December 31, 2012

Of Founders and Morosophs:

An analysis of Louis Michael Seidman's New York Times editorial - 'Let's Give Up on the Constitution'

The never-ending attack mode of the Marxists is exhausting. The fact that this attack often comes from morosophs at some of our most ‘prestigious’ universities is embarrassing. The realization that the majority of American voters are ill equipped to recognize the idiocy of their arguments is disheartening. From Woodrow Wilson forward; ‘progressives’ have insisted that the chains of the Constitution must be lifted from central government if we are to ‘solve’ the nation’s problems in a modern world. They dismiss our Founders thoughtful proclamation that governments don’t solve problems, they cause or exacerbate them. Only an educated People bathed in Liberty and Virtue can actually solve problems to their betterment. The subsequent 100 year assault on the Constitution is nearing completion. The resulting damage to society is now used as the impetus to do away with the Constitution altogether. Like Epimetheus, who to cover his previous idiocy, accepted Pandora releasing all of her tragedies upon Mankind; modern liberals hope to cure all of the ills of society which in fact have been wrought by liberal ignorance, by completely dissolving the Constitutional chains on central government.

Today the Grey Lady, that faltering bastion of ignorance on parade, published an editorial by Constitutional law professor, Louis Michael Seidman. The utter stupidity of this man’s argument to abolish the Constitution would be humorous if not for the realization that much of today’s voting public will view it as profundity.

Allow a layman, unencumbered by institutional indoctrination, to dissect this moronic diatribe.

Consider his opening paragraph:

AS the nation teeters at the edge of fiscal chaos, observers are reaching the conclusion that the American system of government is broken. But almost no one blames the culprit: our insistence on obedience to the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions.”

First: Always remember that to replace one form of government without violent revolution one must first convince the public that the present form is ‘broken’.

In the first sentence Mr. Seidman accepts the current liberal meme that we are ‘teetering’ on the edge of a ‘fiscal cliff’; scary language, no?!? He then proceeds to speak for all observers and reach the conclusion for us all that the cause of this fiscal chaos is not politicians, but our very form of government. I dare say that if a Republican administration and Senate were at hand Mr. Seidman would be much more apt to blame Man than Law. Arrogance or ideology? Probably both.

Mr. Seidman ends the very first paragraph by first inferring that we have insistent obedience to the Constitution; then by calling the document evil. In one paragraph this ‘professor’ asserts that this fiscal fiasco which is our nation’s budget is not the fault of his progressive ideologues spending our nation to death; it is the fault of that EVIL document, The Constitution of the United States of America, and our insistent obedience to same.

Only a professor at a ‘prestigious’ university could then proceed to outline all of the times that we ignored the Constitution; then have the audacity to use this ignorance as a reason to dispense with it altogether! The sheer madness of this argument should have him committed to an insane asylum; but of course we don’t do that anymore. We make them professors and elect them to office.

Let us proceed with our analysis of this rube’s editorial. In the second paragraph this Constitutional law professor shows his sheer ignorance of the document for which he is charged to teach our youth aspiring for knowledge, hoping to excel in life. The author laments the fact that federal revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives. Without fanfare he dismisses this by asking: “Why should anyone care?”

Seriously, professor? Have you even read the Federalist Papers? Are you even remotely aware of the Founders concerns with the power that accompanies the purse? The inherent corruption to fear from this power?  Are you even slightly knowledgeable about the plethora of regulations and codes that the government uses to coerce business and solicit political contributions, favors and outright bribes? Do you have any understanding at all of the purpose of coupling this power with the shorter terms and smaller districts wherein our Representatives can be held accountable for the spending from the People’s Treasury? Of course you don’t. You’re a liberal. Your only concern is forcing your imaginary society on your neighbors, while totally ignoring all of the misery your ideology creates.

Next our learned professor, the morosoph extraordinaire proceeds to impugn James Madison. With all undue respect, you wouldn’t make a pimple on Mr. Madison’s arse, sir.

By the fourth paragraph the author seems fit to remind us of his long and distinguished career studying and teaching the Constitution; coupled with his ultimate shame of said career. He then proceeds to once again reveal the utter futility of those years of ‘study’:

“Imagine that after careful study a government official — say, the president or one of the party leaders in Congress — reaches a considered judgment that a particular course of action is best for the country. Suddenly, someone bursts into the room with new information: a group of white propertied men who have been dead for two centuries, knew nothing of our present situation, acted illegally under existing law and thought it was fine to own slaves might have disagreed with this course of action. Is it even remotely rational that the official should change his or her mind because of this divination?”

So Mr. Seidman first attempts to convince us in his set-up that one leader’s considered judgment is all that is necessary for good policy. And then…of course; Mr. Seidman has to throw out the racist and intentionally misleading reputation killer of calling all of our Founding Fathers ‘white propertied men who…thought it was fine to own slaves…’ ignoring that all Founders did not own slaves, and the vast majority called slavery an abomination that our country would have to abolish someday. These very ‘white men’ structured our Founding documents such that slavery would indeed eventually be abolished. What modern liberal can help from charging racism any time their policy failures become apparent? Intellectually disingenuous and morally disgusting.

