September 28, 2016

Weakness = Death


How many times must History teach the same lesson? How can Mankind’s ignorance repeatedly wreak Hell upon the earth? How can a People, with access to more knowledge than any generation in the history of the world be so blind? Those who study history are shocked at the abject stupidity of the leaders of the world. Do they know and move forward regardless? Are they naïve? Are they evil? The answer to these questions may determine the fate of Mankind. We The People of the freest nation in the history of human kind will determine the fate of the Earth. Do you understand this?


I have struggled with how to present this dilemma. To what extent does my audience understand past history? Certainly, persistent readers of mine are well versed. A small percentage of occasional readers are as well. I would venture to say, however, given the current educational system, a majority of our fellow countrymen have no clue about the peril posed by the current world leadership on the security of this world. If we do not reverse the direction of the last few decades, the conflagration that this world shall endure can only be described as Biblical…perhaps presciently so.


At the end of World War II, America emerged as the leader of the free world. Owing to its necessary but evil collaboration with the Communist Russians to defeat the Nazi’s, America chose a Cold War in lieu of a shooting war with our very partners in victory. The victorious general George S. Patton famously encouraged his leaders to start a war with Russia. In his words, “…we’ll have to fight them eventually. Why don’t we do it now while we have the army in place?” Whether you agree with his brash assertion or not, history has shown that he was at least correct in his concern that Russia was a threat to world peace. 40 years of ‘Cold War’ are presented as prima fascia evidence. How different would the world be today if righteous Men had defeated Russia post-WWII? We will never know. What we do know is that millions have died since in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans, China and Southeast Asia.


Ronald Reagan, perhaps the greatest president of recent history sent Marines to Lebanon in 1982 as ‘peacekeepers’ for an ill-advised United Nations (UN) agreement devised to calm a regional conflict involving Syria, Israel and the Iran-backed Hezbollah militia. Regardless if you believe that this deployment was wise, it was never-the-less an extension of American power in a volatile region of the world. After many skirmishes the end result was the bombing of the Marine Barracks in 1983 in which 241 God-fearing Patriots lost their lives. The American response was disappointing at best. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. John Vessey declared, "It is beneath our dignity to retaliate against the terrorists who blew up the Marine barracks." I cannot find the words to describe my disgust at the blatant frivolity of this man’s regard of my fellow Marines. History confirms my visceral response.


In December of 1992 a most comical (not in a funny way) landing of Marines on the shores of the African nation of Somalia was covered by the American media as if it were a weekly reality show. U.S. Marines had to push reporters and cameramen out of their way as they hit the shores. These brave men were sent to this little known country, again as ‘peacekeepers’ to facilitate humanitarian aid to starving Somali’s, victims of a regional conflict. On 25 September of 1993 the famous ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident took place in which American helicopter pilots were killed and dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. Ultimately, American forces were removed from Somalia in one of the most embarrassing episodes in military history.


Both of the aforementioned events were quoted by none other than Osama bin Laden as an impetus for the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. In his words, “…the U.S. response to the Beirut bombing showed the decline of American power and the weakness of the American soldier, who is ready to wage cold wars but unprepared to fight long wars. This was proven in Beirut in 1983, when the Marines fled." The deaths of 2,997 Americans on September 11, 2001 are directly attributable to the feckless and irresponsible actions of American Politicians in the face of adversity. How many have died hence in the misnomed ‘War on Terror’? This blood is not just on their hands…you elected them!


In 2011 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bemused, “We came, we saw, he died!” in response to news of the murder of Libyan leader Mohamar Gaddafi, who had recently agreed to abandon his nuclear ambitions in response to President George W. Bush’s strength in dealing with terrorists and the nations that supported them. Subsequently, thanks to Barak Obama’s ‘leading from behind’ strategy, Libya descended into chaos with terrorist groups vying for power. This culminated in September 01, 2011 when the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya was overrun by terrorists who killed the United States ambassador Chris Stevens whose body was drug through the streets in a victorious if not vile display of dominance over the United States of America. Since then, Libya has deteriorated into a regional conflict in which the terrorists control many venues within the nation. The true body count is unknown to Western bean counters. The U.S. has done little since to prevent same.


In October of 2011 President Barak Hussein Obama announced that a Status of Forces agreement had failed to be reached with the Iraqi government, and as such all forces would be removed from Iraq. The result as we all know was the rise and deplorable reign of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). What followed is the most depraved display of human deviance since the Nazi’s of 1940’s Germany. Christians have been targeted in many countries hence. Again, the true toll in human lives may never be known.


In 2012 president Barak Hussein Obama drew a line in the sand. The use of chemical weapons in Syria would not be tolerated. Chemical weapons were used. Obama did nothing. How many thousands have died since? American policy of supporting ‘moderate’ rebels has been so ill-conceived that much of American money and arms have ended up in the hands of Islamist who have killed thousands of Christians and Kurds, Americans natural allies. 100’s of thousands have died.


