January 17, 2014

Are You Black or Red?


How can a Caucasian ever understand the anger, resentment or righteous indignation of a Black?

They can't.

How can a Black understand the frustration, anger, resentment or confusion of a Caucasian in modern-day America?

They can't.

Does that make us even? No.

If I were Black, in my youth of early '70's childhood I imagine I would have been quite an angry little boy. I was anyway, but I can't hardly imagine if I had that extra burden. But if my dad had of been my dad, he would have taught me the same things. The same things that several of my Black friends dad's taught them. Respect. Honor. Decency. Civility. Character. (Hell, we didn't even know what some of them meant, but we were taught anyway!)

In other words, during a philosophical discussion, I might have said, "You white folks were some mean S.O.B.'s" But I would never hold that against the person with which I was conversing unless He/She had shown that propensity; and of course if they had, I probably wouldn't be conversing with them anyway.

Where you going Keith?

Life sucks and then you die. There is prejudice everywhere you turn. The only prejudice worth your attention, however, is institutional prejudice. There are no 'White Only' water fountains anymore. BTW, if you haven't heard Herman Cain's story about this you really should hear it (Sip the White Water). What a mother he had! My point is that I have lived all the way through a time when Blacks were extremely oppressed, through a time where we as a family gently persuaded our grandfather to quit saying 'Nigger' as a general term for Blacks, through a time where my Black friends called me 'Nigga' and I them, through a time when my Black friends defended me against other Blacks, telling them, "Rodebush is a Nigga and don't know it.", through a time when most of my friends and family quit thinking about race at all, through a time when Muslim was the enemy of Black AND White, through a time when the election of a Black president was supposed to heal old wounds, until a time when racism and prejudice is as bad as I've seen it in my entire lifetime, primarily BECAUSE of this Black president who is NOT Black, but is RED. Let me be very clear: Marxists divide people in order to enslave them. They see no color. They see no ethnicity. They see differences. Differences make it easy to incite fear and hatred. They do this to gain power and control people. AND WE ALL FALL FOR IT EVERY TIME.

If you are Black and voted for Barak Hussein Obama you have been suckered. I'm sorry. Truth hurts. You were suckered by a self-serving Bi-Racial White guy (my Bi-Racial nephew was just denied assistance because they had him listed as Bi-Racial White. What the Hell is that?) who played your racial sympathies for a career in politics. The truth is he is RED; that's right, a hard core died in the wool Red Diaper Doper Baby as so eloquently described by Michael Savage. He isn't 'Down for the Struggle', he didn't 'Grow up in da 'Hood' and he certainly hasn't been turned away because he's 'Black'. In fact, his whole life is a carousel of opportunity precisely BECAUSE he is Black. From his entrance into the prestigious high school in Hawaii, to his madrassas training in Indonesia to his entrance into Columbia and Harvard (why else seal the records?) as well as his tenure as the Head of the Harvard Law Review, they were all arguably given to him not because of his accomplishments but because of half of his color...Black. But...I digress. You see this post is not really about Obama.

This post is about You. If you look at the bottom of this web site you will see a globe tracker. It shows a spot for every hit on this site. They come from every continent except Antarctica. All over the world. And all of you have one thing in common; you are prejudiced. I know...it's uncomfortable. But you are and you know it. You may be prejudiced against people of different color, different culture, different religion, differing political views, different body types, different hair teeth or clothes. Bottom line is that we as humans see people who are physically different than us with a jaundiced eye. And guess what? It's perfectly natural. It's an old survival skill. Different could mean danger; just be aware. But Man has learned to understand and diminish this impulse in modern society. Yet, this fearful division continues? Why pray tell? Who tries to divide us the most? If you haven't answered 'Politicians' you should quit reading and seek help immediately! LOL

Please listen very closely. If someone tries to divide you from your neighbor, you MUST immediately wonder what is their motive? If it is personal, then you have just met the most despicable human on the face of the planet. One who would turn his fellow Man against each other for his own personal gain. It does not get any more evil than that, my friend. What should become of such a person? I'll leave that to your imagination lest I get promoted from the 'Watch List' to the 'Most Wanted'.

For me; I try to love ALL people. But I despise the actions of some. I am instructed not to hate anyone by my savior Jesus Christ. I fail in that admonishment every day. I constantly pray to grow. How can one not hate a person who pits people against each other for their own personal gain? I'm working on it. Jury is out whether I'll make it. Hell is almost worth hating politicians isn't it? Hmm?

I am prejudiced against mean people. I'm prejudiced against what we Americans so eloquently call 'assholes'. I'm prejudiced against Marxists of all types and all stripes for they stand against everything that I hold Holy, true and decent. But I am prejudiced against no color, no religion (No. Islam is not a religion. It is a theocracy) and no ethnicity. Okay, I hate the Oklahoma Sooners, but who doesn't? Point is that we all hate something. The key is whether we show it or act on it. It is so sad. In my lifetime, I truly thought we had gotten beyond it; until a Black/Red man was elected President. Some will say that the Presstitutes will not criticize Obama because he is Black. Make no mistake; if Herman Cain were President today, the Presstitutes would eviscerate him. Obama doesn't get a pass because he's Black, he gets a pass because he's RED; and that should infuriate all Black Americans who love Liberty.

I love you all. I respect all who respect me. I can sit and talk to anyone. I can argue all day, shake hands and go home with a smile. There are many out there who do not and cannot do the same. MOST are politicians or useful idiots of Marxist Ideology. If you follow them or hero worship them; you are a fool. Not name-calling; just a fact, but I love you anyway.

Now straighten up and fly right.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

P.S. A new friend has turned me on to 'New Soul'. A genre of music which harkens back to the old Motown days. I couldn't be happier. How sad, that for so long my Black friends had no music to point to other than 'Hip Hop' or 'Rap', neither of which IS music. Could be poetry I suppose. Anyway, if you have the chance, support 'New Soul', if you like it. Support Hip Hop if you want, but geez at least listen to some early Stevie Wonder and figure it out for goodness sake! LOL Rant off.