July 1, 2012

The Debate Must Change


The primary failing of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Decision on ObamaTAX last week was the absence of any recognition of individual Liberty in Chief Justice John Roberts’s incomprehensible opinion. I will not bore you with the detailed quotes from the decision, it is available here if you want to read it; but the appalling reality is that this decision tells ‘free’ American people that the United States government can do anything they want to you, regardless of the Constitutional protections we have taken for granted all our lives, simply by calling the oppressive legislation a ‘tax’. I have no proof of course, but I guarantee you that Justice Roberts spent a lot of time reading early bad SCOTUS decisions on Social Security. This is not the first terrible legal decision by SCOTUS and will not be the last. Thus the Founders warned time and again that the People are the final arbiters of constitutionality, not the courts. The debate in American politics must devolve back to the basis of our founding, or this nation will never continue to be the beacon of freedom it has been since 1776.

Sadly, there are very few people on the national scene today who appear to be intellectually prepared to make the argument for freedom. Political correctness and the Marxists brilliant misuse of the English language seems to have been successful in stymying the contemporary conservative from extolling the virtue and value of individual freedom coupled with free market capitalism that have made this nation the envy of the world. A primary characteristic required for a true Patriot is the courage of one’s convictions. One must not falter or wither at the vitriolic hatred and obfuscation that comes with encountering Marxists in public debate. In their world, one Man’s freedom is another’s oppression. Ridiculous as that is, demeaning freedom and capitalism is their strategy and they have been masters at twisting language and emotions to frame that debate. Americans must realize this as what it is, an attack on individual freedom by Marxists who want to fundamentally change America from a constitutional republic to a democratic socialist country that will then evolve into a ‘utopian’ commune. The false promise of a fair and equal society has been the tool of Marxists from the beginning. Only naiveté and the lack of an aggressive counter argument allow this narrative to survive.

The only way that this nation can possibly return to its founding principles is for one party to aggressively tout the virtue and prosperity of individual freedom protected by a Constitutional government that adheres to its enumerated powers. Presumably the Republican Party is our refuge but time will tell if they have the aforementioned courage or if another party necessarily be formed to lead the fight. This is ideological war. This is not typical retail politics; this is the battle for the soul of our nation and what it will be for future generations.

The devastating effects of recent encroachment into our daily lives by federal oppression must be called what it is, tyranny. The loss of freedom for our grandchildren must be thrown in the face of those who blindly go along with this government expansion. The despicable nature of those who would trade their children’s freedom for their own comfort must be thrown right in their face. This is no time for niceties. Enslaving your progeny is not nice. Don’t tell me about nice while you’re submitting our people to perpetual regulation and interference into our personal and religious liberty. Those that embrace such deserve nothing but contempt and everlasting status as enemies of true Americans. Make no mistake my fellow Americans, tolerance of Marxist ideology is disastrous to the American way of life and must be fought vigorously and perpetually. Collective primacy over individual liberty will destroy America; and in fact is well on its way.

Without an aggressive and principled change of the nature of political discourse in this country, our constitutional republic will not survive. Only a nation with firmly instilled knowledge of the virtue of individual freedom would have the fortitude to do what is necessary to protect it. In this case, Chief Justice John Roberts should have articles of impeachment written against him for his arrogant ignorance of the United States Constitution’s primary purpose; the protection of individual liberty against oppressive and tyrannical central government. How many of the plastic politicians now serving in Congress via our uneducated votes have the nerve and righteous confidence to demand such?

While one may argue for statesmanship or civility, aggression must be met with aggression, falsity with indignation, collectivism with liberty, emotion with intellect. The straight forward refusal to suffer fools embodied recently by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s news conferences is something the people are hungry for, if only our leaders will have the guts to embrace it. The longing for liberty is innate in the American public. True, an insidious infection of collectivist ideology within our public education system has recently clouded this natural instinct for freedom. However, when the true purpose of liberty, the equality of opportunity for all people free from intrusive and corrupt government to pursue personal ambition and enrich themselves and their family, is properly proffered, almost every American will cheer. Those who don’t are the enemies of freedom and should be ostracized at every opportunity.

This is America. We are free. We are righteous and virtuous. We are meant to pursue our greatest potential without the intrusion, however well-intended, of a regulatory and corrupt government. We are a nation of equal opportunity not of equal outcomes. We must be a nation with the courage to confront the evils and enslavement of collectivism without fear and cowardice. Once freedom is destroyed in America, to whom will the world turn for solace? Where will the innate rights of Man be championed if not in the United States of America? Where will freedom ring, if not here? My fellow Americans, we live in historical times. History will regard this generation as either the embodiment of the revolutionary spirit of our Founders who saved a nation from the ubiquitous insurgency of Marxist ideology, or the cowards who allowed the regression of the world’s greatest defender of liberty to the chains of socialism/communism and its inherent decomposition of freedom and ultimate chaos historically associated with all nations who have adopted its tenants. May God have mercy on the souls of the cowards who would allow this horrible tragedy to beset the American people, for their children may not be so kind.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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