April 24, 2012

Marco Rubio: Friend or Foe?


The most important issue of our time is whether or not this nation will continue to be run as a constitutional republic. For this to be the case the People must have a reverence and respect for the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land. Yes, there will be times when the SCOTUS will rule in a way abhorrent to the Constitution, but if the People maintain their love and respect for it, they will elect leaders who will take on the courts and restore our constitutional rights. A growing trend in these times seems to be a complete disregard for the Constitution except in cases where it fits your agenda. This is a dangerous game that will always end in tyranny.

For the umpteenth time: Marco Rubio is ineligible to be President or Vice President of the United States of America according to the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Rubio is not a natural born citizen as defined by the SCOTUS in Minor v. Happersett. If we allow the GOP to continue to submit this man as a candidate for this office then we have no right whatsoever to criticize Barrack Hussein Obama for being himself ineligible for this office, which is an indisputable fact.

If Marco Rubio continues to bask in the limelight and will not address this issue then what we now know about him is that he is not who he pretends to be. He is in fact just another politician who will say anything, do anything and step on the U.S. Constitution if it furthers his own ambition and goals. The only thing worse than a snake is a snake that is camouflaged to look friendly when in fact it is poisonous. A politician who would subvert the Constitution for their own personal career ambition is poisonous.

How many T.E.A. party people do you see out there daily touting Marco Rubio for Vice President? It is indeed an indictment for just how far lost this nation is that the very crowd who takes to the streets waving the flag and the Constitution around, demanding that their leaders respect the Constitution; are themselves ignorant of that very document. How sad for America. How embarassing for the Patriot movement.

We don't get to pick and choose the moments that we adhere to the law of the land. We must follow it at all times, even when we find it difficult or an obstacle to our particular goals. The Founders put the eligibility clause into the Constitution because they did not ever want a Commander in Chief to have any other loyalties to any other nations but for the United States of America. If Barrack Hussein Obama running all over the world genuflecting in front of dictators and kings is not enough to prove their point then I don't know what it takes beyond utter treason. You cannot have the Rubio without the Obama. It is insufficient to spout that childish lament, "Well, they did it." If you love your country then you must love the document that makes it possible. You must protect and defend that document as if it is your very child, threatened by predators from many directions, even from within. Indeed your children and grandchildren will live under the tyranny you foist upon them by ignoring the Constitution. You cannot ignore one part without diminishing it in totum.

Please read your Constitution. Please read Minor v. Happersett. Please teach your children that sometimes it's hard to do the right thing, but do it you must. Please do not allow yourself to be brought down in the political gutter with your Democrat neighbors. Stand for something bigger than ourselves. Stand for the Constitution. Demand that Marco Rubio remove himself from the speculation for Vice President, loudly and often. If he refuses, then we will know who he really is; just another snake in the grass, lying to the People to promote himself.

UPDATE: I have had several responses from people who did not know or do not believe that Marco Rubio's parents were not citizens at his birth. For that reason I am providing this link:


by: Keith D. Rodebush

April 14, 2012

Are We Beaten Down?

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I am perpetually perplexed personally. How about you? Where is the outrage in the electorate? One may look in any direction and find absolutely abhorrent behavior. Have they simply beaten us down with such a plethora of evil that we just feel helpless to affect change? A short list of outrage:

·      Upon entering office President Obama signs an executive order ending a hugely successful voucher program in D.C. that gave 100’s of black youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods a chance at a decent education. Some black mothers in town protested but the nation at large ignored it. Blacks still support Obama en masse.

·      Leaders in the GOP trumpet Senator Marco Rubio for Vice President; ignoring that he is constitutionally ineligible to hold that office. I suppose if the Democrats can ignore the U.S. Constitution, well we can too! No!?!

·      Black Panthers stand outside of a voting place with batons and clearly intimidate white voters in the election that gave us Obama. Despite clear evidence, the Department of “Justice” dismisses the case. Racial hate crime involving our most precious right to vote, ignored.

·      This same Department of “Justice” engages in the selling of weapons to drug cartels in Mexico; lets the guns be transferred to them; loses track of them and an American Border agent, Brian Terry is killed with one of them. That’s right; our own Attorney General is accessory to murder. Nixon was brought down for planting a bug in an office and covering it up. The Obama administration kills our own and covers it up. Crickets…

·      In 2010, the American people in an historic election send Republicans to the House of Representatives to stop President Obama from implementing ObamaCare and spending us into oblivion. Despite the fact that the Democrats haven’t passed a single budget since 2009, the Republicans raised the debt ceiling twice and have basically given Obama a blank check to continue spending us into oblivion, causing a downgrade of the American credit rating for the first time in history. Despite this, most Republican House members have won their primaries so far this election cycle. Speaker John Boehner won by 84% despite gutless ‘leadership’.

