May 3, 2011

The Politics of Confusion


I was listening to the White House briefing today when it dawned on me. Perhaps many of you have already seen it. I just never really heard anyone wrap it up in a nice little package. That is after all, what we humans desire. We are at our core logical creatures who want things to make sense. That is what is so despicable about my epiphany. I believe that this innate human emotion is being played. Please understand, it was not the administration lackey that was wrapping it all up for me, it was my grandfather and my dad and my fifth grade teacher and all of the others who have affected my life and taught me to question, to discern and to ponder all that is around me. The White House released information today, that Osama bin Laden was unarmed when he was killed. Oh and by the way, the woman he supposedly had shielded himself with, had actually attacked the Seal, who promptly shot her in the leg. Just yesterday, Osama was armed and refused to surrender and was killed for resisting. Pause please. Think for a moment. You are the Super Power of the world, you have just sent a team into a foreign country to kill a man. You have complete control of the situation and the story. You were there, nobody else was, at least no one of consequence. I mean, of course the enemy would spin the story. Why would you change your story? Even if it's true. Why would you do that? Forget about how incompetent you appear. I mean, the most important story of the century and in 24 hours you have done a 180 degree turn on the events at hand. Why would you do that? Standing alone, I could not answer. However, I have been watching these people with the intensity of a bird dog set to flush a flock of quail for many years now. A pattern forms in my mind. Reverend Wright. Couldn't possibly disown him. Under the bus. My grandmother raised me. Under the bus. I don't know Bill Ayers. No, he's just an acquantince. I was born in Hawaii. Here's the proof, fake as it may be. Time after time after time, this group has put out information from day to day that cannot be reconciled. There is no clear understanding of where they came from or where they are going. And that is exactly the way they like it.

I call it the Politics of Confusion. They have rightly surmised that this is a digital world. A world in which a rumor can travel across social networks in minutes; worldwide. They understand that much of that information is and always has been false. Just supposition, innuendo and partisan character assassination. So, what is one to do? How about USE IT to your advantage? How about put out conflicting stories? How about play both ends against the middle? How about never really tell the truth? How about constantly feed the monster? Flood the market with undiscernable information so that nothing can be verified. And there...above the 'The One'. The only adult in the room. Dismissing his critics as 'extreme' or 'paranoid' or 'crazy'. Obama is just trying to do his job, and yet he is faced with all of this criticism that can easily be dismissed as irrational opposition. If there is too much conflicting information, where is one to turn for truth? Why the 'Dear Leader' of course.

I have irrefutable proof that the latest birth certificate provided by the White House is a tampered document. Now, I don't propose that we push this issue because it is a loser, and they know that. But one has to ask, 'Why would a sitting president put out a blatantly false document?' The only answer that makes sense is that it benefits him to do so. Confusion. Muddy the water. If it's muddy enough then no one can know the truth. You must pick someone to trust. 'Birthers?' or your President? Who will you believe? Never in the history of this country has such a scam been perpetrated on the American public. Why? Because never in our history has information been so widely, quickly and uncontrollably dissimenated.

The Politics of Confusion. Flood the market with diametrically opposed information so that either can be true and neither can be true. Truth is lost forever. Truth is what you want it to be. Truth is what you Google. Finally, a politician has come along who understands this 'truth'. We will never be the same. Are we savvy enough to see the ruse? Will future generations find a way to filter the real truth? Will truth be a definable characteristic? Will the 21st century be void of fact? Is truth now and forever simply an opinion confirmed? Is the overload of information the death of facts? These are the questions that define the next century. Do you know the answers?

by: Keith D. Rodebush


  1. Good stuff. That was the same question I had this morning when reading through the articles. "Why change the story when we had full control." It had me searching for logic and any underlying reasoning. It matters not to me either way whether he was armed or not, but my curiosity was raised with these headlines and the big "why."

  2. Thanks, Nick. It just seems daily anymore that different information comes out from these folks. I kind of think they are panicking. I hope so.
    Thanks for reading.

  3. Well, surprise. Again today the administration comes out with yet another story on the bin Laden killing. Now 3 of 4 men were unarmed, no prolonged firefight. Politics of Confusion.