December 8, 2012



Don’t allow Emotion over intellect. One of my best teachers taught me that many decades ago. Never let emotion override your intellect. When one does so, invariably bad decisions are made and harsh repercussions follow. This is true in all phases of life. Why do you think relationships can be so devastating? Notice that I am not advocating emotionless lives. Emotions are a vital part of human nature. Love is real and fulfills us. Empathy separates us from animals. Fear protects us. Even hatred is a useful emotion when properly focused; such as hating evil. I am simply stating that what civilizes Man is curbing emotion with intellect. Our country could use a good dose of my old teacher’s logic. We are a nation that has allowed E over I, and for that we are paying a heavy price.

The entire basis of Western Civilization has been the control of emotions and instincts by logic and reason. The philosophers of old spent lifetimes pontificating on the notion that Man is more than just an animal subject only to base behavior. That Man is capable of so much more, through logic and reason as governors for our emotions and base desires. For thousands of years this notion has driven the Western expansion resulting in the greatest prosperity and freedom that Man has ever known. Of course there have been set-backs, the Dark Ages, slavery and the music of the 1980’s but we have overcome and continued our progress based on this notion of Man as a higher life form that can use intellect to overcome emotional frivolity. Welcome to the latest set-back, hilariously called the ‘progressive’ movement.

Clearly, progressivism is nothing more than the latest ‘nome de guerre’ for Marxism. It is anything BUT progressive. It is based on emotions and the deadly sins of envy and sloth. Of course it is a modern variant with its new emphasis’ on ‘equality’, ‘tolerance’ and revenge. (Marxism is intentionally adaptable. RE: “The Marxist Dictionary”) It relies on Man’s weakness; base desires, low self-esteem, emotional instability, inherent jealousy, aversion to responsibility, sloth and uninhibited sexuality. What better ideology can be devised to woo the sophomoric college male or the object of his desire the inherently emotional female? In fact, capture the female mind and you will have the male. And what better vehicle to disperse this ideology than the over compensating college professor? (‘Those who cannot do; teach’) And thus we have the ultimate irony. The institution that once propagated the Western ideal of reason and self-reliance becomes the very institution that reverts the West back to its base instinct, emotional supplanting of reason with the most unintelligent of Man’s pursuits; sex, mindless games, intoxicants, utopian idealism, childish offensiveness, etc. When the temperance of religion is ridiculed and replaced with the false adequation of debauchery and freedom, then chaos and misery will soon be the order of the day.

Will this trend reverse? Most certainly it will. But history is a patient treatment plan for the ill of ignorance. The damage of ignorance must run its course for the gods of the Copybook Headings demand it. The bandaged finger that goes wavering back to the fire must be burnt anew. Many of the older generation will simply look on in amazement, many living out their final days in the relative reward of a hard working life. The middle aged will see their labors squandered but ameliorated by the temporary fruits of Socialism. Ah, but the young; it is always the young who suffer the most. It is they who will witness the final destruction which always accompanies Man’s evil embrace of desires over logic and the dignified pursuit of I/E; intelligence over emotion. They will most certainly curse us all and rightly so. But they will prevail, they will rebuild Western Civilization. A renaissance will occur through enlightened rediscovery of past masters of reason and virtue; Plato, Locke, Smith, Jefferson & Adams et al and…Rodebush? What? No; but great-grandpas the world over will have a special place in the hearts of our progeny. Keep their memory alive.

So, buckle up my fellow Americans. There are dark times ahead. Our flirtation with all things communist will exact a heavy price. Basing our ideology on deadly sins such as envy and sloth will not be easily ignored by history. The devil is in the details. Detailed misery awaits America, nay the world. Hell hath no fury like history scorned.
by: Keith D. Rodebush

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