This weak American policy in the Middle East has led to mass migration of Muslims to European countries. Liberal Europeans naively accepted these immigrants only to be exposed to multiple terrorist attacks not to mention the daily attacks on women, priests and citizens in France, Sweden and Germany etc. Again, the true toll is unknown and yet to be incurred. Overwhelmed, the Europeans begged the Americans to accept their ‘fair share’ of these immigrants. As we have seen recently, we too pay the price for this weakness with attacks in America. How many will ultimately die due to this stupidity? Time alone will tell. YOU are to blame. YOU elect these idiots to the highest office in the land. One of the two nominees for President of the United States of America promises to bring 100’s of thousands of these people to our cities. 60+ million Americans support her!
I didn't even mention Egypt, where YOUR president supported the Muslim Brotherhood taking over. Only by Gods grace and General Asisi did Egypt escape this peril. If current trends are not reversed the toll in human lives world wide is unfathomable. Weakness, by the ONLY world power dedicated to Liberty and Peace will result in historical death and destruction.
If you will not be strong; Kiss your chains and Die Quietly.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 15, 2016

Will you defend our republic?


The shame of my generation will always be that we are the ones that turned the ebb of Socialism in America into a Biblical flood. The reasons for same are many and unimportant at this juncture. Perhaps some future historian will dissect the Tentillic nature of our disgrace but for now let us simply move on to how we stop the bleeding and hopefully reverse the trend.

Let us start with some known knowns as the estimable Donald Rumsfeld may call them:

·        Several generations of Americans have been allowed by their parents to be indoctrinated in the belief that America was founded on a false premise of equality

·        Same have been allowed to indulge the fallacy that Marxist ideology is superior to other political ideologies including Constitutional republicanism; only it hasn’t been properly applied

·        As well, they have been inculcated in the specious argument that if some of the Founders owned slaves then all couldn’t possibly expound on the virtue of Liberty and therefore none of their exhortations need be read nor studied

·        This complete and utter dismissal of Enlightenment thinking leaves the unscrupulous educator with a ‘blank’ slate on which to write all manner of tyrannical propaganda (many of these educators were themselves brainwashed and therefore are not as unscrupulous as naïve)

·        For decades people similar to this author have warned of this insidious destruction of the education system only to be ostracized and impugned

·        Marxists openly employ division, particularly along class and racial lines, as a tool to separate the people and thereby create an underclass ripe for indoctrination for the purpose of destroying harmony; which allows the transition to communism

·        Marxism is based on emotion and republicanism is based on reason

The real tragedy of our nation’s destruction is that it has been laid out in Marxist writings for over a century. They told us that to destroy a nation, one must first destroy the family and Protestant religion. These two of all things MUST be destroyed because they are the stalwarts of individual freedom. Strong families and strong (traditional) Protestant churches teach children to be respectful, independent, responsible and accountable. Neither of these institutions traditionally taught subservience to government. In fact, the opposite is true. They teach individual effort is rewarded and individual failure has consequences. NONE of this comports with the false promise of collectivism.
The collectivists teach moral relativism and communal responsibility over individual responsibility. Traditional American families and churches teach that our rights come from God. They are inherent to being a child of God. Marxists teach that our rights are secured by Man, controlled by Man and determined by Man. What Man giveth, Man can take away. To the extent that American families teach fealty to government, it is government of, by and for the people. In other words it is fealty to the concept that our exceptional form of government is empowered ONLY to protect individual freedom.
Marxists teach the opposite; that individual freedom must be subordinated to the collective good. And WHO decides what the collective good is? Why the new Bourgeoisie of course. You see they don’t really want to free the people; they just want to be the ones in charge. Just like Bernie Sanders, who will rant about the evil of consumerism and capitalism while he purchases his third half a million dollar house. Socialism for thee; indulgence for me.

The only true equalizer known to Mankind is free market capitalism and property rights. Your labor is your property. What you sell your labor for is yours and yours alone. That you decide to give a small amount to government should be your choice not their command. Americans choose to give a small amount to government for the SOLE purpose of protecting those individual rights of freedom and property.

Ever since Woodrow Wilson, this choice has been turned into a commandment, along with the requisite threat of force. Government will KILL you if you refuse their demands. Witness the assassination of Lavoy Finicum; all for the unconstitutional government demand of land ownership and management.

All of this tyranny happens with the consent of the People. We vote for the very people who oppress us over and over again. As it stands, we do not deserve Liberty. Will that change? YOU decide that. YOUR children decide that. What you teach your children will decide this crucial point. Do your children deserve Liberty? If so, exactly WHAT are you doing to ensure they will have it?

Certainly, our choices are not always clear. But there is one thing that is known to work. 1 strike and you’re out. The FIRST time that an elected official disregards your Liberty you vote against them and work to get as many people as you can to also vote against them. Eventually, like the rats that they are, they will learn. You see, we don’t really care if they believe in our freedom; we only insist that they act like they do. NEVER vote for an official who even ONCE did something detrimental to your individual freedom. If ALL Americans do so, we will preserve our freedom and God-given rights…and our children will learn from us how to secure Liberty for generations to come.

If you cannot find it within yourself to do this one simple thing, then kiss your chains, embrace your slavery. Tell your children that you are a coward and sold their Liberty for your temporary comfort. Do this while you hang your head in shame. Additionally, tell no one that you are my countryman. Slither away in disgrace and let no one believe that you were ever an American. For Americans FIGHT for our Liberty and we will defend it with our blood and treasure…even from the enemy within.

May God continue to Bless these United States of America.


by: Keith D. Rodebush