September 19, 2017

Endless LIES


What to say about a group of people who lie about everything they are and their opponents are not? If a group must constantly lie to you then that tells you all you need to know about them. And I don't mean the typical political lie, i.e. "If you send me to Washington I will work tirelessly for you the American people." Yes, that's a lie too 99 times out of a 100 if not more. We know how D.C. corrupts and we know why but I'm talking about something different. I'm talking about a lie about your core; about what makes you the person you are; the fundamental beliefs that animate your passions and ideology. Regardless of political obfuscation and pandering, why would a single person vote for someone like this, barring stupidity?

Do you have any examples Keith? I'm glad you asked sir, in fact I have many; we'll limit our selves for this discussion:

  1. Constitution. What could be more sacrosanct in our system of government? Privately, or when feeling smarmy or in the comfort of their friends Liberals mock the Constitution. They lambaste it as a document written by a bunch of White property holders who only wanted to oppress the rest of the nation. What idiot would believe that? So I will oppress the masses by enshrining inalienable rights into the primary legal document of the nation? It is childish and moronic sophistry. Yet the Liberal hero, Barak Hussein Obama did so many times. On tape saying that the document was a 'Bill of Negative Rights' because it says what government can't do, not what it can do. Uh...that was the entire point there skippy! Geesh! And this is the smart one theoretically. Then when out of power or favor and failing to get their oppressive agenda through, they will pull the Constitution out like a sword some watery tart has handed them from the Mythical Lake. This is most often for a horrendous purpose, i.e. killing babies, comforting enemies of America or protecting law breakers such as ILLEGAL immigrants. Never forget, Liberals went to their old standby, the court system to bestow upon our enemy in a time of war, Constitutional protections that do not and never have existed. Protections that reach all the way to the desert of Afghanistan to non-citizens sworn to annihilate all Americans on the field of battle. THIS is the modern Democrat Party.
  2. Nazis and Fascists. Liberals spend their entire lives pointing and screaming to the top of their lungs, "Racists! Fascists! Nazis!" at their enemies. Don't forget their hero Saul Alinsky (the one who dedicated his book to Satan) schooled them to always accuse their enemies of what they themselves do in order to create confusion. Nazis were Socialists. Fascists were Statists. And the KKK was created by Democrats as a response to losing the Civil War. The only Grand Kleagal of the KKK to serve in Congress in modern times was DEMOCRAT Robert Byrd; a Clinton hero. Liberals are currently virtue signaling by tearing down statues of their old Dead Democrat heroes. Liberals are the most anti-Semite worldwide; Liberals constantly divide people and segregate them by race; Liberals peddle the soft bigotry of low expectations, constantly whining that minorities simply cannot compete on a level playing field. They MUST be given preferences and guess who gets to control it all? The Fascist Left of course. Why don't they just run on a racist platform? That's who they are. Because they HAVE TO LIE to get elected. Even Black Democrats are racists because their fealty is to Liberalism first and their own culture last. If a Black man becomes a conservative he is attacked, called an Uncle Tom and worst. Why? Because a Black man cannot be anything other than a Democrat. Why? Because he is Black. That is the very definition of racist.
  3. Freedom of Speech. Democrats LOVE to pull the 1st amendment out of their holster to shove freedom of speech or freedom of the press in our faces. Except, when it is a conservative speaking at a university; a Christian speaking out about homosexuality; or a Jew speaking passionately about Israel's right to exist. All of these instances show Liberals shutting down free speech and even brandishing violence as a means to do it, i.e. the recent 'Antifa' violence in America. They call themselves anti-Fascists while they beat the Hell out of anyone that disagrees with them. The ultimate LIE. The truth is Liberals HATE free speech because that is what exposes them for who they are. Fascist Left technocrats are currently stifling free speech across all Social Media platforms in America; all in the name of tolerance. Yes, the word hypocrisy doesn't even occur to them as they do same.
  4. Working for the Poor. The largest crock of $#!) peddled by these vermin but often the hardest to point out. After all Liberals are always fighting for minimum wage (not maximum wage mind you), less hours, more 'benefits', free this and that. That's the poor mans agenda, No!?! The basis of this fight is Marxism. Marxism's core belief is the destruction of private property. What is the number one avenue for a poor man to become prosperous? Private property. The ability to keep the fruits of one's labor and accumulate more than those who are not willing to work as hard as you. Free-Market capitalism and Liberty are the only TRUE combination that allows ascension across class lines. A pauper can be a king. And THAT is exactly what Liberals want to take away from the proletariat. And yet, notice that they never suggest giving it up themselves? No, the New Bourgeoisie continue hoarding their private property while making it impossible for you to accumulate yours. But they promise to take care of you worthless peons. Therefore you get Al Gore preaching the end of economic growth worldwide in the name of the god Global Warming while he builds a mansion in Tennessee and flies all over the world in fossil fuel burning, pollution spewing private jets and limousines. Bernie Sanders spews class warfare while he buys a new mansion in the mountains with the money he has pilfered from misguided plebes. Hillary Clinton lectures us on equality while she and her husband bilk the Haitians out of millions after a tragedy. Despicable people, LYING to accumulate the very private property they would deny you from having.
  5. Finally and quickly; how rich is it that the Party that is more Communist than the Russians, now attempts to use Cold War fear of the purveyors of communism, the Russians, to accuse a populist president of somehow colluding with the Ruskies to, I don't know bring Russian freedom, Liberty and capitalism back to America? It is insane and can only be done by a Party whose ENTIRE livelihood is based on ignorance and lies. Pathetic.
Make America Great Again.