This specious attack on the Founders character is intended to divert attention from the author’s previous fallacious conclusion that a single leader’s considered judgment that something is good for the country in itself means that it is indeed good. Of course the Founders were tenaciously intent on preventing one Man or one small group of men from imposing their will on the People. The entirety of our government structure is intent on preventing this abuse of power. The Founders recognized that if something were in fact good for the country it would be obvious to a majority of our leaders and the People at large. In fact, if one could not convince their peers of the validity of their argument then said argument was most likely without merit. This author admittedly spent 40 years of his life studying the Constitution and yet he doesn’t apparently know any of this. How can that be? It is a disgrace to the storied University of Georgetown that this man represents their criteria for intellectual excellence.

To move on, the author spends several paragraphs pointing out times the Constitution has been ignored. What he doesn’t do of course, is to outline the damage that was done by same. For instance he states:

“In his Constitution Day speech in 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt professed devotion to the document, but as a statement of aspirations rather than obligations. This reading no doubt contributed to his willingness to extend federal power beyond anything the framers imagined, and to threaten the Supreme Court when it stood in the way of his New Deal legislation.”

We’ll dispense with the obvious insincerity of professing ‘devotion’ to something that you then ignore. The author admits that Roosevelt used his ignorance of the Constitution to expand the federal government beyond anything the framers could imagine! Of course Mr. Seidman also glosses over Roosevelt’s thuggish tactics in threatening the Supreme Court. And then the author conveniently ignores all of the damage that has been done to the People’s Liberty by the New Deal legislation and its subsequent cementing of ruthless power in a centralized government. From the intrusion into the health care industry, to the murder of millions of innocent children, to the Patriot Act and all of its perversion of our civil rights, to the absurdity of the EPA’s dismissal of our property rights; all of these things come from the DNA of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s unconstitutional legislative confiscation of the People’s right to Life, Liberty and Property. Everything that the Founders warned against if we were to ignore the enumerated powers our Constitution outlined came to fruition precisely because we ignored them. And this college professor who spent his entire life studying the Constitution fails to see this.

The author then acknowledges that the two differing views of the Constitution cannot be reconciled. In typical liberal fashion, this does not mean that one is right and one is wrong. No, in the morally relative world of the disease of liberalism, there can be no wrong. Only differing opinions that must be respected and allowed regardless of how stupid their basis. Ironically, the author acknowledges this, but only as an attempt to impugn such judgment:

The two main rival interpretive methods, 'originalism' (divining the framers’ intent) and 'living constitutionalism' (reinterpreting the text in light of modern demands), cannot be reconciled. Some decisions have been grounded in one school of thought, and some in the other. Whichever your philosophy, many of the results — by definition — must be wrong.”

As a side note; the author accepts the fallacy that the Supreme Court is an omnipotent entity without dispute. This is ridiculous. The Supreme Court is no more a center of Constitutional authority than is the administrative branch or the legislative branch. Co-equal government with checks and balances. The legislature could impeach the Justices if they had the nerve. Does anyone believe that if the Supreme Court says you don’t have the right to free speech, then you don’t? It’s ludicrous. Our rights come from God, not from Man nor SCOTUS justices.

On to paragraph ten where the author brazenly suggests that all of our ignorance of the Constitution has not caused chaos, yet prosperity! This IS the same man who in his very FIRST paragraph lamented the chaos that is our current central government! This type of audacity is only possible within a liberal mind where only intent matters, not results. Our people are prosperous DESPITE this government not because of it. In fact, the ruse is almost up and the suppression of the people by the government, profligate spending with no accountability and corruption of the free market system is beginning to show signs of the inevitable end. Economic collapse followed by totalitarian control. A Marxists dream.

In the remaining paragraphs in typical useful idiot fashion the author goes on to say how we could keep some aspects of the Constitution out of respect but by no means by obligation; as if Man is so inherently honest that there is no way our government would steal our rights. This claptrap is not only stupendously short-sighted but dangerous; which brings us to the core of all of this idiocy. Is it really stupidity or contrivance? It doesn’t matter for both create the same result. Failed Marxist Ideology ending in collapse, chaos and totalitarian takeover of the nation. Their job is almost finished thanks to professors such as Louis Michael Seidman and the mal-educated populace his ilk provides to the purveyors of America’s destruction.

This vermin is a microcosm of this nation’s flirtation with liberalism/progressivism/Marxism/communism all one and the same and all antithetical to the desires of free Men. He should be summarily fired from Georgetown University immediately along with a statement divining their intent to re-assess the criteria for hiring professors of Constitutional Law as well as other disciplines. Allowing 40 years of study of one’s discipline while displaying zero knowledge of it is beyond embarrassing, it is damning. Purging this type of Marxist Ideologue from our midst and permanently reducing them to the position of ridicule and contempt that they deserve is the only hope of this nation surviving as a bastion of the People’s Liberty.

