January 14, 2010

Haiti Tragedy Worsened by International Socialistic Thought

First and foremost our prayers go out to all the affected families in Haiti. We encourage everyone to contribute some form of aid to assist these victims in any way possible. Personally, I believe that the Salvation Army is the greatest organization to contribute to and they spend a large portion of donations towards aid as opposed to some who spend a large portion on future fund raising.


When people are suspicious of another's kindness they are less likely to accept it. America has been one of the most generous nations in the history of the world. Our country is not perfect as no country is, however, our Christian roots create the spirit of giving in our culture, particularly to those who have been disenfranchised for lenghty periods. It is sometimes difficult for people of good intentions to fully understand what is needed to actually help someone. In the case of Haiti there is a long history of economic and political turmoil that can only be resolved by first educating the public on the advantages of liberty coupled with free market capitalism. This is the only thing that can truly help the people of Haiti in the long run. Certainly, in the short term aid of any kind is needed and warranted. But, as Bill Clinton proved beyond any shadow of doubt, international socialistic ideals personified by the U.N. membership is completely impotent to deal with a nation trying to free themselves from dependency and break the chains of despotism. During Clinton's presidency, Haiti's 'elected' president was ousted in a military coup. Against the advice of many foreign policy experts the president sent troops to Haiti to restore President Aristide to power. The story is much too complicated to go into in detail but the result was a fiasco that included putting U.S. soldiers under the command of the United Nations, an organization reknown worldwide for it's military efficiency. (Tongue planted firmly in cheek!)

Now another tragedy of natural origins has stricken this poor nation. I fear that chaos will soon be the order of the day as the people become desperate for aid and the hopelessness of their situation becomes apparent. A military presence will be needed but it will probably be another fiasco as many nations of the world will accuse America of strong arm imperialism. The failure to recognize the good intentions of America have been a source of unnecessary suffering in many Middle Eastern countries. If the Palestinians had rejected Iran's influence and fully embraced a friendship and partnership with Israel and America, they very likely would have a small but vibrant country side by side with Israel prospering in trade and tourism due to their very advantageous geographic location. But they chose to falsely paint America as the devil and their fate has been sealed. Poverty and political suicide is the order of the day for the Palestinian peoples.

I only pray and hope that the people of Haiti ultimately will embrace their own destiny and put in place a system which will allow free market capitalism to rise out of the darkness and create an island paradise where free men can reap the rewards of entrepeneurship and build an infrastructure and political framework that will deal with future disasters on their own terms. No one needs to come to America's aid when nature strikes. We take care of ourselves as well as others. We do so because of our liberty and our constitutional republic which allows our people to reach the potential that God has given each of us.

Again, please pray for the people of Haiti, and I encourage you to use the link above to donate as you can.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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