February 28, 2010

Take Your Anger to the Polls

The primary season is upon us my friends. This is our chance to tell the Congress what we think about their service to this country. This is not about that pet project in your district. It is not about how many tax dollars are brought home. This is about what type of country we will leave to our children and grandchildren. This is about whether groups of people with contacts and control over our legislators will continue to steal billions of our tax dollars from us. Yes, I said steal. When money is taken under the threat of imprisonment, then given without a shred of constitutional authority, that is nothing more than larceny on a scale unknown to mankind. Remember how you felt when the bailouts passed Congress? Remember how you felt when you realized that the banks were not going to have to sell their assets, but were simply given our cash to do with as they pleased? Remember how you felt when you heard that large portions of the hundreds of billions of dollars was unaccounted for? I want you to take that emotion with you into the voting booth this primary season. I want you to stand in line and reflect on what a mess this country is in. I want you to think about what kind of a country you will pass on to future generations. It is our sacred charge to protect this constitutional republic for future Americans. Will you do your duty? Will you make the founding fathers proud? They gave their lives and their fortunes; will you give your vote? This is what we must think about when we vote, not just this primary, but all primaries and all elections. Any politician that votes for unconstitutional programs is a disgrace to the office and doesn't deserve your respect or your support. Forget about party strategy. Forget about what you think a nanny state can give you. Think instead about precious liberty and what has been accomplished in this world with that freedom coupled with a free market system. Nothing the government could ever give you can equal what God gave you. Sweet Liberty! Think about this when you vote. Think about that when that incumbent politician asks for your support once again. Will you vote for Liberty or Tyranny? The choice is yours. The consequences are shared by all Americans now and forever. Please vote responsibly.