September 4, 2014

Social Amnesia

Remember when Marxists/Socialists/Communists were the enemy of America? It wasn’t that long ago friends. What happened? Just when did it become okay to be a Marxist? "Them’s fightin’ words" in a time not so far away. I personally remember it. MILLIONS of Western societies' best and brightest DIED horrible deaths to stomp out this evil stain on the World's history. Here we are just a few short decades later and one cannot watch a politician on the boob tube without hearing a Socialist reference roll off their tongue like ice cream, smooth and cool. They don’t even flinch now. Why? How do they get away with it? Socialism has become the candy of the illegitimate and venal politician. It is a real frustration to those of us who instinctively see the destructiveness of this devilish sweet tooth. Remember when intelligent people heeded long-venerated sayings such as, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” or "Don't stick your nose in other people's business."? Why would such truths get lost to a society that appears to be intelligent and has at its disposal the vastest amount of knowledge available in Mankind’s history? Remember when it was common thought that there is good and evil in this world and that righteous people were duty-bound to fight evil at all turns? “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” Remember that morsel of wisdom? What has happened to these iconic verses of reason? Remember when soldiers were put on a pedestal and looters were thrown in jail? I don’t give a damn what color you happen to be. Fighting our enemies is honorable; fighting your neighbors for perceived insult of government is evil and barbaric. You want to fight the government? Stop voting for big-government morons. We The People have allowed ourselves to be distracted to the point of an amnesia of reason which will destroy our Great Nation.