Acknowledgement: I understand that many readers may opine that calling people idiots and morons is not going to change any minds in the broader citizenry. Perhaps, but I simply can no longer tolerate this cultural admonition against truthfulness. He is an idiot, plain and simple. Part of our societal problem is our tolerance for idiots and I for one will not refrain from pointing them out wherever they may be found. While one has a right to be an idiot, we shouldn’t raise them to honored positions but rather should ostracize them as they deserve.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

December 8, 2012



Don’t allow Emotion over intellect. One of my best teachers taught me that many decades ago. Never let emotion override your intellect. When one does so, invariably bad decisions are made and harsh repercussions follow. This is true in all phases of life. Why do you think relationships can be so devastating? Notice that I am not advocating emotionless lives. Emotions are a vital part of human nature. Love is real and fulfills us. Empathy separates us from animals. Fear protects us. Even hatred is a useful emotion when properly focused; such as hating evil. I am simply stating that what civilizes Man is curbing emotion with intellect. Our country could use a good dose of my old teacher’s logic. We are a nation that has allowed E over I, and for that we are paying a heavy price.

The entire basis of Western Civilization has been the control of emotions and instincts by logic and reason. The philosophers of old spent lifetimes pontificating on the notion that Man is more than just an animal subject only to base behavior. That Man is capable of so much more, through logic and reason as governors for our emotions and base desires. For thousands of years this notion has driven the Western expansion resulting in the greatest prosperity and freedom that Man has ever known. Of course there have been set-backs, the Dark Ages, slavery and the music of the 1980’s but we have overcome and continued our progress based on this notion of Man as a higher life form that can use intellect to overcome emotional frivolity. Welcome to the latest set-back, hilariously called the ‘progressive’ movement.

Clearly, progressivism is nothing more than the latest ‘nome de guerre’ for Marxism. It is anything BUT progressive. It is based on emotions and the deadly sins of envy and sloth. Of course it is a modern variant with its new emphasis’ on ‘equality’, ‘tolerance’ and revenge. (Marxism is intentionally adaptable. RE: “The Marxist Dictionary”) It relies on Man’s weakness; base desires, low self-esteem, emotional instability, inherent jealousy, aversion to responsibility, sloth and uninhibited sexuality. What better ideology can be devised to woo the sophomoric college male or the object of his desire the inherently emotional female? In fact, capture the female mind and you will have the male. And what better vehicle to disperse this ideology than the over compensating college professor? (‘Those who cannot do; teach’) And thus we have the ultimate irony. The institution that once propagated the Western ideal of reason and self-reliance becomes the very institution that reverts the West back to its base instinct, emotional supplanting of reason with the most unintelligent of Man’s pursuits; sex, mindless games, intoxicants, utopian idealism, childish offensiveness, etc. When the temperance of religion is ridiculed and replaced with the false adequation of debauchery and freedom, then chaos and misery will soon be the order of the day.

Will this trend reverse? Most certainly it will. But history is a patient treatment plan for the ill of ignorance. The damage of ignorance must run its course for the gods of the Copybook Headings demand it. The bandaged finger that goes wavering back to the fire must be burnt anew. Many of the older generation will simply look on in amazement, many living out their final days in the relative reward of a hard working life. The middle aged will see their labors squandered but ameliorated by the temporary fruits of Socialism. Ah, but the young; it is always the young who suffer the most. It is they who will witness the final destruction which always accompanies Man’s evil embrace of desires over logic and the dignified pursuit of I/E; intelligence over emotion. They will most certainly curse us all and rightly so. But they will prevail, they will rebuild Western Civilization. A renaissance will occur through enlightened rediscovery of past masters of reason and virtue; Plato, Locke, Smith, Jefferson & Adams et al and…Rodebush? What? No; but great-grandpas the world over will have a special place in the hearts of our progeny. Keep their memory alive.

So, buckle up my fellow Americans. There are dark times ahead. Our flirtation with all things communist will exact a heavy price. Basing our ideology on deadly sins such as envy and sloth will not be easily ignored by history. The devil is in the details. Detailed misery awaits America, nay the world. Hell hath no fury like history scorned.
by: Keith D. Rodebush

