April 14, 2012

Are We Beaten Down?

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I am perpetually perplexed personally. How about you? Where is the outrage in the electorate? One may look in any direction and find absolutely abhorrent behavior. Have they simply beaten us down with such a plethora of evil that we just feel helpless to affect change? A short list of outrage:

·      Upon entering office President Obama signs an executive order ending a hugely successful voucher program in D.C. that gave 100’s of black youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods a chance at a decent education. Some black mothers in town protested but the nation at large ignored it. Blacks still support Obama en masse.

·      Leaders in the GOP trumpet Senator Marco Rubio for Vice President; ignoring that he is constitutionally ineligible to hold that office. I suppose if the Democrats can ignore the U.S. Constitution, well we can too! No!?!

·      Black Panthers stand outside of a voting place with batons and clearly intimidate white voters in the election that gave us Obama. Despite clear evidence, the Department of “Justice” dismisses the case. Racial hate crime involving our most precious right to vote, ignored.

·      This same Department of “Justice” engages in the selling of weapons to drug cartels in Mexico; lets the guns be transferred to them; loses track of them and an American Border agent, Brian Terry is killed with one of them. That’s right; our own Attorney General is accessory to murder. Nixon was brought down for planting a bug in an office and covering it up. The Obama administration kills our own and covers it up. Crickets…

·      In 2010, the American people in an historic election send Republicans to the House of Representatives to stop President Obama from implementing ObamaCare and spending us into oblivion. Despite the fact that the Democrats haven’t passed a single budget since 2009, the Republicans raised the debt ceiling twice and have basically given Obama a blank check to continue spending us into oblivion, causing a downgrade of the American credit rating for the first time in history. Despite this, most Republican House members have won their primaries so far this election cycle. Speaker John Boehner won by 84% despite gutless ‘leadership’.

·      Our military has set ‘rules of engagement’ that put our sons and daughters in harm’s way with their hands tied. While defending themselves and fighting the war that WE sent them to, if there is collateral damage, our troops are arrested and sent to prison to await trial. At the same time, Afghan troops who are supposed to be our allies consistently kill our kids. Every broken nail caused by an American is met with public outrage by our ‘allies’ and our own leaders. Nary a word is spoken when an American soldier falls at the hands of our ‘friends’.

·      Our troops have been compared to Nazis by sitting Congressmen. The Democrat party participated in aiding and comforting our enemy to take down George Bush. We elected them to Congress in 2006 as a reward for this behavior.

·      The Federal Reserve has printed so much money that no one even has a clue where it all has gone. Yet, our elected officials consistently refuse to audit the Reserve to account for all of our money. The U.S. dollar is falling in value at a constant rate.

·      The federal government took over the auto industry, ignored 200 years of bankruptcy law and stole the investments of countless Americans and handed it to the unions for nothing. The court, the so-called trier of justice went along like a lap dog. Completely illegal, completely unconstitutional, yet done anyway while many cheer the ‘saving’ of jobs. How many jobs were lost because of the theft of these investments? We’ll never know. Billions simply stolen and handed to communist unions.

·      Marxist professors teach radical communism throughout our public university system, supported by the tax dollars of Americans working within the very capitalist system these vermin seek to destroy. We reward them with tenure, fat salaries, awards and book deals.

·      Communist sympathizers across the country make speeches calling for the destruction of the American system. It’s called sedition. They are traitors whose spoken desire is to destroy our system of government. They are celebrated as the intellectual elite by the media, given awards, sell numerous books and have no fear of prosecution. They that deserve to be hanged in the public square, instead speak in the public square for thousands of dollars a pop.

·      Politicians have always obfuscated or danced around answering questions. Today, however, they look you in the eye and lie, not just a little, but bold faced lies clearly refuted with known fact. We elect them, listen to them lie some more, then re-elect them.

·      Congress goes for years using inside information to profit from stock and land sales. What any other citizen would be thrown in prison for, they do routinely. We re-elect them.

·      Millions of babies are torn from the womb. Babies surviving a failed abortion are left to die. We call it ‘choice’. The vast majority of abortions are performed in the black communities proportionally. Blacks overwhelmingly elect the politicians who perpetrate this nightmare on their children.

·      ‘News’ outlets are so biased now as to completely denigrate the entire notion of a free press holding the government accountable. Producers doctor 911 tapes to frame a man for murder and stir racial hatred. What should spark an investigation and prosecution for inciting riots, receives only an ‘internal’ investigation.

·      Hundreds of millions of dollars is stolen from the People’s treasury and given to cronies in failing companies which go bankrupt shortly afterwards. Management is given large bonuses before the failing businesses collapse. People who should be in prison are living the high life off of the American taxpayer.

·      Of all of the mishandled banking practice and government corruption that led to the financial collapse of 2008, stealing the savings and dreams of 10’s of millions of hard working Americans, not one person has been prosecuted. In fact the banks in question received taxpayer money to prop up their failed practice. We re-elected the congressmen and put them in charge of writing more regulations.

·      A terrorist yells ‘Allah Akbar’ as he slaughters American troops on a military base; troops who aren’t allowed to carry their weapons on said base; and the President of the United States calls it work place violence. The man has yet to be tried. An American soldier folds under the pressure of his own men being killed by Afghan soldiers and kills some civilians. Our President apologizes, and calls for a speedy trial and prosecution of our soldier. No work place violence here. Our President comforts our enemies while punishing our troops. 45% of Americans approve of the job he is doing.

·      Judges around the country subvert the will of the people by striking down laws and referendums with sophomoric legal arguments. None are impeached despite their oaths to uphold the Constitution.
   Child rapists are given light sentences, then released upon the public despite acknowledge propensity to hurt another child. We put them on lists and lay ever more restrictive rules on them about where they can live, work or recreate instead of keeping them in prison where they belong; or in many cases hanging them as they deserve. We foist these degenerates upon our own children.

Where is the outrage? Why do we vote these idiots back in time and time again? Why do we send our children to be indoctrinated at these universities? Why do we allow business and government to collude and rob the People’s Treasury? Why do we kill our own? Why do we put our own children in harm’s way while we steal their Liberty? Why do we comfort our enemies? Why?
by: Keith D. Rodebush

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