·      Our military has set ‘rules of engagement’ that put our sons and daughters in harm’s way with their hands tied. While defending themselves and fighting the war that WE sent them to, if there is collateral damage, our troops are arrested and sent to prison to await trial. At the same time, Afghan troops who are supposed to be our allies consistently kill our kids. Every broken nail caused by an American is met with public outrage by our ‘allies’ and our own leaders. Nary a word is spoken when an American soldier falls at the hands of our ‘friends’.

·      Our troops have been compared to Nazis by sitting Congressmen. The Democrat party participated in aiding and comforting our enemy to take down George Bush. We elected them to Congress in 2006 as a reward for this behavior.

·      The Federal Reserve has printed so much money that no one even has a clue where it all has gone. Yet, our elected officials consistently refuse to audit the Reserve to account for all of our money. The U.S. dollar is falling in value at a constant rate.

·      The federal government took over the auto industry, ignored 200 years of bankruptcy law and stole the investments of countless Americans and handed it to the unions for nothing. The court, the so-called trier of justice went along like a lap dog. Completely illegal, completely unconstitutional, yet done anyway while many cheer the ‘saving’ of jobs. How many jobs were lost because of the theft of these investments? We’ll never know. Billions simply stolen and handed to communist unions.

·      Marxist professors teach radical communism throughout our public university system, supported by the tax dollars of Americans working within the very capitalist system these vermin seek to destroy. We reward them with tenure, fat salaries, awards and book deals.

·      Communist sympathizers across the country make speeches calling for the destruction of the American system. It’s called sedition. They are traitors whose spoken desire is to destroy our system of government. They are celebrated as the intellectual elite by the media, given awards, sell numerous books and have no fear of prosecution. They that deserve to be hanged in the public square, instead speak in the public square for thousands of dollars a pop.

·      Politicians have always obfuscated or danced around answering questions. Today, however, they look you in the eye and lie, not just a little, but bold faced lies clearly refuted with known fact. We elect them, listen to them lie some more, then re-elect them.

·      Congress goes for years using inside information to profit from stock and land sales. What any other citizen would be thrown in prison for, they do routinely. We re-elect them.

·      Millions of babies are torn from the womb. Babies surviving a failed abortion are left to die. We call it ‘choice’. The vast majority of abortions are performed in the black communities proportionally. Blacks overwhelmingly elect the politicians who perpetrate this nightmare on their children.

·      ‘News’ outlets are so biased now as to completely denigrate the entire notion of a free press holding the government accountable. Producers doctor 911 tapes to frame a man for murder and stir racial hatred. What should spark an investigation and prosecution for inciting riots, receives only an ‘internal’ investigation.

·      Hundreds of millions of dollars is stolen from the People’s treasury and given to cronies in failing companies which go bankrupt shortly afterwards. Management is given large bonuses before the failing businesses collapse. People who should be in prison are living the high life off of the American taxpayer.

·      Of all of the mishandled banking practice and government corruption that led to the financial collapse of 2008, stealing the savings and dreams of 10’s of millions of hard working Americans, not one person has been prosecuted. In fact the banks in question received taxpayer money to prop up their failed practice. We re-elected the congressmen and put them in charge of writing more regulations.

·      A terrorist yells ‘Allah Akbar’ as he slaughters American troops on a military base; troops who aren’t allowed to carry their weapons on said base; and the President of the United States calls it work place violence. The man has yet to be tried. An American soldier folds under the pressure of his own men being killed by Afghan soldiers and kills some civilians. Our President apologizes, and calls for a speedy trial and prosecution of our soldier. No work place violence here. Our President comforts our enemies while punishing our troops. 45% of Americans approve of the job he is doing.

·      Judges around the country subvert the will of the people by striking down laws and referendums with sophomoric legal arguments. None are impeached despite their oaths to uphold the Constitution.
   Child rapists are given light sentences, then released upon the public despite acknowledge propensity to hurt another child. We put them on lists and lay ever more restrictive rules on them about where they can live, work or recreate instead of keeping them in prison where they belong; or in many cases hanging them as they deserve. We foist these degenerates upon our own children.