September 22, 2012

The Essence of Liberty


Ask any high school graduate about our right to free speech and they can at least give a canned answer out of a civics book about how our freedom of speech allows us to criticize government without fear of retribution. Ask them about the right to bear arms and they may give contradictory answers depending upon where they were raised and by whom, but they will at least acknowledge that we have the right at least in some cases. Now ask them to explain the importance and true meaning of our unalienable right to ‘pursue happiness’ and I’ll bet you will get as many blank stares as anything. Most Americans today do not fully appreciate the power and necessity of property rights in our republican form of government.
To understand the history of property rights one need only go to the Bible to begin. Thou Shalt Not Steal. Why? Humans know stealing is wrong because it is innately understood that a person has a right to keep his/her property. When children are being raised one of the first words they learn in any language is ‘mine’. Children instinctively understand the concept of ownership. We are taught to share and act kindly and rightly so; but we first understand selfishness, then we learn self-control. Why is it hardwired into our psyche to protect our property?
Without getting too deeply into the biological and psychological weeds, one can surmise that protecting our property is instinctive simply for self-preservation. Much as a lion protects its kill from opportunistic scavengers, we protect our property from mooches and Marxists. But of course this is not why our Founders believed it to be so important. I can hear the emotional rants of our socialist brethren already, “We are not animals and we can learn to all get along and share according to our needs.” And that is why they always fail. Socialist/Marxists/Modern Liberals/Progressives/Communists/Democrats all refuse to recognize a simple truth about human nature. We humans are industrious by necessity and self-interest, not by temperament.
This most human of all traits, self-interest, was and is recognized by reasoned persons past and present as the most important tool for society to promote prosperity. And prosperity is the balm that soothes all social ills and the glue that binds the plethora of individuals and groups that might be found in any society. Why do I care that you are a racist if I can afford to move away from you? Why do I care that you walk naked in your yard if I can build a fence to isolate you? Why do I care that you have strange religious habits if I can afford to ignore you? I don’t even care that you are a thief if I can afford the taxes to have you arrested and punished. Prosperity frees the mind to expand and contemplate philosophy, art, religion and politics. Prosperity encourages family activities and bonding. Prosperity gives the most valuable gift of all to a child; time. Prosperity allows for the most sincere and righteous expression of love to thy neighbors.
John Locke understood this when he wrote, “Every man has a property in his own person...The labour of his body, and the work of his hands, we may say, are properly his.”Second Treatise of Government 1690
Samuel Adams understood this and even proffered that one could not give up ones rights when he wrote, “In short, it is the greatest absurdity to suppose it in the power of one, or any number of men, at the entering into society, to renounce their essential natural rights, or the means of preserving those rights; when the grand end of civil government, from the very nature of its institution, is for the support, protection, and defence of those very rights; the principal of which, as is before observed, are Life, Liberty, and Property. If men, through fear, fraud, or mistake, should in terms renounce or give up any essential natural right, the eternal law of reason and the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such renunciation. The right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave.” – The Rights of the Colonists 1772 (emphasis mine)
Thomas Jefferson re-iterated these rights in the Declaration of Independence. The U.S. Constitution was written precisely to compel government to use its enumerated powers to protect these rights. Remember, the sole purpose of the federal government is to protect the individual rights of the People and the Several States. They do not have the power and we do not have the authority to allow them to do any more. As such we currently live under an illegitimate government. It is incumbent upon all citizens to do all they can to return this government to its purpose; including protecting our property rights. The Liberty of our extended family and future generations depends on us to do such.

Currently our government steals the property of one citizen and gives it to another. Our government restricts what one can do with their own property and leverages that power for personal gain in the form of contribution and bribery. Our government takes unequally from some citizens and none from others and does so under the absurd banner of ‘fairness’. Our government denies Liberty to citizens for collecting water on their property. Our government restricts citizens from growing, harvesting and selling food. Our government tells citizens what they can and can’t eat. Our government regulates business to the extent that they pick which businesses profit and which are punished. They use this power to corrupt businessmen and politicians. Our government colludes with corporations to write regulations that trample the rights of individual businessmen to engage in the free market. Government and corporations prosper while the citizenry suffers and must work ever harder just to survive. The insidious, incestuous and corrupt alliance between government and business is grounded in the erosion of personal property rights. The tyrannical nature of government is grounded in the denial of personal property rights. Socialism, Fascism and Totalitarianism all depend on the destruction of personal property rights.

When Barack Obama says, “You didn’t build that.” he reveals his disdain for property rights. When Marxists want to redistribute wealth they reject property rights. When politicians promote any unequal punishment through taxes or regulation, they deny your God-given right to the fruits of your own labor and talents. In every case of unequal taxes and/or regulation the result is corruption and oppression of one group for the benefit of another preferred group. This is tyranny. This is evil. And this is only possible when the People are ignorant of the true role of government to actually protect every individuals natural right to earn, keep and amass private property.

God warns us against envy. Envy of the property of one is to encourage the destruction of your own right to earn and keep property. In my previous post I pointed out that envy is the bedrock of the modern Democrat Party. This is why I call it the Devils Party. It is no coincidence that the Communist Manifesto can be condensed into one concept; the destruction of personal property rights. Today when someone accuses Barack Obama or his ilk of being communist or socialist or Marxist, which are in fact all the same, they are impugned and chastised as being ridiculous. The authors of the Communist Manifesto would disagree. What does that tell you about the state of political discourse in modern America? Lying is respected more than truth. Truth is not allowed because truth would require the protection of individual private property at all costs.

Anyone regardless of party affiliation, education or community standing who advocates for the forceful taking of one citizens property for the benefit of the collective or the whole, is a Marxist, a Communist, a Progressive and a modern liberal. They are evil regardless of intent, for they propose the denial of God-given natural rights of Man. They seek not only to allow their own slavery, but boldly promote the slavery of others, even those yet born. They have the unmitigated gall to attempt to do so under the banner of compassion. There is no more despicable human being on the face of the planet than these. They deserve not your tolerance, your respect nor your support. They deserve the contempt and refutation of all free Men and should be publicly called what they are; destroyers of the very essence of Man. They are antithetical to the virtues, the values and the promise of America as founded. They are at opposites of all of the philosophers of freedom. They must be defeated at all costs. Their name should always be impugned. Their ideology forever rejected. Our children should always be taught the evil of those who do not respect the rights of individuals to earn, own and collect private property. To deny same is to deny America, indeed to deny God. But then the Devils Party just did that in their recent convention. I for one was not surprised at all.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

August 19, 2012

The Devils Party


In his farewell address to the nation in 1796, George Washington famously warned our nation of the perils of faction or party politics. Many of the predictions that he made have come true to our detriment. When one thinks it through rationally, if we live under a two party system and those parties tend to separate by ever greater margins, there can only be one logical result. There will be one party of morality and virtue and one of debauchery and vice. We in America are very close to that final split in factional politics. The liberal leadership of the Democrat party in America today is one that encourages Envy, Sloth, Anger and Lust. Sound familiar? Yes they are all deadly sins. The modern Liberal is the purveyor of evil.