  • William Jefferson Clinton LIES through his teeth on national television; staring into the camera and pounding the podium for dramatic effect. A known liar, womanizer, cheater, abuser and cradle robber. All of these types used to be considered low and unworthy of anything but contempt, ridicule and banishment. What if it was your 20-year old daughter that this 50-year old lecher was demanding service from in the Oval Office? Yet this man stands as a leader and hero of a Major Party in the government of the United States of America. Praised and lauded and fawned over worldwide.
  • Bankers colluded with corrupt government officials to manipulate the housing market crashing the market in 2008 destroying the wealth of middle class Americans all over this nation. Trillions of dollars of wealth was lost; mostly by hard-working Americans on the verge of retirement whose IRA’s and Pensions were heavily invested in real estate. There has been no serious investigation into the top participants on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. who caused this unspeakable pain on God-fearing American workers. No one spent a solitary second in jail. Not one penny was pried from the greedy bastards’ hands. This used to be a crime. It used to be enough to keep any honest business man from entering into business with you or your organization. Since, our government has given these same leaches trillions of dollars from the People’s Treasury which is returned to the vermin politicians in donations and bribes. We re-elect these people. Not one peep from Congress about impeaching the Attorney General who should be jailing these perpetrators but will not because he himself is an America-hating felon.
  • In World War II 100’s of Thousands of our finest young men went to Europe and the Far East to rid this world of evil. We accomplished this task in less than 5 years by unleashing Hell on our enemies in such a disproportional manner that it was impossible for them to continue to fight the righteous might of Liberty and Freedom. Afterward we showed that any peace-loving people were welcome to participate in our prosperity by rebuilding these nations, but only after annihilating the enemy. Major players were shot, hung or spent their remaining lives in jail. There was no trading of prisoners if said prisoners were top generals or politicians. We simply hung them. Since 1945 America has not won another major war. All have been lost. All of the blood of our dearest young men and women has been flushed down the toilet in futility. We have spit on the graves of our soldiers ever since. Most of the current generations living in America today know victory only through old movies, newsreels and history books. They have never experienced victory over our enemies (we almost did in Iraq, but Democrat Barak Hussein Obama put the kybosh on that). It is no wonder we are ‘war weary’.
  • In every rendition of the Communist Manifesto in all of the different languages that it was printed, the authors wrote footnotes to update the useful idiots on how Communism was to be spread. It was, is and was always intended to be, malleable and versatile to fit the particular culture in which it was being introduced. They plainly spell out that quick revolution was not always attainable and that slow but tenacious introduction of Marxist Idealism was the key to bringing down any government (Doses of Socialism). Make no mistake, when they intend to bring down a government they intend to destroy all that it stands for; all of the traditions, values and prosperity. They have told us straight to our face what they intend to do, yet we smile and send our kids to college to be inculcated into this evil philosophy. We have forgotten the MILLIONS of souls laid upon the altar of Utopianism. Social Amnesia is destroying our immune system. Communist cells are no longer attacked, yet accepted as normal cells in the body politic of our nation. Our lack of memory has us looking our enemy in the eye and smiling and extending a hand of friendship to those who would destroy all that is Holy, Good and Wholesome. Pay attention. Everything that is decent and good is ridiculed. Everything reprobate is lauded and promoted. Not only must you allow them to murder babies; you must pay for it!
  • On September 11, 2001 19 Islamic Terrorists killed over 3,000 innocent Americans and other visitors to our Great Nation. 16 of these were Saudi Arabians schooled in the Madrasas funded by our oil money. For a brief day or so America came together in disgust over this cowardly act. Within weeks, however, Democrats began attacking our President, our Military and our way of life, in many cases even blaming us for this atrocious attack on the innocent. NEVER FORGET! GOOD DECENT PEOPLE JUMPED OUT OF A 100 STORY BUILDING TO KEEP FROM BEING BURNED ALIVE! For five years everything our president and military did was impugned and besmirched. Our troops were called Nazis, murderers and rapists by Democrat Senators on the floor of the United States Senate. We rewarded this treason by voting in a Democrat House and Senate in 2006. How soon our Social Amnesia doomed yet another generation of American soldiers to useless death and maiming. Since then, we have lost the Iraq War, empowered ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) and armed them with American weaponry, projected our defeat in Afghanistan, turned Libya over to Islamist tribal conflict, attempted to establish a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, given the Crimea peninsula to Russia while ignoring a civilian airliner being shot out of the sky and abandoned Israel. Heck, our president can't even bring himself to say the words 'Islamist' or 'terrorists' even though Islamic nations do so all the time regarding extremists. Our lack of memory will kill millions before it is done. (Liberalism Kills as my buddy JT so succinctly avers)
  • For the first time in the history of this once Great Nation; a President of the United States of America has stood before the world and stated that no military solution will be considered in the case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The weakest, most feckless and cowardly statement of a world leader known to history. As a result Russia busies itself with taking over Ukraine, one bite at a time…after already securing the Crimea Peninsula. Again…thousands, maybe tens of thousands will die because of our inability to remember what a weak president will do to the world. Jimmy Carter’s toothless foreign policy gave us the Iran of today that is this close [  ] to developing a nuclear weapon; assisted by cowardly presidents of both Parties too focused on their own status to worry about America’s standing as the Saviour of Freedom. Liberalism Kills; regardless of Party affiliation.
  • As another American journalist is slaughtered like a lamb, more Western hostages are being taken all over the world. As the world forgets that bargaining with terrorists only invites more terrorism, people DIE horrible disgusting deaths and we only watch and Tweet and Like and talk but never act, never blame, never own. Western nations have busied themselves with paying ransoms for hostages for many years now. These two journalists are but a few who are paying the price for that despicable weakness. When Spain’s public transportation system was bombed by terrorists in 2004 the good people of Spain quickly elected a Leftist government sympathetic to Muslims. Bombings have continued unabated ever since. Their ignorant lack of memory of what dealing with evil like the Nazi Fascists will do to a nation has doomed a new generation. Sad. Predictable and sad. Social Amnesia claims another how many victims? How reprehensible are the weak-minded people who continue to allow this disease of Marxist Ideology to continue to pile bodies on the altar of tolerance, political correctness, 'fairness' and multi-culturalism?

Are you one of them? Have you voted for a Democrat or a Socialist Republican? Have you failed to voice your opposition to Marxist teaching at your child’s University? Have you fallen for the racial and class division of Marxism? Have you turned on your American neighbor rather than your true enemy? If so…then there is blood on your hands that no pithy slogan can wash away, comrade.
May God forgive you…for I am unable as of yet; but the Baby Jesus and I are working on that....STILL!
by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 27, 2014

T.E.A. party Generation


My best friend JT turned me onto a book about ‘generations’ which spoke of the repetitive history of the different generations throughout history. Sorry, as of this writing I cannot remember the author. The point, however, was that there are about 4-5 generational ‘personalities’ that repeat themselves throughout history. I’m not completely sold as I think that events drive history more than generational dispositions, but that’s just me. Nevertheless, I do believe that generations tend to form their mindset fairly early in their developmental stage; 14-18 years of age I’d say. These are the years that simple pleasures such as toys and games tend to give way to the realities of life. It is no accident that in years gone by rituals of manhood and girls entering womanhood through childbirth happened during these years. Biologically, boys and girls begin to become men and women in the adolescent stage, present culture aside.

