressed into that minute spec come from the moment before said ‘bang’?” Do not misunderstand, I love and support the scientific search for proof of life from nothing. Their efforts to date have done more to prove the existence of God than the opposite.

The question on the minds of almost every human on the planet is this: Is Life unique to planet Earth in the entire vastness of the universe (or multi-verse if String Theory is your thang)? First all for the purpose of this discussion we must limit the term ‘Life’ to carbon based life such as we know, and particularly sentient life such as Man.
We will not answer the question here, but let us narrow down the possibilities.

The following is required for life on Earth to exist:

·        A star closely similar to our Sun. Not just any star will support life. It must be a late born star in a spiral galaxy. It’s complicated but for the essential elemental chemistry to form this is required. Only a small percentage of stars in the known universe fit this model.

·        This star must be in a particular place within the spiral galaxy. Too close to center or edge; no life.

·        The star must have been created within the proximity of a white dwarf/’normal’ star binary that produces Flourine. The gravitational forces must be just so, to blast the Flourine into space rather than just burning it up. Too complicated to put down here, but very rare.

·        The planet orbiting the star must be within a small distance window from the star. Too close or too far and no life.

·        The solar system requires a Jupiter like giant 5 times more distant from the star than the planet. Too close and it’s gravity upsets the balance for the planet; too far and it doesn’t shield the planet from the ‘trash’ around the star (comets, asteroids etc.)

·        The perfect moon. The moon must be large enough to maintain it’s orbital stability while fixing the planets rotational axis at 23 ½ degrees. For instance Mars’ rotational axis varies from 0-60 degrees and flips around.

·        The moon also is perfect for our predictable tides; also necessary for Life.

·        The planet must have a molten iron core producing the protective magnetic protection from the stars radiation.

·        Plate tectonics. Also complicated but necessary and finely tuned. Too many earthquakes no life. Too few earthquakes no life. Same with volcanoes; the number and timing of explosions is finely tuned for Life to be possible.

·        Earth’s rotation must be just so; too fast too many tornadoes and hurricanes, too slow and it gets too cold at night and hot during the day. 20 hour days; no Life. 28 hour days; no Life. 24 hours for now and perfect for Life. It is slowing down by the way so in a billion years or so we can all kiss it goodbye.

·        At a more fundamental level; the molecular weight of Methane is 16, Ammonia’s is 17 and Water is 18; therefore we keep lots of water but no Methane or Ammonia. If it weren’t so; no Life. The properties of liquid water are way too deep to go into here but I urge you to explore. It is fascinating...and vital to Life!

·        Mass of the Universe acts as a catalyst for nuclear fusion. Too much mass, too much density, then all matter is converted from Hydrogen into elements heavier than iron; no Life. Too little mass and inefficient fusion would produce only Hydrogen and maybe Helium; no Oxygen or Carbon therefore, no Life.

·        The universe must be electrically neutral or electromagnetism will dominate and stars or planets will never form. This equality must be within one part to 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s 10 to the 37th power.

·        The strength of Gravity must be within 10 to the 40th power weaker than the force of electromagnetism. While necessarily being the weakest force; Gravity must be dominant or planets and stars would not form.

·        The neutron must be within 1/10th of 1% more massive than we know or so many neutrons would be made that the universe would collapse into neutron stars and black holes.
This is not a comprehensive list. The number of things that must be just so for Life to exist is staggering. It explains why this indeed may be the only place in the universe where Life exists. Why such a vast universe then? As explained above the mass of the universe must be just so for all of the laws of physics to produce the elements required for life; then there must be a star and a planet and a solar system within all of this mass that is just so as to produce the test tube for Life to exist.

To wrap it up; the circumstances necessary for the creation of fundamental elements essential to Life are themselves astronomically improbable. AFTER that, the circumstances that allow those elements to combine into sustainable Life are again astronomical. AFTER that, that Life would then become sentient, self-aware, capable of creativity is so far beyond human understanding as to be impossible…and yet here you are, reading this article, considering the value and objectivity of every word, making a rational decision that you alone will hold in your own special understanding. The statistical improbability of Life makes the search for same somewhat futile. As the late Senator Proxmire of Wisconsin so presciently noted, “It’s hard enough to find intelligent life right here in Washington!”

What’s the point you may ask? Perhaps the vastness of the universe and the innate desire of Man to explore said universe and necessarily ask, “Is there other life out there?” will be the actual driving force to Man’s eventual understanding that indeed ‘Of Course We Are Created!’ On that day, Man will begin to live as God intended; loving, respectful and reverent to our wholy unique existence in all of eternal space. Only then may we begin to view our treatment of our fellow Man in the proper perspective.