To be fair, a savvy liberal may point to the remaining three deadly sins as sins of the Conservatives; Greed, Pride and Gluttony. However, there is a very important distinction. Conservative leaders are not purveyors of these sins. They are purveyors of Liberty, with which some do choose sin but that is a personal choice. That is the price of freedom; responsibility. The Liberals encourage sloth with their entitlement state mentality. They encourage envy and anger with their politics of division. They encourage lust with their vociferous promotion of abortion, birth control and alternative sexual lifestyles. Conservatives encourage self-reliance, hard work, virtue and personal charity in lieu of forced sanction of dependency.

In Galatians 5, Paul warns the churches of Galatia not to return to the yoke of slavery. The slavery in this context is the slavery of sins of the flesh. He reminds them, “For you were called to freedom, Brethren; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love be servants of one another.” The point is that God gave us freedom, but we must be virtuous and guard against squandering our freedom with sin. This is also where we are warned that we ‘reap what we sow’. All men are accountable for their own sin. It is not collective salvation. This is very important. The sins of the flesh are revealed:

“Now the works of the flesh are plain: immorality, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissention, party spirit, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warn you as I warned you before, that those who do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.” Galatians 5, 19-21

Read those again. Now tell me; which party best represents the sins of the flesh? It is very clear to me that conservatives actively seek to provide Liberty, by which individuals may either embrace the sins of the flesh or reject them; and alone reap what they sow, be it Heaven or Hell. Conversely, Liberals seek to promote mass sin of the flesh; immorality, impurity, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissention, party spirit, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like; thereby collectively condemning ever larger numbers of souls to their individual damnation. How can this possibly be defined as anything but evil? The modern Democrat Party is the party of evil.

Make no mistake, we are all sinners. We all have our demons we must fight and our own path to God’s grace. Republicans must embrace the conservative message and protect the freedom that God has given us. It is only on this level field of liberty that we may all have the singular opportunity to exercise that freedom in a way that pleases our God. Otherwise we do part of the Devil’s work for him by encouraging what is already excruciatingly hard to resist.

While there is plenty of room for improvement in the Republican Party, it has become abundantly clear. There are two paths available to the American people. A path of individual freedom to pursue love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control; or a path of evil which celebrates envy and divides the flock and sells the souls of the many for the power of the few. Choose wisely. The wages of sin is death of a great nation.
by: Keith D. Rodebush

July 23, 2012

Open Letter to Texas Conservatives

“This is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” 

I used to type this little statement over and over when I was in school learning to type. For me I had always taken it for granted. But today friends it is truer than it has ever been in our lifetimes. We are charged with electing representatives for our area to send to Washington D.C. We have the basic information. In these times what we really need to know is the character. We need people who will vote to repeal laws not write new ones. We need people who espouse and respect the U.S. Constitution. We need people who will fight the establishment leadership who are only interested in winning the next election even if it means making unprincipled exceptions against the People’s interest. I write you today to ask you to please vote in this run-off election. And when you go into that booth I want you to ask yourself one question. “Who is more likely to have the character to fight our own leadership when they attempt to usurp the U.S. Constitution?” We know what the Democrats will do my friends. Our fight is to clean out our own party and ensure that constitutional republicans make up the foundation of the GOP. Compromising with liberals who want to replace our constitution with social justice is just a slower train to Hell. We need sound leadership.

It is for these reasons that I am voting for Wes Riddle in TX CD 25. Wes was writing about the Constitution when Roger Williams was lobbying for the auto bailout. While Roger was fundraising for crony capitalists Wes was founding the Central Texas Tea Party. Wes had a distinguished military career and taught at West Point. He is a small business owner, husband, father and Patriot. I am proud to have met him in these perilous times. Make no mistake. I have told Wes to his face that if he goes to D.C. and starts compromising his principles, I will be actively campaigning against him in two years. It is the sad truth that we must watch them all very closely. And you know what, Wes agrees with me.

I will also be voting for Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate. Ted is a Tea Party favorite while Dewhurst is the establishment insider. That’s all I need to know for now. Again, we will have to watch Ted like a hawk. If he wanders off of the reservation we will primary him out of office as well. However, don’t let millions of dollars of negative advertising buy this election. The last thing we need right now is another weak kneed Republican like David Dewhurst who will water down the GOP agenda just like he helped Joe Strauss do in Texas in the last session of the legislature.This is the sad truth of these times. Trust no one. Verify everything. Watch what they do rather than listen to what they say.