Where is the outrage? Why do we vote these idiots back in time and time again? Why do we send our children to be indoctrinated at these universities? Why do we allow business and government to collude and rob the People’s Treasury? Why do we kill our own? Why do we put our own children in harm’s way while we steal their Liberty? Why do we comfort our enemies? Why?
by: Keith D. Rodebush

April 8, 2012

On Trial: Failure of Leadership


I began this series on Constitutional authority with two previous posts. If you have not read those, you should before continuing. You can find the first here.

The second question I posted in the first article was, to paraphrase, “Do you want your rights in the hands of nine unelected justices who may have an agenda?” While some may be comfortable with that because of an unwarranted respect for all things law, I believe it is safe to assume that most rational people do not believe that is a good idea. And in fact, as I have shown in the first two articles, neither did the Founders.

By now, any reasonable person would be asking the author, “Okay, if the SCOTUS doesn’t have the final say, what are we supposed to do about bad law such as ObamaCare?” An excellent question and I have the answer.

In 2008 Barrack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. My feeling is that it is safe to say future unbiased historians will surmise that his campaign was a ruse. Perhaps all are, but his to a greater extent as he has turned out to be the most radical left wing Marxist ever elected to national office. After the election as the People became more and more aware of whom this man is and what he intended to do, they became very fearful for their country. The means with which President Obama and his Democrat partners in the Congress jammed ObamaCare through was a watershed moment. The recent rise of a ‘T.E.A. Party’ (Taxed-Enough-Already) began to swell exponentially. Consequently, the American People sent a resounding message in November of 2010. “STOP THIS MAN!”

This is exactly how the system is supposed to work. The Republican Party took over the House of Representatives in a landslide. The Founders set the House up with the shortest term, but the greatest power; the power of the purse. All spending legislation begins in the House of Representatives per Article I, section 7 of the U.S. Constitution. This was a vital part of the checks and balances on power that the Constitution established. In order to prevent a tyrannical leader from creating too much havoc before he/she could be removed from office, the Founders set up the House to be the Peoples’ House and to have the power to shut down wayward government by shutting off the funding.

The Republican Party leadership has failed its constituency. Speaker John Boehner should have halted all government funding except vital monies for national security, Social Security payments and Justice Department funding required to keep the justice system operating. They should have stood firm and demanded that the Senate pass the repeal of ObamaCare and the President sign the bill. This is what the American people wanted. This is why they were sent to Washington D.C. ObamaCare is in the hands of potentially one single Supreme Court justice, solely because of the despicable lack of courage of the House GOP.

This failure must be answered. If the People intend to keep their freedom, many of the House GOP members sent to Congress in 2010 must be removed in the primaries. This is how the system is intended to work. We the People, through the election process demand that our representatives abide by the Constitution. If we fail to do so, our fate is then thrust upon a judicial branch that in the end is toothless. The Supreme Court has no legislative authority and therefore, is impotent to enforce in any real way their rulings. The point is, judicial power is way too feeble to be solely relied upon to protect our Liberty!

As I began this series my intent was to educate folks on how the Constitution was intended to work according to the Founders themselves. Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Supreme Court justice William Johnson in 1823 stated:

 On every question of construction, we should carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

Judicial review as a final decision maker on Constitutionality is a myth. Furthermore, the widely accepted precedent for this being Marbury v. Madison is nothing less than revisionist history for those who want to shape legislation through the courts, both conservative and progressive. For my readers who are interested in the facts of that case, I provide a scholarly article here.

Judicial review is a natural purview of the courts; in the case before them and nothing else. Chief Justice Marshall was actually establishing the boundaries of the court, not expanding them. All three branches have authority to determine constitutionality of their particular duties. I began with the title, “Rejoice Not That SCOTUS Will Decide ObamaCare.” I did so because the fact that it has gotten to this point is evidence of the failure of our leadership in Congress and the failure of the American people to hold accountable said leadership. As I wrote in Broken People, it is not our system that is flawed. We do not need the courts to determine what is Constitutional in regards to legislation. All we need is for good people, virtuous and educated, to exercise their duty and privilege in electing representatives who will uphold our rights to Life, Liberty and Property in EVERY election. As I have stated before, this is not baseball. One strike, and you’re out!

