July 6, 2012

The Debate Must Change II


It is entirely possible that President Obama is such a bad president that he can lose this election all by himself. He is indisputably the worst president in U.S. history. He may not be the most incompetent, nor may he be the most despised; but he has undoubtedly done more damage than any former resident of the office regardless of how sullied the office is after Clinton's shenanigans. Mr. Obama has increased racial tensions at a time when we were healing as a nation and beginning to come together as a people. He has done so for personal and political reasons. He has destroyed the most vibrant economy in the world. He has ignored the Constitution and piggy-backed excessive regulation, unlawful and renegade Department of Justice programs and blatant disregard for immigration law on the backs of the cowardly Republicans in Congress who are afraid that racial tensions would rise even higher should they impeach him as they should. All that being said...Mitt Romney must change the debate if he is to win the mandate that he should win in November. A mandate that he will need if he is to make the changes necessary to save this republic.

The recent SCOTUS decision on ObamaTax has introduced an interesting and perhaps fortuitous glitch into the Mitt Romney campaign. Romney could have spent the remainder of this campaign simply pointing to this failing economy and the dismal jobs outlook for most Americans and probably cruised to office. However, this spurious court decision is likely to embolden much of the core base for Obama. This has now become a referendum on government health care. Do you want free health care or not? That will be the Democrat's insincere plea to voters this November. Like it or not, there are a large bloc of voters who are susceptible to the sirens call of 'free' government 'benefits'. Additionally, Mitt Romney makes the perfect backdrop for the perpetual liberal argument that the 'rich' should pay for this 'free' healthcare. Chief Justice John Robert's incomprehensible opinion on ObamaTax has completely changed the dynamic of the November presidential election and could be the perfect platform to champion the conservative defense of Liberty over comfort; if Mitt Romney has the character and courage to profess same.

One may ask, "Okay Keith, you say that politicians don't defend Liberty enough. Specifically, what do you want them to do?" I'm glad you asked. Suppose a reporter asks Mr. Romney, "Sir, isn't it mean spirited to let people with pre-existing conditions be excluded from health care?" As things stand today, Romneys response would most likely be some wishy washy, 'we care too' and we can do 'some things' to allow them to receive care. Wrong! Dead wrong. The proper answer is, "First we must understand the difference between care and insurance. If you wrecked your car and then called an insurance agent and said that you want insurance on your car and you want it to cover the wreck you just had, he would justifiably laugh at you. That is welfare, not insurance. Secondly, what is mean spirited is to go to one American at the point of a gun and demand that they pay for another's care simply because that person allowed their insurance to lapse. Thirdly, people with pre-existing conditions can typically get insurance but have to wait for a period, sometimes a year, before being treated for that particular affliction so your question is biased."

What if they asked, "Mr. Romney isn't it immoral to allow people to suffer even if they failed to properly prepare by purchasing health insurance?" The answer is, "What is immoral is to trade your childrens freedom for your own comfort. This nation was not founded to create a central government to cure all of our daily ills. This nation was founded to protect individual liberty. By far the most moral and effective way to handle charity is at a local level by our neighbors with some county and state support if necessary. Even if I believed that the federal government should provide health care, our Constitution makes no provision for the federal government to do so. If I cannot protect the Constitution, I cannot protect your rights."

Or, "Mr. Romney what are you going to do to solve the health care crisis?" Answer, "The primary crisis in health care today is the infiltration of the federal government beyond it's enumerated powers into the health care system via Medicare and Medicaid. The trajectory of rising costs in health care can be seen side by side with the increasing insurgency of the federal government into this private industry. We will never solve the health care problems without addressing this issue. Once again we see the price that We the People pay when the federal government strays from it's enumerated powers."

Or, "Mr. Romney what are you going to do to create jobs." Answer, "The federal government doesn't create jobs, it only destroys them through taxation and regulation. Therefore, I will work to decrease these roadblocks to prosperity and allow the private sector to do what it does best, create wealth and prosperity."
"But what would you do as president to stimulate the economy, Mr. Romney?" Answer, "I would return this nation to the constitutional republic it was founded to be. Returning the federal government to it's constitutional duty and slowly repealing unconstitutional regulation and legislation would go further in stimulating our economy than anything any bureaucrat could ever dream of doing."

Or, "Isn't it your job to protect the people's right to healthcare, a job and housing?" Answer, "My most important job is to protect the People's life, liberty and property. I will not sacrifice future generations freedom for our current comfort. That would be selfish and despicable. Communities must come together and assist those that need and deserve help. County and State governments should help where needed but with as little regulation as possible. This is the dream of America. Freedom from oppressive government. Forcing people to help others is not charity it is theft."

Obviously this could go on but you should get the point. If we want to save this republic we must begin to unabashedly defend the concept that liberty is evermore important than your particular problem. We must return the assistance of deserving neighbors to private charities first and state and local governments only when unavoidable. We must repeal and abolish all unconstitutional laws and regulations. We must stand on this principle without shame or fear of reprisal from covetous enemies of individual rights. We should call selfish people selfish without flinching in the least. How dare you steal from your neighbor!

Most importantly, in the case of ObamaTax there is no better fight to have than this. Do you want to enslave your grandchildren to an all powerful government who will now have a stake in what you do in your daily lives? Your occupation, your hobby, your eating habits, your car, your boat, your house, your religion (fasting? oooh that could be unhealthy); every thing you do or own can be construed as affecting your health and therefore subject to 'penalty' to minimize the costs to government health care. New York City is the canary in the coal mine. No 32oz. Pepsi for you! No sugar for you! No salt for you! No transfats for you! No tobacco for you! Is this the America you want? Or do you want the freedom to fail? The Liberty to worship and raise your family as you see fit? The protection of individual rights over some utopian dream of collective salvation?

This is the debate that Mitt Romney has been handed on a silver platter. Does this man have the vision to realize that he could go down in history as the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln? He could be the president that turned the ship of state away from statism once and for all. He could be the man that put aside his cronies cravings for the Peoples Treasury and instead began the return of power to the rightful owners, the People and the States that by constitution allows the federal government to exist in the first place. Mitt Romney could be a historical president, lauded in text books for centuries to come; if only he had the foresight and fortitude to change the debate and return the focus to our God given rights to be left free to achieve our greatest potential without intrusive government holding us back rather than cheering us on! Oh but to have a leader like that. Oh but to have a party like that. Oh but to have a real America again! May God Bless and inspire Willard "Mitt" Romney.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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