May God bless you and continue to bless the United States of America and the World and the Universe.


by: Keith D. Rodebush

March 20, 2016

The Worst of Times, The Best of Times


Most all Men believe that current times are much worse than they 'used' to be if not the worst ever. Most all Men are dead wrong. As an intellectual exercise let's explore that for one moment. Exactly when were the worst times ever? While shortly after Man learned we could kill one another and we were still having to hunt and gather daily for food and shelter might be a strong candidate, for simplicity let's keep the timeline within the emergence of Western civilization sometime after the Greek republic of 500-300 B.C. or so; roughly the last 2,500 years. The 100 years' war would be top choice for thems' that lived it. Certainly, if you were a Christian, Dometian's reign through about 96 A.D. would be a top choice. That crucifixion and eaten by the lions thing can be pretty bad. For Americans the Revolution while it was being lost and the Civil War were certainly terrible times. Of course the Twentieth Century gave us 2 World Wars that were horrendous in terms of human toil. However, there are two periods that stand alone in the category of worst times ever. The Black Plague of the 14th century and the 'Spanish' Flu pandemic of 1918. While the flu killed more, perhaps as many as 100 million; the Black Plague has my vote because of the lack of medical knowledge and general conditions of the time, near the end of the Dark Age. A full third of the European population died. Worldwide the toll is unknown due to the lack of information from undeveloped nations. Hell the Little Ice Age sounds like a cake walk compared to some of these but tell that to the folks trying to get food and shelter during those times. Regardless, any of the times described above are clearly worse than what we are now experiencing.

What's your point Keith? Just that despair is a useless human emotion and was not the attitude that helped Mankind overcome each and every one of these conditions to progress into what eventually became the most prosperous times in the History of Mankind thanks primarily to the Great Experiment that is America...and you have the privilege of living some of the best times of human existence. This doesn't mean that due diligence isn't required. It doesn't mean that things won't get worse before they get better. It doesn't mean that a spiritual, moral and intellectual revival is not required. What it means is that human beings have an innate capacity to take what seems as an insurmountable blow, overcome, rise up and emerge better, smarter and stronger than before. It is the most marvelous aspect of the human condition and is sometimes called the human spirit. While we indeed are capable of the most horrific, decadent and evil acts; we are twicely capable of unfathomable acts of kindness, generosity, invention and benevolence. Do NOT underestimate Mankind.

So where does that leave the aging Tiger long in tooth, jealously watching the young feline fools fecklessly flaunting their youthful prowess while recklessly risking the progeny of the Pride? Right here. Right at the point where one uses their experience and intellectual jiu-jitsu to flip the world. The savior of our nation will come from the ones just borne or soon to be borne. Hopefully it wasn't one of the aborted Martyr's!

To teach one must first learn. Read about the Founders. Study the Constitution and it's adoption. Study the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers. Learn about Marxism. Read as many renditions of the Communist Manifesto as you can, including the comments by Engels at the end of later versions. Relate these to the political path of the 20th Century. When you've honed your knowledge, put it to use. Take every opportunity to imbue this knowledge into your family and friend network. Note Marxist ideology when it shows it's ugly face. Call it out and point out the failure, especially to the masses. The elite are enriched by Marxism. One important suggestion. Some of my Dad's and Grand-dad's greatest influence came from short, seemingly innocuous remarks while observing something, i.e. While passing a vagabond one may comment to a child, "It's sad what drugs and alcohol can do to a man." Just that little comment can stick for decades. Yet if you push the issue the child will tune out. Short, terse, factual comments interjected at EVERY opportunity by a respected adult shape a child's life. Most importantly, do not seek or expect confirmation. Most men are dead and buried by the time their wisdom takes affect on the people around them.

We are indeed living in 'interesting' times (a Chinese curse actually). We have a few generations who have succumbed to the siren's song of Socialism. They have been indoctrinated in school and through cultural media that Capitalism is bad and Socialism is good. The funny thing is that they have lived under NEITHER! These kids have never experience true Liberty! They have been raised under a hybrid often called Crony Socialism by those of us that know. Their future has been stolen by selfish, hateful and envious Marxists under the lie of compassion. There is NO compassion in selling your children's future for your own edification. These kids are however, becoming disenchanted. The rise of an avowed Socialist in the Democrat primary has more to do with the failures of the Obama Socialist agenda than it does Socialism due to the despicable and dishonorable propaganda known as the main stream media. They WILL figure it out with your help. Who'd a thought that a Bush and a Clinton would be the most distrusted politicians alive? Liberty coupled with free-market capitalism is the fuel of progress and even these confused youth will figure that out if they ever get to experience same; just as you and I did under Ronaldus Maximus. No one enjoys liberty more than a youngster. They just have to be shown where it resides and where it disappears.

Finally, I will say this. Every monumental shift achieved in a short period has been accompanied by one charismatic and heroic figure. Whether it be Cicero, William Wallace, Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, George Patton or YOU; great changes have been swept in by ONE great person. Today, that person needs to be a very specific person. This person will require the intellectual prescience of a Thomas Sowell, the energy of a Richard Simmons, the looks of a movie star, the 'moxy' of a Richard Branson, the Constitutional bona fides of an Antonin Scalia and the media savvy of the most shameless self-promoter. This is a tall order but the Lions of the past have appeared out of nowhere more or less and so I suspect it will be of our next hero. Just keep in mind that this person may be alive and may be under your sphere of influence. Make no mistake, St. Mary was not raising the Son of God. She was raising a good Jewish boy who would respect his family and be a positive influence on their community...God took care of the rest.

This very article was inspired by someone else than me. Love God. Live God. Trust God. He got this! Help Him work His magic on the world!

by: Keith D. Rodebush