Yours in Liberty,
Keith D. Rodebush

July 6, 2012

The Debate Must Change II


It is entirely possible that President Obama is such a bad president that he can lose this election all by himself. He is indisputably the worst president in U.S. history. He may not be the most incompetent, nor may he be the most despised; but he has undoubtedly done more damage than any former resident of the office regardless of how sullied the office is after Clinton's shenanigans. Mr. Obama has increased racial tensions at a time when we were healing as a nation and beginning to come together as a people. He has done so for personal and political reasons. He has destroyed the most vibrant economy in the world. He has ignored the Constitution and piggy-backed excessive regulation, unlawful and renegade Department of Justice programs and blatant disregard for immigration law on the backs of the cowardly Republicans in Congress who are afraid that racial tensions would rise even higher should they impeach him as they should. All that being said...Mitt Romney must change the debate if he is to win the mandate that he should win in November. A mandate that he will need if he is to make the changes necessary to save this republic.

The recent SCOTUS decision on ObamaTax has introduced an interesting and perhaps fortuitous glitch into the Mitt Romney campaign. Romney could have spent the remainder of this campaign simply pointing to this failing economy and the dismal jobs outlook for most Americans and probably cruised to office. However, this spurious court decision is likely to embolden much of the core base for Obama. This has now become a referendum on government health care. Do you want free health care or not? That will be the Democrat's insincere plea to voters this November. Like it or not, there are a large bloc of voters who are susceptible to the sirens call of 'free' government 'benefits'. Additionally, Mitt Romney makes the perfect backdrop for the perpetual liberal argument that the 'rich' should pay for this 'free' healthcare. Chief Justice John Robert's incomprehensible opinion on ObamaTax has completely changed the dynamic of the November presidential election and could be the perfect platform to champion the conservative defense of Liberty over comfort; if Mitt Romney has the character and courage to profess same.

One may ask, "Okay Keith, you say that politicians don't defend Liberty enough. Specifically, what do you want them to do?" I'm glad you asked. Suppose a reporter asks Mr. Romney, "Sir, isn't it mean spirited to let people with pre-existing conditions be excluded from health care?" As things stand today, Romneys response would most likely be some wishy washy, 'we care too' and we can do 'some things' to allow them to receive care. Wrong! Dead wrong. The proper answer is, "First we must understand the difference between care and insurance. If you wrecked your car and then called an insurance agent and said that you want insurance on your car and you want it to cover the wreck you just had, he would justifiably laugh at you. That is welfare, not insurance. Secondly, what is mean spirited is to go to one American at the point of a gun and demand that they pay for another's care simply because that person allowed their insurance to lapse. Thirdly, people with pre-existing conditions can typically get insurance but have to wait for a period, sometimes a year, before being treated for that particular affliction so your question is biased."

What if they asked, "Mr. Romney isn't it immoral to allow people to suffer even if they failed to properly prepare by purchasing health insurance?" The answer is, "What is immoral is to trade your childrens freedom for your own comfort. This nation was not founded to create a central government to cure all of our daily ills. This nation was founded to protect individual liberty. By far the most moral and effective way to handle charity is at a local level by our neighbors with some county and state support if necessary. Even if I believed that the federal government should provide health care, our Constitution makes no provision for the federal government to do so. If I cannot protect the Constitution, I cannot protect your rights."

Or, "Mr. Romney what are you going to do to solve the health care crisis?" Answer, "The primary crisis in health care today is the infiltration of the federal government beyond it's enumerated powers into the health care system via Medicare and Medicaid. The trajectory of rising costs in health care can be seen side by side with the increasing insurgency of the federal government into this private industry. We will never solve the health care problems without addressing this issue. Once again we see the price that We the People pay when the federal government strays from it's enumerated powers."

Or, "Mr. Romney what are you going to do to create jobs." Answer, "The federal government doesn't create jobs, it only destroys them through taxation and regulation. Therefore, I will work to decrease these roadblocks to prosperity and allow the private sector to do what it does best, create wealth and prosperity."
"But what would you do as president to stimulate the economy, Mr. Romney?" Answer, "I would return this nation to the constitutional republic it was founded to be. Returning the federal government to it's constitutional duty and slowly repealing unconstitutional regulation and legislation would go further in stimulating our economy than anything any bureaucrat could ever dream of doing."

Or, "Isn't it your job to protect the people's right to healthcare, a job and housing?" Answer, "My most important job is to protect the People's life, liberty and property. I will not sacrifice future generations freedom for our current comfort. That would be selfish and despicable. Communities must come together and assist those that need and deserve help. County and State governments should help where needed but with as little regulation as possible. This is the dream of America. Freedom from oppressive government. Forcing people to help others is not charity it is theft."

Obviously this could go on but you should get the point. If we want to save this republic we must begin to unabashedly defend the concept that liberty is evermore important than your particular problem. We must return the assistance of deserving neighbors to private charities first and state and local governments only when unavoidable. We must repeal and abolish all unconstitutional laws and regulations. We must stand on this principle without shame or fear of reprisal from covetous enemies of individual rights. We should call selfish people selfish without flinching in the least. How dare you steal from your neighbor!