(Yes, THAT is evil now. Teachers kick kids out of school for professing this. Welcome to Democrat Socialist America)

by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 15, 2017

RED Supremacists


Much is being made lately of those evil 'White Supremacists'. It would be almost laughable, if not so damned tragic. People are dying, being maimed and blinded over a very small, sardonically stupid group of wannabes who really think they're going to get the Nazi band back together. They had protests in my hometown when I was growing up. It was always a small group, we mostly ignored or laughed at them, and the police were always out in force to protect their 'right to free speech' without having the town blown up with violence. They were and are a joke. Here we are 40 years later and the Fascist Left would have us believe they are an existential threat to America. Again laughable if not tragic. The truth behind this idiocy is that the Fascist Left is losing in America at the ballot box. They have been for quite some time. If you took the first Black (Red) president out of the mix in fact, many would question whether the Democrats were even a viable American political Party at this point.

Oddly enough, the reason for their demise is exactly what they think sustains them. While they may be able to point at a large portion of their youthful base and think it's working, what sustains them is a poisonous concoction delivered like a morphine drip. It is slowly poisoning the Party to imminent death and the Munchausen Media keep resuscitating them to spew another volley of destruction at the very nation that allows their freedom to be stupid. What pray tell is this deadly elixir? Hate and division right out of the Marxist playbook. Friedrich Engels wrote about it incessantly for decades in all the many variations of the Communist Manifesto in all the different languages that it was printed. Don't expect your average Antifa idiot to know about this; they only know what they've been told to know. They don't read hardback books and they don't think critically.

Yes, my friends it is not White Supremacy that is bringing America to the precipice of destruction, it is Red Supremacy. That's right, good old fashioned communism albeit with a new hairdo and better clothes right off the Abercrombie rack. Marxian idealism has permeated our culture and colleges for so long that we have at least two generations coming of age who know no different than that Socialism is cool and righteous and constitutional republicanism is a quaint racist scam perpetrated on an unsuspecting populace of rubes without the sophistication of this new proletariat we've bred. They have the internet, you know . These mal-educated feral Faustian's have the Devil as their Schwager and the vitality of youth. They are useful idiots of the first order being led by nefarious groups who make trillions of dollars off of their efforts. They also have not a clue what they are fighting for.

Gone are the days of deriding Socialists for destroying economies and thereby hurting the very people they claim to represent. The poor are always the hardest hit when economies fail. Hello Venezuela. Seen Sean Penn or Danny Glover down there lately? No, the vermin scatter like the disease infested scum they are when the inevitable result of their ignorance befalls the people caught in the wake of their Utopian orgasm. Gone are the days of blacklisting anyone idiotic enough to publicly admit their traitorous Red leanings. Gone are the days of teaching our children of the countless MILLIONS of human beings whose rotting corpses make up the altar base for worshipping the Red heroes. Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Ho chi Min, Pol Pot, Chiang Kai-shek, Kim il Sung, Che Guevara, the list goes on and the death toll is unfathomable and yet THESE are their kindred souls though very few could possibly be convinced, their capacity for thought being so ephemeral.
But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao,You ain't gonna make it with anyone any how. - John Lennon
How wrong he turned out to be. Just so happens if you keep at it long enough, infiltrate the school system in the face of disinterested parents; you can make Chairman Mao a bigger hero than Thomas Jefferson just like the Democrats have done in 21st century America!

The Red Supremacy is ONLY possible through the Munchausen Media. They have been entirely infested with Red fever and all pretense is off. They openly espouse Socialist mantra on a daily basis without so much as a fleeting thought to it's inherent evil. The cycle of sickness and resurrection continues as the Fascist Left alienates themselves from the visceral core of every true American; Liberty and Justice for ALL. No not just the chosen few. All Americans deserve justice. Do we get justice from a Democrat president? No, we get lies, political intrigue, partisan deviation from legal norms. Black Panthers guilty? NO! How about a Christian baker? CRUCIFY him! Protect our embassy? NO! Let them DIE, we'll blame it on a video. Outsider in the Oval Office? Oh, HELL no! We'll stage a relentless coup against the will of the American people. All to protect the new Bourgeoisie of the Red Supremacy. Their arrogance and condescension is palpable. They justify their ruthless tactics because they are SUPREME. They know sooo much more than you Plebes. Step aside and be ruled Peons! THIS is the Red Supremacy and it is destroying the country that I love!! May they be damned to HELL.

This is the true fight. It is a Civil War make no mistake. I do not use that language lightly for it is fraught with horrible consequences. But it is the proper language when a nation is invaded by a Red Army determined to 'fundamentally change' America. We knew what it meant back then but you cowardly guilt-ridden suburban Whites thought you could assuage your guilt by voting for a 'Black' man. Well, you didn't vote for a Black man you voted for a RED man and a pitiful smidgeon of research would have told you so. I knew it before he even won the nomination. Why didn't you?

If you are a Black man in America, you better trust me Brother! You have WAAAYYYY more to fear from a Red Communist Utopian fanatic than you ever have, in my lifetime, from a marginalized Neo-Nazi with a bad haircut and a homemade T-shirt. Don't forget, Nazi's were National Socialists, yes Red Supremacists! When it comes time to stomp the shit out of some Nazi ass-wagons, call me! I'll come running. But our true fight right now is the Red Supremacy. Please join me in stomping the shit out of them! Let's make it cool to hate Commies again! And please, the next time you are exercising your God-given right to protest, and you find a douchebag next to you waving a Nazi flag; stomp his face and throw his flag in the trash...and let the world see you do it. And if you are asked why you did it, you tell them that you don't allow Red Supremacy in the United States of by GOD America! Amen. Keith D. Rodebush

P.S. I apologize for my language. When my passions are high the Marine comes out and I find my rhetorical skills wanting to impart the passion properly. Perhaps a better study of Literature would have buttressed the self-made man.