We are experiencing historical times in America. Now is not the moment when we should forget our history or allow others with an agenda to frame that history dishonestly. The Founders never intended for the SCOTUS to be an oligarchy that lords over the nation. Numerous courts have issued horribly unconstitutional rulings. Are we to accept their final judgment? Were previous courts’ rulings in favor of racism Constitutional? Ask yourself this, “Is killing an innocent child Constitutional?” Well, your magnanimous SCOTUS says it is. In fact they invented a ‘right to privacy’ out of whole cloth to do so. Is that how you want your Constitutional rights preserved? I think not. I prefer to depend on you, my fellow Americans. We must vote smart. We must educate ourselves and our children (do NOT rely on the government to educate your child!) We must hold ALL politicians accountable, particularly those in ‘our’ party. ObamaCare being decided by the SCOTUS results from the abject failure of the Republican House of Representatives to carry out the task for which they were sent to Washington D.C. We The People have decided that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. It is up to US to do something about it.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

April 1, 2012

SCOTUS: Who Died and Left Them in Charge?


In my last post I ended by posing a few questions about the intent of the Founders in regards to Constitutionality. If you haven't read that post you should read it before moving on here. The first of the questions queried whether our Founders intended for the Supreme Court to be the last stop in determining whether something is Constitutional. The prima facie evidence is overwhelming that they did not at all intend such. Indeed, the evidence is that they purposely applied no such authority to any of the three branches. What on earth were they thinking? How could our revolutionary fathers leave us in the lurch by not assigning final Constitutional authority with one branch of government? Asking the question answers it.

Perhaps it is useful to revisit another question; exactly what is the U. S. Constitution? It is a compact between the Several States to allow a federal government to act in their behalf with a set of enumerated powers for the express purpose of protecting the Peoples individual rights and Liberties, specifically the right to Life, Liberty and Property. And they also state, and this is key, that any powers not specifically given are reserved to the Several States and the People. The most vital thing to understand about the founding of this nation is that one thing drove everything else. One thing consumed every argument and every decision our Founders made in setting up this government. That thing is the Liberty of the individual to live their lives, practice their faith, express their opinions, accumulate property, enhance their prosperity and raise and protect their family as they see fit without any intervention from outside authority. The only limiting factor is whether you infringe in some way on another's right to do the same. Other than that, We the People are intended to be free to do as we wish. This is why the Founders also warned us repeatedly that this type of freedom is wholly inadequate for any but a virtuous and educated people.

The next item that must be elucidated is the means with which the framers of the Constitution chose to attain this goal of protecting the People's rights above all else. That device is at once complicated and simple as is the Constitution itself. Simple in the concept of three diverse branches with checks and balances to preserve co-equal power. Complicated in the mechanisms of sharing authority in such a way as to incentivize checking the power of the others. In other words, the Founders intentionally allowed it to be ambiguous to preserve the power of each branch to be independent. The nuanced reason for this is that the Founders intended for the final arbiter of all things Constitutional to actually be the States and the People themselves. For the States entered into this compact and the States can dissolve it. These men were very savvy however, and they understood that interpretation of law was necessarily going to devolve to the judicial branch. But none other than the Father of the Constitution, James Madison warned against allowing this while debating in the first session of the House of Representatives in 1789; "But I beg to know, on what principle it can be contended that any one department derives from the Constitution greater powers than another in declaring what are the true limits of the Constitution." As the quote in the previous post proves, Thomas Jefferson shared this view.

While they clearly understood that the Constitution was the Supreme Law and as such it fell naturally into the purview of the courts, they admonished the other branches to be bold in their exercise of their own power to decide what is Constitutional. Jefferson warned in a letter to Mr. Jarvis in 1820 that allowing judges to be the final arbiters of all things Constitutional would be, "...a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy." He also stated in another letter that against this possibility, "...every man should raise his voice, and more, should uplift his arm."

Any reasonable reading of the Founders shows unequivocally that they felt that the final arbiter of constitutionalism is the People through the election of leaders. Imagine their horror as they look down on America from Heaven and see the fate of 100's of millions of Americans being debated amongst nine unelected judges, one of which recently told Egyptians not to use the American Constitution as a basis to write their own, because it is old and relies too heavily on the People and not the government.

So, clearly even a rudimentary study of the Founders shows that they did not intend for the Supreme Court to have the final say so in what is or isn't constitutional. Well then, what did they intend? We will explore this further in my next post, but suffice it to say for now that they intended that We the People would be vigilant in forcing the politicians to respect our Constitution and thereby our rights. It is truly educational to note that even though the framers included the power to impeach SCOTUS justices, and that the Constitution states they may hold office during 'good Behaviour', only one Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached, Samuel Chase (1805); no matter how brazenly they may have broken their solemn oath to '...support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America...'

by: Keith D. Rodebush