Now you say you're leavin' home
'Cause you want to be alone.
Ain't it funny how you feel
When you're findin' out it's real? –
Sugar Mountain, Neil Young

“Finding out it’s real” is a real shock for youth. Such is life. I propose that there is a new generation coming of age as we speak; the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party generation. These are the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of a generation that finally woke up to the abject horror of 100 years of Marxist infiltration of our politics, culture and institutions. It is quite likely this generation will be the one that saves this Great American Experiment (Alexis de Tocqueville) from the suicidal spiral of Political Correctness, Environmental Despotism, Regulatory Strangulation, Moral Relativism, Secular Mendacity, Racial and Class Warfare (Identity Politics), (Anti-) Social Welfare, ‘Progressive’ Regression, Anti-Capitalism, Collectivism and Fiscal Insanity that ‘collectively’ describes the modern Progressive/Communist/Liberal/Marxist/Democrat (they are ALL the same in their, submission of the individual’s rights to the collective, mentality).

These Marxists have had somewhat free reign for many decades as the rest of us busied ourselves with the day to day pursuit of prosperity under a political system of Liberty coupled with Free-Market Capitalism. Under our umbrella of economic exceptionalism these vermin have plotted the destruction of the very system which allowed their Freedom to do so.

In 2009, after the election of the first Black President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama, it became clear that same was not just Black but RED and good people of America rose and from a truly grassroots position stated unequivocally that enough is enough. We began to attend political events, we read our Constitution and Declaration of Independence anew, we studied the Federalist Papers, we studied the Anti-Federalist Papers, we discussed politics and religion again despite their afore Persona non Gratis status. We realigned our minds back to the Founding Principles of this Great Nation. For that we have been pilloried and ridiculed by the Presstitutes and Politicians (of both persuasions) alike.

We were somewhat taken aback by the vitriolic hatred visited upon us by this simple reversion to what America was meant to be. At times we could only say, “Well they all must be crazy out there.” (jump to 4:15 for song beginning)

However, we have persisted. We have learned. We have found new avenues of information. We have Tweeted our way into the mainstream. This new generation is the first in many decades who will question teachers and professors, who will call out governmental lies, who will profess our religious beliefs without shame, who reject governmental prying into our personal lives and correspondence, who will vote against tyranny regardless of its political cloak and who will protect the innocent child in the womb from the holocaust of feminism.

Surely, there are countless minions who slave under the boot of despotism; but for a change there is also a formidable force of righteousness that attacks the beast at its belly; the LIES of Liberalism. Every Trayvon Martin and every Michael Brown exposes their hypocrisy and true racist demagoguery. Every failed government program, every exposure of government corruption and crony Socialism reveals the LIE of the Left. Every time Killary Klinton opens her mouth, the LIES of Liberalism are exposed and we are there to post, tweet and ‘Like’ to ensure the truth is available. In a world where a British Jihadist cuts off the head of an American Journalist in the desert of Syria/Iraq a feckless Marxist President cannot hide in a sand trap.

In days gone by the saying was, “A lie goes ‘round the world before the truth gets his boots on.” Such is no longer true. Lies such as the IRS emails disappearing are exposed within minutes. The T.E.A. party generation takes note. Their contempt for tyranny is strengthened and confirmed with every Liberal scandal that emerges. Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, ObamaCare LIES, Federal Reserve devaluing of currency, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Anti-Semitism, Support for Terrorists Hamas, …the LIES of the Left are exposed every day…and the New Generation observes. The price of economic naiveté, the price of weak foreign policy, the price of racial division, the price of irresponsible monetary and economic policy, the price of insipid environmentalism; ALL will be paid by this generation, T.E.A. party or no. Our children will spit on our graves.

The T.E.A. party generation of which I speak are only 5-15 years old. They are yet to make their mark on our society. I for one believe that their influence will be monumental. I believe that they will strike down this insidious Marxism that has festered in the wound of multi-culturalism. They will insist on a return to the enumerated powers of a government meant ONLY for the protection of individual rights and Liberty. YES my friends, it will be COOL to hate Commies again! It has been safe for soulless politicians to besmirch America of late but those times are coming to an end. Truly educated, religiously grounded, fiscally responsible, technologically savvy and NON-RACIST children are poised to take control of this once great nation my friends. I may not live to see it; but I am doing all I can personally to ensure it. The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave shall not perish! May God once again Bless this Great Nation! Amen.


by: Keith D. Rodebush