Most importantly, in the case of ObamaTax there is no better fight to have than this. Do you want to enslave your grandchildren to an all powerful government who will now have a stake in what you do in your daily lives? Your occupation, your hobby, your eating habits, your car, your boat, your house, your religion (fasting? oooh that could be unhealthy); every thing you do or own can be construed as affecting your health and therefore subject to 'penalty' to minimize the costs to government health care. New York City is the canary in the coal mine. No 32oz. Pepsi for you! No sugar for you! No salt for you! No transfats for you! No tobacco for you! Is this the America you want? Or do you want the freedom to fail? The Liberty to worship and raise your family as you see fit? The protection of individual rights over some utopian dream of collective salvation?

This is the debate that Mitt Romney has been handed on a silver platter. Does this man have the vision to realize that he could go down in history as the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln? He could be the president that turned the ship of state away from statism once and for all. He could be the man that put aside his cronies cravings for the Peoples Treasury and instead began the return of power to the rightful owners, the People and the States that by constitution allows the federal government to exist in the first place. Mitt Romney could be a historical president, lauded in text books for centuries to come; if only he had the foresight and fortitude to change the debate and return the focus to our God given rights to be left free to achieve our greatest potential without intrusive government holding us back rather than cheering us on! Oh but to have a leader like that. Oh but to have a party like that. Oh but to have a real America again! May God Bless and inspire Willard "Mitt" Romney.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

July 4, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!

“As long as you have the wisdom to keep the sovereign authority of this country as the sanctuary of liberty, the sacred temple consecrated to our common faith, wherever the chosen race and sons of England worship freedom, they will turn their faces towards you. The more they multiply, the more friends you will have, the more ardently they love liberty, the more perfect will be their obedience. Slavery they can have anywhere. It is a weed that grows in every soil. They may have it from Spain, they may have it from Prussia. But until you become lost to all feeling of your true interest and your natural dignity, freedom they can have from none but you.”  Edmund Burke-Concilliation Speech, March, 22 1775. (bold emphasis mine)
This speech was given in the House of Commons by Edmund Burke to his King. I include it here for two reasons. One, to show that even those liberty minded individuals in England in the days before the Revolutionary War, were begging the King to allow the Colonies to have their freedom. And two, to show that the natural state of Man is to be free, those in England knew it also. Our acknowledgment and sense of freedom was a part of our English heritage. This is what it is all about. We toss words like liberty and freedom around these days and people hardly even listen. Worse, many will ridicule and marginalize someone who speaks thusly. This is not just sad, but dangerous. The United States of America was founded, is constitutionally bound and should forever be the beacon of freedom throughout the world.
We must return to our roots. We must instill in our children the love of liberty that birthed a nation like no other in history. A nation that went on to become the envy of the world. Indeed many of the altercations or insults from other countries are based in nothing but childish jealousy. The spirit of Man yearns to be free. In freedom we achieve our highest purpose, our greatest value, our deepest happiness. The virtuous man on bended knee gives thanks to his Lord not to government, not to charity, not to collectivist false equality, not to tyranny; but to the freedom that allows him to raise his family in the faith of his fathers, to prosper from his work and ingenuity, to acquire the wealth he alone creates and to the grace of God who despite Man’s failings saw fit to imbue him with Free Will. This is the promise of America. This is what has driven people from around the world to risk their very lives to escape totalitarian governments which would seize them and torture them if caught, just to have a glimpse of America, the shining city on a hill. This nation is the living embodiment of the promise of Almighty God.
For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” Galations 5, 14-15

We love thy neighbor by respecting his freedom. We love thy neighbor by allowing him to succeed or fail on his own terms. We love thy neighbor by helping him when he falls not by forcing him at gunpoint to help others who have failed. We love thy neighbor by allowing him to keep the fruits of HIS labor.
We do not love our neighbor by taxing his labor. We do not love our neighbor by over regulation. We do not love our neighbor by controlling what he eats, how he lives, how he loves or how he works. Those that use government to control people do not love their neighbors, they love themselves. Those that seek to take from others what they themselves could not attain are covetous. Those who seek to force others to act as they see fit do not love their neighbors. People who love themselves are of the flesh and not of the spirit. They will be damned by His word. Do not fall for the sirens call of equality in place of liberty. To do so is to sell your soul for a utopian dream of heaven on earth.
On this Independence Day my fellow Americans I beseech you. Celebrate the founding of this great nation. Rejoice in your freedom to go out among Natures beautiful and mesmerizing majesty and eat, imbibe and frolic the day away. But take a solemn moment to gather your family and friends around you and remind them that our liberty comes from God not man. That the purpose of our liberty is to allow our love for our fellow man to flourish and be manifest in our lives. That we protect our individual liberty by protecting it for our fellow man. “I will not tread on you.” We love our neighbors as ourselves by protecting their right to be free.
All that we hold dear is wholly what Marxists seek to tear asunder. We Americans seek Independence from those who falsely claim knowledge above our own. The only knowledge that we need is that we are and ought to be free. That those usurpers who would use our tolerance and the tenants of our faith against us to gain power over and rule our daily lives are not patriots, are not Americans, are not faithful servants of our God and will not join us in Heaven. Save them if you may; banish them if not!
May God Bless America. May God Bless our Founding Fathers for their foresight and wisdom. And thank God for the exhilaration of FREEDOM! 
A very happy Independence Day to all.
May you celebrate with pomp and parade, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.  John Adams - July 3, 1776
by: Keith D. Rodebush

