October 11, 2014

All That is Good, Decent & Wholesome...


In my lifetime of study there are many things that intrigue or mystify; but none such as how Marxism manages to attract followers despite it's obvious evil intent. The history of Marxist Ideology is the history of deceit, revisionist history and false claim to the crown of compassion. Marxists only want to help you. And how do they intend to do this? Only by stealing all vestige of individualism and freedom from you and forcing everyone into their little box of acceptable society. They are Fascists through and through. Totalitarians and Oligarchs with absolutely no compunction to stripping away God-given rights and property from individuals who may have worked their entire lives collecting their little treasure chest. The same holds true in every single crevice of human society. Regardless or whether it is economics, foreign policy, culture, religion or family and child-rearing; everything that is good, decent and wholesome, Marxists reject. All that is evil, deviant and primal; they embrace.

So why would a movement which pretends to be for the 'little guy' be against all of the cultural and economic traditions that actually allow the little guy to become bigger than they were born to be? The answer as usual is quite simple. One must simply not accept the premise. Marxists are not and never have been for the little guy. In their Utopian vision everyone but them are little. They rail against the current Bourgeoisie as they prepare to become the new. 'Here comes the new boss. Same as the old boss.' In fact, Marxists are no different than all of the political and/or fascist tyrants that pre-dated the American Revolution. The concept of protecting the masses from the evil around them is no different in the time of Marx or the time of medieval castles. Karl just wanted to be in the castle that's all. Yet generation after generation falls for this putrid tripe masquerading as progressive knowledge and natural transformative advancement. We are set upon by new generations of shallow intellects whose mindless belief in collectivism are ripping apart the world and allowing barbarism to replace virtue, wisdom and freedom.

Our latest cadre of sophomoric thinkers are busy destroying what's left of decent society on a global scale. Nations that once were our brothers in civilized society have been marginalized. A Holy and virtuous people such as the Jews are cast aside for the ravenous slaves to human darkness such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Leaders of nations who reject extremism and keep the barbarians from the gates are routinely betrayed in favor of mobs with no grounding principles to guide their natural rejection of authority. Natural allies such as the Kurds are dismissed with calculated cruelty in favor of a fellow Fascist such as Turkey's Erdogan. Good, hard-working God-fearing peoples are systematically ridiculed and impugned in favor of deviancy and vice. A suspected traitor, whose childish decision to join the enemy rather than protect his brothers in arms resulted in American soldiers dying, is traded for 5 of the most evil men on the planet while a decorated Marine rots in a Mexican jail without so much as a phone call to the Mexican President. A stupendously ignorant mass of spoiled youth who descend on the heart of free-market prosperity and defecate and rape their way through the streets in a drug induced semi-coma are lauded and praised by the highest authorities in the land, while a truly educated, virtuous and liberty-loving group of righteous Americans is consistently lied about, have their character besmirched and given the most desultory and sexually deviant monikers repeated by all manner of so-called journalists, celebrities and even the President of the United States of America. The sheer vileness is beyond comprehension without a deep understanding of it's roots.

The bedrock of American Exceptionalism is the faith, character and unity of the American citizen who builds a family, protects it's community, practices their faith and allows others to do the same. The family, the Church and the school have been the tool of Liberty since America was founded. Marxism is the polar opposite of all of these traditions. It's ideology is evil, fascist, deviant and based upon the worst of human nature; greed, sloth, envy and lust. Therefore it's natural enemy is all that the American spirit was meant to embody. Good solid faith-based families and communities have no need for an all-powerful oligarchy manipulating their daily activity. Therefore the institutions of freedom must and will be destroyed. Religion: infiltrated with Socialist and cultural rot dismissing the very Scriptures upon which they are based; bringing deviancy to the very altar of God! Family: redefined and broken until it no longer exists in any real sense; the teacher and the social worker replacing the parent as the giver of knowledge, and promoting murder as healthcare and salaciousness as human development. Community: isolated and dangerous where self-loathing is freely professed in the violent expression of crime and cruelty, then defended; victims as oppressors and thugs as saints on the altar of grievance. Politics: reduced to a den of thieves and liars perpetually stealing both the People's money and their Liberty while celebrating their lives as 'public service' when in fact they are private whores of greedy, evil cronies and despots.

Such is the state of modern American society. Only an enlightenment which restores the average citizen's faith in God, belief in Liberty, quest for honor & dignity and comprehension of Marxist Ideology as the scourge of the earth and the enemy of all which is Good....Decent ....Honorable....Wholesome....and Virtuous will save this nation from certain chaos, fear, hatred and enslavement. Each individual American must wake every day with the mission in mind and the pursuit afoot! May God Bless you all in this most urgent quest!

by: Keith D. Rodebush