July 1, 2012

The Debate Must Change


The primary failing of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Decision on ObamaTAX last week was the absence of any recognition of individual Liberty in Chief Justice John Roberts’s incomprehensible opinion. I will not bore you with the detailed quotes from the decision, it is available here if you want to read it; but the appalling reality is that this decision tells ‘free’ American people that the United States government can do anything they want to you, regardless of the Constitutional protections we have taken for granted all our lives, simply by calling the oppressive legislation a ‘tax’. I have no proof of course, but I guarantee you that Justice Roberts spent a lot of time reading early bad SCOTUS decisions on Social Security. This is not the first terrible legal decision by SCOTUS and will not be the last. Thus the Founders warned time and again that the People are the final arbiters of constitutionality, not the courts. The debate in American politics must devolve back to the basis of our founding, or this nation will never continue to be the beacon of freedom it has been since 1776.

Sadly, there are very few people on the national scene today who appear to be intellectually prepared to make the argument for freedom. Political correctness and the Marxists brilliant misuse of the English language seems to have been successful in stymying the contemporary conservative from extolling the virtue and value of individual freedom coupled with free market capitalism that have made this nation the envy of the world. A primary characteristic required for a true Patriot is the courage of one’s convictions. One must not falter or wither at the vitriolic hatred and obfuscation that comes with encountering Marxists in public debate. In their world, one Man’s freedom is another’s oppression. Ridiculous as that is, demeaning freedom and capitalism is their strategy and they have been masters at twisting language and emotions to frame that debate. Americans must realize this as what it is, an attack on individual freedom by Marxists who want to fundamentally change America from a constitutional republic to a democratic socialist country that will then evolve into a ‘utopian’ commune. The false promise of a fair and equal society has been the tool of Marxists from the beginning. Only naiveté and the lack of an aggressive counter argument allow this narrative to survive.

The only way that this nation can possibly return to its founding principles is for one party to aggressively tout the virtue and prosperity of individual freedom protected by a Constitutional government that adheres to its enumerated powers. Presumably the Republican Party is our refuge but time will tell if they have the aforementioned courage or if another party necessarily be formed to lead the fight. This is ideological war. This is not typical retail politics; this is the battle for the soul of our nation and what it will be for future generations.

The devastating effects of recent encroachment into our daily lives by federal oppression must be called what it is, tyranny. The loss of freedom for our grandchildren must be thrown in the face of those who blindly go along with this government expansion. The despicable nature of those who would trade their children’s freedom for their own comfort must be thrown right in their face. This is no time for niceties. Enslaving your progeny is not nice. Don’t tell me about nice while you’re submitting our people to perpetual regulation and interference into our personal and religious liberty. Those that embrace such deserve nothing but contempt and everlasting status as enemies of true Americans. Make no mistake my fellow Americans, tolerance of Marxist ideology is disastrous to the American way of life and must be fought vigorously and perpetually. Collective primacy over individual liberty will destroy America; and in fact is well on its way.

Without an aggressive and principled change of the nature of political discourse in this country, our constitutional republic will not survive. Only a nation with firmly instilled knowledge of the virtue of individual freedom would have the fortitude to do what is necessary to protect it. In this case, Chief Justice John Roberts should have articles of impeachment written against him for his arrogant ignorance of the United States Constitution’s primary purpose; the protection of individual liberty against oppressive and tyrannical central government. How many of the plastic politicians now serving in Congress via our uneducated votes have the nerve and righteous confidence to demand such?

While one may argue for statesmanship or civility, aggression must be met with aggression, falsity with indignation, collectivism with liberty, emotion with intellect. The straight forward refusal to suffer fools embodied recently by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s news conferences is something the people are hungry for, if only our leaders will have the guts to embrace it. The longing for liberty is innate in the American public. True, an insidious infection of collectivist ideology within our public education system has recently clouded this natural instinct for freedom. However, when the true purpose of liberty, the equality of opportunity for all people free from intrusive and corrupt government to pursue personal ambition and enrich themselves and their family, is properly proffered, almost every American will cheer. Those who don’t are the enemies of freedom and should be ostracized at every opportunity.

This is America. We are free. We are righteous and virtuous. We are meant to pursue our greatest potential without the intrusion, however well-intended, of a regulatory and corrupt government. We are a nation of equal opportunity not of equal outcomes. We must be a nation with the courage to confront the evils and enslavement of collectivism without fear and cowardice. Once freedom is destroyed in America, to whom will the world turn for solace? Where will the innate rights of Man be championed if not in the United States of America? Where will freedom ring, if not here? My fellow Americans, we live in historical times. History will regard this generation as either the embodiment of the revolutionary spirit of our Founders who saved a nation from the ubiquitous insurgency of Marxist ideology, or the cowards who allowed the regression of the world’s greatest defender of liberty to the chains of socialism/communism and its inherent decomposition of freedom and ultimate chaos historically associated with all nations who have adopted its tenants. May God have mercy on the souls of the cowards who would allow this horrible tragedy to beset the American people, for their children may not be so kind.

by: Keith D. Rodebush